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Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The speakers are discussing the upcoming video and script for a video. They mention a new video called "the Healing self healing self" and discuss the importance of recovery for people who have injuries. They also mention a book called "the scapula and a new video called "the Healing self healing self."
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Today we are going to be doing the equivalent of what we did yesterday. So far how we did yesterday, that little box in the Koran. And today, we are going to be covering its counterpart we are going to be covering right now at least. This section here is already written out. We're going to do all five steps to it. And then by the end of today

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we want to show what we did yesterday. Oh, yeah. Did yesterday. Oh, yeah. Because I did I showed the time lapse yesterday. And

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but this is all so. Yeah. So this is how it started. And this is what we will do today. So for those you guys are wondering the bucks yeah, we do the we do the Oh, and they'll enjoy One fun fact. This is how the NUS script looks. But we that it only has these six, but we are falling to its money. So we've given people both the first and if you're falling into it, that's why the line is there. Yeah, because we're writing out of this and we'll continue to put you know, somebody might use the manuscript

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with us and then there's the next script. So side by side friends, aka persons done Persian Yes, frozen. So it covered that this is so big and this and this one it's so tiny, like like really what what what are you doing with all this? Yeah, it's it's beautiful. Look at the Persian Desi folk we can see so well. It only covers up tie in number four. Hence you can do in here. And then the smartest most have like Allah Who dummy Robbie him comes in. I kind of feel like we're, we're including everyone. I'm patting myself on the back on this one. We were really happy that we didn't just do one. You can memorize a whole Quran with us either script and we'll take you all the way.

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This is based on what sounds recommendation because Oh yeah.

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That's my medical opinion. Yeah. Essentially my shoulders and bugging me from jujitsu classes a lot and turns out that it's not just the shoulder. The shoulder is the symptom. And so I'm just wrapping it up. scapula. It's the white bone on the front of hit. Yeah, right. Yeah. And then he has a nice little contusion bruise on right here. I got I got a little bruise, left hand quadrant quadrant. So guys, this is why sport is not fitness.

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Why recovery is so important for all those guys. Or people who don't heal. Flood God, Deepak Chopra, his new book, The Healing self healing self, or k star or any any one of these. It's like guys, you got to recover sometimes you can't just put the pedal to the metal go 150 miles an hour and don't do an oil change or change your brakes for that.

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You won't see gains right? You will you'll get if you keep going until your body injured. Yeah, we'll see the growth that you want. True. Alright guys, we're gonna get to recording play. And let's go

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