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You're listening to the productive Muslim podcast, season three, Episode Two.

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Salaam Alaikum. And welcome to day two of your heart detox. So how was the first day of fasting? Was it as difficult as you expected it to be? Or did you find that actually, the hours went by really fast, and eventually you weren't even feeling the hunger. So for day two of your detox your tasks are, your article of the day is reading, overcoming soft addictions and habits that keep us from our goals. Now, this is a really, really beneficial article, because one thing that often stops us from being productive is our soft addictions. And the problem is, because they're things that are quite small, we don't recognize or acknowledge them as an addiction. And one particular quote that I

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really enjoyed from this article was where it says, They cost us money, they rob us of our time, numb our feelings, mute our consciousness, and drain our energy. And we all have them. So every one of us has a soft addiction, but it's about trying to find out what is our soft addiction. And then from there, trying to reflect on how we can overcome it realizing what is our purpose on this earth? Is it to spend many hours watch binge watching TV series scrolling through Instagram, meeting up with friends? Or is it to serve Allah through worship and to make the world a better place? Now, your task of the day after reading your article is, normally we have told you to read two pages of

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code in a day at least today, we're going to specify that we want you to read the first two pages of sword lock man. And the reason being is Superman is a very beautiful song with a lot of lessons that you can use and apply directly to your life. One particular area that really stood out to me and said, Look, man was a sixth air, which says, And of the people, it's you who buys the amusement of speech to mislead others from the word of Allah without knowledge, and who takes it in ridicule, those who will have a humiliating punishment. Now, the Arabic word used here is level headed, low and headed literally refers to anything that is idle talk, it's any form of speech that is devoid of

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any benefit. So I want us to reflect Do we ever engage in the halal Hadith? Do we ever have conversations that don't bring us closer to Allah in fact, they probably take us further away from Allah. And in this best month, I want us to make conscious effort to really control our tongues, our tongues.

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In this lesson month, I want us to really make a conscious effort to control our tongues. And to do that, we need to monitor what we're hearing what we're watching and the company that we are with.

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As for your two easy tasks, the first one is, whatever you would spend on lunch, you are going to give that money to charity instead, if you're unable to do so you are going to give some form of charity, whether it's a smile, or whether it's cooking food and giving it away to a homeless person doesn't matter. And your last task of the day is just to have a meat free if that. So that is day two of your heart D sub challenge. Remember, make sure that you're listening to these podcasts, you're reading your article, you're reading your Quran and make sure that you're staying away from watching TV series, listening to music and social media. Except for if it's for that hour. Have a

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wonderful day and I will be with you guys tomorrow in sha Allah wa Salaam