How should a Person Control his Depression if he does not Achieve Results even after Hardwork

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AI: Summary © A man named Qureshi from Pakistan discusses the importance of focusing on the "hereafter" rather than the "right qualification" of success. He suggests that believers should strive for the "hereafter" and not hire people who have failed to meet their expectations. The man also emphasizes the importance of not getting depressed and having hope in the "hereafter" of success.
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The next question

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was man le Qureshi from Islamabad Pakistan. He asks, What should a person do if he doesn't get the results of his hard work and at the same time, what is others achieving milestones without even the right qualification skills just on the basis of bribes, contacts, sources and references, that you have judgment will come after that, but how should one control his emotion and depression in this world?

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We need to know that

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the purpose of us human beings in this world it is why bother it is to worship Allah subhanaw taala and many times certain people they may be successful, through the wrong means through bribes, and through the wrong means, but in the hereafter they will not be successful. So, the prime focus of a believer should be the hereafter he should strive for the afterlife. And Allah subhanaw taala seasons for Allah, Chapter 87 was number 16 and 17 belt thirunal hire to dunia will ask you not to hire.

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You prefer the life of this world, but the home of the hereafter it is far greater.

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So if you strive for the year after Allah subhanaw taala he will give you this world as well as the hereafter.

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And these people they may be successful in this world through the wrong means. But how long do we live in we live for 50 years for 70 years for eight years after that we will die. The home of the hereafter it is eternal. We should strive for the afterlife, because that it is eternal and a believer he should never get depressed. A believer. He should always be happy because he has hope in Allah subhanaw taala there is hope for him that even if in this life, he struggles in the hereafter he will live a comfortable life. Allah subhanaw taala says in the Glorious Quran in surah baqarah chapter number two was from 155 well and a blue one neck ambush a mineral whole fuel jewelry Wanaka

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seminal am Wiley will unfussy with Murat wabasha sabreen and we shall surely test you with something of fear and hunger and some loss of lives and wealth. But Keith glad tidings to those who patiently persevere

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so we will be tested in this life. But we should not get depressed because we always have the hope in Allah subhanaw taala we always have hope that in the Hereafter, we will get our reward and the life of the Hereafter is eternal. And even according to statistics, the most satisfied people in the world they are the Muslims because we believe in Allah subhanaw taala we have hope in Allah subhanaw taala we have hope in the year after that, we will get our reward