Ahmed Hamed – How Death Is The Destroyer Of Pleasure

Ahmed Hamed
AI: Summary © A Christian person discusses their belief that death is a means to destroy, and how it can lead to pleasures and joy. They also mention that people are enthused and excited about the idea of peace being a way to achieve their dreams. The segment ends with a discussion of how people are deceived in their expectations of peace and how it can lead to pleasures and joy.
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A stone age

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my name is Mormon person. And my qualification is masters. I would like to ask Mr ama the question that

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at the start of his discussion, he mentioned that death is a means destroyer of player. So, if I am a Muslim, what will be the player for me, if player is meaning of car, house and these things, then this is not player for me, and if player is peace for me, then who bet will destroy my player.

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the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is that that is the destroyer of pleasures emend the pleasures of this world, you see, we are all so much enthused and ties and excited, because of the love of the things or the love of the people, our own beloved people. So, the debt, the moment it comes, it will disassociate you, it will diffuse you, it will disconnect you from all the pleasurable things that you used to have. And all the pleasurable ones, the beloved ones, the beauty of your wife, the love of your mother, the love of your father, the love of your children, all the beloved things and the and the people, it will disconnect you. So as a Muslim,

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as a Muslim, we should be pleased. When the duck comes, you know why?

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And the time the last moments of Muhammad peace be upon him, because the prophets, they were given the announcement, before deaths.

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The prophet the angel of death, they used to take permission from the end from the prophets. So when it was told the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, he used an analogy and said to his Sahaba, his companions, the slave, the slave has given two choices, two options.

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First, to be in this world,

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or to be in the Hereafter.

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And the slave has chosen Allah.

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The slave has chosen Allah why the believers who believe in Allah are not scared of death because they always prepare for that. You and me if you're prepared to please Allah if we are prepared before death, if we are prepared now, we will be happy to surrender ourselves we would be happy to die now. Why? Because we are promised the ultimate treasure that is taught for the believer in the hereafter. As Allah says warmer, higher to dunya in

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the life of this world is the enjoyment of deception. So most of us are we are deceived in these pleasures. So this is how it disconnects you hope that answers your question shop

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