How can I Repent to Allah?

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Assalamualaikum sir. My name is the Krita the HEMA I'm from Madura. Bangladesh. My question is, recently I've watched your video about the rights of women in Islam. After seeing it, my mind is one step closer to Islam. How can I repent perfectly to Allah

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de la mala Harun, the sister had asked a very good and a very important question that she has seen my videos including my talk on who made that Islam and she realized that she was doing some mistakes or doing some things and now she wants to come closer to Islam glue to Allah subhanaw taala How can she repent? There are various criteria for repent. And the scholar says that if the four criteria are fulfilled, that inshallah Allah will accept your repentance, number one, that if you have done some haram, I agree that what you have done is haram. Number one, I agree it is haram. Number two, stop it immediately. Number three, do not do it again. Number four, if you can undo it, undo it all

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the major things you can't for example, I'm not It's not referring to you. Maybe a man is having alcohol and you realize it's a major sin and he wants to stop it he wants to repent. So firstly, I agree that having alcohol is a sin. Number two, we stopped having it. Number three, he never had that again. Number four, can you undo it too he cannot undo it. But if he has robbed if you have stolen some goods, then you agree that is wrong. He doesn't he he stopped robbing. Number three, he doesn't robbing future number four, that stolen item is yet with him, he can always return it to the rightful owner.

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So in the painting, if you can fulfill the first three have to fulfill the fourth if you can undo it and return the thing you have called him to someone else. So if all the four criteria the fulfilled or the first three are fulfilled, inshallah Allah will accept your repentance. And the best time of the year is to repent in Ramadan.

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And Allah will accept your repentance in Ramadan is the best time when the doors the gates of heaven open, the gates of hell are closed and the status changes the best time I request sister that I've asked the best question at the best time. This is the month of Ramadan. For all the things whether it be major or minor, you ask for repentance, you pray to Allah for forgiveness, and inshallah Stop it. Don't do it again, and pray to Allah to give you that, that that courage and that ability not to do it again. And if you can undo it, undo it and I pray to Allah smothered me forgive your sin, my sins and all the sins of the viewer. And I pray to Allah smother me he raised all the viewers,

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hundreds or 1000s or millions of viewers that are watching this program all over the world. I pray to Allah smother me He raised us together in Jannah