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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, who made the Peace and blessings of Allah of God be upon you all.

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A very quick note for everybody. Allah says in the Quran affiliated bartonella could add, do they not reflect upon the Quran, or other locks on the hearts? If we reflect upon the verse that tells us to reflect upon the Quran, we may conclude that the more we contemplate, meditate, and discover and analyze and search for the gems in the Quranic verses, the more our hearts will become unlocked to receive the mercy, guidance and divine love. Because brothers and sisters and friends, the Quran is an ocean. And we must do reflection and pondering upon this book, as Allah tells us, and the more we ponder, we take an idea, we take a verse and we find out what does it mean for me? What does Allah

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want me to do concerning this verse? How does it affect my spiritual and social DNA? How am I supposed to act and live and behave? How am I supposed to be? Meaning what kind of state should I be in? So I want to encourage all the brothers and sisters and friends to really engage with the clan from this perspective, because the Quran wants to be engaged with, with the Quran, we sat down for the whole of humanity and human beings are thinking human beings. So Allah, the divine reality, the Lord of everything that exists is tending us engage with his word with his Eternal Word. And I believe, if we engage with it, and we ponder upon it, we can really find solutions for all of life,

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but particularly our spiritual life, and for our moral and ethical lives. And I just want to give you an example, I want you to go to chapter 12 of the Quran. It has become my favorite chapter. But this is the beauty of the Quran every time you understand a chapter, that becomes your favorite chapter. So I've done some work concerning the 12th chapter on the Quran.

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And I find it so fascinating. Even Allah, God says, it's the greatest story. So in this Greatest Story, when to read the story and find out why did Yaqoob Jacob jacoba His Son, why was he suffering and in distress, but we know he was suffering and in distress because use of his beloved son alehissalaam Joseph upon him the piece, Binyamin, his other little son was also missing. And he was in distress where he says in the chapter 12, verse 86, I only complain of my suffering and grief to Allah, and I know from Allah, that which you do not know. So from a perspective of a state of being so say, we're depressed sometimes in life when we're really upset, or we don't know where we're

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going. And we have this kind of existential crisis, who are we? Who are we? What are we? Why are we all these questions we can't really answer properly. We haven't really reflected upon those questions properly, because we all need reminders. So we can be in a state of suffering in Greece. So Yusuf Alayhi, salam, rather jacobellis Alam, the father of use of alayhis, Salam and Binyamin, he saying he is suffering and here and he's in grief, but look a solution, or look what he does. And he says, I only complain of my suffering and grief to Allah. That's number one. We'll go to the next verse, verse 87. He now advises his sons, because he had another 10 sons to go and find out about

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Joseph and Binyamin his brother, and look what jacobellis Alam says, He says, and despair, not of the life giving mercy rohilla the life giving mercy of God of Allah, for Indeed, the one who despairs of the life giving mercy of God is the one who actively rejects the truth. So there are some lessons here is teaching us how to deal with grief and distress and depression. Because jacobellis and I'm Jacob upon MVPs he wasn't the one in genuine distress in grief because he loved Joseph so much he loved Binyamin so much, and he was really, really, really distressed. But look what he does. He says, I complain only to Allah. So that's the first point of call on your distress

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and you're in grief, complained to Allah. The second piece of advice which is quite significant is in the advice he gives to his sons. And he says and despair not of their life, giving Mercy of Allah for whether despairs

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His mercy is the one who's in an active state of disbelief who rejects the truth. So it means the one who's in grief and distress and depressed. A solution out of this grief and depression is to sincerely advise others and remind others of the mercy of Allah. Yeah, bluebella he Sallam was the one in distress in grief.

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But he advised his son sincerely, and he told them about Allah's mercy, his compassion, his love. So the way to get out of this grief and distress is actually to do that, advise others sincerely and remind them of the mercy of Allah. And it's no wonder many of the counselors or psychotherapists, they were actually depressed and they got into the job just to help themselves because advising others actually helps you. So keep on reflecting upon the Quran, brothers and sisters. If you do feel a bit distressed, a bit in grief, rely on on live refer to Allah complain to Allah alone, because he's the only one who can change the situation. Number two, sincerely advise others. Number

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three, remind others sincerely of the life giving mercy of your Lord of loss a panel attack