Compulsory Fasts besides Ramadan

Zakir Naik


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Dr. Zakir

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Are there any other

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compulsory facts other than the month of Ramadan that a Muslim must observe

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the fast can be broadly categorized into further fasts, that obligatory and the other Taotao fast that the warranty fast or the non obligatory fast, which inshallah we'll be dealing maybe on the episode 31 as far as obligately fasts are concerned, you can classify it under four types. The first as we are discussing w at fast during the month of Ramadan. The second is, if a person misses the fast of Ramadan for any reason,

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cover up the fast Miss is known as Coronavirus. The third is fasting for expansion of the sins is recommended a sin and if too fast give a confira that the third type and the fourth is fasting if you vote too fast. So these are basically the four types of fasting which are the initial