How should the Muslims living in polar regions Fast during Ramadhaan where they have 6 months Night

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mean no to core Nigeria. For those living in the polar regions of the planet, they have six months of night

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and six months of day, how do they fast in this month of Ramadan in a situation where people live in the polar region here in the Arctic, North Pole, the South Pole. The forecasts say that those people who live in those area the North Pole and south pole in the polar region were six months there and six months nine, they should follow the timing of the country closest to them, in which there is sunrise and sunset. It may be a lot of maybe 20 hours of day, or 21 hours a day or 22 hours a day, maybe 20 hours of night or 21 hours of night. So the country which is closest to them, which has very clear cut demarcation of the night, they should follow the timings of this country for fasting

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as well as these countries for praying five times Allah