Zakir Naik – Can a Muslim Work in a Company which does not allow him to Pray during Working Hours

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A customer asks if they can work in a company where they cannot pray, and the representative explains that praying only during working hours is prohibited, even if sick. The representative also advises that praying only during lunch breaks is considered illegal, and that praying too long during work hours is considered a violation of privacy.
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Time is short. We'll just take one last question before we end the session from Al Hassan from Ghana. I work for a non Muslim company, the company does not allow me to pray during working hours Should I work in such a company? I mentioned earlier session that praying Salah five times the fourth for every Muslim there is no option irrespective wherever he works, even if sick for a man he has to work. If he cannot stand, he has to sit and pray if he cannot sit he has to land pray even while doing jihad in the battlefield he has to pray. One group prays the other keeps watch then the second group is and the first group keeps a watch. There is no excuse unless you're unconscious.

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That the only condition or you are a minor. It is accepted that we did not pray if you're an adult and if you're conscious whether you're sick, it is compulsory to pray. If you're working in a company which does not allow you to pray I request to go to the boss and tell Okay, please give me 10 minutes break to pray. Normally there are two prayers that come when you work so hard and it's very common that Zohar Salah come during the time of your lunch break. So surely you don't have to take permission while lunch break when you're having a break for half an hour 45 minutes. You have your lunch first and then varicella or pray salah and have your lunch first. So, surely, one of your

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Salah absorbed in any profession is easily solved and no one can prevent you from praying during a break regarding the other person's time, there are high chances that you will be during your working hours they may be a tea break may not be a tea break if it is coinciding with the working hours go to your boss and say that please give me 10 minutes out to pray go to a nearby mosque pray and come back if not in the mosque Mecca Jamaat if there are a few Muslims in that Koto masala go to a small room pray together

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and tell the boss okay give me 10 minutes break I will work 20 minutes extra who would say no.

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According to me, most of them even the non musi will agree they may be fuel object. If your boss or your company object say no you cannot offer Salah there is no option you have to leave the job search for another job you may get a job with a better salary. Even if you get a job with a lesser salary. Don't worry, it will benefit you in this dunya. Also, if you're not allowed to play in any activity, whether it be a job or whether it be spending a sport or any other activity or doing praying five times is the fourth. You have to pray. If you cannot pray in that particular job, leave the job. Change your job where you can pray

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