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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi delves into the Names of Allah related to Maghfirah. Ghafara means to cover or conceal something, or to overlook what someone has done to you and over 300 verses mention Maghfira in the Holy Qur’an.  

There are atleast 7 names derived from Maghfirah –  Al-Ghafur, Al-Ghaafir, Al-Ghaffar, Wasi’al Maghfirah, Ahlal Maghfirah, Dhul Maghfirah and Khairul Ghaafireen.

What is the difference between Ghaafir, Ghafur and Ghaffar?

Ghafir – the One who Forgives. 

Al-Ghafur – Ghafur is the One who has the Power to Forgive no matter how large the sin. Al-Ghaffar – for quantity and frequency, He continuously does Maghfirah.

How does one want to strive to attain Allah’s Maghfirah?

  •  By asking for Maghfirah continuously.  
  • We learn to forgive others, who have done us wrong. By forgiving others, Allah will forgive us. 

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