A Singaporean Hindu Lady Agrees to Accept Islam with her Family after Asking a Question

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Salam Alaikum everyone here My name is Trey with the that is rk ramier great. And I'm very much enlightened by your talks and lectures on Islam and comparative religion. I have been reading Quran and I have a lot of Muslim friends I'm from Singapore, born and brought up in India.

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I have some questions and please clarify Thank you so much. My question is, can we relate the regeneration of skin for Hellfire as stated in Quran Chapter Four, verse 56, as reincarnation or new life or real suffering? Thank you, sir. That's a very good question. She says there can be relate she says that she has heard my talks and she's impressed Alhamdulillah that the reason she's quoting with reference Alhamdulillah she's saying that the Quran said this when you saw chapter 456 that the skin is replaced so that you can feel the pain. Is it similar to reincarnation and a person is born again in this world?

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Sister both are different. What Quran says in Surah Nisa, Chapter 456. As to those who reject our science, we shall cast them in the hellfire. And as often as the skins are roasted, we shall give them a fresh skin so that they feel the pain. Previously science thought that only brain was responsible for feeling of pain. Today we come to know that in the skin there are pain receptors, which are responsible for feeling of pain, which we did not know earlier. Quran say that God will give fresh skin so that they shall feel the pain scientifically disproven. Now for example, Almighty God is just Quran says in Surah Nisa, Chapter 440. Allah subhana wa Taala is never unjust in the

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least degree. That will be very just, for example, history tells us that Hitler incinerated 6 million Jews today if our law catches Hitler, What punishment Can you give maximum you can give us kill him that will take care of one. What about the remaining 5,999,000 people that he has killed

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in the era in next life Almighty God says as to those who reject our size visa chasm in the Hellfire, as often as the skins are roasted, we'll give them a fresh skin. If Almighty God wants to infinite Hitler 6 million times he can do it 3 million times he can do it. This is an example of the punishment in the next life. This does not justify about the cycle of rebirth. This cycle of rebirth sister, if you read in the Vedas, VEDA is the most authentic book amongst all the Hindu scriptures. The VEDA speaks about Punar gentleman in rigveda volume number 10 per Jerome Bruner means next gen ami both even we believe in next birth. Even Quran talks about next life, once we die will be

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resurrected on the Day of Judgment. Same thing made our face pruners enemy next life but

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the scholars of Hinduism

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they came out with a philosophy known as some scara, some skylines Hinduism. It is the cycle of birth, rebirth, birth, rebirth, birth rebirth, this is nowhere mentioned in the VEDA. VEDA speaks only about next life, which even grant speech but the scholars of Hinduism could not justify how people are born, some people are born handicap, some people are born in poor family, some people are born with congenital heart disease. So God cannot be unjust. So to justify the justice of God, they come with a new philosophy called samsara cycle of birth, that birth that maybe in the previous life, they did some wrong deed, therefore they are born handicapped. This is the philosophy of the

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Hindu scholars not of the Scripture. Your Vedas are very explicit punar genom next life, even Quran says you come in this world. Allah says in the Quran in surah, chapter number 16 verse number two, I love the Calico motto. It is Allah who has created that a knife to test which of you is good indeed. So this world We only live once, once you die. Almighty God will resurrect you on the Day of Judgment, that for dummies, but the Hindu scholars, they could not explain why some children are born deaf, some dumb, some with heart disease, some in a poor family, because they could not justify they came with this philosophy, which is not mentioned in the Vedas.

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They may feed bhagwad Gita. Bhagavad Gita says that how does the soul change body? How does a caterpillar when he goes to a blade it jumps on to a new blade? Same way the soul changes into a new body. during months we have no problem but doing multiple time is totally wrong. Now I will give the explanation What does Islam has to say that are you left with the question Okay, if the Hindu pundits are wrong, what is the explanation in Quran in Islam? As I mentioned, Allah says in Surah chapter 16

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was number two. I love the color girl motto. It's Almighty God has created that and life to test which is good indeed. So this life sister is a test for the hereafter. Every year when you appear for the examination, the test paper he punches the writer on, you cannot the same paper. Similarly Almighty God, test different people with different ways the Quran says your children are a test for you. Quran says, your wealth is a test for you. The Almighty God makes some human beings born poor, some rich for the rich people, they have to give zakat.

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In Islam, every rich person was a saving of more than 85 grams of gold. He or she should give 2.5% of that saving every Luna a charity called

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poor man. Because

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he gets 100 out of 100 marks in Zakat, the rich man if he doesn't use a god he gets zero if he could have the Catholic at 50% with a very a very poor man, that poor man's good inaccurate passing through poverty is a test belt is a test.

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Whether Do you follow the commandment of Almighty God? The Quran says even your children are a test. Maybe there's a couple of very pious

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to that couple is born a baby with congenital heart disease.

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Then BB elder no sin. Quran says every child is born as a Muslim, every child has one finless it is a test for the parents that do the parents yet have faith in Almighty God. If the parent has less faith, he will start complaining what type of God is is afraid so much yet is giving a child with handicap a good Muslim, he will say Alhamdulillah Praise be to Allah. He will accept it. He will not complain. Maybe God wants to give that parent higher degree if you pass your bachelor's in art, easy test to get bachelor's degree. But if you pass MBBS you get doctor in front of her name, but to pass MBBS is difficult.

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So maybe Almighty God wants to give the parents a higher degree in Jannah. Even if they pray fighter no God wants to test them by giving them a child which is a handicap to see whether the parents yet have faith in God or not. If they passed the test, they get a higher degree Jana. So the poverty, health disease is a test. It has nothing to do with a previous life. That is the theory of the pond is not awareness. So beta is the same thing what Quran is talking about? You come in this world one then we have next life who knows? But not that birth that birth This is not part of either. Hope? That's the question, Sister. Sister. Do you believe there is one God I believe in? I believe that

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there is one God and prophet is a finance messenger. Thank you, Marcia. Do you believe idol worship is wrong? No, I'm not doing idol worship for the past Mashallah.

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I like to take Shahada with my children in Singapore later. Thank you.