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Many people asking about an old heya in the time of COVID-19, many people concern about going to the slaughterhouse in near people 100% support that your safety comes first.

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When it comes to the old here, we should know that the vast majority of the scholars consider an old here to be a highly recommended act that you will be rewarded for it. But it's not a sin if you miss it, basically, if you're capable of offering the old here and able to offer that, and that will be the position of the Maliki's and the ham buddies and the Shafi as well and they said because in the be salatu salam simply said men are either annual or whoever wishes to offer an over here so since he made a dot wait that means it's not must in Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam offered as came at the jabot to Rams and he said one for those who did not offer over here in my own. So that means

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that there is people in the process of time did not offer the oath here and individual solemn did not made them make it up or he told him that they have to offer it or anything of that sense. Yes, there is some scholars believe and over here as Rajat like Halima hanifa Rahim Allah and one narration among the hanabi, Allah and shiftless named him a lot seems to leans toward that opinion. But I said is the majority of the scholar said that, and also, a lot of him a lot agreed that it is highly, highly recommended. But if you can offer it or there is not safe to be offered, there's no sense in missing it. But in this time at Hamdulillah, there are so many organizations can help you

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to have your own hair done. So that's why we say that is permissible for you to have someone else to sacrifice that on here in your behalf this time, you might give the money to an organization who will buy the old hair and well do it in your behalf somewhere else or in the city itself, in your behalf. It is only sunny to witness the kill of the animal. It does subnet to eat from it but does not must or a condition for the old here also people asking if they can take the money and donating it. The majority of them out of him on the law would agree that this is not over here. And the the best thing to do is to offer the sacrifice because in nebby sallallahu Sallam told us that the best

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act of worship in the diff and that is to offer this sacrifice to do the overhand to over the quarterback. This is the best thing I will make it a lot. Yeoman, giving the money will be just a form of donation on soda is not an obeah. And some people said chef isn't an evil football. We give money instead of food. Why don't we give money to serve meat here, we say there is a difference here in either food or the point is to help and to donate to the poor in either of these two goals. Number one is that sacrifice itself. The Gil itself in itself is an act of worship. Allah subhanaw taala said for suddenly or have become unhealthy when it could be met in jalna. Men second, Leah

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koosman law Hi, Adam arasaka homing behemoth in an app. It is one of the sign of a law that you offer the old Hey, you offer the autobahn. And that's a practice that humanity known initially, and the ruling that it is, it was revealed from Allah subhana wa Tada. From a very, very, very long time from even the time of Adam alayhis salam and his children as you remember, you might remember the story of the two children of Adam, it's caught on about Urbana, in this case, no if you have the money and you can do that, it will be better than just donating the money. But if you don't have you can donate anything for the sake of Allah in that time. Because of also the financial situation of

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many people during this pandemic is not as good as it used to be. And in this case, I'm good Allah is the Sharia is based on ease. I will also would like to say that if you happen to do the sacrifice of the old here, it is sooner to eat from it and to gift from it. And this portion of the gift can be given to anyone from neighbors Muslim non Muslims, it doesn't matter and also a portion of it to be given setup back to the people basically three categories only son as not must or wajib. According to the vast majority of the Muslim scholars, some scholars said it is actually logic to give sadaqa from it, but the majority said no, it just highly recommended to do so a lot of people

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also when they do the old here, you should realize that the majority of the scholar said it is recommended for the person not to cut anything from his hair nails if he's going to offer the old hair and that rules apply to the one who offering the old hair only. It doesn't apply to him.

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His family members unless his wife has children buying from their own money of here as well and that's just a sin if you can do it, for whatever reason, it should not stop you from offering the opiate according to some other scholars like the habitus and its wajib. And it is must to abstain from cutting hairs or nails. And in any case, both sides have very good and strong argument. And but none of them said it's a condition for the validity of that over here and over here should be offered from sheep, goats, camels or, or whatever similar to cow's like balls or something of that nature depends on the country that it will be. And the best type of meat is the one that will be

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will basically be more wanted by the poor people in that region. So if it's in a region where people love beef, that will be you know, your choice number one, this area No, the like goat that will be the best thing to offer. It should be something of a good health and not sick, not limping. And not one is the process of them said The point is to make sure that it is or the people who are doing it to make sure that it is healthy and also for the goats. It should be one year old for the sheep and maybe some give it permission to be six months old. For that cows two years and older and the camels five years or older. These are some of the conditions in relation to the oath here make sure when

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you do that, you remember that the last five to Allah is specifically mentioned this act of worship which is a not the sacrifice as one of the sign of the heat in US allottee when we Suki when Mahayana Matthew rely on the army I want for solid Arabic I want help and it is a great act of worship that we do to please Allah subhana wa tada what I asked Allah to accept from all of us and stay safe was to

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I want to

Answered by Shaykh Waleed Basyouni

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