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In this 45th episode of the series titled 99 names of Allah, Ammara Alshukry talks about the name of Allah – Aljabbar



AI: Summary © The discussion covers the name of a woman named Elijah, Jabbar Al Jabbar, and its origins. The " blameworthy" of the names is discussed, including the " blameworthy" of " blame on the broom" and "hammer on the broom". The importance of remembering the names and "by the way" in relation to actions and words is emphasized.
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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls from all ages. Welcome back to another episode of the 99 names. I'm your host. Sean, I am here with how moto Shangri

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La and in this Tagalog we've got the name Elijah belt.

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I'm one of the Jabbar to you, buddy. Kareem Abdul Jabbar shout out to you, buddy.

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marranos Kareem so well, right. So I remember watching an episode of full house, where food was the name of the eldest girl, DJ Tanner DJ, and she goes to Joey. Hey, we just got Kareem Abdul Jabbar to come to our school. Whatever. Right? And Joe is a great you got all three of them.

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I don't get it. Like they thought Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Oh, three different names. Well,

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I'm just gonna let that die.

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We're not gonna edit this. We're just gonna leave the silence.

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You know, first thing is those. There's no funny thing here. Don't think funny. Those episodes a full house were filmed in front of a live audience. And when they made that bit people laughed. Yeah. Maybe that joke is 20 years too old. Maybe? Maybe. Although I don't really think it was funny back then. But

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nonetheless. King of corn for Yeah, forgive us, please.

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We are going out to the name of Jabba Jabba al Jabbar, Al j a BB a and you can add another if you want our or in Arabic and Islam jeem but any fraught

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with a shutdown the bat Jabbar is interesting because it is an attribute that when its

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creation has it it's a it's blameworthy. It's not a good attribute to have. What does it mean if you say that so and so is Shabaab?

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It means they're tyrannical. Okay? So it's kind of similar in the sense of like, if somebody is somebody if a creation has given is blameworthy. So similarly, algebra is in that same kind. Yes. So that would be an interesting thing. Just a note to self is that what are all the names of a lot, that is praiseworthy for a lot to have, but is blameworthy for the creation to Yes, embody? Yes, because Jebel has the connotation. One of the meanings is to compel people, no, that's what a tyrant does. Right? a tyrant compels people to do things. However, Allah azzawajal compels people to do things a lot compels you and I and everybody else to look a certain way to be a certain way. He's

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the one who fashion does. He's the one who formed us. He's the one who designs our breaths, and our heartbeats and our nerves, and all of that is under the control of a lot in our wakefulness and in our sleep. Right. Yeah, all of that. is under the

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laws compelling. Yeah. And so hammered even carb. He said he was crazy. He was called a Jabbar because he he boodle halka Allah Allah, He compels Jezebel, the word Jebel means to compel people to him, whatever he wishes, so job. So algebra, yes, because algebra, algebra compels people to change their majors.

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It compels people to drop medicine and drop their hopes of being scientists and from seventh grade it compels people out of the sciences you become a literary and art students on our students or you become a literature major.

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Major is called a buff. So that's the first meaning of Ichabod Okay, he compels and hence we said it's tyrannical when it comes to human beings and hence a lot sort of medium. Both Jesus and john the baptist, both of them refute this attribute from themselves. They deny this attribute. Okay, so

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yeah, he says he was not created to be Jabbar. I'll see ya. A disobedient Jabbar and the ISA it salami says And Allah did not make me jabatan I'll see you. He didn't make me a tyrannical law. See you? I'll see it means disobedient disobedience nasiha you've heard of that. Okay, across law means to disobey. Well, Bertram Bo led to a successful battle and he made me have to my word leader to my mother. Okay, well, let me I need your bond Masia and he didn't make me to batasia disobedient tyrant. Okay. Now Allah is Jabbar because number one, he compels number two. The second meaning is a beautiful meaning and that is yet you boodle Castro whom he fixes their brokenness. to mend. Yes,

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yes. Okay. Yeah Judo kassala home, the one who fixes their brokenness or to mend

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Buddha Castro.

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So yeah. gebouw

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classroom? Yes.

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You may have a friend or family member who's super valuable to you. They're the ones who clean up after you so to speak, right? They're the ones who fix your mistakes, you get yourself into trouble and you call them and they bail you out of trouble. Okay? A lot does that for all of his creation. he fixes our brokenness, he fixes our broken hearts, he fixes our broken bodies. He's just bought his one humans, as well, as well as the one has a How do you because they seem like two very different meanings, the one who compels right in a forceful kind of way. Whereas if a human were doing it, they'd be tyrannical. And then at the same time, the name also comes down to the one who

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men's this sounds very. When you mend Aren't you compelling the pieces back together? Oh, you're forcing them back together?

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It could be okay. I mean, I'm, I'm just trying to analyze your question. But couldn't be. Couldn't that be one way to do it? Okay.

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Okay, you're bringing things back together? Cool. So you're compelling the things to come back together?

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I mean, do you choose to have a broken heart? No, it's compelled on you. And then all of a sudden when your heart heals, did you choose for it to be healed?

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You see, I'm saying because if it was in your control in the first place, wouldn't your heart healed that for the second it breaks up broken? Yeah, it wouldn't have broken in the first place. Right? And so all of this is all under the

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the control of Allah okay. Right. And so a lot as the agenda is the one who heals a lot is the one and hence the the famous story, even though it doesn't seem that it's authentic, but the famous story of hijab news events at bin jubair Okay, you know, that story. What's the story? jazz was a great tyrant. Yeah. And of the roommates and save them to Japan was a student of the Leiden Abbas, who was you know, he filled the earth with his knowledge to aid them to do it, but he revolted against the roommates. Okay. And he became a fugitive, okay, and that Hajji very much every other person after 10 years, he finds saved him to Tibet and living outside of Mecca in a town.

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And he summons him and he asked him the question, he says, What's your name? When it comes to the quarter of it? Hi, Josh. He says to him, my name is say the image of it. Okay.

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And he says to him, I just says to him, but rather you are shocking. If it was a crusade. You are shutting even crusade? Sir. It means the happy okay. The son of jubair, the one who fixes Hmm. And he says rather you are shucky, the wretched, the son of the broken in crusade.

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And then he says he basically just insulting him, you know, playing with his words. And so so he said to him, my mother knows my name better than you did. Okay, talking to her judge and then a justice to him. Did you Do you admit that you committed Cofer by breaking your allegiance to burn omega to the halifa they will call that committed gophers jazzy music when he was doing his Inquisition. Yeah, anybody who revolted against the enemy? It's Yeah, he would make them either admit that they were they committed before? Or he would have them killed. Wow, okay.

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Oh, he did have this habit. Oh, yes. And so I mean, he killed some Sahaba he killed out to live in Tibet and others Yeah, but anyway, the point here is we go back to the name job. Hi, Jim. Nice to ended up killing say during the debate and he ended up being the last person that's that's hydrogen musical. Is that the one where he's having nightmares? Yes.

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But how did hunter today? He just died. Oh, you just Oh, yeah. Oh, this guy. He just did this with him for a number of days. And then he passed away. But the point here is that the name Jabba the two major ideas of Ichabod is the one who comes in Jubail because that's the name debater come against a buck. Exactly. There's another job what it means to fix Jeopardy was to fix.

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That's where algebra comes from. The fixing the equation? Is that what it is? Yeah, you're trying to you're trying to solve for x and figure we'll fix that equation. Because you have a variable that's unknown. Okay. I don't know I'm not a fan of algebra. So come on, man. Mathematics, no love.

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No love for me.

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Economics, technology, everything. The fact that we have pixel x to the ratios on the very cameras are recording on and how to transition that from HD and 4k and, and all that. It's all algebra, bro. Okay, thank you.

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And then there's also the famous traveller from a landless during the time of Sahaja Yogi

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who was commissioned to get a snapshot of the Muslim world and that's what we know about slightly today is through his own travels.

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across so

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but he's not the same side

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of the

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of course not but to bring it back to the the concept of Jabba What are two action items from the name of Jabbar number one is that if you are suffering at the hands of a Jabbar then you realize that a lot hasn't yet is above them and they you seek allies assistance against them. Okay, number two, so a Jabbar and algebra yeah

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jabatan alcohol and these names that invoke a lost power and these are names that every weak person and everyone who is overpowered should invoke Yeah. And then the second is a threat for a person who is age above. Okay? Right and the same thing for a person who is a haha that you don't be diluted by your strength and your ability and your power and your ability to compel others and force others and all of that and recognize that there will come a day when you will be weak. Undoubtedly, there will come a day when you will be in need undoubtedly analyzer that is over all of us. And that's a double

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sum of lies and hamadryas I beside him Summa Cathedral