Yahya Ibrahim – Live Islamic Q and A – Environmental Focus 11-11-21

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © In this interview, Sharon and Kenneth discuss the Islamic program and the importance of balancing the natural world with Islam. They also talk about the sun and its movement in the world, the importance of Zika eligibility, and the importance of strong spiritual connections to Islam. They emphasize the need for local scholarly support and the importance of seeing things in a positive way. They briefly touch on the shayGeneration and the Shay bills, but do not provide further context.
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assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah sallAllahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam to Steven Kathira Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala aplicable Rasool you can navigate me you either early or Sufi we're selling. It's a pleasure and honor once again to join with you your brother yeah hey Ibrahim coming to you live from my home here in Perth, Western Australia, to wherever you are in the world through the wonderful vehicle of Islam, channel.tv and Hamdulillah. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to gather together, seeking the pleasure of Allah coming acquainted with the matters of our faith where we seek a little

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bit of clarity. Islamic q&a is an important program and I know 100 out there are wonderful scholars who throughout the week are there ready and able to enter your questions each and every Wednesday 12 noon, London time I'm honored to come to LA to take this position to be able to assist you with some of your queries insha Allah. So please do log on do get online so that we can receive your phone calls live on air be evening, lucky to Allah, we're going to be in sha Allah continuing with the theme that we began last week. This is a really important time in our

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human history, where there is an incredible focus on what is meant to be climatic changes and discussed by scientists and people of speciality in the field. And of course, the political area and that socio economic platforms are all abuzz with discussions about which way the world should turn in its, I guess, relationship with the natural world that surrounds us. And we want it in chat law over the next couple of weeks as well to talk a little bit while we are interrupted by your wonderful calls and contributions to speak about the Islamic philosophical perspectives of the environment as it relates to us. Allah Subhana Allah created us and intended for us balance and

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harmony. He made us as the OMA that is an unmatched and wasn't the owner of the middle course. We are those who are not negligent and we are those who seek not to be extreme. And in any one of those two, there is a deficiency that leads off the street middle road, middle path that leads to Allah subhana wa Ridhwan His pleasure and His mercy upon us, the path of a Serato Musa theme is the path that has been treaded upon by the generations of those who have passed in righteous conduct, in their understanding of what it is of the aim of life. Allah subhanho wa Taala he tells us Fathom and Nakoula Illa Allah come to a surety of knowledge that none is worthy of worship, but God let that

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surety of knowledge be from everything that you interact, interact with enough your coworkers somehow it will auto was the laughing lately when the half letter yeah it really bad in the alterations of the night and the day and of the alterations of the the heavens and the earth, you will see that there are signs that are for those whose hearts are alive and are able to comprehend Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that everything in the world is bowed down everything in his creation in this dominion and ferment is bound down to his authority and lay as you are and whom is Allah Tala. There is nothing that is beyond that which he has gathered in His knowledge has written

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for it a destiny and is well and truly assured of each and every phase. Allah tells us in fact, to look to the trees and to the descent of a leaf off a limb, when I mean what architeam Illa Allah Maha there isn't a leaf that descends of a tree, except it's in the knowledge of Allah when I had met in people to metal out when I wrote been one is not even at mustard seed or a little seed that is planted in the depth in the darkness of the Earth, except that ALLAH knows its place. Allah drives to with the raindrops that are its root and or its sustenance. And I want you to consider what it is that you and I have been given as a blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala ALLAH SubhanA

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wa Taala says, Well, I come from Nappanee Adam. I have ennobled and honored the Children of Adam will have another home filter we will and I have been the one who has given them the ability to be carried in the land.

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and on the seas in all of that aspirated, Allah tells us in sort of Ibrahim or Sahara Allah Kuma Shem Sowell Cammarata evade, he is the one who has subjugated the stars, the sun and the moon for you, He is the one or Sahara lacuna and how he's the one who has made in service to you the fresh water that flows to you, beneath you and around you what's called Allah.

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And Allah has made a Laila when the how that the alterations of the night and the day, in the perfect balance of our 24 hour calendar of the day, it is perfectly meant for the physically physiological anatomical needs that you and I, as human beings have, in fact, some of the very simple subtleties of for example, what level of radiation that our eyes can tolerate, from the reflected and reflected light that enters into it that we're able to sense we can't see with infrared, but we see a particular spectrum and a particular amount of that light that is conducive for our needs as human beings, as we live, tread upon and walk upon this blessing Earth that has

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been Mojave Atlanta has been made perfect for us, where Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in in the Torah to rock man, that Allah he says that he made this earth for us, very nice and and it is in a justly balanced, upright manner for you and I, and let often Misa to do not transgress the weightings and the balance that has been set. Allah warns us in the very earliest of sections of the Quran, in the very early page of saltan Baqarah, the very early chapter of the Quran where Allah acquaintance with what it is, that are his obligations upon us, he says lead to see do fill out the bad that is lahat do not cause corruption, vile corruption in the earth after I have rectified it

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and made it rightly fit for you. There were moments in the Hertz history where nothing could live, no humanity could live upon it. But it became in the Command of Allah, a place that is habitable for you and I as human beings, and therefore any time we transgress those bounds anytime we break away those limitations and change what was meant to be the godly order that was set for us. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in sort of DRC, where Shem suited God, the One Stop covering law, that the the sun and its circuits and our solar system is in movement is in flux in the way that our Sun is stable in our

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circumference around it and our solar rotations around the Sun is Also a movement around other celestial objects. Now Allah wants us to know this very early on that there is much more greater than what the eye Behold, what is sensory, and what is within our ability to see or touch or taste or hear or feel. Allah wants us to know. That is there is so much for us to experience. We have our first caller on the line and it's good to be interrupted by these calls and chat a lot to enter your questions. I look forward to hearing more from you in sha Allah. Our first caller I said I'm on a caller How can I help

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level cattle

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the other day

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I went

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and I got up very late and the timing was over 45 minutes

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you know it is acceptable to

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please and also Yes, sister.

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Can we get back to the hospital? They're making a hospital abroad.

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luck for your question, sister. With regards to your first question. If I understood you correct, you've been fasting and hamdulillah May Allah accept your fast and make it a reason for your success in this dunya an athlete on a prevention for harm and illness Allahumma Amin I understand that you were fasting and that you as you were ending the day you had fallen asleep for a nap and you didn't wake up straight away so that you can enjoy your Iftar at the normal hour just when method enters. So it may have been 45 minutes or an hour later. This should not harm your fasting whatsoever. It is of course the great suna of

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The prophets are excellent to be quick in breaking our fast. And one of the signs of uprightness of the believer is that we are not obsessive about delaying the past thinking that Allah is judging us by minute. Rather, Allah is judging our intention and our collective spirit. So from the sooner as you are rightly eluded, you shouldn't break your past as soon as metric ends. But if there's a reason that prevented you, whether it's sleep, or you were, you know, consumed with something that distracted you from it, then this does not limit the reward and your fast is accepted. With regards to your second question, I'm reluctant to comment on something as important as the car over the

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phone without the details that are necessary. Zika is something that is very particular, it's not just given to just generalized kind of things. Zika should be something really that's given to the one who it is permissible for them to receive it. So as much as it is for us to investigate who I'm giving the car to the person receiving Zakah should know whether they are eligible to receive it or not. So the first thing that I would say that could kind of well, your worry about this question is if this is a place where they are saying that this hospital is Zika eligible, then trust that pact and provide yours a cap. But if there's no information provided, and you're not sure about the

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eligibility of it, please do ask a local scholar who you could spend a little bit of time with and get further clarity by you providing more detail in sha Allah. It is an important activity badda Zakka it's not just a voluntary thing. So we have to be extra strict to make sure that we are giving it to those who deserve it in the right amount in the right time for the right reason, knowing that Allah is judging, not just our hearts intent, but also our IML. In fulfilling the Sunnah and tradition of our interview, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we were speaking about the importance of our connection to the environment and our connection to that which surrounds us and

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Allah X asks us regularly FLIR young guru Illa semma, aka fovea, don't they look into the heavens to understand how it was separated and elevated above them. Subhanallah there's so many wonderous discoveries that science begins to unravel and is still unraveling, and is still very much ignorant about with the mystery of what holds the gases in the atmosphere. And one of the most important, I guess, factors that is affecting all of humanity today is the ozone layer. Living in Australia in particular, it is a very grim statistic, that one out of every three Australians will develop over the course of their life, as skin cancer. And that's something that's a really notable fact, it's

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something where you see that there are great policies put in place in schools for children to wear hats and wear sunscreen and not be out in the sun when it's summer time to be really extra careful with how they take care of their skin. And the result of that. And the reason for that is because in this area, there is a pocket where the ozone layer has, has thinned. And it's a place where the UVB rays and UVA rays are not reflected back or refracted out back into space, which has a great effect upon the human population, the animal population of Australia. So when Allah tells us to look into the heavens, it's not just to look and say, Wow, look how beautiful the clouds are, which they are,

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Allahu Akbar will have, but it's also to consider what is the effect of my life? What is the effect of my impact and footprint upon the earth, upon the policies that are enacted that I can vote for or gains that influence the things that are around us? Allah subhana wa Tada tells us, that how we live our life, in terms of our conduct as human beings, affects the natural environment around us. I don't just give you two verses from the Quran that kind of speak about this in one surah Allah Subhana Allah Allah says, He tells us

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that no Alayhis Salam said to his people will find a new home yeah, new access to his people, is still fear all of the code in the whole can of Pharaoh, be regular in repenting to your Lord asking for forgiveness for the mistakes that you have made and make between each other and towards other people and in your relationship with the Lord Almighty.

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Inaho Canada's octoberat, you will find that your Lord Allah Almighty is the one who is willing to forgive all sins. It doesn't matter how big they are or how often you commit them, they will be forgiven by Allah will continue with this A and its discussion after we take this call as salaam alaikum. Caller How can I help?

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I saw

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very clearly that he was going wrong,

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you know, like to be

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very, very, very alert.

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As a collective Sister, if I can refer you to a piece I wrote, it's called The Art of Islamic dream interpretation. I don't want to comment on just a small section of a dream. But for us as Muslims, there is a methodology in how we discuss dreams and in the relationships that are provided. Through the dreams are of three types. The prophets, I seldom said, one type of dream is Hadith or neffs is where your soul expresses, whether it's fear or it's hope, or it's sadness, or it's love, and Subhanallah, you might see very wonderous things. So just say you're a student, and you have exams coming up. And all of a sudden, you see in your dream that you're on a boat, and you don't have a

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motor, and you don't have the oars that can get you to the other side of the shore. And your boat is is floating aimlessly. Well, that's you know, your your sole kind of feeling. I don't know what I'm going to do with this test. I don't know if I'm going to be successful, I feel overwhelmed, and so on. The second type of dream, may Allah protect us is the dream of the Shaitaan. And this is where the shaytaan seeks to influence our inner dialogue by interjecting as Allah tells us in the Quran, Leah has una Levina avenue to bring depression, sadness, angst, fear terror into the hearts of mankind, and especially those who believe. So a person may wake up perturbed and upset from

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something they saw and confused and angry and so on. And it can seem like a very real dream. And that's something that the puppet asks us to miss that it belongs to say, our Oh, the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. Not to share it with others. And to make a fresh will do make a fresh,

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laying down in bed if it's the middle of the night, to turn from one side to the next. So if you were sleeping on the right sleep on the left, although it's not the sooner this is the sooner to change that condition and have a better sleep insha Allah. The third type of dream is where we see a vision. And it's not a dream where it's an imagined. But it is a vision where Allah blesses both Muslim and non Muslim with a moment of clarity about something that they are aware of, or something they're not aware of. And it's usually in terms of symbols, and the words that are written in it are important the concepts that are written important that individuals you meet in it, the clothing they

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wear, whether you are in the shade, or the sun in your own home or others, all of it has a context and it can provide a greater level of certainty and can put reassurance in the hearts dreams are not usually interpreted and occur in the very moments that you've seen them. In fact Prophet use of adding a salaam he reminds his father had that we lose Oh, yeah, I mean, oh my father. This is the meaning of the dream I saw as a young child. Now decades later, a Giada who are be how caught my Lord has made it truthful for me that I've been able to see the outcome of that dream. And therefore the dream is its interpretation is best done with somebody who has good intentions in their heart

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towards you, somebody who is knowledgeable of the Quran and the Sunnah, and who can interpret it in the way and the methodology of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but through this medium, it is not something that I'm able to help with. May Allah give you assistance and have somebody to assist you in good regard in a lot. What I will say to you is that seeing anything that resembles faithfulness and a commitment to Allah, that gives you a good feeling and a sense of security when you wake up is a blessing at Sinai, and a visitation of the angels May Allah excepted from you, Alma and you were speaking and hunger level the environment. And we have mentioned this is

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in Surah Noor in the chapter Noah, where Allah says that Noah said to his people make dua to Allah to forgive you. You'll see Semih Ali Mithra. They will

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we're in a drought and no I said if you ask for forgiveness, the heavens will rain down upon you while you did the couldn't be unwell in weather need, and your Lord will strengthen you with well, and vigor and children, way I love them genetic match I love them and how rot. In fact his barren land will turn into gardens of delight, and you will be blessed with rivers of blessing that will flow towards you. And therefore we're able to impact the environment with our spiritual connection to Allah, not just our physical connection. We'll talk more about that when we returned from a short break and chat a lot. But I want you to get that as a very important Islamic concept that we believe

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in a metaphysical impact upon the earth, that if I live in balance with the Earth, if I live in balance with my family, if I live in balance with my relationship with Allah, if then influences the things that surround me and that are around me in a way that is positive blessing and aiding to myself and others, I pray that Allah Subhana Allah grant you and I success makes us from those who are who left Apple all protectors of the earth for the future generations will suddenly level the LSAT now Mohamed, join me after our five minute break in sha Allah, for the second part was Salam o Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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