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Bismil Hill Rahima new Mahi

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San Juan Yquem Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Al hamdu Lillahi wa wa Salatu was Salam o Allah Milena be about the AMA guide. So guys, it's been a very, very long time since I've done a library chat, I've been getting a lot of requests. And obviously, it is time to move on and continue the series that I'm doing here. But today's lecture, today's series is actually going to be a continuation of the last two or three that I've been doing. And so this is your standard disclaimer. First and foremost, this is one of the advanced library chats. And therefore, if you haven't studied these issues, if you don't know the differences between Methodism and shadow ism, if you've never heard of, you know,

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even tambien, Razi and Allah Zadie and the differences between them, then really, this is not a library chat for you. Also, this library chat is a continuation of the series that I've been doing in the last three library chats. So please, if you haven't listened to the fitna of the Ramiz, if you haven't listened to the making of the Shire, if you haven't listened to what happened in Neesha, board, if you have listened to the rise of the St. Joseph's and the basset Khalifa in Baghdad, and what happened with a quandary, then please pause here, this video is not going anywhere. Inshallah, this is YouTube, please pause here, go back and listen to the last three library chats, the rise of

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Sunni column, the maintainer of the HR era, listen to how does almond milk, you know, was about to be chosen. We're just gonna get to that in today's lecture. So I need to have that precursor. Also, the standard disclaimer as well, that I also given the last two lectures, I have to give it again, that today's lecture, really, it is possible that some people might find that certain phrases are used that they might read into that I'm trying to be diminishing, or that I'm trying to somehow, you know, criticize one of the trends as to Strengths trends of Sunni Islam. But nothing could be farther from the truth, as I have said multiple times, and I believe my track record for the last

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decade has been very clear in this regard, that I no longer hold and harbor any negative feelings or attitude towards anybody who is in mainstream Sunni Islam. And even though I used to be a little bit more harsher, maybe a lot more harsher. And I used to criticize the shadowy group using very negative terminology, that is a past me and completely, factually, I don't view a shadow ism as being any way anyhow, shape or form some type of Bidri theology. And I view it to be a legitimate attempt to understand the real source, even though to this day, I am still, I call myself basically sympathetic to sad Islam in one library chat will be about this, by the way, why do I use these

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terminologies? It's not just coming out of the blue. It's not just something I'm using to be politically correct. No, I am still sympathetic to authority is stamped. And I believe that it is the easier and the better, and the more closer to the fitrah. And the more in line with, you know, certain aspects that I will maybe discuss in a later library chat. Once upon a time, you know, 15 years ago, more than that, maybe even 17 years ago, I became obsessed with a question. And that question was, how do we understand the dominance of a Shaivism

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for the bulk of Islamic history, and this obsession resulted in when I began with doing my dissertation, it was especially strong moment interphase when I was doing my masters. When I started doing my dissertation, it resulted in me

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doing a lot of original research for the first chapter, which I called the rise of SUNY Kalam, and my advisor and my reader, were so happy and impressed with that chapter when I handed it in that in fact, my advisor at Yale actually said that he would rather that I stopped the IB and did the dissertation of in Tamia, and do my entire dissertation, continue the story and move on and talk about how Sunni Kalam and how Ashad ism continued to be dominant for postive and Tamia because my dissertation, the first chapter finishes, right at Ibn Taymiyyah. And then chapter two is given to me as you know, data towel and then chapter three is the fifth of the fifth row in the data have

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three chapters, so much of my talk today. Most of it is a summary from my dissertation, chapter one of my dissertation. Now, as I said, I became obsessed with this question, for frankly, sectarian reasons, because I felt that my strand of scientism, at the time had been a mother loom, you know, had been

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wronged by this notion that there's a dominant strand that is different than my strand. However, during the course of the last 15 years, as is very public and clear, I am no longer wed to only one strand and I believe that he couldn't head and I believe that all of these including asceticism, including, you know, classical Salafism and whatnot, and humbly Islam is actually a human development that Allah azza wa jal did not reveal, as that ism or a shadow ism, or materialism or physicalism. Rather, these are extractions, these are extrapolations from the resource. And because of this, I have lost any animosity to anybody who believes in the hadith of Gibreel. And the kind of

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Eman as mentioned in the hadith of Gibreel. And I believe that you couldn't hurt. And I believe that after this, it's simply a difference of preference and not a difference of we don't have to be harsh would have to be vulgar whatnot. And I truly believe that it is a historical reality that a shadow ism was dominant for a period of time. And I believe that my dissertation shows why, and it's up to you to take it or leave it.

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So the point being that I don't believe that the predominance of any one sect within Sunni Islam is a type of divine sign of approval. It is clear to me as a student of intellectual history, that we can easily understand the rise and the appeal of specific strands of Islam at any given time. And we can understand them in light of socio political circumstances. And the fact of the matter is undeniable is that if certain political realities have not taken place, then certain theological developments will also not have taken place. A simple example which maybe another library chat will do will be the example though the four schools of law had once upon a time there were many schools

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of Islamic law, but it was a political decision at the caliphate level in the time of the Abbasids that the Ibis is for, you know, reasons beyond the scope of this of this library chat. They decided to make a post for each one of the four methods and because they chose, excuse me, these format hubs and they didn't choose any other of the med hubs, they were given a certain boost, and the other mega hub did not get the political backing, implement ozamiz med hub was very common in St. Lucia. And it was almost close to the adopting had had been adopted, we would have had the Ozark we might have as a mainstream method of Sunni Islam. However, the Maliki method was eventually introduced,

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and it supplanted the Ozeri madhhab. And the Zion madhhab, literally was lost in the annals of history. The same goes for even JD law, somebody had a meth lab as well, but it was not adopted, and therefore it's simply withered away. The same goes for the clear out of the Quran as it is well known. At one point in time, there were 3040 codified that are at a time but he himself wrote a book with 35 Quran, but codification occurred, that narrow process began, and even Mujahid chose seven for another 400 years, it was seven plus a few strands here and there until finally immunogenicity came and then said call us I'm going to add three more, and he basically shut the door that vibrancy

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is gone. So the point is that, and again, this this irks my, some of my

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critics who are still in the old phase of you know, thinking that the losers trends that Allah revealed, but it's human, you can't deny this that the the intellectual strands of Islam as well, we're not just three or four or five, no, even as I said, In my previous library chats, Methodism and shadow ism, and materialism and materialism and all of the other isms, there are spectrums within them, there are spectrum within them. All authorities don't just believe the same thing. All of Ashanti's don't believe the same thing and where one spectrum ends, the other one begins. So between Earth classical Methodism and classical Shaivism, you get this gray area where there are

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figures that are claimed by both by both schools and you have the your hardliners and so on and so forth. point is that the historical dominance of one trend or one med hub over another amongst the elite is not in my humble opinion, a divine sanction that Allah subhanho wa Taala approves of this particular trend, and this is the standard distinction between all Bocconi and Allah shuddering if you know that chapter, but you know, we're not, you know, going to discuss the other issues over here. And by the way, those people who claim that because one particular school is dominant over another, this is a sign that Allah loves that particular school. Well, all you need to do is to look

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at the fact that they only use this principle when it comes to their own school. So for example, in recent past, Salafism has had a resurgence, right. And, you know, if you log on to most websites, there are Salafi influenced and the global satellite channels and whatnot. Now, if you happen to be of that persuasion, you will say, Oh, this is a divine sign and Allah sanctions and whatnot. And if you happen to be of the other persuasion, you're like, Oh, this is oil, money, and this and that, and the end of the day, no school, the dominance of it can be a sign that Allah subhanaw taala loves that school. And the contrary, as I have said publicly, the bulk of the Ummah in its simplistic

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mainstream belief, that is pure Islam. As for these

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Advanced issues of the abstract questions about data that 90% of the OMA haven't even thought of much less have answers to these do not you know, the majority is irrelevant in this in this regard, and that it was a mistake and it remains a mistake to have these various schools of Satanism refuting one another and having some harshness and vilification and that was a mistake even when it happened, I believe so, and in our times, it is even a more egregious mistake in light of current affairs, and in light of the myriad problems that are facing our own. The last thing that we need now is a bunch of overzealous teenagers making tub deer of other shutter a observant Muslims

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practicing Muslims, simply because they disagree over Iraq. Mono allows us though, if you still think that another Muslim who is observing the laws memorizing the Quran, fearing Allah and His Messenger loving Allah and His Messenger is a deviant, because they have a different interpretation of a Rockmount or other Asha stowa, than honestly, you've lost the plot, and you shouldn't be listening to my library chats anyway, because this is of no use or concern to you. Because you have already, you know, kicked me off of your narrow stream of the manhood. So the point is, all of this is an introduction to say that today's library chat, as they say, is for information purposes only

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is for nerdy, geeky, you know, intellectual lovers of

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history, and especially of theological history. And it's not really meant to fuel the fans of sectarianism or with Ebola, even though the conclusion, I'm sure will not be something that, you know, some people will like, and it will be something that other people will love. Because the conclusion, I'll say it right now, is that the dominance of our Shaivism, clearly without a doubt, and this is not just my conclusion, but I've proven it more than I believe most other researchers in this field, it goes back to specific political events in the fourth and fifth centuries of the hijra, will in particularly the fifth century, it goes back to specific political events. And

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because of that, of those political events, and shadows, and became dominant, it was the right time, the right place, these things happen, which we'll talk about in today's library chat. And because these things happen, you know, it was a domino effect. And for the next three 400 years, you know, it became the dominant strand, and then the ossification period began, and there was no original thinking for quite a lot of time. So we'll get to that as well, and maybe in a future library chat. So anyways, that was all the intro by the way. Bismillah.

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Now, quickly, the political scenario because we need to understand what's going on it does have a role to do with the, the theological scenario as well. We are now going back to around 900 ce II, around 350 Something a hijra, and the boy head or what's called the booya dynasty was effectively in charge of the Khilafah. The hilife is based in Baghdad, technically the ambassador's are the 35. But as most students in ministry should know, the Abbas is really were only powerful independently for the first 150 years. After that a series of dynasties basically became shadow honey fuzz, they didn't call themselves clever, but they had taken charge the Khalifa became like the Queen of

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England, really no power and rubber stamping whatever the parliament whatever it is, the parliament was not a majority, it was these ruling dynasties. So during the from 934 to 1050 550 years, the boy had dynasty the buoy a dynasty became the most powerful assault on it and effectively ruled the Muslim world, living in Baghdad. They lived in Baghdad during their pinnacle, and basically the Khalifa was essentially a type of token Khalifa almost a hostage to be honest. Now, the boy heads were Twelver Shia, and it is because of the boy heads that Twelver Shia Islam itself was codified. So Twelver Shia Islam, Shiite Islam was one of the most dynamic strands of Islam. Dynamic here means

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what it means it has a lot of spectrums, and the boy has chosen particular and they cooperated. And they chose particular theologians. So because of their efforts, Twelver Shiism became codified, it became more popular than other strands of shear ism, and it became mainstream in the Muslim world and shear ism became mainstream. You know, 30 40% we don't know how much but a good percentage of it often above that became Twelver Shia under the boy hits. However, the boys were smart. And they did enforce jihadism on the population, but still, they were very public about it. And there were tensions and there were riots in the city, because the Shia were doing their things that you know,

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the gel says and whatnot. And you know, the habila were strong enough of that, as my previous library has mentioned. And so the Khalifa was looking to get rid of the boy heads the Khalifa did not want the boy heads. So the Khalifa was very happy when a new power came into the scene. This power was nominally Sunni, I say nominally because they weren't scholars, but they were regular Muslims. So they were Sunni. And this is the first time this power the superpower had emerged. And this is the first Turkic superpower and this is the set of jokes this the jokes of course, are just

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distant cousins of the later Ottomans, the Ottomans would come with their another tribe, the soldiers were with one tribe of the Turkic tribes. And so the cell jokes are on the rise, the cell jokes are becoming dominant. they overthrew the husband's. And so the Khalifa in Baghdad, once the cell jokes to come to believe that and he wants to sell jokes to overthrow the boy heads, and he's willing to give power over to the sell jokes, okay, so this is really important to understand, the sheer boy her Dynasty 450 years has been dominant, and under their watch, sheer ism has become fairly common, fairly popular, not the majority. If they had forced themselves on the OMA, maybe a

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lot more people would be shy, but they did enforce but you know, when you're in power, it's soft power, you know, the publication of books, not the publication, but you know, the sponsoring of, of authors, the, the rituals, the celebrations, and you know, people convert organically or soft pressure or whatnot. And so the Sultan or the Khalifa, excuse me wanted to get rid of the the boy heads and bring in a dude and Yuan Dynasty. And this is where the sell jokes come into power. Now, our topic today is about intellectual history, not economic, not military, not political. My personal passion is intellectual history. However, as with all intellectual histories, intellectual

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history is always linked to all other types of history. So here's the point here, all of these different histories, political history, intellectual history, they all are interconnected and interwoven had it not been for the military might have the sole jokes, along with the weakening economic power of the boys, which we're not getting into, and a host of other factors, the circumstances to bring a new theology into rise, ie Asha ism would not have arisen and therefore, today's talk will talk we'll discuss the rise of nationalism, but you need to understand political issues, economic issues, military issues, all played a role because the boy heads were not able to

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defeat to the cell jokes of the soldiers were able to come in march into about the dad and overthrow the boy hates power base over there, already discussed in the previous library chat, the rise of Sunni kingdom, even for rock the first Ashati madrasa built in Nisha boo, I already discussed about the dad was a hardcore humbly capital, humble ism was dominant, all of the the massage that were Sunni, all of them were under the domain of the humble lights around 350 Hijra. The Khalifa himself was sympathetic to humbly theology, and this is demonstrated in many things most significantly the oddity creed read the other decreed it is available in English as well somewhere online and whatnot

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read the Hadith decreed. It is but one example it was officially recited for many decades from the member every single Friday, and the RBD creed was anti Shiri why is this because that's the only thing they have left, right, the shade there, the boys are in control. So they have this other decreed. And also, it was also anti mortality, and it was also anti Suneetha. Now, this is very clear from the audit decree. I had also mentioned up until this point in time, that proto fascism and proto humble ism are Salafism. We're not openly enemies of one another. Rather, there was a grudging tolerance but awkwardness between these two strands. Why? Because these two strands were

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organically coming from mainstream Sunni Islam. The the rise of Sunni canon which I have a whole lecture about, it came from within Sunni Islam. It wasn't from Morteza realism, and there were some minor tensions even Jose him and his students had been humbled and Maha CB Alibaba had in a shady. By the way, once again, if you don't know any of this stuff, then you haven't listened to my previous chats or you've forgotten them. So please, once again, pause the video right here, look at the market and whatever number we're on the minute number, go back and listen to those library chats and come back and listen here. Because again, I'm going to continue from all of this we discussed

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the metadata of the Chinese, the expulsion Innovation Board, Mr. Mohammed, Al, Giovanni, etc, the the current duty and whatnot. Now, all of this is previous we're going to begin now after so many minutes is where actually our topic begins today. So

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let us begin the cell jokes come to power. And the cell jokes are a warrior class. They are not administrators. So the cell jokes ask around and they ask the leading scholars of the town who should they take in as a administrator, as a minister to run the affairs of the country. The soldiers were warriors they could not run a country. And this is where Al Hasan Ibn Ali ibn is hard to see, otherwise known as the xoml molk comes into the picture. And Azzam Al Mulk is the most famous Minister, Prime Minister administrator in the history of Islam. Even the average Muslim has vaguely heard of Muslim

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The book even though they don't know most of the names of the Khalifa, and most of the names of but they know the zombie mode, and the rise of fascism is directly linked in his almond milk, one figure in all of human history, one figure is the primary cause of the rise of fascism. And obviously, the circumstances that, you know, he was given, and he took advantage of now there's almond milk grew up under the lesson of this because again, this is before the Seljuks came to power. And he turned to the scholarly route, he enrolled in the local madrasa. And it just so happened just again one of those other Allah just so happens that the madrasa his father chose for him was one of the few

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Ashanti madrasas of that region. Again, he's born in that Iran region where there were a few small pockets as we said of a shady Madras remember there was no ashamed madrasa in Baghdad. Remember the first ashamed Madras even for rock and then a few others popped up in Islam will mark is the one studying in one of those mattresses, and he studied Shaffir effect, and he studied a shoddy theology this, this study would have a profound impact on the rest of Islamic history because this personal attachment would eventually be allowed to manifest itself at a national and eventually at an international level, and quite literally changed the course of history. His main teacher was someone

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by the name of of Elmore, * Heba to law. And more * Hibbert a lot. And he writes about him in his autobiography that Elmore, * was one of the greatest of the sages of Kurosawa, a blessing and respected man. And it is said that whoever studied with him would have you know, a lot of fame and a lot of influence. So in his omble, more greatly loved and more fat and consider him to be one of the icons of the OMA, who is a more *, and more fact is the grandson of one of the greatest Ashati scholars of the previous generation. And that is our play give us sort of low key and I will tell you a sort of Loki was one of the friends and the students and the colleagues of of what's happened

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as far as far as any all of these are great shady scholars of the previous generation. So in Islamic studies with Al Mohler, * eventually Elmore, * son, Abu Sal Mohammed becomes one of the main road AMA, and scholars of a Shaivism in Nisha poor, and one URL can do the launches the mana again, this is last library chatter to leverage has to go when a quandary launches the manner I said he attacked four people by name, and he said these four need to be in prison if they don't, if they don't repent, he will be executed. One of them was you'll join me he fled to Mecca and Medina. That's why he's called Imam Wilhelmina duine. And one of them was Abu salah, Mohammed, the son of

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Morpha and the friend of Islam and Islam and work and Abu Sahel grew up together and they study with the Father and more for his father, Al Mustafa, and Abu Salah was one of those who fled Nisha poor when the arrest warrant was given. And He then brought a group of people who were sympathetic to him to literally fight against quandary again I said this in the last lecture call this and so on more fact became a rebel against the previous administration and more * literally came to the city again wanting to free his fellow llama and was willing to go to to actual fighting against the the Sovann in order to get his friends out of jail. And this is the same person who is of course his

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almond milks friend. So as I'm going to work is seeing all of this examine book didn't go down the scholarly route. He became an administrator. He became a minister in his almond milk studied in a madrasa. He was educated remember, back in the day, what was studying it was going through a major asset that's what studying was. So in his alma mater went through the same madrasa as Abu Sal. However, he turned to administration, he turned to basically politics and as almondmilk worked his way up the administration initially working for the Lesnevich right seeing all this happening with quandary then when the cell jokes come in and out person comes in. Upper salon comes in. Al persona

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becomes the governor of Corizon. And he makes his almond milk his main Vizio, this takes place in 450 hedge rock 1059 ce so Alpar salon, the soul bond of the soul jokes, he's a warrior. He's not a politician. Alper salon doesn't know the basics of how to run a country. In his almond milk is the erudite scholar he's the administrator. He's the diplomat so Alper salon gives the Zomba milk carte blanche authority basically in his almond milk is in charge of running the country and as Alper salon grows in power, so two dozen is almond milk, and eventually when oppa salon becomes the grand sole pawn of the entire Seljuq Empire when his uncle dies out of porcelain becomes the assault on in

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455. The zombie mold becomes the vizier of the entire

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Empire and he remains the vizier from 455, which is 1060 for CEE all the way to 485, which is 1092. So for around 30 years, and his almond milk had carte blanche authority of the Seljuk empire. Now, the Seljuk Empire is now the primary empire of the OMA because the Khalifa invited the Seljuks to come into Baghdad and get rid of the boy hits. So this is where all of this is heading right. And so you understand how we're setting up the stage over here for the rise of Islam and milk and the power of this almond milk. Remember, as almond milk is well aware of the traditionalists a shady debate and dip and divide. He has witnessed it hurt firsthand from the persecution of Horace Mann and a

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quandary and he was sympathetic to bhusawal his friend who was almost tortured in jail and the other shady scholars within a year of Alper salon becoming the governor of Nisha pool, right even before he is the the visit of the Empire. Within a year of other person on becoming the governor in Asia, for example, molk establishes the very first of a series of prestigious mud dresses, all of which would be called after himself, then Islamia, then Islamia and the concept of the madrasa even though it wasn't new, I mean, we talked about the madrasa in previous lectures and there were some addresses here and there. Some of these Madras is concentrated on illegal madhhab others were

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dedicated to Quran others were dedicated to Hadith and whatnot. But by and large madrasahs were generally speaking one man shows one scholar would have won you know madrasa through the Islamia dissolvable. Mulk managed to revolutionize the entire educational system. And in fact, what he did had a profound impact on the concept of education. So much so that a number of historians posit the thesis that in Islam that a monk was the one who began the institution of universities as we know them, and the notion of studying for a number of yours under many different scholars, an entire curriculum and syllabus, it seems as if Nizam Al Mulk was of the first he wasn't the actual first

00:27:14--> 00:27:54

person in human history. But no doubt he was one of the primary catalysts because of which the notion of universities spread. So does almond milk started then Islamia in Nisha poor, and what was different about the zombie a number of things first and foremost, he now has the money of the government. Remember, previous Madras is generally speaking, one or two are financed by a local, you know, Silvana or local governor, I should say. But now we have basically the ruler himself, or the de facto ruler and access to the wealth of the entire state. So the sheer scale of the college the magnificence of the college. Also, the Zalman work was the first to start paying a stipend to the

00:27:54--> 00:28:31

students to study there, and in all likelihood, we don't know 100%. But in all likelihood, you had to basically be qualified to sit you couldn't just walk in. So there's now and again, we're assuming this from what we know, because we don't have the details of these universities and colleges. But the fact that he would pay the students automatically indicates that for sure people would apply, you know, to get in for no reason and whatnot, and some would not have been qualified to do so. So this is the first time the students are getting a stipend. Also, does almond milk paid not just one Adam or chef, but a series, a group of aroma, the concept of multiple professors to teach different

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subjects before this point in time? If you wanted to become an Adam, like your mama Bukhari like your mama Shafia, like all of the great aroma, what did you have to do? You'd have to travel from place to place to place and study with one chef here than one subject here than one book there and keep on going until you yourself amassed your own self taught curriculum if you like, right, so the zom will revolutionize this by bringing all of the professors to one place, all of the students to one place, and then standardizing the curriculum, and then building a network of similar institutions across several major cities so that Islamia College wasn't just in a shared pool. We're

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going to we're going to talk about it was actually a number of different cities, and the vizier personally oversaw and financed through state funds, a number of new Islamia colleges that were in Seljuq lands. The first in Islamia was of course in his own land of Nisha poor, and it opened in 450 hijra, and it was handed over to someone whom this almond milk was very, very close to a mentor of, and his almond milk, studied with him once upon a time and that is a mammal have a main el Duany as soon as conduits executed as almond milk comes to power. The Zomba milk recalls Duany from being exiled because remember joinI fled for his life. That's why he's called Imam Al Haramain. He was in

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McCann Medina, so in his alma mater calls him back and hands over the

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He's up then Islamia to la una. So I'll join. He gets charge of this massive beautiful building with as much finances as you want. And he basically is told how that's the follow. This is yours to teach as you wish. Additionally, Duany became the healthiest and the Imam of the Grand Mosque of Nisha bowl, which is called the minute he mentioned to the largest mystery of Naisha. Board, remember hither to the ASHA Ira didn't have this place. Right? They did have a madrasa. They might have had one or two massages, but the karamea were in charge under the Lesnar was remember this point, the Usher Ira did not have any major masjid and they definitely didn't have a massive university or

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college. Now this is all going to change and Islam and Malik is still the visit of a governor we're going back for 50 al Prasad on hasn't yet become the the salt on the ground assault on Al personalities the governor, one person and as the Governor as almond milk already starts this process and he builds the first Islamia Now one other person and becomes the grand assault on right now in his almond milk has access to much more than a shepherd and he has access to funds much more than just you know what was previously. And so he begins to build a series of mundra says the second one of which was and this is the key point your brothers and sisters if you're still with me,

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because again, all of this is nerdy, geeky stuff. And I keep on saying Why would anybody be interested in this type of stuff? Because some people like me and whatnot, but hamdulillah it seems like people really are interested, they get comments and whatnot and so hamdulillah good for you guys.

00:31:35--> 00:32:23

Anyway, what was I saying? So the second Islamia that was built was in Baghdad. This is where the tables are going to turn. The second Islamia. Its construction begins one year or two years after Alper salon marches into Baghdad and overthrows the boy heads in the year 457 than Islami of Baghdad, begins construction. And in the year 459 Hijra corresponding to 1067 the the the inauguration is going to take place this Islami above that can be considered to be the first proto University in the Sunni Arab world. I want you to understand this point. There were proto universities before this Al Azhar predates then Islamia but as Hara was what type of institution it

00:32:23--> 00:33:05

was a Feltham and ismaily She institution. So that type of notion did exist, but it was only one university and as her over there, there were other small batches here and there that had somewhat similar programs, but none of them were as grandiose as the Islamia in scope in size and student body. And so, and none of them were mainstream, certainly up until this point in time, so then Islamia in Baghdad can be considered to be the first proto University in the Arab world. So we have the zombie of Nisha board, we have the witches, Iranian, of course, Nisha Buddha's in Iran, the zombie of Bella dad, and then within the next five years seven years, is almond milk opens up

00:33:05--> 00:33:45

another and Islamia in bulk and Islamia and Herat and Islamiat Isfahan, and Islamia and busta Islamia and muddle Nozomi, and almond Islamia, and Molson and maybe more than this, at least nine, maybe even 11, Zambia's were built across the Muslim world. And as I said, there's almond milk also instituted a very unique custom, which was unheard of that he would pay the students and amount of stipend as well forget student debt, students will get money to finance their studies, and the professors were well taken care of. Previously smaller MedDRA says many times lack the endowment to provide even the teachers with reasonable salaries much less the students students never got a

00:33:45--> 00:34:26

stipend and many of them had to resort to other jobs or what not. So all of this resulted in a very difficult study for the students Preen Islamia to study would be difficult what would happen after you study you know, financially, their future. Now what's going to happen here is that the institution of the statewide madrasa radically changed all of that students were taken care of. They could study in peace after graduation if they excelled. They could become professors into zombies around the the Muslim world or find other places where they could teach and being a graduate of the Muslim media earned them a lot of respect that Islamia were the ivy League's of the Muslim world.

00:34:26--> 00:34:59

This is the best universities, the best colleges and sambal Malik had all of this in mind. Thus the entire enterprise of scholarship is taken to a whole different level and within Islamia, the dominance of the Shafi school in places where it never reached before. And more importantly for our case, the dominance of a shoddy theology begins so in his alma mater seeks to harness the potential of the power that can be wielded through the odema and the

00:35:00--> 00:35:43

impact of aroma upon the masses. As I said, the zamel mold personally oversaw, he took an active role. He didn't just delegate, he chose who the professors would be. And he had ultimate authority and full control over all of the professorships. And it is clear from our historical understanding that the project of din Islamia had little to do with the actual subject. So Don, the Seljuk Sultan really didn't take any active role. It is something that does almond milk himself very much wanted to do. Now, the fact that it is almond milk was finally able to establish in Islamia in the center of Outlands in the capital of the Muslim world, it was a feat in and of itself. However, the mere

00:35:43--> 00:36:26

construction and operation of the institute would not be enough to spread a shoddy theology, there would have to be a struggle, and the struggle would be manifested in a number of different incidents, some of which we will discuss today. So the inauguration of the new Colombia the inauguration of an Islamia took place on the day of April of half the 10th of Dhul Hijjah in the year for 59 Hijra corresponding to the 22nd of September 1067 CE, and the nobleman of the city were invited and a great ceremony was going to take place there's Omnibook himself did not attend he was a new Shepherd. However, the zombie mode had given very clear authority, very clear instructions.

00:36:27--> 00:37:09

That is how a Shirazi was half the Shirazi would be handed over the guy, the the professor, the professor Oriole chair, the the main, you know, Institute he would be the governor of the school not the governor would call the dean of the school was half the Shirazi this was very clear that was hop was supposed to take over the professorial chair, for reasons that we are not 100% certain about a guy who is half did not show up in ambiguous circumstances, something happened to prevent him from coming there. And a very powerful businessman with a lot of wealth and a lot of connections, and a powerful supporter of the humbly faction of Baghdad.

00:37:10--> 00:37:56

A woman sold in use of was the one who got the job of was half a Shirazi. So there seems to have been an internal coup, and you have somebody else being given the job. Long story short, one Muslim and molk found out he reacted with anger. And he immediately wrote a letter reprimanding the people in charge that how could they have allowed this to take place? And he penalized the people that were there monetarily, he find them How dare you allow this person to be given this position, and after 20 days of being in charge, and Mr. Bach was asked to leave and and design been forced up was half a discipline I was halfway Shirazi to become the professorial chair meaning force meaning by of course

00:37:56--> 00:38:06

he wanted and I'm saying, Get rid of the other people now, in his letter that he wrote, which is preserved in a number of, of early books, including a montage of banal Josie.

00:38:07--> 00:38:53

In his almond milk writes, who else did I found this college for, except for a voice half who else was supposed to be you know, the one in charge except for who is hack? Now? This story, this incident already begins to show in his almond milk is playing a very, very active role. It's not just to show that I want a beautiful University under my name. No, he wants specific people. And he's angry is irritated that another person has been given this position and not about his health. Oh, who is half of who is how, who is he who is half was a chef 30 scholar, who was also an Ashanti and the other person that was assigned the post immuno syllabub. He was pro him, buddy in Al Qaeda.

00:38:53--> 00:39:30

He wasn't a chatty, inept either. And the fact that the Islamic mode takes an active role gets rid of this guy puts this guy in is the first of many incidents that shows that one of the primary purposes and again, I'm not saying this to diminish or disparage, just look at the historical Texas all I'm saying, I know it comes across as if I'm trying to be conspiratorial No, read the books, it is very clear. And honestly, if that's what he believed to be the truth, which clearly he did, why wouldn't he do that? I mean, it's what any person of that mindset would do, if you are sectarian minded, and there's nothing wrong, that that timeframe. Everybody was sectarian minded. It was what

00:39:30--> 00:39:59

it was, you know, the habit of where the Chinese were, and the fact that there's almond milk is a shoddy, He wants His people to charge and he wants his group there. It's understandable. And so he insists that up was half the Shirazi. And by the workshop was how Krishna is he has a book that is printed. You can you can buy this online. ishara ILA Madhavi, a halal healthy allusion to the people of the truth. And in this he clearly is very clear that he's an attorney. He talks about the SIFAT in the hrdb

00:40:00--> 00:40:16

Under so clearly this person is a niche it theologian and does almond milk is enamored with him he wants him to become the professorial chair. Now after the Nizami open, so within the college therefore then Islamia and another key point here by the way,

00:40:17--> 00:40:59

then Islamia College had a plaque outside of it. It had a sign outside of it. And that sign literally said the Ashanti Islamia College. This is a very key point which we'll come back to as well. The Ashanti Muslim, the college, not the Shafi, the Ashanti Islamia College again, it's very clear that this college this university is meant to be, even though it was shot free as well, by the way, it only taught to Shafi made him, it did not teach the other mentors at the time and because there were other there were other madrasahs Yanni local, as we said, to teach their own, you know, schools and what not. The Zalman work was a shaft theory and he wasn't a shiny and he wanted his

00:40:59--> 00:41:45

Islamia to preach that version of or that strand of Islam. So in Islam and Mark therefore, as we said, instituted the the Zamia above that, and for a number of years, it was teaching with minimal incident, however, it appeared that a clash was bound to occur, and that is because the HANA biller were grumbling. The humble is about that we're not happy that a new strand had come in and an incident occurred during this timeframe. Under the zombie mode swatch, an incident occurred, that would be the first time where the hump buddies and the machetes literally split up and this split would be permanent, it would keep the Ummah divided in these two factions up until our times and

00:41:45--> 00:42:28

this split this fitna is called the fitna of Alko shady, the fitna of Aleppo, shady, this fitna is extremely significant, and it marks the actual beginning of the physical demarcation up until this point in time, these two strands are grumbling, tolerating one another up until this point in time, these two strands might not like each other, some amongst them, but there's never been an outright like, you know, you guys are evil and you guys are more pathetic. And you guys say this about Allah azza wa jal. It's like they're not seeing eye to eye but they're kind of tolerating the fitna of Elko shady is what began the division. Now what is the fitna of a shady that's what we're going to

00:42:28--> 00:42:34

talk about in this next section. And by the way, today's lecture will be quite long. I don't know how long it's going to be you can take a look at the time beneath you.

00:42:35--> 00:43:15

And I'll probably take a few breaks and come back because I just want to get this done within the come back. I don't want to do another library chat and go back and forth. We've done our shell lots of articles are more than enough on this topic. We're gonna move on to other topics now. What is the fifth novel crochet, the fifth novel crochet it is what happened when one of the firebrand a Shadi clerics was chosen for the explicit purposes of preaching a Shaivism to the masses. Now, what happened was that the Zombieland, Monique was able to now co OPT after 10 years of teaching within the seminary within the design media. Above that, finally, there was enough public support enough,

00:43:15--> 00:43:15

you know,

00:43:17--> 00:44:03

people there to open up a professorial chair a Halaqa. In one of the main messages of Baghdad, notice here, understand this point, up until this point in time 460 Hijra up until this point in time, right, the Ashanti's did not publicly teach a child ism in bulk dad. They had no public chair, the first time it was taught in a madrasa setting was that Islamia? Yes, there were a few private, you know, a shade is obviously and they might have had, you know, private students, for example, you know, about a nanny was in Baghdad, right and others, one or two here and there, but as a madrasa as a professorial chair that did not exist now for the first time. And his almond milk is able to co

00:44:03--> 00:44:51

opt a major chair in one of the massages up until this point for the previous 200 years, 180 years whatever. Only the HANA biller have taught in those chairs, only proto Sats are set if he's whatever you'd call them have tucked in those chairs. And now the Zama milk has co opted one of the main professorial chairs and one of the main massager the both dad and the chair was meant to teach Arcada it was meant to teach al Qaeda and who was chosen for this, the famous Alico shady who died 514 Hijra corresponding to 1120 C. Pause your footnote. This Elko shady was the grand son of the famous Sufi slash al Qaeda who wrote a disciple push idea. So I decided to push at a very famous you

00:44:51--> 00:44:59

know, push at it was his grandfather. This is the grandson, the grandson the young girl called shady studied under Eben Fuhrer, he's he was one of the mainstream

00:45:00--> 00:45:42

Some of the Joannie it was one of the main students I was happening this Friday. These are all major machete Rhoda Ma. And now this young man, you know, barely 30 years old a firebrand, you know, because generally speaking when you're in your 20s and 30s That's when you're firing and rain and Bridgestones and whatnot. Everybody's deviant whatnot. So this is the push at the young push ad. By all accounts he was hardcore firebrand and like all a shadow root Am I pretty much born and raised in a shepherd coming from the Iranian Madras says of of a Shaivism so does almond milk sends out cush ad from the shampoo to both died around 469 Hijrah and tells him you're in charge of this chair

00:45:42--> 00:46:29

remembered as almond milk is the Vizio p as the political clout to give that chair to a push ad. So I'll push ad marches into the city and within you know, a short period of time publicly begins lamb blasting the habila preaching a shoddy theology in a very, very provocative manner publicly saying that the Hanabi the our How shall we and we just simmer and other search terms that every student of knowledge knows. And the news spread quickly in the city, that elbow shady and that Masjid is you know, making fun of all of us and saying all of these terms and so the leading humbly of the city a very learned and and hardline cleric and a very elderly cleric maybe tripled the age of will push at

00:46:29--> 00:47:11

a sheriff Abuja for sheriff Abuja for actually for Abuja was the one who actually had a mission ever been appealed and whatnot. So again, go look maybe another library chat about that. A sheriff abou Jaffa is like the Mufti of the Hannah villa. He's like the the literally the inheritor of somebody like Calabar, Bahati, he is the new Mr. Muhammad so he's the main Hembree scholar well known everybody knows him a Sharif Abu Jafar, a Sharif Abu Jaffa hears of this, and a Sharif Abuja for riles up the masses and said, How can this be happening? How can this be happening in our own city? How can this deviant come and call us deviance themselves he himself is a deviant. So his students

00:47:11--> 00:47:40

start rolling up O'Shea these students start rolling up and the to the murmurs of the city the the tension start to rise, and the rector of the Islamia was half the Shirazi sensing that this little crocheted he is a firebrand, he's igniting the public, he writes to his almond milk begging for help, like what do I do? This is really causing a lot of fitna in the city. And it's only a matter of time before something happens. Well, something indeed did happen.

00:47:41--> 00:48:00

The sources that we have a number of sources all of them this they say the same thing that I'll push at students, I will crochet these students marched to the masjid of Abu Jaffa, where Abu Jaffa was preaching and began saying things out in public outside the masjid and Abuja for students

00:48:01--> 00:48:44

lost their cool and began pelting them with stones and with clay bricks. When this happened, the two student bodies broke out into a brawl in public fighting broke out between bearded boys and bearded students of knowledge and collaboration. On the one hand, students have shady eye shadows. On the other hand, students of Abu Jaffa, I humbly are selfies. And these are all students of these of these clergymen. And so they began fighting one another. And in this fight, they're throwing things and people shoes and bricks and whatever they have with each other in this fight and melee which take place in the bazaar outside of the masjid, an innocent bystander is killed, and many of the

00:48:44--> 00:49:20

shops are damaged. And the habita are larger in number because this is their city and the Crusaders students. For whatever reason they were thinking they marched into their quarters, right, because the the in Islamia was in one side of the city. And as is going to happen slowly, but surely that side becomes more and more chatty. It's human nature, it's going to happen. And actually for jabber on the other side, which is the majority of the heart of the city, and for whatever reason for shady students marched into that side of the city, they probably weren't, weren't thinking of fight would break out. But again, that's what's going to happen when you have bunches of overzealous fanatics on

00:49:20--> 00:49:59

both sides. And I have to say this both sides are fanatical. This is the reality of fanaticism. Can you imagine the bystanders? Can you imagine the 99% of the innocent people above that? What are they fighting over? Right Man? Who is your server? What is the literal physical fighting? What does it mean that, you know, Allah is focusing on I mean, these are literally so this is the first time in human history in Islamic history, that to the center fees and the machetes, had their online online had their warfare, all of the online stuff that you see this is basically call coming from the first time that this occurred over here in the year 469. So the students have a cushy back to the worst

00:50:00--> 00:50:36

Back in the Malay back in the bazaar right? The students have a shady the students have put shady they run back to the other side and they lock themselves in then Islamia and the students of Abuja for them rile up the other people not the masters the other students and they surround them Islamia. Can you believe that a zombie is under siege right now you have the habit of the self is on the outside call themselves because people understand they didn't call themselves entities. This is a habit of they call themselves Sunnis that somebody's right so they're outside the city that Islamia is locked and the students have taken retreat and they they're under their fortress and what not.

00:50:37--> 00:51:26

And now to mock the Khalifa they start calling out from the Islamia College that they call out to the Khalifa in Egypt almost done sir biller and they say Yom was sponsored biller help us against these people who are oppressing us now, what is going on here? The Abbas Khalifa his name was a looked at the the Abbas Al Khalifa is literally few feet away, well, not a few feet away. But you know within a mile or two, the Abbas Al Khalifa is in Baghdad, and he's right there. And then Islamia students began shouting to the faulty MC Khalifa in Cairo, saying, Hey, who's going to help us? Can you help us? Why? Because the Abbas Khalifa was pro humbly they are busted Khalifa would not

00:51:26--> 00:52:05

side with the Islamia students against the Hanabi law. And that's his own main power base. Remember, the sell jewels are not physically in Baghdad. They were smart people that sell jokes. And his almond milk is in Iran. He is in Nisha pool. And in Baghdad you have the representatives you have the people, but the actual hola Khalifa and the people in charge of the city who are living there and whatnot. They are pro humbly now pause your foot. No, when I say pro humbly, I'm not implying that the Khalifa was a religious person who believed in him but isn't maybe he did, maybe he didn't. But without a doubt he understood his power base without a doubt. He knew that this is the people

00:52:05--> 00:52:49

that support me and I need to take care of them. Right. And so that Islamia students know that the Khalifa is not going to support them. So the the students of Abuja, you know, camped around outside, eventually they calm down, and they retreat and no further fighting takes place. The rector of the University of Wisconsin already mentioned about his health became very angry. And he announced his intention to directly go to Nisha bought himself and to explain to his almond milk what had happened. And so above his health packs his bags he wants to go to Nisha pour the Khalifa in Baghdad hears and the Khalifa says no no no you cannot go You are under arrest but you're you're banned from

00:52:49--> 00:53:26

travel you have a visa ban are you why? Because the Khalifa you guys have to understand this so much knowledge. I mean, so much background knowledge information has to be given. I apologize if I'm Helter Skelter, but there's so much information to be summarized here. Guys, the Khalifa is not powerful. The Khalifa is not powerful. Imagine the Queen of England, right? She needs or he needs the help of the people around him. And the people in charge are actually the Senate jokes. The Khalifa is is going to be embarrassed if somebody goes and explains that under his watch in his city of fight broke out against the Hanabi law and against the Girault he is really embarrassed that what

00:53:26--> 00:54:09

happened he doesn't want a witch have to go to the zombie mode. So the Khalifa stops in his abuse out from traveling Tunisia, but nonetheless, I was hacked sends one of the students with a letter and it was hot student goes to his almond milk and updates him exactly what happened. And his reply comes back expressing anger that the habila had overpowered his students and had done what they had done. And the letter stated and we have the letter preserved in the books of history. And as almond milk says, I see that we should desist stop in speaking about the school that I have built, we should almost cancel the school like he's so angry and frustrated. So the Khalifa now of course

00:54:09--> 00:54:54

involves that he feared that I was half and then a zombie students would paint a very negative picture of him in front of this joke so on and so the Khalifa calls the meeting in his palace invalid that the Khalifa calls the meeting. This is again this is groundbreaking. This is a an attempt to carve out a truce a peace between who between the Israelis and the Salafi is between Chinese and habla. Han Abdullah the Khalifa calls a meeting in his palace and he invites abou jack for the humbly shareholder Islam or the humbly Mufti of the time, and he invites a Shirazi the rector of the university, and he invites el coche at and he invites a few very few key people and he

00:54:54--> 00:54:59

invites them to the palace and he tries to solve the problem. This is a historic

00:55:00--> 00:55:36

meaning it is indicating that tensions have gone to an all new level and the Khalifa. So another point you guys should be aware of Subhanallah really bizarre things here, the Khalifa for many centuries. And that's why the ambassadors were different from the OMA years you may have heard of out and again, a lot of negative things. I'm not praising them for this, but it is what it is. The the mayor Coda would interact with the people, they would talk directly to the people. And you know, they would speak directly to the people, they Abbas and horrify, especially in this timeframe, they stopped interacting directly with the people. And they kept a barrier between them and the people,

00:55:36--> 00:56:08

even when they came to visit. There were people who would communicate, you would not even see the honey for sometimes, like you would literally go through a third party administrator, whatnot, I mean, the whole hagibis at the time. So you have this intermediary person. So you go to the intermediate, the intermediate goes back to the Khalifa comes back to you, and then tells you so these people who came to the palace, they weren't sitting in front of the Khalifa, the Khalifa was in his room, and there was a person going back and forth, you know, to try to solve this issue between them. So we have eyewitness accounts of what happened here.

00:56:10--> 00:56:54

When a ship when Abuja came the shefford Hana, biller Shirazi stood up and he kissed the head of Abu Jaffa and he said to him that Oh, Schaffer You are my share, you know, I love you because we Jaffa was very old, eight years old, a very old person, right? So because you are my share, I studied with you, you know, because, you know, what's hap is from Baghdad, he's been there for a while, he knows me for many years, he goes, and you know, I am who I am. And Abu Jaffa said that all that you say is true. But your true colors have come out. When you were alone without the Islamia without this this, you know, you showed that you were one of us. But now when you have these people, and when does

00:56:54--> 00:57:23

almond milk he called them how was that? How was your book? How are who was the title? That is number one, when Khawaja Bozak came to you with all of his help and whatnot. You showed your true colors and you manifested who you really were you're a chameleon when you didn't have those almond mold. You pretended he said you were humbly right when How are you boozer gives you all of this power and whatnot, you showed who you are, so get away from me, I don't want anything to do with you. So he refused to allow

00:57:24--> 00:58:05

a was hard to show him any respect. Then another person stood up a young man, he stood up Abuja Alpha said who are you? And he said, I am a local shady I am you know, go to one of the firebrand cleric, because we Java had never met a cliche is the first time they're meeting. So he said, if anybody should be thanked for his bid, it shouldn't be this man. Because this man has not been a hypocrite. He has shown us what is inside of himself. And he has manifested what he believes, unlike the other people in the room who did not support me. So what's going on here he is irritated at all of the aroma who were silent. And what's happening, he's irritated that then Islamia has been

00:58:05--> 00:58:39

allowed to be produced or form. He's irritated that the professorial Chair of the Chinese is allowed to teach and all of what he thought were his crew are silent at this. So he goes, all of you are hypocrites, all of you are doing this, you should have stopped this, ask for this kid. I'll push it because he's a young man, I'll push at the least we can say we thank him that he's speaking what he believes he's not double faced, like all of you guys. So the point is that, obviously he doesn't like licorice at the point is that he's irritated at the senior clergy of the city, who sat back and tacitly allowed or who actively pursued participated like Abu Sayyaf

00:58:40--> 00:58:54

in this regard. So the vizier tries to calm him down the visitors the visit and both that because there's, there's zero and there's only look, there's a reason that the visit tries to calm him down. The visitor says let's try to have sort of, and

00:58:55--> 00:59:46

the senior humble the scholar says Abuja says, How can we have solar between us two solar can take place when people are arguing over positions over money over inheritance over kingdom. As for these people, the Usher era, they think we are too far. And we to consider those who oppose our beliefs to be kuffaar. So how can they be reconciliation between us too, and then he raised his voice Abu Jaffa, the Khalifa sitting in the next room, not in front, he raises his voice, and he says, and here is our Imam, the Khalifa harassing us Muslims, us the HANA villa, even though his own grandfather, Allah MNL cada commanded that there are p that be read to the masses to read to the

00:59:46--> 01:00:00

Muslims, and it was required to read and the people read this rip that the room without pay that we talked about the other decreed the other decreed was read across the globe, including in Hora San Why did he mention Corizon? Because shaders are from color

01:00:00--> 01:00:48

sound so as for us, we are still upon the beliefs of the grandfather of the Khalifa. So this was a very sly or not a slice a very harsh punch, if you like, to the guts of the Khalifa, like, look at you again. I mean, he's saying your own grandfathers upon this Arcada we're upon this after that. These are the new people in the room. Why are they allowed to come here? So the wazoo tried his best to do whatever calmed them down. There was no calming down. And so, the Khalifa decided that Abu Jafar the Grand Mufti of the habit of the chef go to some of the Hanna Barbera that Abuja for should be a permanent guest in one of the rooms of his palace, ie imprisoned, never to leave. He may have

01:00:48--> 01:01:38

some visitors but no teaching. And so Abu Jaffa remained there under Palace house arrest until he felt very sick and then he was handed over to his family and he passed away shortly after this. Now why did Abu Jaffa why was he arrested because the Khalifa could not arrest alcohol at a cushy is the guest owners almond milk. He is sent by his almond milk. And two of these people are inciting the masses. They've had an actual Brawl an actual fistfight, a person has died, and the Khalifa has to quell this. He cannot put any restrictions on the Zomba monks entourage, including a cliche, but he does have control over the Hanabi law. And so what does he do? He imprisons again not in prison, but

01:01:38--> 01:01:49

in the palace. He in prisons, Abuja and he says Call us you will be my guest from now on. And the point being that he couldn't rile up the he could not rile up the masses. And so

01:01:50--> 01:02:28

the point here is very clear here that a Sharif Abu Jaffa was eventually by the way, even eventually, he was denied visitors by the way, when people would send his letters outside eventually, even you know, visitors were stopped coming until finally he fell sick a few months after this. And when he fell very sick, the Khalifa became very concerned and he sent him back to his family and within a few days he died and even then rumors persisted that the Girault had murdered a sheriff Abuja for this is the rumors the legends the time this is the conspiracy everybody loves to do this to this day. Now. A letter was now sent to in his almond milk from Abu

01:02:28--> 01:03:05

Shiraz saying that from I was happy excuse me I was happy saying that perhaps it is best that a local shady goes back to Nisha poor perhaps it is best that Elko shady stopped being in Baghdad and so does almond milk recalled a push ad from Baghdad Tunisia boo and appreciate he returned Tanisha pool never to return to Baghdad until he passed away. Okay, so I'm going to take a short break here and then inshallah come back for round two Bismillah da see me wanna does she mean a lot of

01:03:06--> 01:03:46

us and I'm wondering was a lot welcome back. So we had discussed the fitna of a local shady. And the fact that this was the first time that a physical altercation occurred between the Hanabi the and the Sharia law, and the Khalifa got involved and Islam and mold got involved. So this is now a problem between these two strands that is at the highest political levels. And the Islamic world is sympathetic to the Chinese, the Khalifa sympathetic to the Han Abdullah and the Khalifa. Basically, house arrest the leader of the habila. And either him directly or indirectly through the rector of the Nozomi. I forgot to mention this that it appears that the Khalifa was the one who suggested to

01:03:46--> 01:04:26

the rector of the Zamia, to write in his almond milk, and to bring push it back to Nisha boo. The point was that they wanted to quell whom they thought would be the leaders of the the the trial between the two factions. So with both of the leaders of the parties out of sight, it was felt that the fitna of Baghdad had come to an end. Unfortunately, the worst was yet to come. And it appears that the way both of the leaders had been treated, the one under house arrest and the other basically expelled and back to return back to Nisha poor, continue to provoke the students on both sides of this theological divide and grumblings, and you know, back and forth took place until

01:04:26--> 01:04:59

finally things reached another critical level. And this occurred in Ramadan of the following year, in the Ramadan of the year for 70 hijra, which corresponds to march 10 78. Once again, the rector of the university was halfa, Shirazi wrote to his almond milk, saying that we have, you know, an impasse here and what should I do regarding the issue of the HANA Biller, quote unquote, like this is getting out of hand? What should I do with regards to the issue of the HANA biller? It appears that this was the final straw for the zamel Monk and he wrote

01:05:00--> 01:05:40

by a very, very harsh letter to have was half the Shirazi. And the entire letter is preserved in the books of history. And for our purposes, we need to translate certain portions because really this letter from So again guys understand this is a letter from this almond milk in Asia poor to the rector of the Muslim media in Baghdad, and the entire letter is preserved. And you can look this up and even though Josie immunol, Josie is history book, Al Montalban, you can look it up over there. And a portion of this letter I've translated and I'm going to read to you so this is directly from the Salman, I began, the translation began, quote, your letter came to us in a manner that was

01:05:40--> 01:06:23

clearly more verbose than necessary, you wrote more than you needed to, it is not in the best interest of the soul bond, meaning the soltana, the Seljuks Elbasan, that he adopted a policy which favors one school over another. And it is more befitting that we support the sooner rather than exacerbate tension. And we did not find anything through we did not intend anything through the building of this madrasa of this university, except to protect the people of knowledge and to benefit the people. We did not build it to cause disunity or to split ranks. And whenever murders go contrary to what we intended from these means, there is no choice left except to shut this door. And

01:06:23--> 01:07:07

it is not in our power, at least if you could Latina it is not in our power to tackle both dad and its surrounding cities, or to convert to them from what they have been accustomed to. For what is predominant in that region is the med hub of Imam Abu Abdullah Ahmed the humble Rahim Allah Allah and His mom is well known amongst the scholars, and his rank is famous in defending the Sunnah. What has reached us is that this matter has once again resurfaced, meaning what happened with the evidence Chinese has come back again, because of a question that I'll push at responded to regarding the soul of this religion. And the response he gave was something different from what they believed

01:07:07--> 01:07:53

in their copy the the sheriff the Imam abou is held a Shirazi who's ready to director here right is a man who has a good heart, but is easy to lead and he follows any who tries to pull him and we have in our received correspondence from him that which clearly shows the ease by which he is pulled and it goes on and on. And he wants to get rid of who is half as the rector. Now, the significance of this letter cannot be overstated. And Islam will mark basically, explicitly states that they attempt to change the attitude of the people from what they were accustomed to Humbert ism to what he wanted a shadow ism is impossible. And because it's causing so much fitna, then this needs to be abandoned.

01:07:53--> 01:08:36

And he lays the primary blame on the rector of the University of what's happened Shirazi, whom he says is a weak resolve is a good guy, but he's not a leader. And presumably if Shirazi had taken a stronger leadership, then all of this would not have happened. And this letter quickly spilled into the streets, the news of it became common amongst the people. And the Hanabi law saw it as a victory for them because the letter says we're not going to continue along this line. And presumably, this would have caused you know, bragging and whatnot, which of course led to reaction from the Ashanti's. Okay, so after the letter became common knowledge in the second show, while the day after

01:08:36--> 01:09:21

eat literally the day after, in the year 470 hijra, a student of the new Zamia by the name of Iskender, Rodney, began speaking loudly in the bazaar in the marketplace against the Hanabi law, claiming that the HANA bill is after either necessitated. Cofer, okay immediately and he was surrounded by some of the students of the Columbia. Immediately he was hit by a brick from an unknown assailant. He returned to New Islamia, and he besieged the Islamia students for help. After all that it occurred in the last 10 months, the students had had enough as had the Hanabi law of Baghdad, and so a complete riot and intentional melee or riot broke out in the marketplace and

01:09:21--> 01:09:59

complete chaos ensued. Weapons were brought from houses both of these students came and fought one another with swords with weapons and over a dozen people were killed, including a Sikh student who was recovering and one of the rooms of the Islamia that people had to rush for the Khalifa is the one for help and call in the army to quell the mob. Brothers and sisters, the fitna between the Hannah Bella and the Usher era reached such a despicable low that students Madras students have a Bucha have already passed away and I will crocheted it who is now back in Asia poor they are fermenting this

01:10:00--> 01:10:38

hatred, and they are literally killing one another, over a dozen students of knowledge were killed between the fight between the Hanabi law and the Sharia law. Now people come and say to me, why are you using such common language? Why are you Yeah, he learned from history of what use was this bloodshed of what far either was bringing righteous people of both sides accusing the president of deer. What was the benefit of it all, Thus ended the fitna between the Hannibal and Russia era in a physical sense. But even though the physical door was closed, and I am not aware, I am not aware of an actual physical battle taking place within which a dozen people or more were killed. Ever since

01:10:38--> 01:11:20

that time, however, the door of intellectual debate and harshness and tear was flung wide open. And this marked the beginning of a continuous battle that still lasts from the fanatics of both sides against one another of two deer and an exam of copper. And if you say x implies y and y is good for therefore x is also good for our older Biller, this same back and forth has taken place. In any case, this is the famous fitna of a shady which has two parts parts. One was shady himself was involved and a shady Abu Jaffa himself was involved. So you had both of them. So the both of them were gotten rid of. And in fact, rather than make things better, it made things worse, because now

01:11:20--> 01:12:01

they didn't have our leadership to keep them in a little bit in check. And so these two students from the Islamia and from the students of a Sharif Abu Jafar, they had a full out of battle in the main bazaar of Bella dad, and over a dozen of their students were killed. And this causes such a backlash that both sides retreated physically, but then the intellectuals resigned and the verbal battles remained open. And this wasn't the last there were a few minor skirmishes occurred that continue to occur. And one minor skirmish that was recorded in the books of history was in the time that we know Josie he records this in the year 538. And another issue happened here and there until

01:12:01--> 01:12:22

finally, the high nebula above that they petitioned the Khalifa of the time to remove the term machete that had been placed outside then Islamia College and to call it then Islamia College, not the Ashad in Islamia College, so the Khalifa commanded that the term Ashanti be removed from the Columbia College. And so

01:12:23--> 01:12:54

80 years after it had opened up, the term Ashanti was removed and it was called the new Columbia College. And this clearly shows as I said, By the way, that one of the main goals and focuses of the college was to spread eyeshadows and what happened with the fitna and the letter of news almond milk and the entire clash between the Hannah Bella and between the stupid that students have a Sharif and the students of course, he clearly shows all of this reality. Now the other was half the Shirazi

01:12:55--> 01:13:43

passed away and after him a number of natural death didn't die in the in the in the in the fight, and after him. A number of successors came back and forth until finally in Islam and monk asked Duany to tell him who would he recommend to be the biggest and brightest mind to send to brother dad, who does the joinI recommend to become the next Rector after all of this fitna had occurred. Now he would somebody wiser, more diplomatic and erudite to take charge of the university. And so al Duany suggests somebody whom every single Muslim is familiar with up until this time, we'll have mid Eleazar Lee, and a hammer that anxiety was handed over the rectorship and the presidency and the

01:13:43--> 01:14:28

professorial Chair of the most famous Institute in the Islamic world than his army of both dad and Islamia of both that being the most famous because it is in Baghdad more famous than then Islamia have NESHAP board, and he was also handed the professorial Chair of the madrasa and the masjid next to it that Elko shady had occupied and with a Mohamed El Azadi, a new chapter of a Shaivism begins a chapter that has been discussed and analyzed numerous times, and therefore, we can leave it off from here. Now, the primary thesis of what we've done and we're going to move on we have we're not done yet. But to summarize here, the primary thesis that I am positing, and I'm not the only one to do

01:14:28--> 01:15:00

this, is that the institution of the Islamia was the the main catalyst for the spread of a shoddy thought and for the eventual dominance of a shoddy thought. Now, this is not I'm not the first person and I'm not the only person to derive this. This this thesis. In fact, every historian of Islam, even outsiders who have studied Islam from a perspective where they don't care about which of these two factions is more powerful, what not they have reached the same conclusion of

01:15:00--> 01:15:41

The earliest or the most famous is the Hungarian professor of Islamic Studies, economic goals Z her who wrote over 120 years ago and I quote from his book, he wrote, and I quote directly from his book for a long time, it was not possible for the shadow to see theology in public. It was not until the middle of the 11th century, when the visit of the sell jokes and resemble Mulk created public chairs in the great schools founded by him in a shampoo and in Baghdad, for the new theological doctrine that the that actually dogmatic theology could be taught officially, and it was admitted into the system of Orthodox theology. Its most illustrious representatives could have chairs and then Islamia

01:15:41--> 01:16:26

institutions. It is then here that the victory listen to this This is gold z here. It is here that the victory of the Ashanti school was decided in its struggle against Morteza ism on the one hand, and intransigent orthodoxy, this humbly traditionalism on the other in the era in which these institutions flourished, sorry, the era in which these institutions flourish is therefore important, not only in the history of education, but also that of Muslim dogmatic theology and quote Gozi her, who is somebody who doesn't care about any of these theologies right or wrong, writing as a historian a factual person, he is saying that then Islamia is what won the battle for orthodoxy

01:16:26--> 01:16:31

against the Morteza right on the one hand, and against the humble lights for the other. And

01:16:32--> 01:17:15

as we mentioned, I zali being chosen to be the rector of the of the of the university is also an important cause. And again, I'm being very sensitive guys. So please, just understand what I'm saying here. Why are certain figures more famous than others? Why are certain figures considered to be the end all and be all, there are many factors involved of them, no doubt, Inshallah, some piety and some good and whatnot. But it's always helpful to be boosted by political institutions. And it's always helpful to be given some PR and prestige, you know, by state institutions. So the fact that certain individuals were chosen by the most powerful political leader, and were placed in the most

01:17:15--> 01:18:00

prestigious places that could boost their credentials, and could make their their names mainstream. Right. That is no doubt one of the main reasons one of I'm not saying it's the only one, it is one of the main reasons why certain individuals have left a far greater mark, then perhaps Otherwise, they would have left had it not been for the political boost and for the, and for the prestige given to them by the authorities in charge. So going back to our story here, I quickly went over in my dissertation, the professors that were all hired by the Islamia, and the professors of appeal in particular, and I showed there that every single professor in the first you know, as long as we have

01:18:00--> 01:18:42

documented, we're well known as shady scholars. And more than one of these professors made a public appeal to a shadow ism. And a number of them they did cause a little bit of fitna and of above that, but nothing major as the typical push ad had ever happened after this point in time. So the evidence is very clear in this regard, that the primary purpose of Islam and the primary purpose of Islam and milk in building the design the was actually to spread a doctrine that he felt was the better of the two, nothing wrong with that everybody does that. And that happened to be a Shaivism. And it also happened to be a chef or a version of Islam. Hence, this notion of traditional Islam being the shaft

01:18:42--> 01:19:20

really a shadowy orthodoxy with a little bit of, you know, the soul, Wolf, whatnot in it right. A lot of this goes back to one particular individual who happened to be at the right time in place, and who was boosted by the powers that be to be given that position. Again, I'm not the only one saying this, another modern historian of intellectual Islam, Richard Bulli, he writes, and I quote directly from his book, Islam from the edge, a really interesting book, and I encourage anybody who's interested to read from it, he writes, a shady theology. Listen to this, this is really simple into the point, a shoddy theology, therefore, was an Iranian export to the Arab world.

01:19:21--> 01:19:59

As surely theology was an Iranian XY Iranian, because all of the major movers and shakers of a Shaivism were in Kurdistan were in Iran. By the footnote here, Iran did not have nothing to do with cheers up until the Safavid time, which is only recently as yesterday 500 years ago, and in sha Allah one day, I plan to give a library chat maybe some of them sometime in the future, about how Iran came from a bastion of Sunni Islam to a bastion of Twelver Shiism this only happened literally during the time of the Ottomans to Iran had nothing to do with shears for its entire history up until the time of the Safavids. So, back to Richard

01:20:00--> 01:20:46

Lia shadow theology therefore, was an Iranian export to the Arab world in the late 11th century ice. Abu Hamid Al Ghazali looms historically as the definitive codifier and Paramount disseminator of a shoddy thought right again of Mohammed Abdullah Zadie. Why is his name so popular? So well known one of the main reasons he happened to be at the right time, the right place, the first Rector than his army above that back to the quote here, but scores of lesser Iranian scholars carried the message abroad, not just to Iraq and Syria, but to Anatolia, a turkey and to India as well. And the new madrasa, supervised by expatriate Iranians or their students provided the institutional environment

01:20:46--> 01:21:36

for exposing people to the new theology. Later he writes again, this was Richard bullying. For the first time, Islam developed a non governmental center in the form of a near consensus on the basic beliefs and forms of Sunni Islam. This history of this center was then understandably, retro rejected back projected to the earliest period of Islamic history, but to a large extent, it was a center created by social currents that had originated on the edges of Islamic society in Iran, and quote, ie traditionalism mainstream Sunni orthodoxy as understood by the Ashanti strand, as Richard Bouvier writes, was constructed on the peripheries on the edges, inicia pool, Joanie and Rosati in

01:21:36--> 01:22:19

particular and because of that Islamia, and because of a series of Institute's that copied the syllabus of birth dad, and because of Azadi was the one in charge of the syllabus, after Shirazi was died and moved out, because it took charge of the most prestigious Institute of the Muslim world that became the mother university it became the primary Ivy League university from which all other universities would take from Angela Sally's curriculum. And as Ali's thoughts and Eliza these books, and the persona of Rizzoli became what is considered to be mainstream. And this is something that again, a lot of people, even the Hannibal have understood at the time. So for example, if an appeal,

01:22:19--> 01:23:02

who is a next generation if an appeal is coming at the next generation, he was a young man, when his almond milk was in power, a bit appeal rights that we have seen in our youth, religious intellectuals, ascetics and great person, persons with whom it is agreeable to associate us for in his almond milk. His conduct dazzled the mind by his liberality, nobility and decorum and by his revitalization of the landmarks of religion. He founded colleges of law and instituted charitable trusts for them. He gave new life to learning lifted the spirits of his people reconstructed, the two holy cities, built libraries and brought books for them. Thus, knowledge flourished in his day,

01:23:02--> 01:23:48

end quote. If an athlete is pointing out the role of an Islamic book in spreading certain ideas through Institute's and through libraries, so then Islamia therefore was the first systemized madrasa in the entire Muslim world. But it wasn't the only within a century and a half after the founding of the first Islamia. There were over 30 similar madrasahs in Baghdad alone, and over 50 in Damascus in Makkah, the first such madrasa based on the curriculum of the design, Mia was founded in 571, slash 1175, in Tunis in 650, slash 1252 In Andalus, 651 1253. A decade later, it reached the shores of India under the Delhi Sultanate and the first Indian medicines opened up. And there is

01:23:48--> 01:24:33

much evidence to suggest that the Western concept of universities acquired not just the idea of higher learning, but also many aspects of university protocol from even the clothing and the curriculum type and professors coming together and whatnot from their Eastern neighbors. So the madrasa concept caught on fire and it's spread throughout the Muslim world, what's going to happen when a madrasa opens up, who's going to teach at these madrasas as the madrasahs were formed, they desperately need the teachers and the graduates of the Islamia desperately needed jobs, in effect than Islamia of an Islamic Moloch taught the teachers. They trained the teachers, and these teachers

01:24:33--> 01:24:59

after graduating batches and batches of other students. These teachers were then hired by other Madras says that we're opening up across the Muslim world and because then Islamia was the most prestigious and the highest and really the most coveted, understandably, the curriculum and the ideas. And yes, the theology and the books of the main person who did all of this is because it became something that spread across

01:25:00--> 01:25:47

the Muslim world and Ashad ism secured for itself an unprecedented place in the messages and Madras has and towns and villages across the Muslim world. It was indeed a perfect match and one that helped to standardize much of what would become traditionalism or mainstream Islam, which is frankly a Shafi a shoddy orthodoxy and also would make public hamlet of Azadi a household name. So simple example here that resemble monks efforts in Baghdad, became the gold standard for any other ruler and vizier after him. A century later noted Dean zenki died 569 He decided to build a number of mattresses, and he called them the Nordea event, Jubail, the famous traveler visited Judea in Syria,

01:25:48--> 01:26:21

and he said, It is perhaps the most beautiful madrasa in the world. It is like a magnificent palace because the the the Sultan's they want to impress the people. I mean, this is reality. I'm sorry if this sounds sarcastic, or it's not it's the reality every leader needs to win the hearts of his people. And there are multiple ways to What do his people want? Well, a Muslim ruler and again, I mean, it's good they do this we appreciate them to print the Quran and make a massive printing complex and to build the how domains and what not yet, whether they did it for Allah, what not that's between them and Allah, but it is undeniable that rulers need to win the hearts of their

01:26:21--> 01:27:03

people. And when you have a religious folk, one of the ways to do that is by doing things that are religious building beautiful madrasas. So nodine zanghi, Brit builds the Maria just like the zombie book built, built the Islamia and then Maria were across the Syrian lands in homes in hammer and Hannah in Baghdad back right. And in Mosul, as well, he built one and he placed in Mosul, one of the most famous Ashanti theologians Abu Bakr Albert Kearney, a worker at Bocconi was a student of the main student of Azadi and Notre Dame also built the largest doubt and Hadith in Damascus, and he gifted it as the rector to the most famous Ashanti theologian alive, and that is an Halfhill Ibn

01:27:03--> 01:27:49

saccade. Even ISAC it was himself a graduate of the Islamia of Bogota the Ivy League, he was a graduate of There he comes back at Notre Dame Zandi hands him over this massive institution and basically says it's all yours do with it as you please. And then head of Notre Dame zanghi handed the Nordea over to a boom it Massoud Mohamed Nisa pootie, who was a professor of the Zamia in NESHAP, who and it was in Halab. In the new Sami sorry, in the new area, it was in this new area that Salahuddin Allah UB as a young child studied Islam, and he graduated and as a part of his curriculum, he studied an Ashanti text written by a Booma it himself and he memorized this text. And

01:27:49--> 01:28:26

so when Salah Medina UB and again, all of this is going back to then Islamia, it's a it's a chain where you can literally connect the dots. This isn't just some vague stuff, I have connected the dots in a major city, you can literally connect the dots about how the madrasahs are spreading, where the teachers are coming from who the next influential people are. And so when when Salahuddin UB comes to power, he follows the footsteps of Neutrogena Zen gate and a resemble malt. And he also sponsors educational institutes as a means of political support as a means of spreading what he thinks you know what he wants to do. And so under the Fatimids because Alladhina UB was first a

01:28:26--> 01:29:11

minister for the Feltham as you work for the Ottomans under the false demands. He manages to bring in a very famous Ashanti scholar by the name of Ibn Database A Shafi Ibn database wrote a book called reseller for Debian a bit has an A shady treaties in defensive about has an A shady and Salahuddin, eventually after default him is overthrown, Salahuddin converts all of the sciama dresses to Sunni or Shaddy Madras says the most famous of course in Egypt was an Assad University. And as her was founded by the Ultimates and others her was a Shiri Ismaili Institute founded by default limits, by the way as her was the term sorry, the term Dawa and daddy

01:29:12--> 01:29:27

even though it is Islamic, obviously, but it became popular via and as the fault is the first due act that were publicly called this as a dairy calling to Allah azza wa jal actually the faltan was popularized the term there's something wrong with it it's just it's too long you know this regardless

01:29:30--> 01:29:38

before this point in time, you didn't call the preacher a day the farmers were the one who popularized nothing wrong with it as I said, it's all it's so sorry, I didn't know you will be.

01:29:39--> 01:29:59

You know, when he became in charge of Egypt, he wanted to get rid of all of the shear he influences by the way, thought image shear ism is not like what we call an Izadi Agha Hanifa ultimate shear ism is like the bulk of our bodies and the board has the outwardly our religious they have the job they read five times a day they read the Quran they memorize the Quran, unlike their cousins then is it is that is that is when to totally separate

01:30:00--> 01:30:36

weigh in. Perhaps another library chat we'll go into the differences between all the different Sherry strands, then Izadi Agha honey Smiley's are radically different than their cousins, the Bora and the Baja from our perspective are much closer even with naturalism, even though they're strands in fact, in many ways, they are even closer to Sunni Islam in some ways, and in some ways they are different. In any case, the point being that when we say is married is you should not think of other phonies. The phonies are one modern branch of Smiley's What do we say is made use of the ultimate era, you should think of people like the the Bora Bora to this day, the Bora they study the books

01:30:36--> 01:30:39

written by the Fatimid aroma, such as

01:30:41--> 01:31:24

I know the name was late at night, but you can look them up and the Buddha books are well known and you can and you can find them online and purchase them and whatnot. point being that does not I'm sorry. Salahuddin Salahuddin took the institute's of the Ottomans and Sunni eyes them. But he didn't just Sunni eyes them generic Sunni Islam, he Ashada ties them, right. And he also instituted a series of Madras as new not only did the Shia ones become Sunni, chatty, he sort of had been started a series of mattresses in his time, which obviously, what did you think he is going to call them? Not in his Omnia, you know, not the Ludia. He calls them the solid years. He calls them the solid

01:31:24--> 01:32:01

years. And so he starts another series of solid years. Where do you think the professors of the solid years are going to come from? Where do you think the teachers are going to come from? Once again, these are the graduates of the annuity as the graduates of the Islamic years, and Salahuddin was very clear, and again, we love him, he was a great person, but again, politics and theology always intertwined. It is the reality of history. And Salahuddin was raised in the Ashanti school, because he went through the the Ludia systems, because that was connected to the zombies. And he felt that this was the better and the correct way. And so he was close to the Ashanti roadmap, so

01:32:01--> 01:32:42

much so that when even ASAC is died, the most famous shard is called a ribbon socket, Salahuddin Allah UB made it a point to attend his janazah and he was present and prayed over him. So Salahuddin at a UB was the first person to open up Sunni madrasahs in Egypt. Now, this is something that will sound strange to you. But Egypt was not a primary center of Islamic knowledge. For its early timeframe, it really took center stage after the Mamluks. To be honest, it really became central after the Mamluks when the Mongols came in the Mamluks managed to repel the invasion of of the Mongols. That's when Egypt started becoming center. Up until this point in time, even during the

01:32:42--> 01:33:32

time of Salahuddin Egypt was kind of, you know, in the peripheries, it wasn't considered to be the one of the main icons of Islamic scholarship still, it's going to become very famous right now. It has no mattresses other than sharing mattresses, Salahuddin a UB gets rid of all the *ty mattresses and he converts them to Sunni and most of them as is that as hell. And he also Institute's his own madrasas as we said, and therefore, Egypt becomes a shadowy Shafi Egypt becomes a shady Shafi under the reign of Salahuddin a up and he puts in charge of the largest Institute, a famous scholar by the name of Nishant. Najmuddin hobo, Shani, who dies 587 Hijiri died 1191 CE and

01:33:32--> 01:34:19

Allahu Shani Salahuddin loved him so he admired him there he says, What can I totally do fi he that Salahuddin at a UB believed a hobo Shani to be a very pious wali and Olia and a righteous man, now a hobo Shani so he's, he's appointed by Salahuddin to be in charge of the largest madrasa that was built by Salahuddin the slasher does the salah here that was built by Salahuddin in Egypt. Where was it built? It was built symbolically listen to this, connected to the grave of Imam Shafi and it is still elements of it are still standing to this day. So Salah Kadena UB builds a massive madrasa. A beautiful madrasa connects it to the grave of a Shafi for symbolic effect, right, and he placed his

01:34:19--> 01:35:00

Kobo Shani in charge. Who is this Kobo Shani. hobo. Shani, by all accounts was an ardent overzealous, fanatical bigot against everybody outside of a Shaivism he hated the hamburgers with a passion and he hated everybody else with a passion as well. What are those bigoted, narrow minded sectarian people? You want to give an example you want me to give you an example of hobo Shani? The books of history tell us that when this new madrasa was being built around the grip of Imam Shafi, there was a humbly scholar who had been buried close to the shot grave of a Shafi and the school

01:35:00--> 01:35:45

was being built over there. A hobo Shani jumped into that person's grave, dug it out and started throwing the bones of this man far far away. And saying had that How shall we this person is a hasha with the derogatory term that they use for the Hannibal, this person is a How shall we it is not allowed for the Xindian and the motel there to be buried next to Imam Shafi. They cannot be in the same place. And this shows us the level of fanaticism, a hobo Shani also wrote a plaque outside of the madrasa. This plaque was actually examined. As recently as 100 years ago, there's an article in one of the archaeological magazines you can look it up, you can look it up, it's on JSTOR. It's

01:35:45--> 01:36:10

called the Muslim of Imam Shafi by Stephanie Mulder, I read this myself, you can read it yourself too. By the way, all of the references in today's lecture, you will find them my dissertation except for this one. That's why I'm giving it because this was research I did after the dissertation. Everything else I have said it's summarized, it is a summary of my chapter one which is you will find this here and there you can see this all nine shallow or somewhere people are spreading the dissertation as it is so understand anyway.

01:36:11--> 01:36:56

But this this aspect of who Shan is, efforts and whatnot. I've also done a little bit of research. So you can look up this article the mausoleum of Imam Shafi. Somebody examined the madrasa and the remnants of the madrasa and they saw the plaque. And on that plaque, it says that this is a madrasa for the people that are called the people of Joe Hayden. Were headed a shady almanzora TRL hasha we yet he was at one minute and looked at it. The Ashati the Elmo, Sophie Neville, also Lea did a shoddy at Morehead City. So these are people that are called the people of Tawheed. The people have ozone and the people of the shady school almanzora The other hasha we Yeti will add him in and

01:36:56--> 01:37:36

MacDaddy it the ones who shall always prevail over the hash always meaning the humbleness and the other people have been guys, this was on the plaque outside the school. This was the entrance to the school. This is a school for the eyeshadows the people have to hate the people over so who shall always win over the hamburgers or they call them the hash who is at the time. So it clearly shows that from the beginning of the Sunni opposition of Egypt because again before this time, Egypt 450 years was basically under the more than 150 years was under the rule of the default image. Right. So the fourth image you're kicked out Salahuddin a UB brings in for the first time Sunni madrasahs. And

01:37:36--> 01:38:12

we have hobo Shani put in charge put in charge of the Sunni Madras as the largest cinema there's, and this is this guy who takes somebody bones and throws them out and has a plaque. So what do you think is going to happen? Right? So you have that level. And by the way, again, guys, you Subhanallah This is fanaticism of the Chinese. But we'll Llahi the fanaticism of the humbleness is exactly the same. It's nothing. Both sides are fanatical. So when I point this out, please don't think that I'm kind of sort of trying to take a dig at the Chinese will love you. I swear by Allah. That's not my intention is not in my desire. And I'll tell you, factually, there are fanatics to

01:38:12--> 01:38:51

this day in the Ashanti school, and they are fanatics in this day. And they said if you humbly school, it is what it is. And we find this from the beginning of time. And by the way, please my chatty brother, and you use the other card in our times. That's not the case. Historically, both schools have had their negative people and they still do to this day, you have people and the other group has people that makes blatant of the of the other and I say enough is enough. Subhanallah what is the fight of all of this? Well, Allah He 95% of the 98% of the OMA is clueless with regards to these differences. And the problem is I'm going into a tangent here. The problem is, your exam of

01:38:51--> 01:39:31

the mud hub of your opponent is not the mud hub of your opponent, oh students of knowledge, understand what I'm saying here. If x then y, y is Schofer. So x is Schofer. This is the problem if X then Y, this if x then y is in your mind, if you say istimewa means something, this implies something. This implication is Schofer. Therefore, the initial position of school for Dear people of both sides, if x then y is not what the other group says or believes that's coming from your imagination. If you understood this point, if you understood this point, that Lazybone Madhavi Lisa will matter. What is you think is a corollary of their method is not their method. If you understood

01:39:31--> 01:40:00

this point, then much of the fanaticism would go away, points me back to our story over here and we'll lay this deserves a lot more library chats and inshallah one day I will. And that's one of the reasons why I have left all of these because I understand now, what I did not understand 1520 years ago, and I contextualize what I didn't contextualize before. And in my humble opinion, even the authorities have gone too far in this affirmation, and the shadows have gone too far in their negation and the

01:40:00--> 01:40:02

Correct opinion, quote unquote, is actually

01:40:03--> 01:40:37

not even as precise as both sides mentioned it it really anyway, maybe one day, I'll give you what I think is the stronger opinion. But that's just my opinion. In the end of the day, whatever your opinion is, you definitely don't need to make the deal of the other much less than fear, much less killed the other person. In any case, let's get back to our story. And let's wrap up in shallow data. So Salahuddin Allah, UB was a ardent Ashanti and I'm saying this factually, he was an ardent machete we love him for what he has done. And so what if he, if he had this, you know, interpretation of Islam, I think it's fine, no big deal. But he wanted to spread it like nude Edina,

01:40:37--> 01:41:21

zonkey. And like and like in Islam and and Salahuddin Allah, you will be commissioned one of the scholars of his time by the name of Mohammed inhibitor, Allah and McKee to write to creed that he wanted to make mandatory in his Salah here, Madeira says are Salah here, Madras is a few languages. And this scholar wrote had that happen for Seoul, which I had a little cold the garden of the seasons and the jewels of the intellect. And this little book became the standard book in Egypt. And in Villa de Xiang, wherever Salahuddin was, was in power. This became the standard book that was to be taught to high school level, middle school level and university level basically all of the Qutab

01:41:21--> 01:42:07

not even the the Jami, the Qutab. The Qutab is like the children's school. And it became the standard textbook and this textbook is pure Ashanti theology. Hence, a Shaivism spread amongst the masses in regions where it had never even been heard of up until that point in time. And the same continued in the time of the Ayyubid. And the time of the Ayyubid over 130. Madras says at least 130 madrasahs were built in Egypt and Syria, not a single one of them taught him buddy theology, not a single one. And eventually the talent but the Mamluks as well, this continued on, and therefore this is in short, a summary of how a shadow ism became dominant throughout the Muslim land. I'm not the

01:42:07--> 01:42:50

one saying this guy's Yes, I did do some research that others have not done. But let me quote you. Where is it? Here's the book I still have. It's laying here because I was doing another researcher is one of my most famous interesting books. Really, this is an amazing book catabolism or ill, whether it's about a biblical, filthy world artha al maruf Bill filtered democrazia. This is by a famous historian and McAleese, who died. 845 Hijra Alma crazy died 845 Hijra and Al McAleese is not a theory. He is not Salafi. He is not humbly he is not Shafi. He is not a shoddy and McAleese is an intellectual historian, and McAleese really is not as somebody who's somewhat neutral in this

01:42:50--> 01:43:27

regard, and he has an amazing passage in Volume Two page 342 I have transmitted as well but you can look up the original here and so listen to this isn't a McAleese This is not gold z here, this is not bully, this is not your so called the this is McAleese listen to McAleese and McAleese writes regarding Aqeedah the assault on Salahuddin Allah UB hammered on us he carried the people he hammered on us he forced the people but he pushed the people upon the beliefs of Abdullah Hassan Ali ibn Ismail, Ashanti, the student of Abu Ali Al Jabbar,

01:43:28--> 01:44:15

he made this creed a necessary requirement to be taught in all of his madrasahs in Egypt, such as a mother as a nursery are located next to the grave of Imam Shafi. The one I told you about Abu Shani and the other one which is known as a Sharifa, and on and on. Thus, from his time onwards, the theology of an Ashanti remain status quo in Egypt, in Sham in the hijas in Yemen. In fact, even in the motive as even tomadas even to mode had introduced a shadow ism over there. Pause your footnote, Emma DOMA definitely deserves an entire other library chat had been told much rise was also indirectly referenced. Influenced by the inner labia it will Tomas was a die hard fanatical Ashati

01:44:15--> 01:44:21

who killed people who murdered people who were not a shoddy he was in the mothership and they've been told about it came

01:44:23--> 01:44:59

a little bit before sorry a little bit after allegedly they've been told that he was doing spreading his ideas in the in the Muslim and then Islamia was doing its stuff in the middle or the the main parts of the Muslim world in the hijab and other places back to El McAleese. So I'll McAleese says that the theology of it actually became status quo in Egypt and sham in hijas in Yemen, and in Muhammad ibn Tomas had introduced doctrines over there. Thus, this is this is an McAleese what occurred was that this theology this Arcada became so much tissue in these lands that whoever opposed it

01:45:00--> 01:45:39

he would have his neck cut off, either metaphorically or for real. And this remains the case up until our times and McAleese dies. 845 right there. We're not in the Ayyubid lands, many followers of Abu Hanifa or the humble, but these tumor types did become popular in other places afterwards. Right? So Abu Hanifa is madhhab. And he means here the majority school as well. And after they've been humble, and he means God said if you are shy, Salafi, I said the school that they were not popular in Villa de sham under the Ayyubid. They were not popular in Egypt. But they were pockets here and there, and they remain popular in other places, end quote here. This observation from

01:45:39--> 01:46:24

McAleese explicitly indicates the Ashada atomization that occurred in that timeframe and following these efforts. And in fact, the Egyptian experience was even more advantageous to the O'Shea school, then double daddy slash Iraqi one, because in Egypt, there were no strong footholds of any other strand of Sunni Islam to oppose them. Egypt was empty, empty slate after the Fatimids it was felt to me there were no Sunni madrasas. Egypt didn't have the intellectual output that any of the other places had. And it wasn't going to become center stage until another few 100 years. So Egypt was a faraway region, relatively speaking intellectually, and it was a neutral place at the time. And so

01:46:24--> 01:47:12

by wiping away from ultimate shear ism, replacing it with Sunni, a shadow ism, and then the Mongol invasion wiped out most of the intellectual centers in the Muslim world, Egypt comes to center stage, and therefore what happened to be Sunni Shafi Ashanti Kazarian, Islam and Egypt eventually became dominant in much of the Arab speaking world, again, for later historical reasons. Where did it all come from? It started all the way back to Islam and Volk and the Muslim media. So to wrap up the primary thesis that I'm advocating, and frankly, not just me, anybody who studies history knows this right, is that the dominance of the Ashanti School of Theology is do exclusively like primarily

01:47:12--> 01:47:57

the number one reason to the function and role of the government sponsored in Islamia Madras is introduced by the zombie mode and then emulated elsewhere, and even some of the Hanabi lab. They kind of felt this such as Emil Kodama, who's writing a century after a century and a half after his alma mater, even even Kodama, he laments in Damascus, he laments the spread of a shadow ism. And he considers this to be a loser man, because of these new ideas. And he says that the eyeshadows are those who, and I quote from his writings, here are people who lust after prestige and high positions and own the mother says and control the Oh cough, and Allah has given them this world, but deprive

01:47:57--> 01:48:33

them of religion again, this is a battle for them to hear for they're always at the awaba Salatin ironic here because the table has turned. And modern machetes have accused modern salaries of being at the level set out in an oil rich, but as I say, once you study history, you cannot be a fanatic. You know, this is the way of the world and it goes in circles. One day, a group is in power and money. Another day, another group is in power and money. And the fact that one group is in power is not an indication that it is the better group. This is just the reality. And it doesn't mean anything. In the end of the day, a harsh polemics aside, it will put down is hurt he's painfully

01:48:33--> 01:49:18

aware of the advantage that a shoddy scholars have in procuring the modalities and in having control over the off that the Hannibal used to have in Baghdad because again, they had that position, but it was lost to them after the soldiers and Muslim and more. Thus, the relatively minor role that Asha ism had played prior to the stage is well documented. And all you need to do is to read the writings of the early Ashanti's to see this event I saw a kid who is kinda sort of the interim like a shadow ism hasn't become mainstream yet even as that kid is seeing the rise, but still, humbly Islam as soon as as stronger even as Sackett in his Debian kettlebell move Teddy. He actually lists a few

01:49:18--> 01:49:59

dozen, a shadowy scholars in the span of two and a half centuries, and he goes to great lengths in order to reconcile the well known traditionalist dislike of Kalam with the machete use of color and as late as 537 Hijiri as late as 537 Hijiri still, we find an incident between the Chinese and between the Hannah Bella and minor things happen eventually all of this is relegated to the footnotes of history and shadow ism becomes the dominant school and humbled is become the minority even in by the that such that when Ibn Taymiyyah comes along around two centuries.

01:50:00--> 01:50:41

Less after the first Islami open, when Ibn Taymiyyah comes along, he finds the tables have turned from the time of a Sharif abou Jaffa from the time of arrival Bahati. And one of the reasons why Ibn Taymiyyah is so harsh against the Chinese and he is harsh because the Chinese I, I'm going to be the first to say this. One of the reasons is that he wants to regain that foothold that once upon a time ham buddies had and they no longer have. Thus, through the Islamia, the teachings of a hitherto small and relatively obscure group spread through the Muslim lands, and nationalism established itself in cities, which had previously never heard of it or been close to it. And in particular, the

01:50:41--> 01:51:26

Islamic capital of Baghdad, coupled with the intellectual vacuum that had been created by the displacements of the shear a boy had dynasties in the Arab Heartlands, and eventually of this mighty Fatima's in Egypt, along with the complete lack of any alternative network of Medina says, the various Muslim areas, and the Madras says that were spawned as a result of the of the an Islamic has proved to be the single most effective and powerful cause for the spread and eventual dominance of this strand of Sunni Islam vis a shady Islam through the thought, in particular of Mohammed Al Ghazali. Thus, from the time of the cell jokes, and then the OMA years, sorry, and then the ways the

01:51:26--> 01:52:08

soldiers and then the Ayyubid, and then through Selaginella, UB as many dynasties that broke up after the crusades, and then the mum, Luke lands, all of these Institute's that opened up, they brought forth teachers that were trained either directly from the design media or from Institute's that were trained from the Muslim media, and the innovative idea introduced by Islam and mold of controlling the religious class by making it somewhat indirectly but still, you know, directly in its own way dependent on the state was so successful that it continued to be co opted and adopted throughout the Muslim world. And perhaps it reached its pinnacle, under the time of the Ottoman

01:52:08--> 01:52:49

Empire, where the religious establishment was completely absorbed into the state bureaucracy as the students of Ottoman history, no bottom line, politics had a lot to do, actually everything to do with the dominance of this one school. And if you study history, you understand this point. And the end of the day. The fact that one school is more popular at one time in place means nothing. In my humble opinion, all of these trends are not between help and barter. That's really the main point. Yes, I'll be the first to say generic Islam is going to be correct Islam, because the belief of the IWRM the belief of the Muslim masses, is overall protected. They believe in Allah, they want to

01:52:49--> 01:53:26

worship Allah, they believe they want to follow the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah, they respect the sahaba. This is general mainstream Islam, but the advanced disputations that occurred between them, the fact that one strand is popular in one time over another means absolutely nothing for equal in head. And it is a mistake. And we see historically it was a mistake to make these issues so big, such that people are fighting people are dying, people are considered, you know, deviant and whatnot. And especially in our times, when so much is going on in the world. It makes no sense to take a person who loves a law, a person who memorizes the Quran, a person who is genuinely

01:53:26--> 01:54:04

interested in the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah as your enemy. Even if you disagree, disagree with Adam, understand that that person is just as sincere as you and understand this as the key point that what you think his position necessitates. Even if you are certain it necessitates it, the person in front of you whom you're debating with, does not view that the position necessitates this, that's the whole point to your right, whatever you believe in. And then you think if you disagree with this means something else realize the other person doesn't go to it means something else that's in your mind and not in the other person's mind. And the end of the day, Allah azza wa jal knows

01:54:04--> 01:54:37

best and inshallah we'll continue with other topics. So I'm going to take a break with the whole Kalam and Sunni and Shia and whatnot. We'll do some other library tests inshallah. But other topics that I'm interested in, unfortunately, or whatever it might be, I had to stay here because I'm developing a whole series, and I had a super long library chat, so that we are now done with this whole notion of the rise of, you know, Sunni Kalam and Chinese and whatnot. So I'm gonna take a break, and go into other topics for a while and then Sharla come back and talk about some other topics such as, for example, what my own opinions are, humbly Islam by the way, another topic I

01:54:37--> 01:54:59

love. The notion of herbalism being one monolithic No, Ibn Taymiyyah was one strand even Kodama was a different strand. A Sharif Abu Jafar is yet another strand of an RP there's another strategy Admiral Josina is another strategy, just like what the FBI is, by the way, because it is one strand arises another strand, every individual thinker, they're coming from a school but they're bringing something new, it is only the core

01:55:00--> 01:55:40

complete ignorance student who thinks that everybody is exactly the same monolithic No, that's not the case. Every person comes and brings forth something slightly new. The very fact they're bringing forth something slightly new modifying, it shows you that it's not as black and white. It shows you that a lot of these issues are not Quran and Sunnah there extrapolated from the Quran, sunnah. And in that extrapolation, there's, there's a human element and that is why a shadow ism and Methodism and Methodism and more because it ism, and every ism is in the end of the day, something that human beings have done taking from what Allah has revealed, and therefore, our Willa and baraka and our

01:55:40--> 01:56:17

love and hatred should not be based upon the interpretations of men, it should be based upon what Allah and His messenger said, and that is why in my humble opinion, and with this I conclude the hadith of Gibreel is what we make whether and Bara on anybody who accepts the kind of the idea of Gibreel anybody who wants to be a Muslim by a via following the five pillars of Islam, that generally speaking, they are within mainstream Islam and mainstream orthodoxy and all the differences after this, there are differences of preferences we can discuss within one family and they were not motivated there was a model much less careful, no, this is a mistake, it should never

01:56:17--> 01:56:28

have been done. And I hope inshallah with this I have clarified why one strand became dominant over another, and which has come a little later on until next time, Sarah Manik rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh to

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