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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi continues about the delegations sent and we are in the final part of this topic.

The delegations are as follows:

  • Banu Hanifa – The leader was Musaylimah al Khadhab
  • Azd – The large tribes of Yemen, who were placed under Surad ibn Abd’Allah al Azdi
  • Himyar, from Yemen
  • Banu Kuld
  • Christians of Najran

And many more.

Thus, we see that in the 9 H, Islam expanded considerably in Arabia such as that from Yemen, Najran, Oman, Najd etc. Hence, an Islamic State is formed and history is created in the fact that the entire Muslim Ummah is joined under one political entity.

We learn numerous things from the incidents :

  • People exhibit different levels of Iman and not everyone falls in the same stature as that of Abu Bakr RA, Umar RA and more such greats of Islam.
  • Masjids can also function as a place of hospitality for the Non Muslims and there is no issue with that as is seen in the case of the tribe of Taqif.
  • On the arrival of delegates, the onus is upon us to host them to the best of our ability and means as deemed fit.


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