Yasir Qadhi – Beautiful Names of Allah – 06

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The names of Islam are discussed, including hesitation, forgiveness, hate, and bribery. Lawful actions include forgiveness, hate, and bribery. The Bible's actions, including forgiveness and bribery, are also discussed. The importance of forgiveness is emphasized, and legal systems are needed to avoid mistakes. The speaker emphasizes the need for a legal system to bring out the best in oneself and others.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Anwar Ali he was a big Marine, a mother. We continue today in our discussion of some of the names and attributes of Allah subhana wa Tada. And today we move on to another series of names dealing with one verb and one concept. And that is the verb and concept of modal hirahara. Yo Pharaoh, Mo Farah, and the word Hoffer actually means originally, in pre Islamic Arabic, it means to cover up something. So offer a means to conceal. Offer a means to put a layer on top of something. And eventually it meant to overlook somebody harm that he has done to you. You cover up his harm,

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you ignore that he ever did something to you. So it became the connotation of forgiveness, even though the original connotation is to cover up to pretend it doesn't exist. So you put some sand on it, you put something else on it, so you don't see it, you conceal it. So how far means to ignore the problem that the person has done to you, you conceal it, and in classical Arabic, the word for helmet was mill follow because you're covering your head and you're concealing it from the same root of a mill phone. So the point being that Allah azza wa jal of course is characterized with this attribute of mouth hero. And once again over 300 verses, Allah subhana wa tada attributes this

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concept to himself and Allah subhana wa tada mentions one a young Pharaoh's Luba, Illa, Allah, Who else can perfect molfetta of one sins other than Allah subhana wa tada Who else can forgive sins? Our credit today he recited Aaron mo and the law has shed either FRB one no law foodora him no Aaron mo know that a law is strict and punishment, but also know that a law is law, food and Rahim and Allah says in the Quran, not everybody and the analog for him inform my servants that I am the fool and the Rahim so Allah wants to announce to the world and he wants us to recognize and he wants us to believe and to know that of his names, not bit everybody in for my servants that I am a fool. And

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r Rahim so Allah azza wa jal calls himself a lover for and it is not the only name that is derived from the verbal afara. In fact, there are at least seven names in the Koran, all of them derived from the verb to forgive seven different nouns that Allah has ascribed to himself. And all of these are proper names. But as we explained in our earlier lecture, not all of the names are from the 99. Allah has infinite number of names, and of those there are some that are from the obviously 99 v seven names that revolve around the root of IRA. Number one, and the most common of these is alcohol, food, alcohol, food. And in fact, all of our food is one of the most oft mentioned names of

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a line in the entire Koran almost 100 times the tent the term Oliver foraker is 91 to be precise, 91 times and then another name of a law is a law firm or law fit with them. And a third name is Oliver fall. So a law throws a fool of thought and I'll explain the differences in a while. Also number four, you have watch out for that one whose forgiveness is vast, was here, it's vast, Allah can forgive anything and everything. Number five, lol Mo Farah, the one who has the right to forgive the one who's characterized by forgiveness. Allah is a hero. He is the one who has the most right to be characterized with forgiveness number six Luna Mo Farah and Zoo and Arabic Zoo and that and V all

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have the same meaning. Zulu gelada Ekrem Zoo means the owner of Zoo means nobody owns it like the one who says lu lu Farah, the owner of Mo Farah, the one to whom Mo Farah is ascribed. So doodle monk Farah, Allah azza wa jal is the site it will mark Pharaoh, the one who controls and who has manifested and who has perfected mal Farah and the seventh noun and the seventh name of allah derived from this route is how you roll off in the best of those who forgive how you are feeling. Now, what is the difference which is often an affordance of power. What is the difference between lawful

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And before and how far and all three are mentioned in the Quran. lawfare is the simple, if you like now the one who does a lot of fear the one who does forgiveness, so the one who forgives, so semi means to hear Sameera, the one who hears karma means to stand, I am the one who's standing. So Allah is the author of them, Allah forgives the sins. Aloha food is a noun form that emphasizes the power of the verb. So it means to sound how you is much more than parking. Refuse to forgive. A fool is the one who has the power to forgive, no matter how large the sin, in other words of food is for the quantity of food is for excuse me, the quality excuse me, the food is for the quality, no matter how

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large the sin of food can cover it up, no matter how heinous the crime, no matter how evil the deed of the food has the power to cover it up. As for another farm, a farm, goes back to a structure that indicates frequency find a lot does it and then does it again and then does it and then does it again. A lot continuously does monster so food is for.

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For what? For the quality of a thought is for quantity of food for quality. No matter how large the sin Allah can forgive lofar no matter how frequent the sin Allah does not count. And there's the famous Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam of a man who would commit a sin and he would raise his hands and he would say, oh my lord, I have committed a sin front of you. Really? You're the one who forgives Forgive me, so ALLAH forgives him. Then after a while he commits a sin. He raises his hands. He says, Oh, my lord of neptunium been found fiddly. I've committed a sin. So forgive me, Allah forgives him. The Hadith goes on three, four or five times every time he says

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repeatedly, it's really, really, then Allah azza wa jal calls the angels. And he says, I have called you to testify that you witness that this servant of mine, who is the perpetual sinner, he's always committing sins, this servant of mine, I am calling you to testify that I have forgiven him, because he has recognized that he has sinned against the Lord and he must continually ask forgiveness from the Forgiving Lord. So the fact that the servant recognizes he never loses hope he commits to sin, He asked Allah to forgive commits another sin, then another sin, then another sin, the true servant never gives up hope, always raises his hand and says Yaga Yaga foul, you'll forgive me again,

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because you are the person the one who forgives, so he never loses hope in a loss forgiveness. Also brothers and sisters, one of the things we're talking about in these series is the connections and the pairs. What names is Allah mentioned with his with his names and attributes? What are the pairs that are found in the Quran? And of course, of the most common pairs is a photo Rahim and I mentioned this when I talked about the name of Rahim and I mentioned, this is perhaps the most or one of the most common combinations in the whole Oran that Allah is before Rahim. And of course Allah says we just quoted not be buddy and the anila fool Rahim informed my servants that I am a

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fool and a Rahim and of course the two names they complement one another perfectly, because Allah has Rama He forgives and because Allah forgives, this is a manifestation of his roadmap. So Allah forgives because he's merciful and Allah is merciful, because he forgives, so the two of them are linked together. And it is not a surprise therefore, that this combination of a fool or Rahim is one of the most common combinations in the Quran. A number of times Allah azza wa jal mentions that he is a disease of fool and as evil as a fool, and as he is a fool. It also occurs as you said, that as as evil Rahim, as same thing here as he is means the one of power. So sometimes you forgive once

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again out of weakness, right? The classic example if a tyrant if a volume, if a powerful man, if a cop gives you a speeding ticket is a colossal forgiven for the sake of Allah, you're not really forgiving. You have no other choice. You're irritated. He dropped you, whatever. This is not actual mofetil this is Mo Farah coming from weakness. But Allah is saying his mum Philip is not coming from weakness. His mum Farah is coming from strength. If he wanted to, he could punish but he does not punish He is Allah zz Allah for despite the fact that he is the Almighty He chooses to forgive from a position of strength and grandeur and majesty not from a position of weakness. Also of the

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combinations in the Quran. A fool will do a fool dude. Allah is Allah food and I will do it.

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And we're going to come to the name and we'll do it for now we'll simply translate it as the one full of generous love. Wood is a loving, nurturing generosity. What dude, the one who loves from a love that is generous. So Allah is Allah for because he's a dude. Allah does not love to punish. Allah says in the Quran, what will I gain by punishing you if you believe in me and worship Me, Maya Allah will be either become in Shackleton momentum, Allah does not love to punish. He loves to forgive. Allah loves to forgive. So Allah says origin is saying I am the fool dude. I love to forgive, it is my nature to forgive and of the interesting combinations as well. In the Quran is a

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little food a Shaku

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Shaku, this is actually three or four times in the Quran. Allah combines the food and sugar and again we're going to come to Shaku later on, but Shaku here. And by the way, one of the times it occurs very interesting i in the Quran, in Surah faulted, Allah is mentioning the conversation of the people of gender, and the people of gender. They say Alhamdulillah hilarya Helena Dharma karma, we thank Allah He has allowed us to come to Jenna, no harm will touch us. Nothing, no problem will come to us. Verily, Allah is a full rune Shaku. So the people of Jenna will describe Allah as her foreign Shaku. Why? Why the people of gender or foreign Shaku because in order to get to agenda, two

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things must happen. Number one, alarm must forgive our frequent copious sins. That's a lot of work. Because otherwise, we're never going to earn genda our process that I'm said, none of you will enter agenda because of his good deeds. Jana is too precious, precious to earn. Think about it, we live for 60 years of those 6040 years are involved with this dunya and the rest of them in playing and games. How much do we actually worship Allah? How much time do we actually spend? How much quality from that Allah is going to give us eternal paradise generated as human tactile and how, how many sins have we committed? So in order to get to Jenna, Allah azzawajal has to overlook our sins. So

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that is the food then he has to take our meager good, our our dismal, abysmal products of worship and then magnify them and that is Shaku Shaku. Allah azza wa jal rewards more than you deserve to be rewarded. Shakira has to thank Shaku The one who gives you more than what you deserve. And we all know that Allah never ever gives one good deed for one good deed correct. He never gives one good deed for our one good deed, the minimum balance with a lot is 10 up to 700. And sometimes even more than this, the minimum balance we check in, we cash in the check for $1 Allah will give us minimum 10 back this is shocker. That's minimum, by the way up to 100,000 more so Shaco Allah takes our

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small quantity and gives us back much more How then can we get to Jenna only through a lot of being a combination of food and shockula He forgives our sins and He then blesses our good deeds to give us and grant us gender and how then do we get a lot of fill up very quickly? I will defer the Allahu taala as the professor semirara sutala Teach me that I can make to Allah in my Sadat decided this in Mohali, this is Abu Bakar asking the process of Teach me a dua that I can make in my setup. So the process from set to overcome say this Allahumma inni vondom to NFC lumen Cathy raw Oh Allah I have wronged myself many many wrongs were in the hula yo for rubella and, and no one forgives your sins

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other than you from fiddley Mo Farah termina nd so forgive me for forgiveness coming from you for in a lot of food or writing for you or the fool and Dora a simple drop. If you haven't memorized the Arabic English is very simple. Oh my Lord. I have wronged myself many many times. And no one can forgive myself for my wrongs other than you so forgive me of forgiveness coming from you because you are the use of food. You are the Rahim so how do we gain a landmark Farah? I'll mention two things and then we'll call it an evening number one number one by asking for Mo Farah. We're in Nila Farhan, Lehman Java, where am I where I'm in Australia and I will continuously forgive. Allah says

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Who? The one who repents to me taba and he does good and he believes in me. So how do we get a lot mellifera we say a stock through law we say Allah homophily we say Robbie as an app to them when fulfilling we say Robin Avila and Susanna fulfilled Anna so we ask a lot forgiveness. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said will law he in need to Buddha law he was talking to me as a matter of equilibrium.

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Ask a lot of forgiveness. And I seek His forgiveness more than 100 times a day. If this is the sort of law system that where do we stand, so always saying stuff for law, stuff for the law, stuff for the law and assembly ematic said, Sometimes I would count the tongue of the process of moving 70 times in one module is saying stuff for the law, stuff for the law stuff for the law, we should make this our habit. Wherever we are driving the car, waiting for something sitting in our houses, our tongue should just be moving a stone for the law, a spell for the law. That's the number one way asking Allah for forgiveness. And number two, how do we get a last mile Fira? We learn to forgive

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others. We learn to forgive other people who have done us wrong. by forgiving others. Allah will forgive us and the story is very long. We don't have time to get into it. I mentioned it in my syrup, the story of the slander of Arusha, very, very traumatic story, very painful story, where some people said things about our mother, they should not have said and one of those people who said things about our mother was actually a cousin of Abu Bakar, meaning a second cousin about issue. So a second cousin of our Isha was actually saying some of these slanderous lies and a worker Soviet happened to be giving him a stipend because he was a poor man. So when he heard that his own

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relative was involved with this, he swore by a law well law here, I'm never going to give this man a penny. Fair. Why would he give a penny to somebody that saying this about his daughter, but guess what? The standards of a bucket are not mine and yours are bonkers? macom is much bigger. So Allah subhana wa tada revealed verses that we recite To this day, let not the people have followed that not the people of of stature of what God is people have fathered. Let not that people have faltered. And the people whom Allah has blessed, swear to Allah, that they're not going to help out the poor people that are their relatives. Forgive them. Notice what the ayah says

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to hate buena, and yo Pharaoh hula. Don't you want Allah to forgive you? Yes, he's done a wrong, but don't you want a lot to forgive you? I don't want you to think about this as we finish off and move on. Well, I want you to think about this. This man slandered his own daughter, and he was being paid by boubakeur a stipend to charity. And Allah azza wa jal said, No, no, no, you forgive him. turn the other cheek, ignore what he's done, and continue to give him sadaqa Why don't you want Allah to forgive you for your sins? So by forgiving him, Allah subhana wa Taala will forgive you and add to a boon and Yellowfin Allahu Allah. The final point brothers and sisters, some of our scholars have

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said the most optimistic verse in the whole Koran is the verses suited to Zoomer. Hola, Eva de la Dena Ashraf, who Allah and footsy him la Rahmatullah in de la el nombre Jamia in the hula hula Rahim. This is the most optimistic verse and to hold on and it mentioned molfetta over and over again say all my servants who have wronged themselves do not give up hope of a loss forgiveness for Verily Allah yo fudo Luba Jamia, Allah forgives all sins. Verily he is the fool he is Dora Haim. We asked the food under him to forgive our sins and to bless us in this world and the next and we'll continue inshallah tomorrow was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi delves into the Names of Allah related to Maghfirah. Ghafara means to cover or conceal something, or to overlook what someone has done to you and over 300 verses mention Maghfira in the Holy Qur’an.  

There are atleast 7 names derived from Maghfirah –  Al-Ghafur, Al-Ghaafir, Al-Ghaffar, Wasi’al Maghfirah, Ahlal Maghfirah, Dhul Maghfirah and Khairul Ghaafireen.

What is the difference between Ghaafir, Ghafur and Ghaffar?

Ghafir – the One who Forgives. 

Al-Ghafur – Ghafur is the One who has the Power to Forgive no matter how large the sin. Al-Ghaffar – for quantity and frequency, He continuously does Maghfirah.

How does one want to strive to attain Allah’s Maghfirah?

  •  By asking for Maghfirah continuously.  
  • We learn to forgive others, who have done us wrong. By forgiving others, Allah will forgive us. 
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