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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi now culminates the battle of Ahzab in this final lecture on the same. Here, the main point of discussion is the skirmishes that were happening amidst the Quraysh and the Ghatafan and how it turned out to be their own undoing.

The weather also seems to have played a role that is paramount to the defeat of the Ahzab army. Hudhayfah ibn Yaman RA describes it as a night that was studded with thunderstorm, strong winds, tornadoes and nail biting cold.

He is sent by the Prophet ﷺ as a spy into the opposition army to find out about their innermost intentions. He goes as instructed and is delighted to return with the good news of their withdrawal of the army due to the inclement weather and the supposed treachery of the Banu Quraydha.

What did Allah use to realise the victory in the battle of Ahzab?

  • The imaan of the sahabah and the dua of the Prophet ﷺ.
  • Nuaym ibn Masud 
  • The ignorance of the Quraysh with regards to the rules of the Ghatafan.
  • The duration of the war.
  • The armies of winds and angels sent by Allah.


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