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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss their views on Islam and their stance on homeland security. They emphasize their belief in the worldview of Islam and the importance of accepting their own beliefs. They criticize the use of gay language and the lack of support for gay rights. They also discuss the use of negative language in media and media management and warn against using "naive" in events. They stress the importance of teaching others what information is and not listening to advertisements.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh How are you guys doing? I'm drinking with my right hand, by the way, because what is a lot of people come and they confuse the matter. So why keep drinking every time? This is my right hand, I know you're looking at it and it looks like left. But there's a flip. Okay, so this is my right hand, and I'm drinking say Bismillah.

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Very good, very well done.

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Today, I just want to talk to you about couple of issues because it's been festering in the atmosphere for some time, and I think is worth addressing. Now, those who follow me know where I stand in terms of the spectrum

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in terms of how I conceive of other Muslims, how I deal with other Muslims, especially Muslims, who who mean no hostility or mean no harm.

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They will know that I haven't got an issue. I'm not a sectarian Hezbollah individual who calls to a particular group of scholars. They will know that I'm not on that stuff. Okay. And I am not on that stuff.

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We're upon the Sunil Satya. What can Delica Jana come omoton Masato, the way which is the way the problem house are selling more dental, what we're here to do, tip Diaz in tech fields unless the matter is extremely clear.

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Everyone knows this. And we've been in a sense in opposition to those who have been on the on the fringes. genossen have often deontic fear. And that's clear on the public record.

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there are limits in it. So for example, I just came back from America just came back. It kind of invited me.

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It kinda is one of the it was one of the biggest conventions, it was a great atmosphere had received good hospitality. There's a few mishaps here, and I'm not going to expose anyone, don't worry about it.

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But it was a good atmosphere and the people it was an electric environment. And support for the Dow was unbelievable for those who are there know what I'm talking about?

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But other people saying, like how comes you're going to a place where you've got people like Ilhan Omar and these kinds of people there.

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That is a question. And I will answer that question by telling you exactly what I believe on the matter. Because this is a World Viewpoint. It's an ideological point. It's a manage point. Those who are on the Manage of Masato and true Islam. Yeah, we'll understand why I went there. Why would go there again, I haven't got a problem going to anywhere. In fact, during that hour in any place, you know, except for toilet maybe with some of these areas where you're not allowed to mention Allah's Name. However, what I'm saying to you is very clear.

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Before I go into why and this and that, and what the men hedges and what the correct position according to what the position I follow is, before I go into all of that, I'm going to just put one point to you. I do agree, actually, with the condemnation of the fact that there's been this acquiescence there has been an acquiescence

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from the American diets, not all of them of course, but a lot of them Yaqeen Institute the leaders of it almost Suleiman. Yes, of course they are all of those guys. I don't agree with their stance. I think their stance is absolutely wrong. When they're trying to placate you know, these individuals plicate

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Ilhan Omar, in effect I believe that they're pushing her towards the hellfire. That's why I think they're doing it. I think they're all pushing her towards the hellfire and pulling with her to the hellfire, those done a son, who don't be any Muslims who are getting confused by not just the general

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principles of Islam, but actually the attitudes that we are meant to have towards certain practices which are against Islam, for example, homosexuality. So Ilhan Omar has come on the record supporting in all vigor

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LGBTQ now what I'm saying is this. As individuals, we say, Let bygones be bygones. We're not here to force our religion on people from the LGBTQ community, or we're trying to enforce a worldview on them. In many ways we actually can and do accept them for what they are

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people of the LGBTQ community we accept you for who you are. We don't actually have a problem with you being wherever you are, and living your lives in such a way that wouldn't affect us the only unless you come and try and force it upon us but in likewise format, we expect you to have the same attitude towards us. Yes, we will call you to Islam and yes, Islam as a religion which explicitly goes against these practices. Haram just like extramarital affairs are haram and premarital sex is haram, prohibited in the religion of Islam.

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However, and with all due respect, people in the LGBTQ community in the West cannot and should not expect us to support their rights to do whatever they want us to whatever they want to do, or things that go against our moral worldview. In my view, that's the equivalent

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have meat eaters forcing vegetarians to, to rally for their rights to eat meat. Now, you may find the occasional meat eater without wood, vegetarian that would do that. But many vegetarians would say, You know what, this goes against my worldview, and you can't expect me to do something like that.

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That's not how we're gonna that's not these are not the terms of engagement. And these should not be the terms of engagement. And these are not the terms of engagement we accept or shall accept, or it makes sense for us to accept we're either getting anything out of it, I'll be honest with you. I'm so sorry to see any

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what we're getting out of it.

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What are we getting out of it?

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I want to know what the what material benefit we're getting out of this nonsense alliance that you guys have created? What tell me what I want to know.

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Has money been sent to your account? I don't think any money has been sent to account because if that was the case, there'd be some problems, even bigger problems.

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Have they gone in Parliament and done something? Has any legislation been changed? What are the metrics of yeah, there's no there's nothing to show that we've benefited from this thing at all. With all due respect, what if you withdraw that now? Are they gonna go against Muslims? What are you scared of them? Like, what is it? What is the strategic allegiance? And what is this issue here that you've come with? And who's making this issue head? Of all due respect? Who can make that wish to head in your organization? Who's in which to head

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where is the where are the Z she wrote of? He had his moto Farah on who? I'm sorry to say and I love the brother. And I genuinely think he's a force of good I'm not like the brothers that attack him. I've heard I won't be by the way. Almost lemon doctor on cinnamon, the leader of your Clean Beautiful brother Excellent. Very eloquent very articulate. You know, I when I first saw those those uh, interfaith he done one time

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with a Jew and a Christian was very nice. And even the comments you look at the comment section is a brilliant, he's a great advocate. Yeah, and he's a great articulator. But is he unwish date? No, he's not. No, he's not. I shall de la han has said to us omen and Luna Zilla, Nessman Zilla home, we have been commanded to put people in that place. So let me tell you from now, he's a student of knowledge. Doesn't matter if I Oh, he or anybody else has acquired a PhD from that university or masters from that university. At best your student of knowledge.

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At best, let me tell you, let me let you know that just like almost everybody, Joe Joseph named Jonathan Brown, who I spoke to great academic, proper doctor, his his academic ability is better than most people who are scholars, who are more states, but he's not emotional. He himself doesn't. Do you understand that? You should you have to know that. Yeah, there are people that are given titles to themselves, which they are don't they don't deserve those titles, and they and it doesn't make sense for them to have those titles. And in fact, is classically and traditionally it would not be acceptable. So everyone must know their place. So you can't say artists it's a matter of history

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had their following come from a certain love that everyone do their thing is so another abandoned Ababa. And let's just just leave it leave it as it is. No, we're going to condemn that actually. But you're placating. The way you're mitigating? The the sting of these individuals is to placate that Ilhan Omar and equate acquiesce to her Cofer.

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As I say, you're just pushing her into the Hellfire because you're making her think that what she's saying is okay,

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if if you're given her platform, and you're not even going against what she's saying, can relate and I hold on, we're cutting fat a lot. This is what reminds me of Benyus, like Elan, the pot in the Quran. They don't even do a hand mocha normal. This is this is what actually is.

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Number two, so that's point number two. Point number two on your cleaners. Like you guys do a lot of good work. A lot of people come and say, well, this there's this

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article by

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person for LAN and this article, which has shown that I agree, that are problematic articles, but they're very good articles as well. Fantastic articles on there. And Malik he said Kulu in sending your huddled men who are euro to Ali Illa Sahib has a couple that everybody you take something from them and you reject something from them, except for the for the companion of the scribe and he pointed to Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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So do I have

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a stance of your KYC everything that says rubbish and it's like, any false analogies of

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it's like drinking is like drinking water and you put a little bit of poison and drink

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Okay, these are false analogies, because if that's the case, then you shouldn't be reading the books. If it hasn't, you shouldn't be written. But if you're a Salafist, you shouldn't be written books even harder, even if that's the analogy. But we clearly have to have a discursive and filtered way of doing certain things where you can say, Okay, I agree with this I don't agree with this is called critical thinking instead of trying to stop people from consuming information, you the better approach is to teach them what information to consume, in what way

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to give them the tools to be able to operate in the age of information, your approach of don't listen to this guy was the guy that's making a normal hope you're making them want to listen to that guy more. So go ahead and tell them don't listen samosa, but they got to love him even more. And that's the irony of the approach anyway, so

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I'm putting everything in place now. Yeah, these brothers here. They're doing great work, but they're not pushed ahead. And they can't make a decision like that without condemnation. And it cannot. We're not going to allow it. That's haram. That's, that's wrong. It's clear cut in the book of Allah. Like what what we're doing here? Secondly, so why did you go and speak with the mojito with them, blah, blah, blah, why I would go and listen to this is what I'm going to say right now. I would go anywhere where anyone asked me to speak if the if someone said to me Go speak in a devil worshipping temple, and you can say whatever you like, and no one's gonna restrict what I'm gonna

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say. I'm gonna go

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if someone says go to a church, I'm gonna go someone says go to a temple if obviously not and if I'm if I'm not busy, I need you get me go to Shiai Jose media.

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Oh, go

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and look, what is the evidence for that?

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evidence for that is what use of Jorge Salam did in the Quran. He became a minister. Okay, he became a minister and he went into a coffer system of governance. Okay, you know what can argue the Melek in Surah TOS of and the story of use of was a Muslim. He was a non Muslim and even sent me a says about that that he did that men Baby, what type of a Takala who Mr. Totten

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with tequila who missed out on that federal law as much as you can. It's an A in the Quran.

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So Tom,

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So fear Allah as much as you can, that he tried about In fact, I'll put what had been Tamia said about this because I've got the thing I'll just I'll put it in the comments or something. That's what he said. So if if, if SubhanAllah. If use of Alehissalaam can enter a governmental infrastructure in order to make things better in Bebi, we'll talk about how Mr. Totten from the from the perspective of make things better or have fear of Allah as much as you can. That min Bebo Allah this is kuffaar I even told me it says he can know the aquifer because he's making it to endow it to them. He says, Well, I missed ajibola I'll double motor for Coronavirus Ha, I'm a little while ago

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her that he was even he mentioned it to me, which is this is like he's given power to the people in the inmates. And he was they're not Muslim people.

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And then he said that, you know, he did that to try and make things better. I'll put the clipping oversee. So if the if any who are going to agree with 100%. Anyway,

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my manage. And this is I believe the right manage to manage of the Salaf demand, not even just enough to get that

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the secondary now because one button says primary the message of the prophets, the men hedge of the prophets was that you enter a place to try and make things better wherever that place may be. If your firm upon what you're upon, then everyone knows my stance.

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And that's why Allah subhanaw taala by the way, in the Quran, in that very surah.

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He made it a point to say mechanic, yet with a half you didn't make that new user was not going to put his brother into the dean of the Malik Benjamin, he wasn't going to make him into the Illuma Ilya shall, except for if Allah will dangle because this is in the hands of Allah. But the point is, is that's not. That's not the intention of Joseph. Likewise, it's not my intention to try and pull people to Ilhan Omar obviously everyone knows that if they consume my content, they know my stances on these issues, clearly is more clear than anything you can see. So the point is, is that just because you go and speak somewhere, it doesn't mean you agree with everything that the organizers

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and all the speakers of that event, say and Islam gives general permission unless otherwise stated. As per from what we know the actions of the prophets. Yeah, and the acquire of the Allamah which I've just mentioned. So I see no problem in the men hedge which is the correct manhood which is the Sunnah was I'll tell you that mainstream Muslims are true Muslims are not the the eyes of the taxpayer is for us to do what we can do.

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doing. Don't sit with him. Don't do that. Don't do that. No thanks. That's your thing. And so, yes, I do condemn and this is a strong word. I condemn your pain and any other organization that either placate acquiesce or even worse host this individual wretched individual. Yeah. Who attacks the deen of Allah? Basically. And I don't even know, I can't even imagine why the ticket has not been pronounced upon to speak into events.

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I can't, I can't actually make an excuse for you here, guys. I'm sorry. I wish I could because I want to. And I have been doing that. And to my detriment. I don't care because at the end of the day, it's not about me or you. It's just about the situation. Yeah. So I'm sorry, you know, you're gonna have to fix the situation, you have to make your positions clear. And you have to borrow from this individual, and all individuals like her. And what I would recommend for your kin, and for these organizations, quite frankly, is for them to start having an antagonistic approach or polemical approach towards some of the heads of the snake, ideologically speaking, which include,

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but are not limited to feminism and liberalism. For my understanding, there's not one single article that you guys have attacked these notions. I haven't seen anything like that in your and I've been a consumer of your stuff, like I look at it, I see, I have not seen one thing that attacks feminism or liberalism. So why not do that. That is, if you're an apologist, or apologetic organization, or whatever you were meant to be, then that seems to be a decent starting point. But that's what ally ship with the wrong allies, is interfering with the good work that you could otherwise be doing. And as I said in my tweet, this could be your Achilles heel here. So why would you put yourself in that

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position? It's indefensible to have this insufferable individual being mitigated or replicated or otherwise acquiesced to

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that's my stance. That's my stance. These are my stances, and I don't care if you're okay, these guys have got good relations with all of them. I don't have a bad relationship with these guys. These are my friends. These are my companions. But what is a call to value in Canada CORBA if you speak, speak the truth and even if it's someone close to you, so this is my this is my killer muscle.

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So I want to cry a lot.