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The Bible provides multiple verse verses on the topic of Islam, including the woman who submits herself to Islam and the "has" in Islam. The importance of surrendering to Islam is discussed, as well as the negative impact of social and emotional struggles on mental health and well-being. The segment also touches on the use of " eye for an eye" and forgiveness, as well as a class on visionair and a recitation of a book.

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Nabila. Okay, we should get started. I started a little late today

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I'm gonna give like one more. One more minutes. One more minute and we'll start

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producir how are you and your family handed over? Good. Let's get started.

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Take One

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i said I'm not even walking to live but I can do this in the left hand allow salatu salam ala Rasulillah early he also can be more Allah. Welcome to today's episode of Tato we truffles today is Day 15 of Ramadan. SubhanAllah. We've hit the half mark. So our verse for today is the

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SUTA Lachman man first 22 Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, Allah lemon chiffon regime will remain slim. What do you have in a law in one in one one center for the stem cell? carabiner Oh dear, what's for? We're in a lot.

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So this verse is very diverse. We were in class and there was a sister who was who has been through a very hard time I won't go into the details of it. And her turning point after multiple situations or turning point, she said she opened the Quran and she found this verse, and she started crying. And and it was a very moving recount of what she's been through and as an honor for what that sister said, I said, I will take this verse on, and I would love to get to know more about this verse. And how, how it changed so much for her and what we can learn from this verse inshallah Tada, indeed, it's a very beautiful verse. And you know why I actually started a little late today. Usually I

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start five minutes early before the hour. I was daydreaming about this verse. I kind of just like, Yeah, this and this. I kind of fell in love with this verse. And it's all the time I'm about to share with you guys. What I've learned so far, so let's start out it says, Well, I mean, you slim so we'll just straight up translation first. Well, I mean, you slim Watch out and whoever men means and whoever you slim watch how we use them is like from Islam. Whoever submits surrenders would you have a hole in Allah? Wherever submitter surrenders their face to Allah, Well, who am I sin while they are a doer of good worthwhile and that person is a doer of good medicine for the stem sector. For

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verily they have grasped the most trustworthy handhold for the stem sector, they are what it was called.

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As a trustworthy handle what

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Elahi until Allah, people two or more until Allah is will be the outcome of all matters. You know, when I do these terrible truffles, and I look First I start with the English translation, and I say it and nobody knows what's going on, even though they know English, I don't know really what's going on with the verse until you go to the tip CMD here, the explanation. So first off the beautiful thing from this verse. I'll give you kind of like my translation first, whoever surrenders and submits themselves to Allah, and doing so sincerely. They have held on to one of the strongest handholds that you can ever hold on to and to Allah all affairs turned back to him. Okay, so first

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off is one main Muslim, the first part of one men and ever and I love that first beginning because as I've seen different stories from students and, and people that one person is white, one person is black, one person is yellow, one person thinks they're beautiful. One person thinks they're ugly. One person thinks that they're all one person thinks that their gun, one is male, one is female. Allah subhana Donna says it doesn't matter who you are. So all of those things mean nothing in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala when Allah subhanaw taala says we're men and whoever whoever whatever you're coming with one main use them what happens in Allah, you Islam is to, is to surrender. So

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we've talked about Islam means to submit to surrender. And here I want to talk about the surrendering parts.

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Surrender is when you've been fighting so much, you've been trying to find a different way you've been trying to, you know,

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just do lip service to the to the worship of Allah Spano. Tata just put on a mask, just cultural, just do the things that your culture community does. Well, here we're talking, that somebody finally submits and surrenders to Allah, you've tried to run away, and what has that done? Where are you now? And so Allah subhanaw taala says, and then you come back to a line you surrender, wanting use limb, watch how it Allah, watch how it's translated here is their face. And the wedge, how would you have is is a direction. It's interesting, if I'm teaching a class, if I'm teaching class, or I'm talking to you, and you start averting your gaze, to me, that means you're not interested in what

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I'm saying anymore. So what that looks like, is if I'm telling a story, and you're like, looking at me looking at it, look at me, and then all of a sudden you start like, putting your eyes down towards your watch, or you start looking at the door, or you start looking somewhere else. I can tell that you're not interested anymore. Here. You see Allah's kind of data says, and whoever submits surrenders their face and their direction, meaning that they're not distracted by anything, and anyone except a loss, that they're complete attention. They're not trying to turn to the left turn to the right to try to find solutions, and an exemplifies that they're all their attention all

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their focus is only on Allah Subhana. Allah is their number one priority, when they use nem. Watch how Elon law and hear the word eel Allah towards Allah.

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And there's actually another verse that says villa for Allah. But here it says, feel Allah, and Isla, if you're already taking some basic Arabic classes, Isla Is this a destination. It's a path that you take to arrive at a destination, a destination. So this person has surrendered, they've turned their face and they're walking towards Allah or they're turning towards a law, either law. And that means that this isn't just a one. This isn't just a motivational one time for the person. This person has turned their life and has changed their ways and made themselves right with Allah's conodont. Of course, everybody commit sins, but this person has taken that path and they've turned

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and submitted to Allah subhanaw taala. They've surrendered to Allah Azza wa sallam, they taken that path back, they maybe maybe they started praying now maybe they started. They're fasting completely. They're not skipping any fast. They're paying there's a cat. They're doing a little less kind of commands. If there's something haram finances or something, they're staying away from it, they have surrendered to ALLAH SubhanA Dada, and they've come towards him not being distracted by anything else.

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was one lesson.

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And this lesson is that Zen is when you're doing something sincerely, and when somebody worships Allah subhanaw taala and they're coming back. It has to be done sincerely, and their heart is Intuit again, that is not culture that are they're not just putting on some fake mask on because I'm a Muslim family and it's Ramadan. And these are the things that we do know this is coming from the heart. They mean this and they're worshipping Allah, US paradata as if they can see it.

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Allah because even if they can see a lot Indeed, Allah can see them as that and he says what he said is so

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Allah subhanaw taala then says Whoever does this, this is their path, they've turned back to Allah subhanaw taala now it gets exciting here,

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Felker the stem second a bit or what watching with whoever does this whoever surrenders and faces and takes that path to Allah subhanaw taala. And doing it sincerely not culture, not Lipsett they're doing it, it's coming from the heart, and they've changed their ways their turn back. So their reward is or what Allah has Pentagon says, For quad four indeed, is stemmen Sega Bill autowatch. Hill was called there's some powerful words there, some powerful words,

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adamantium titanium

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and relative will fly.

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A lot of what's in what's called there's a lot of, there's a lot of talk here about this right now. And what are the what is

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the part of a material thing that you hold on to for, for handheld for a grip. So for example, in a tea cup, I don't have a tea cup here, I usually do. If there was a tea cup, the, the handle of the tea cup is the other one. If you have a bottle, one of those critical things, and you have a place to hold your hand, that's the firewall, if you have a rope, and you tie the rope into the knot, so that you can grab on to it. And that is the Anwar, that's what you're holding on to. But there are things sometimes that a person holds on to let's take the example of a tea cup hand hold a teacup handle, and you will hold it you will hold it you hold it and then one fateful day, the tea cup

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handle breaks. Or, for example, somebody believed in something somebody believed instead of, instead of believing in the love, they believed in science, like know how they said, I'm son, like you saw, and then one day it crumbles and it doesn't serve the person anymore. It doesn't help them in their darkest hour, or somebody may believe in false prophets or cults. And then there comes a day where everything just crumbles around them, the foundation are they believed in these things, and then things just start crumbling around them. But whoever turns back to a last panel data and chooses to hold on to the path of Allah for the stem seca bit, or whatever was called stem sector. And I'll get

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to that. So I try to give you guys an example

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of something that is affirm hold, like for real in because obviously, a teacup holder is not an analogy that, you know, that comes to my mind is that of

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a helicopter rescue mission. In a helicopter rescue mission, when a helicopter is going to pick some maybe somebody's fallen off a cliff, or maybe somebody's in the dark sea, and they need some rescue from a boat. That's, that's like sinking. And this helicopter comes as a powerful helicopter, and it's sending down a rope. How tight is that rope? How tight is that rope. Now, if this person, this rescue person comes down to save you if you're in this deep, dark place.

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And then that rescue operator says to you, you know, like actually I was the robot is also like somebody putting down their hand and saying hold on to the up set.

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this rescuer tells the person who's in this dark place, hold on, you'll be safe. And

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you are wrapped around and protected with this Ottawa. And then the helicopter lifts you up from this dark place, and takes you somewhere safe. And even if you were to, and we're not talking about literally hold on, but even if sometimes your hands or you fall asleep, or this, if you're in that hole, there's nothing that's going to let you go and you're safe. You know, it's interesting. Another analogy that I give for this is, if you've ever done rock climbing, or wall climbing, or you know, these poll type of activities, where you climb, climb, climb, and you're scared out of your mind, you're scared out of your mind, you're climbing this pole, climbing this pole until you get to

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the top I did this once. I was so scared and I tried to get over it and I'm climbing up these these, these logs that gets successively higher and higher and higher until you're like right at the top and you're so scared. And as soon as you fall over.

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You feel the first hand hold of the apparatus that's holding you the ropes and the knots that are holding you feel it and then peace sweeps over you because you realize you were saved this whole time.

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And that's what happens to a person when they turn to face to Allah subhana wa Tada that

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There's all this fear happens when you haven't experienced how safe it is to be held by Allah's power. And you get that hold, you get that protection from Allah subhanaw taala. When your turn your face back to Allah When you face your direction, and you say, I'm not going to be this

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for a very long time, but now I submit for the stem second pillar what to look for.

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There's another interesting part that I thought about in this verse and that is the connection between habla Allah, the rope of Allah, because in another verse, Allah subhanaw taala says Wa Telsey will be heavily learning to me and whether to follow through and hold firm to the rope of Allah and do not be divided. And what's beautiful about that, that this one is talking about the stem sector that indeed they've held on to and they're locked into an original for the handhold you're safe. You let go in here unless paradigm there's another verse is talking about Hamdulillah, which is the religion of a snap. And it's a it's a call for unity, for everybody for all the

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believers to hold on to the same rope, which is a call for unity. Why tousling will be happy lucky Jamia? That whole family and that that firm handled that we're talking about is not just for the individual, but it's actually for the community, the whole community together, and I think beautiful example of that in the Coronavirus and the situation that we're in, we know that we can find the Coronavirus because we work together and that's not just viruses but so many things in life when we're unified and we work together that so many things can be solved. And here Allah subhanaw taala is telling us to hold firmly to the role of a less confab together. And then finally, in the end of

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reversal, last point of time, it says what either Allah He opted for two or more, until Allah all affairs will return back to him.

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when somebody is being abused, or somebody's in an oppressive situation, and and they think that there's nobody on their side, there's nobody that they can turn to, or maybe this person heard them and then ran off or said things and they're not held accountable, all affairs come back to Allah subhanho wa taala. And so because everything comes back to Allah, that we have to get our affairs, right with Allah azza wa jal, we have to get our affairs right with Allah because

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the the cry of the oppressed is not going unheard, there's a day going to come there's a day that's going to come in which is going to the court of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And because it's all going back to Allah, this isn't just, you know, let's suppose somebody's abused and then somebody saves them and says, Don't worry, no one will hurt you anymore, but actually, that abuser is somewhere out there and they possibly could hurt the person. But in this case, all affairs go back to Allah subhanho wa Taala this person will not be heard because the end result all of this goes back to Allah subhanaw taala all affairs, go back to Allah. And so that's why we have to turn back to Allah

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subhanaw taala was the Disposer of all these affairs a long time. I had a really enjoyable time reflecting on this to the sister and what she's been through and for everybody who's going through hard times may Allah subhanaw taala help you and help all of us and makes up the Ardon in this month of Ramadan. Does that love finance Pagla panglong on the handicap I should have to suffer court to relink if there are some questions I'm happy to accept some questions

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who's got a question?

00:19:28--> 00:19:41

Question says when following the imam in a quiet prayer am I meant to recite or stay quiet without moving my lips also what is fire citation is slower so I haven't fully read it as it is okay to go into

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depends on the madhhab from my understanding if you're asking me yes you recite to for your own you recite for your own in a quiet prayer and

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And if the Imam if you don't have time to complete something, it's okay just follow along Amen. Allah Allah

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Leila says I've been struggling with trying to overcome social and emotional struggles for many years. I try making a gym dog but I'm not sure it's concrete enough they will talk about the dream dogs because this is going public even though in my opinion the group will talk about visionary stuff in visionair

00:20:28--> 00:20:31

inside the class and one of the q&a sessions

00:20:33--> 00:20:35

that goes for everybody that wants to ask a generic question.

00:20:57--> 00:20:58

Way says

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it is said that dunya is temporary and testing phases of life and one will be judged for his deeds on the Day of Judgment rewarded or punished accordingly. That's the why and what is as the public

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so, I've added a cover is

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another cover is an actually it's not only added recovered, but it's also there's reward in the grave. rasilla license said in the grave, it's either a garden from the garden of paradise, or it's either a pit from the pits of hellfire. So

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the day of judgment would a person would lead to paradise or hellfire, or it may be maybe somebody was Arizona, who when they get there, so yeah, punishment starts when a person dies in the grave. So and I'd also add to what you're saying a waste that also reward starts in the grave if the person was a righteous person, and they're ultimately going to paradise.

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Question says, can we make dua in our native language?

00:22:21--> 00:22:21

During salah?

00:22:23--> 00:22:34

Yes, you can rely on as you can. So if you're insensitive, for example, and you want to make dawn your native language, such as sorry, Doha isn't restricted to people who only know Arabic,

00:22:36--> 00:22:39

that you can make dua in your own native language.

00:22:40--> 00:22:48

In sha Allah Tala, every shift that I've asked that question of has told me that is the situation you can make dot your native language a lot.

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My question is related to trauma and mental health illness. puntata says that put on as she felt for what is in the chest, if a person suffering from post traumatic stress just wants to put on an Islamic material, what could be an argument in favor of therapy? So as

00:23:15--> 00:23:18

you know, there, you know, what comes to mind is

00:23:19--> 00:23:48

there was a person who was arguing that the solution to everything was in the Quran. So he went to the scholar and he said, Okay, we're in the pond, does it say that I should, how to bake a loaf of bread? And the scholar said, it's in the salon as well. And he said, Yeah, show me. And then the scholar, show them the verse that's a little addictive and control data and ask the people of knowledge, if you do not know, ask the people of knowledge, if you do not know. And by the way, it's not that.

00:23:50--> 00:24:03

So that means number one, if somebody was seeking therapy, it doesn't negate their belief in the Quran. In fact, they can, it may be the arm that leads them to take therapy the audit takes

00:24:04--> 00:24:41

to take those therapy. And for example, if somebody is in therapy, they might learn things like for example, gratitude, for example, gratitude. And in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala. It starts off with 100 lie on the line, I mean, and there's verses waiting to do now I'm on the line, if you count the blessings of Allah, you would never be able to count them. And so when you go to therapy, and you start learning about therapy, you also see that there's verses there that can guide you and help you in these situations. Also, in therapy, there might be like, step number one, believe in a higher power, which is, you know, you don't need a therapy set. I'm saying, I'm not saying don't go to

00:24:41--> 00:24:47

therapy, I'm just telling you that it's not necessarily negating what's in the Quran.

00:25:10--> 00:25:16

I should thank you for for posting that question. I don't have the solution to you but I just wanted to acknowledge

00:25:17--> 00:25:25

your comment if somebody has some advice versus Dr. Aisha you can reply to her I think it's on the main Facebook page

00:25:37--> 00:25:59

sujeeth sujeet says is daydreaming bad like vision myself with that wishful situation wishful I think there's a there's a negative to the negative connotation to word wishful, but if somebody is daydreaming and then they turn that towards Dada or even having a nice pleasurable thought for for the future and whatnot, there's nothing wrong with that. It's not that

00:26:07--> 00:26:15

Newton says shuffle making decisions a lot if one feels overwhelmed and cries their heart out, is it okay? Yeah, a problem a lot

00:26:24--> 00:26:38

so Nancy says if mom complaining about her kids are not praying or doing wrong stuff, does it mean she's not grateful or given gratitude? Or it doesn't mean that if if if gratitude doesn't mean that if somebody is doing something wrong

00:26:41--> 00:26:41


00:26:43--> 00:26:51

thing wrong, then change it with your sofa mother is our children you know if they're doing that thing that has nothing to do with being thankful to Allah or not.

00:26:53--> 00:27:01

In fact, it may be that she's fulfilling you know, the mana that Allah put on her to, to raise her children.

00:27:06--> 00:27:17

Sadia says since all affairs will be judged by lost contact, is it wrong or improper to request justice in this dunya are actively pursued indication excluding serious matters? Of course.

00:27:18--> 00:27:28

So Sadia, the concept of you know, eye for an eye, if somebody has been wronged, they have a right to request.

00:27:30--> 00:27:43

What, just for the what was taken from them. So it is there's nothing wrong with that. Obviously, forgiveness is great if they can forgive and you'll see a lot in in in Islamic law and so on, that there's

00:27:47--> 00:28:24

this encouragement to forgive, which is actually interesting. There's a TED talk on this topic about how in American law, there's a lot of vindicate, there's not vindication, but there's a lot of, you know, let's sue this person. There's lots of ways there's very little channeling towards people forgiving each other in American law. And they said that if you look in the religions around the world, and here we're talking about his stuff, you will see again and again, that there's this encouragement to forgive. Now to your question, Sadia. What if somebody doesn't want to forgive? Are they allowed to not forgive? And the answer is, yes, they're allowed to not forgive and they can

00:28:24--> 00:29:02

request what they want what was taken from them. So if somebody had $1,000 stolen from them, they're like, You know what, not gonna forgive me even if this person is broke, I still want my money back then. Maybe that person will go to jail until they're able to come up with the money or they are punished so it's not a problem. The main thing is a person doesn't transgress beyond the eye for eyes so someone doesn't say oh, you chill my brother so I'm going to kill your whole family which is it should be like soul for a soul not like they used to do that in the ark tribes before if somebody killed somebody from their from one tribe killed from the other tribe, then they'll say, Hey, we're

00:29:02--> 00:29:10

going to war with the entire tribe and we're gonna kill everybody even though one person was killed. There'll be like, let's kill everybody. And that's not justice.

00:29:18--> 00:29:28

I will answer for the questions related to visionair and DOD and stuff like that. I'll take that in class inshallah. Tada. So for the students of visionair, we will do that

00:29:29--> 00:29:31

at our open question and answer session.

00:29:39--> 00:29:49

I don't know. All right, we're done. Shefali. Is that okay? A half an hour. We are finished Subhanak long behind the crescendo Leila and stuff. We go to Lake Solomonic Welcome to live here, but I can't