How does Zakaat help?

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Maintaining the Economy of a Society

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How does Zakat help in maintaining the economy of a given society? As far as economic society is concerned, unlike capitalism,

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or socialism, the economic order of Islam is based on the principle that everything is different. Everything in the universe belongs to Allah subhanaw taala. He is the owner of everything in the universe. And Allah subhanaw taala is the creator sustainer cherisher and the owner of everything that exists in this world and the universe, based on this principle, Allah says in the Quran, in Surah Surah chapter number 24 was number 33. That give in charity, out of the means, which Allah subhanaw taala provided you in the last minute Allah has wealth.

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And Allah has made us trustees, Allah is asking us to give out of the means that is provided us. Allah repeats a message in Surah chapter number 57 was number seven, that give out of the sustainance which Allah subhana wa Taala has made your hair of what Allah has given you the property as a sneeze, give out of that. So we as human beings, are the trustees of ies gerrant of Allah subhanaw taala. So, it is a wealth of Allah subhanaw taala that's the reason we have to spend it and earn the wealth, according to the commandment of Allah subhanaw taala since it belongs to him, and there are various guidelines, given the Quran, how the wealth should be earned and distributed and

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spent as far as how the wealth should be earned. There are various prohibitions

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that you cannot own this way otherwise everything is Allah. Allah says in the Quran in surah baqarah chapter number two was number 278 and 279 that grew up with demands of Riba rabbis interest. Its usury. And those who give up not the demands of Riba usury an interest take notice of a war from Atlantis resort. So earning

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through Reba 383 test is haram. It is one of the biggest sins as far as earning is concerned.

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And Allah for this is in the Koran that you cannot own

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through baby. Allah says in Surah Baqarah chapter number two was the deed that used not your wealth, as a bait for judges in order, you may eat other person's wealth. Using your money to bribe people so that you may earn more wealth is prohibited in Islam.

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Similarly, stealing and robbing is prohibited. Allah says in the Quran in surah majda chapter number five was number 13. As to the thief, beat a man or woman chop off his or her hand as a punishment one last minute Allah so earning while Robin is prohibited

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Furthermore, Allah says in the Quran in surah majda chapter number five was the mentee.

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Yeah a EULA is in Amman, or you believe in animal control Maestro. Most certainly intoxicants and gambling are unsolvable Islam, dedication of stones, divination of arrows, ritual, minimally shaytan these are Satan and evil, first and he will allow him to abstain from this handbook determine prosper. So learning by means of intoxicants, gambling, making use

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of Fortune delete, all these are prohibited in Islam.

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Allah subhanaw taala further gives us guidance, and unless it's in the Quran is renewed. Chapter number 24 was the mentality that do not force your maids into prostitution. Those won't remain chaste, just in order to gain some wealth of goods.

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But if anyone forces them

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after this, then allies are forgiving and most merciful.

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But you cannot own to prostitution.

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And furthermore, law says in the Quran, in Surah Surah chapter number 24 verse number 19, and those who love scandal to be published and broadcast amongst the believers, they will surely get a grievous penalty this fall and the year after

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that meet anyone who likes to publicize or broadcast scandal among the believers it is prohibited. And further Allah says in the Quran in surah, Nisa, chapter number four was number two that give to the orphans, their property, when does it become adult means if you're a guardian, to the property of an orphan, give it to them when they mature and do not exchange your goods which are useless with their goods which are

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Good and neither to mix up your good with their goods for those who disease that we will treat. So, there are various things mentioned in the Quran that you cannot own by means of Riba interest or by bribing

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or by robbing or alcohol, gambling, idol worship fortunetelling my prostitution by scandalous ways of eating orphans property, this is a guideline given by Allah subhanaw taala

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which you find in the other world today in the modern world, all this very common

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and allow also gives us a way, give you guidelines, how to spend the well.

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Unless isn't the Foreign Ministry Bukhara? chapter number two was number 261. If anyone shows one green in the way of Allah subhanaw taala, Allah will give him seven years each year, burying 100 grains.

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That means Allah subhanaw taala says that if you spend in the way of Allah subhanaw taala, Allah will give you 700 times profit. In business terminology, Allah will give you 70,000% profit,

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in which business will you get 70,000% profit and unlock until then says that he will give you multiple times more. The best way to spend is the view of Allah subhanaw taala. It is charity.

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Allah further repeats the message in Surah Baqarah chapter number two was number 271. That if you disclose the charity that you give,

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it is well.

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But if you can seal it, and make it reach those people are needy, that is the best for you. It will cover up your sins. And Allah knows

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that you reach it is good. Allah has given me permission to disclose it also to tell it to others, the best disclosing.

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Allah says in Surah Baqarah chapter number two was number 277. As to those who believe and do righteous deeds, and establish prayers, and they give charity, that is that

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they will receive the reward from the Lord, and on them shall be no fear, and they shall not have any penalty.

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Allah says in Surah dheireadh chapter 51 was the main

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Let's face and gift charity, to those who ask

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and even to those are prevented from asking, if you know the person deserves, if he's needy, if he's poor, whether he has or does not ask, yet give him charity.

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I like to mention one more was, Allah says, In Surah Nisa, chapter number four was 36 that serve Allah subhanaw taala and join on God's with him

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and be good to your parents and the kinsfolk and the relatives

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and to the orphan those in need and to the neighbors those who are near you. And the neighbors those are strangers, as well as to the wayfarer and the water at hand positions. So unlike gives the categories of people who should be

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and Allah gives a warning in the Quran in Surah Tauba chapter nine was done with a different faith as to those who

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hoard gold and silver and spend it not in the way of Allah subhanaw taala announced to them a grievous penalty

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and in the year after the wealth

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with the hood it will be taken and it will be heated in the fire of hellfire.

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The roll that the hooded will be heated in Hellfire, and with it they'll be branded on the forehead, on the flanks on the bank, and it will be told to them that taste the wealthy audit.

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That is the reason Zakat has been prescribed for the Muslims. And Allah says in Surah Allah chapter 15 verse number seven, that it prevents the wealth from circulating amongst the rich. If every rich human being in the world gives a cut, poverty will be adequate from this fold. There will not be a single human being will die of hunger.