How to Love Allah and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) more than Oneself and become a True Momin

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The question by zubaid Ahmed from Hyderabad, India, how can one love Allah and Muhammad Salah Salem is be upon him more than himself to become a true Muslim?

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Shall we do deeds out of love of your of Allah?

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How can we love Allah and messenger more than we love ourselves and the Hadith of the Prophet of Salah Salem that a Muslim is not a true Muslim until he loves Allah and His Messenger more than himself. So what are the criteria for you to be a complete good Muslim? In that you love Allah and Rasul more than you love?

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Love yourself?

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And should you follow the deeds of the prophet and Allah because you love them? Or because he feared them? It should be both. See the fear that if you're have a life, unlike the fear that you have of other things, the love that we have for life and like the love that you have, for Therefore Allah is ultimate love.

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And the fear of Allah that you don't want to displease Allah. You don't want to defeat our beloved Prophet Musa la sala. It's a different sort of fear. It's a different sort of love altogether. And

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how can you

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love Allah within yourself is when you realize that when you do the thing is going to cause off to you yet you do it for the sake of Allah, that the time you love Allah more than yourself. And you know very well, that now you have got a very good offer for a job in a bank and got a look at the salary maybe the salary what you're earning, the bank is offering you triple the salary. But you know that a beloved Prophet said that riba interest conventional interest bank is haram. So you reject that why for the sake of Allah, now you're loving Allah, within yourself. If you do the job, you will get triple the salary, you'll have more luxury of the world. Now this is an example of how

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you're loving Allah more than yourself. For example,

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the Prophet said,

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that don't leave the place in which when you're living in a place and if a plague breaks out, don't leave it. You have to obey Allah and His messenger.

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You You cannot run away. You have to have faith be patient, whatever befall you, even if after die, if you die become a murderer. So you're you're following the Command of Allah subhanaw taala it is not only proven by medical science, but you're doing for sake of Allah. You're loving Allah more than yourself. So always when you put a line is messenger more than yourself. That means you're loving Allah more than yourself. And if you love Allah more than yourself, then you're a true believer. A true moment and inshallah good agenda for this