He Hears Two Adhaan And Wants To Know Which Adhaan Is Appropriate To Break The Fast

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I can here to advance from different MOS. And the timing of both the advance differ by a few minutes. When should I break fast at the first or second alarm, as far as breaking or the fastest concerning the two add ons and both of them differ, you have to find out that which of the two more than mentioned the other and pronounces the add on to the right time, right time is when the sunsets as our beloved Prophet commensalism said, it's mentioned in say Buhari, one, number three in the book of fasting, how did number 1954 that when the night comes from this side, and the day vanishes from the side and the sunset, that I'm flipping the fast so basically, they have to first find out

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which of the two mob then is rushing the other end at the right time. Or if there's a doubt best is today's age of science and technology. We have a chart which executors the time when the sunsets and you can match it with your own watch the time or you can match the other one, which of the two more than gives right other than that right time, we should break the fast. You should not say that whichever more than gift first have to break. If there's a difference. Try and find out which of the two more than pronounces the addenda the right time or best is you read yourself. You verify your watch it's the right time. See the timetable and break the facts.