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This episode talks about Surah An-Nisaa verse no.19, fourth juzz where Allah SWT says dwell with your spouses in kindness and also perhaps you dislike a thing and Allah SWT puts within it much good. A beautiful small story about Abdullah Ibn Umar R.A when he fought with his wife, decided to divorce her and how this verse came to his rescue.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Dear brothers and sisters, welcome back to our series people have called on where every night I share with you a story about how one of our pious predecessors interacted with the Quran. So this personally is my favorite story that we're going to go through, we're now into the fourth, just, and it's about the law of domicile, the law tied on home. Now, again, we tend to think that these people, you know, were perfect, they had no issues in life, no arguments and things of that sort. But they were very human. And, you know, they went through some of the things that we go through in life. So I'm the law model the alongside on home

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one day, you know, got into a really, really nasty argument with his wife. And, you know, they argued and argued, and apparently, you know, there was some baggage and there had, they'd had issues on and off. And I've loved no model the law on home, you know, got into such a severe argument with his wife that he actually left out of the house and, you know, he had kind of decided that he was going to divorce her. So he's walking, he's walking, and he's thinking to himself, you know, what should I do? What does the Lord want from me what is the closest to the son of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And as he's walking on the streets of Medina, he hears someone reciting

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the 19th verse of sort of denisa the second part which says why she wrote a bit Maru FIFA in Korea to mohana fossa, and Takahashi and wager Allah who he played on Cathy Allah, and live with them in kindness, while with your spouse's in kindness. And if you dislike them, if you find something in them that you really dislike, if something really really annoys you about them, right? This isn't talking about the dean now this is talking about, and I know everyone is thinking about all the annoying habits of their spouses, something really, really bothers you, about your spouse, Allah subhanho. Tada says, perhaps you dislike a thing, and Allah subhanho wa Taala puts within it much

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good. So you know, look for things that you like about your spouse, try to focus on those things. And sometimes, the very things that you dislike about your spouse will actually come in handy in the future. So I'm the loved one, when he took it as a sign from Allah, you know, he's walking out and thinking about divorcing his wife, and he hears this man, you know, reciting this verse, which essentially says, focus on the things you like, and be optimistic, be positive, don't rush towards that divorce or the love Norma. He goes back home, he makes up with his wife, you know, he decides that he's not going to divorce her. And then she gets pregnant. And she gives birth to a young boy

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by the name of Sanam. And Salim was the favorite son of the love nominal. The a lot of time I know so silent actually becomes the best son of Abdullah Norma, he becomes a great scholar of Medina, the greatest scholar of the loving the homeless children, he becomes a Hadeeth narrator right? So he carries on the legacy of his father. And every time I'm the love normally would look at him, he would say sadhak Allah subhanaw taala you know, Allah was truthful, Allah was truthful, you know, like I could have divorced his mom and I would have never had this child so how to love it liquid Allah placed within this child and Salim was was such a blessing that child actually Subhana Allah

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just to really give you some context, you know how some babies they're born. And we all like to think this about our children and they have this special trait right away and you see things in them. Sanam, you know, it was so special when he was born, that he settled the law and the wife of the Prophet slice on our mother. She actually looked at him, and she asked one of her sisters to breastfeed silence so that he could be a mom to her Subhanallah so that when he grows up, he he'll be able to spend time with her alone so he can learn from her and he can become one of her students. And Informatica Kamala actually narrates that that solemn, you know, was to was to be breastfed by

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his sister 10 times, but instead, she fell short. And she only nursed him a couple of times or three times. And so he never actually became the maximum of Arusha about the a long time. But this boy grew up to become great. And this teaches us a very valuable lesson in our marriages. You know, do not rush towards Divorce, Divorce is an option. It's there, sometimes it's necessary. But you know, don't focus on the things that drive you crazy about the other person, you know, try to work beyond those incompatibilities. And try especially if you got married for a good reason for the sake of the loss of Hannah Montana, trying to remember why you chose that person why you wanted to be with that

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person in the first place, focus on her good or focus on his good and you never know what Allah subhanho wa Taala might bring out of that person. So we ask Allah Subhana Allah to to grant us you know, righteous spouses and to grant us rights as children like Salim and to allow us to apply this beautiful verse from the Quran Allah I mean, does that mean well Hayden I will see you all next time inshallah tada for our series people have pulled up was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh