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I felt that was just a little felt that went a little bit.

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It's the Hijaz, though. And I'm in 47 days hudge. We have, we have, oh no, we have a whole group. I got my group of 49 people assigned. So we're on WhatsApp where I am like super dialed up. And people who go to Hajj with an exclusive group who pay top dollar usually have no idea who I am. So I'm an overpriced tour guide basically to them and they're all and then midway through Hajj, they're like, you know, some pretty cool stuff. Like everyone goes like you read Quran pretty well. I'm like, yeah, they're like, and you pray like really healthy. I'm like, Thank you.

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Do you proud? I feel like they're like, Yeah, we're proud of you keep it up.

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Yeah. So this year, I'm trying to like in advance, like change their diets. I have them. Some of them think it's all crazy. But we're walking on a treadmill barefoot. I'm cutting carbs, sugars last 10 days, just cut everything. And then I am personally doing which is gonna sound impossible caffeine. I'm going to be cutting the caffeine 20 days you think what's a good way to get out of the three to seven days to read it through withdrawal? Okay, you culture. Okay, I've done it several times. I mean, it's headache on the first day, so depends on how much you're in it. Right? Okay, so the key thing if you're not gonna, if you don't get the headaches, that's fine. What you will

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experience is a lot of fatigue as part of the withdrawal, and a lot of sleeping. Yeah, right. So like, you have to consider that. Like, I know, like with the first time I did it, I was just like, Oh, I'm gonna take a three and a half hour naps in the middle of the day.

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But that goes on, like, at least for three. Right? Now. Sometimes what I've had to do this because like, Alright, three and a half days and then Friday, Saturday, Sunday, part of one day, right? And then it's just like, well, I need to get to basically Yeah, so what I'll do is I'll give myself like, half a monster. Okay? Right, which is like a cup of tea. Okay, right. And so, so that way, it's kind of like you're weaning yourself off. That's the better way to I feel like for weaning works because when the headache for get headache, we need like a tea or weak tea or something just to kind of so like, the thing is in terms of the weaning, but like, I'll do that. And I'll give

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myself another three and a half days and it might take me instead of seven days. It might take me two weeks to get I like it because of that extra because you did the the taper. Now then there's the actual taper, right? Yeah, I will literally every weekend. I will cut my caffeine and take it half. Ah, okay. Right. So starting Friday. Oh, actually better than that. That does actually stick maybe we can even keep it right. Actually, you know what, we should do a blog. I will do this. Yeah. And basically, I will post you on my most of my hunch people are like, we can let go of everything. Just not the caffeine. Like we'll stop eating everything.

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Like the

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caffeine factor before even reducing your caffeine intake. I started and this is from Kelly Starrett. Yeah, that whole group is that start with not cutting, but not not reducing but having a cut off. Oh, I won't have caffeine after

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2pm like you want to have your caffeine shot two o'clock. That's your last step. And then that's it right so if you want to have caffeine twice a day, or get up super early. Yeah, I get up at 5am I love it and have your and then one o'clock lunchtime heavy but that's it. Yes. No miss that cut off you miss it. Yeah, cuz we through the day drink caffeine. At least I do consume it. Sometimes before I sleep I'll drink one something like it's not good. So like but the thing is like I would say do that for a weekend right and then the next week and you get it now what's gonna happen is the first thing you'll experience is that your sleep because not because of caffeine, you haven't had caffeine

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or whatever. Maybe you have a little bit of headache taken off or whatnot. Yeah, asleep like a baby. Yes. Right. And then have you slipped from Yeah, you're gonna get really heavy sleep. And then what's going to happen is start deliberately missing a cut off at least a couple of times. Where you it's almost like an intermittent fast. Yeah. 16 hours. No, I like