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Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of translation in the Hadith and the need for multi-channel translation. They explore the dangerous behavior of animals and the potential for harm, including the use of animals as bait during the conflict. The speaker suggests that animals can be dangerous and rewarded, and that animals can be dangerous and rewarded. They also touch on the history of the Prophet's order to kill animals, including the use of poison and the potential damage it could cause to humans.
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Hello Simon Baraka Vienna Muhammad Anwar Elio cyber setenta Sleeman Kathira to my my bad. So tonight we have one of those Hadith that requires a lot of belief and Imani I need to accept, especially in time like ours when everybody wants to question everything intellectually and rationally just like what does that even mean? So this is required. I'm preparing right now that this hadith requires a lot of Eman. A lot of trust that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam judgment and statements are what Allah said amaray Hadith number 1818 63. One a missionary cannot be alone Anna Anna Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Amara will Caitlyn Oza will call Kenya young for what Abraham has

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multifocal knowledge. Now, the translation is a little bit off here. The transition Hadith I'm sure, I'm sure he called the Levana that the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, she said he ordered me to kill Eliza, and observe plural of waza in the Arabic language, another another word on bots.

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In the translation, they say to kill Eliza, which they said chameleon, but actually it's a way of translation.

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Zima matter of fact, the meaning of WhatsApp or boss is actually the closest as lizard, the lizard or even the gecko to be specific for one to be more specific in that but chameleon is a way of translation completely. And she said she said that's what the Prophet says. I'm told her it blew fire on private Ibrahim Ali Sarah, either all Bukhari and Muslim, Rohan and Muslim what does that mean? It's very authentic narration. And if the narration is authentic, I believe it. The Prophet saw Sam said that I will take it because these are the words of the prophets are about to live a ceremony. But then we have the struggle of trying to understand the meaning of it.

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I mean, why would the prophets as a monster Kratos anyway, why do you have to go after the geckos or not the the lizard at least Elizabeth Warren, that and go after them and we'll talk about the small lizard that actually that is considered domestic that you know you can see it in the backyard and the front yard sometimes go through the cracks into your house and the walls on these are the allows, the professor suddenly orders us to to kill, he did not order us to go after you know the desert animals to go chase after them to kill them. So he's talking about this one that actually comes around. And you can understand that the reasoning behind it so the reason that was given the

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hadith is they said Carla, can Amphicar Ebrahim like all the other animals we're trying to set off that fire.

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But this animal was blowing the farmer brain Malasana now I wasn't there to see that.

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Neither one of us was at to see that. Even the Prophet saw Sam wasn't there to witness that. But Allah subhana he doesn't speak these statements that allow to allow Sarah Marie, unless he has an inspiration from Allah Azza that's number one. Number two, what does it even mean? Does it mean that this animal has conscious to do this? Rahim Allah Salla Allahu taala, Anna, Renaud Allah Amin, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala subjugate the animal kingdom to Musa to Salaam analysera. So they will do things that we can't even imagine today. Right? So probably that was one of those moments for the animals in the Himalayas. Some of us might say, but how are we going to be carrying the, you know, the guilt

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of doing that for generations of these animals? What are these animals to do with this? So that's when the remember they say, look, in essence, that shows that how this animal can be harmful. That's it. This statement from the Prophet SAW Selim, that this is how much harmful was that even was taken apart? It is again, Ibrahim Anissa. Like how law in terms of the yonder don't say character, we don't have that character, but these animals can be so they can be dangerous. That's what it means. To what extent

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just like any other insects that might be around you, that might cause damage and harm and even the least you could cause actually people to get disgusted. Having them around. I don't know how many of you guys like these insects to be around. But for example, roaches, I mean, can you stand roaches around the house Gemma?

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I don't know. This is one of the most disgusting animals I can imagine.

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But still, this is the creation of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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And I believe every creation has purpose. There's no doubt about it. What's the purpose of this animal Allahu Allah. But the prophet is awesome gave us the command to kill this animal if we see it in the house. And even the Prophet SAW semi count the Alborz or these animals as part of the Alpha cattle comes five animals the professor says you kill them, whether you see them, whether you're wearing a haram or otherwise, even when you wear your crown when it's supposed to be

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killing animals. But these animals you killed them with the company. And you mentioned the snake with comes new. He mentioned the other ones as well too. So

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this is because it's coming from the Prophet sallallahu sallam, then I will believe that there are some other generations as well, in which the Prophet SAW Selim encouraged even to, to do it as fast as possible because his animals can be swift and quick. And he said that if you kill that animal swiftly in the first strike, you have this much reward. And the second one have less reward. And third one is less reward. Which means you need first of all to rush or be immediately in Swift, number one. Number two, even though you've been ordered to terminate this animal, for example, do it right. Do it quickly in one strike and help us finish it instead of you know, torture that animal as

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well too. So Allahu taala. Again, why the Prophet Salah Salem has given us an order to this of course, there's some aroma or some scientists, Muslims scientists that tried to create some sort of reasoning behind it, you know about this animal cares bacteria it eats ends it is another insect that might be actually harmful to you and this and that Allah, Allah, Allah we know, it's definitely when it's around around your area on your house. It's bothersome. So tell me what it is okay. It's good to do that inshallah. Some people they asked, okay, can we use poison for this? What does have to be manual? Yeah, and use the Chatbot and

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go after it immediately. Are you allowed to use poison? Well, as long as you don't use fire should be okay.

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It was not fire. It should be occasional Autobot or Cortana Wallah who Tara any questions?

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The other five animals. And Heather wallboards while Farah wallkill.

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He said a couple S word particularly, and

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the snake. So he basically is the mouse

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the lizards over here, a specific bird called hada. Some of this is actually the crow, the dog and he mentioned specifically, the black dog for whatever reason. Maybe because again, the purpose as I mentioned that shape and sometimes actually all the jinn might resemble that. And the last was a snake. When we say snake we're not talking about garden snakes but because snakes are obviously to be harmful Allah

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do what we expect people to like execute.

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If you see a black dog in the neighborhood

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know if if that if that dog is coming at you to harm you particularly like targeting you get rid of it. That's what it means. But if someone's walking a black dog in the neighborhood

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that's your responsibility. Don't bring me into this argument. Yes.

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Exactly. The * the

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little ones? Yes. No

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not all these animals. What was proven in the Hadith can come in the form of snake. Yeah, that's that's that's possible.

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Allah Ana, I don't know if the shutdown come in the form of that loser. But he didn't mention that.

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If of course if it's harmful to you, now.

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I mean, if you're not gonna go after the cross and the whole neighborhood, bring your BB guns and just go. You're not going to do that. But if something is really bothersome, in your in your area, it's your responsibility to take care of it.

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that's one interpretation and whether could be a crop

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I don't think so. How about the heel chameleon? Billing Elizabeth's not the chameleon, Wallah ha.

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Kershaw's panicle over 100 Assurant as ever to work, so I'm gonna go until I will.

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Now go off

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