Ramadan Reminders – Day 6

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The concept of "slack behavior" is not negative, but rather a result of actions taken by past experiences. There are many negative experiences that lead to negative behavior, such as potholes in relationships or struggles with death. People who have had multiple spiritual experiences may have a negative impact on their life, but they are protected from civil rewards and from negative influence if they meet certain criteria. People who have had multiple spiritual experiences may have a negative impact on their life, but they are protected from civil rewards and from negative influence if they meet certain criteria.

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Hello, I'm Gary layer bit alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah filmbay will mousseline Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Holly he really

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does live on Kaziranga zerafa, my brother, my brothers and sisters, we were talking about developing taqwa. And as I said, it consists of increasing and working on increasing associate of Allah and the hope of Allah, the all and majesty and glory of Allah in our hearts, as well as the love of Allah in our hearts.

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We were talking about the complexity of reflecting on and understanding the love of Allah subhanho data through his blessings.

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Our normal tendency is to consider as a blessing, things that we like.

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Right? things that we like, not things that we don't like.

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For example, you might say, the blessing is that I have a beautiful car.

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And I drive on a beautiful road, it's not full of potholes, and so on so forth. But if I ask you, well, what about a traffic jam?

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Is that a blessing?

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Or is it not a blessing?

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What would you say?

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Because this traffic jam is not you're doing?

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I'm not talking about what about if you are driving, way above the speed limit, and you got to lower Okay, that's part of your, you know, that's what you asked for, but a traffic jam?

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Is it a blessing?

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What about things that happen? You know, at home, for example, in your marital relationship? Something your spouse says or does or maybe they have an irritating habit? Or maybe they have, you know, some tendency to argue and whatnot, right? I'm sure there's no shortage of that for us to look to for us to find examples.

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So the fact that I have this you know, beautiful spouse, beautiful wife or very handsome beautiful husband and you know, wealthy husband who takes care of me and whatnot and you know, all of the all of the so called

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so called good things.

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But what about

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the within courts weaknesses, that your wife, your husband come with this part of the packaging, you can't help it?

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Are those also blessings?

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Remember, I'm not talking about tolerating something.

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I'm not talking about saying oh, I'm okay, you know, this part of the game, but I have to somehow live through it.

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I'm not talking about healing.

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I'm talking about sugar.

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Actually thanking Allah Subhana.

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Allah did not say jealousy. No, Allah says, Thank Allah.

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What about that?

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What about looking at something which is

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on the face of it, it's painful.

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It's difficult.

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we recognize it for what it is.

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Is the that is the name of Allah.

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It'll be resolved

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on Fridays and hamdulillah. This is on this analysis.

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So as I said, I've said that among the many follow them files, autograph is protection from the gel.

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And the gel is the ultimate form they are the epitome of deceptions.

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So in certain regards, we have the story of Moses.

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Now what is this the essence of that story?

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Three things which happened.

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Each one of them looks like a problem looks like something which is negative.

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But when Clozaril a Salam explains them to moosari salam at the end of their companionship.

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He shows musasa how each one of those things is a was actually a blessing.

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It was not a

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it was not a problem. It was not a curse. It was not something which was negative.

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What is the lesson we take away from that?

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So we are faced with hardship we are faced with difficulty we are faced with pain we are faced with suffering, we are faced with very wanton death.

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There is nothing beyond that in this life.

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That is the ultimate because it ends everything in this life and then it opens a door. Which if we get death with the man and this is what we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala for Fatima will say

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hello Fatima

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then it opens the door for relief and for pleasure and for happiness without ending.

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But if it's the opposite, if we meet that, then May Allah protect us from this malice mantella protect us from civil carthamus if we made that death, at that time of dying, if we are without demand, if we are committing shark

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and we have an ending which is a bad ending,

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then it opens the door for endless problems.

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So this is not an ending. This is the beginning and beginning of what depends on what happened before this.

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The reason I'm saying this is Allah subhanaw taala mentioned this also very clearly for example, you might say well, you know, I have wealth wherever Allah with my wealth is Allah I mean hamdulillah I have nothing around it. So why should I be bothered about the 100 Allah give me give me give me this much May Allah give me more.

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But Allah, I mentioned this very specific reason for Allah. Allah Zed well obasa Lahore, Reza Kalia by de la Whoville out while I can you know Zillow Bukhari, Maya Sha.

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Allah said that if Allah were to expand and give more of a risk

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to his slave to his slaves, the ibuyer de Laval Ville are the truly certainly they will rebel on the earth.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala unit zero Bukhari, Maya Sha, Allah subhanho wa Taala sends down Allah subhana wa tada

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gives them

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in measured quantities.

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Now, risk is what risk is everything this is material risk is in terms of health risk is also in terms of spiritual benefits.

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You might say, Well, you know, I'm the number of people and I actually know, may Allah protect us from this, I actually know one or two people like this, who became religious.

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And then they started doing various things and they, you know, prayed,

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demands various uscar and they did this and that and so on and so forth. And Allah knows best what kind of experiences they had with that, but they went off completely on a tangent

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and I don't want to say that you know, they had a bad ending or whatever, but

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you can imagine

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completely misguided completely, totally, you know, off

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of the target.

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How did that happen through spiritual experiences, because when they had the spiritual experience, they were not geared to deal with it, they had no Muslims and they did not have a chef to guide them which is all necessary.

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There are people I know who

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started studying Islam and they went off into an intellectual spin and they started you know what he would do mega bulky bulky conical

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skinning the head

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you take a head and take the skin off if it's possible

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and with the result that asking questions which have no answers because only Allah can answer those questions, and then they go off completely there's there are people who completely totally denied all I had these and these are all I had, these are false.

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Now one of water levels of

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excess of anything,

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is a huge trap. Even if that thing is halon

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whether it's wealth, whether it's fame name, how many people will completely haywire because they become famous.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala for risk sufficient to our needs to ensure that we are not depend on anyone other than Allah.

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And that risk with higher and apphia That's it. We do not ask for a lot of risk

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to please reflect on this. Whatsoever Alana will Karim Allah Allah He was happy manga, Radhika