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Yesterday we talked about Prophet Ibrahim's submissiveness

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his complete unconditional surrender and submission to Allah subhanaw taala his creator.

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And tonight I would like to discuss another aspect of this amazing

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prophetic character.

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Our Father Ibrahim Alayhi Salam.

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One of the most

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highlighted aspects of his life is his family life.

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In various parts of the Quran, Allah subhana, Allah to Allah tells us about Abraham's

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family life, what it was like,

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starting with his childhood,

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and how great of a son he was at a salon,

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a son that brought guidance to his own father, who was not only a disbeliever, but he was someone that promoted disbelief and paganism.

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He was working for that industry.

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He was part of that apparatus

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of devils plan to deviate or to lead humanity away from the worship of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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They manufactured deities and gods

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and they would actually ask people to worship them besides Allah subhanaw taala. So Ibrahim alayhis salam challenged this status quo and he tried to bring people back to Allah subhanaw taala his own people he gave them Dawa. He courageously stood up against

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the culture of shirk.

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He did not try to fit in, he did not compromise. He did not want to be accepted by everyone. He didn't mind being different because he was not only different, but he was right. He was upon the truth he was upon how Allah subhanaw taala granted him guidance while taking an Iran Hema Russia home in Kabul. And he didn't say I'm just a child, I'm just a kid. What can I change? So Ibrahim Ali Salam took on this task of trying to bring people trying to bring his family members first, and then his people back to Allah subhanaw taala. Until he even reached the point where he stood

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against one of the most notorious tyrannical figures of his time, a king and an emperor, a very powerful emperor.

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And debated with him about Allah subhanho wa Taala and the power of Allah azza wa jal. But when you look at how he approached his father,

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he still didn't forget that this is his father that gave birth to him. So he comes to his father and he says, Yeah, Betty, oh, my father, oh, my beloved Father, in a very loving way in the Khadija and immunol at me, man me attic, there has come to me knowledge that you did not receive

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the tyranny I had, because we are orphans, so we follow me and I will guide you to a straight path.

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And then he continues to basically reason with his father.

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Do not worship the devil, so that you don't become an enemy of man of Allah subhanaw taala, the most merciful

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but his father, and then he says to his father, in me who I am a second either woman or man, I'm afraid that you may end up getting

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to the point where you will be punished by Allah subhanaw taala I don't want Allah Azza to torment you. I care about you, and I care about your fate.

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And in spite of all of that, his father, in an abusive manner refuses.

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Not only does he refuse, but he tells him that if you do not stay away from me, if you don't cut it out, if you don't stop this, what he thought was nonsense.

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I shall punish you and I want to Estonia, laying them 20 Now our human neck

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and this fight of this abusive language. And not only did they abuse him verbally, but they actually went as far as attempting to throw him and fire into the fire. We know that that must have been a very traumatic experience. But for someone that believes in Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and has the power of Allah and has a heart that is fully attached to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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it didn't matter what would happen to him for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala so in spite of this abusive

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language of his father Ibrahim alayhis. Salam says, Allah Salam on Alec, peace be upon you. So I still feel like some of you will get caught up be. I will actually try to ask my Lord to forgive you and I will pray for you. So he prayed for his father. And he continued to pray for his father Allah subhanaw taala tells us even at a later time, he says, a bit fiddly. What do you actually do a little more money in what he meant to holla at me not until Allah subhanaw taala told him that he can no longer do that, until it was very obvious that his father unfortunately, was an enemy of Allah subhanho wa Taala and once it was his father versus Allah subhanaw taala

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he always chose Allah azza wa jal.

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And Ibrahim was a loving and caring husband.

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But Ibrahim also turned out to be an amazing father.

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Ibrahim Ali he said he did not let his own childhood trauma or horrible experience with his own father

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shape, his parenting style. He didn't become

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a tyrannical or

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authoritarian father, he became a loving, caring father and Allah azza wa jal at an old age blessed him with two sons, for whom he cared so much. Not only did he care for them, but he also cared for their children and their descendants for generations to come.

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Ibrahim alayhi salam embodies that loving father, as a matter of fact, they even say the name itself in and of itself.

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Right, me is a compassionate father. That's what he was.

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And even when he had to leave his son in a barren land where there was no one that brought him out, so that was not abandoning him. He was actually leaving him in the custody of Allah subhanho wa taala, obeying the commandment of Allah azza wa jal

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and yes, Hagar peace be upon him at some point was indeed, a single mother raising an amazing and extraordinary child as Mary Lani salaam, but it brought him and this is something that a lot of people don't realize they think that Ibrahim just left his son and then walked away and just came back later, after years, Ibrahim Ali Salam would frequently visit

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Allah Subhana Allah to Allah did not give him permission to settle and stay with them. But Allah Subhana Allah gave him permission to frequently visit them and check on them. And he participated in the nurturing and the raising of his marriage and and the shaping of his personality. And it was during one of these trips that

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Ibrahim saw that dream that we talked about yesterday. And though it was a commandment from Allah subhanaw taala. He's still communicated with his son and he told him this is what I was shown in my dream.

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And it's very, because he was raised by an amazing father and mother submitted to the will of Allah subhanho wa taala. And we mentioned that yesterday, and it was during one of these trips that Ibrahim Ismail together build the cabinet, the Father and the Son, praying that Allah Subhana Allah accepts from them. It was during one of these trips that had Rahim Allah His Salam was told to call or proclaim Hajj.

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It was during one of these trips that Ibrahim alayhi salam came to check on his son and he found out that his son did not necessarily marry the right person.

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And he sent him an implicit message to consider marrying someone else. And it wasn't during one of these trips that he came back and then he found out that his son remarried another woman. And he sent him an implicit message telling him that that is a keeper and that he ought to honor her.

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So Rahim Ali Salam used to come frequently he was very involved.

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So was he in the life is happ

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and Allah Subhana Allah tells us in the Quran, Allah subhana, Brahim, will Benny, where he always emphasize on the importance of living Islam, and submitting to Allah subhanaw taala and putting one's trust in love with Allah azza wa jal.

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An amazing son,

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an extraordinary father, Allah subhanaw taala made him as a reward, an ummah, a nation,

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a leader

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and the father of all prophets to come after him. So he became not only the father of two prophets, but he became Abdullah MBI, the father of the prophets and every

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prophet that came after that was from his line at a center.

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I ask Allah subhana wa Taala to make you and I have those who inspire who find inspiration in the example of Ibrahim Ali Sana be great children are sons and daughters, be great parents, fathers and mothers

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and raise our children to love Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and his messenger messenger into submit to Allah subhanho wa Taala raise our children in a manner that will make them attached to Allah subhanho To Allah so that they will be protected and guided by Allah subhana wa Tala, and do what Ibrahim alayhi salam used to do something the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam emphasized, and instead of expressing frustration and anger, and instead of cursing or insulting our children, or putting them down or calling them names, let's learn a beautiful quality from embroidery around a salon, which is to pray for them.

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Learn the drama's of Ibrahim for his children. How he prayed for his children how he prayed for their guidance, how he prayed for their

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well being how he prayed for their prosperity.

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How he prayed for their future how he prayed for their future children.

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Ibrahim Ali Salam was a loving father. And until this day,

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we as an oma in those who reside in that region that has been blessed by the arrival Brahim until this day reaping the fruits of the rocky valleys. Every drop that Ibrahim made right there was accepted. And until this day, we see the baraka and the blessings of that drop.

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And when you and I go to pray there,

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and make throw off and make Hajj and drink from zum zum that is the bulk of Prophet Ibrahim and his

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we're still benefiting from it.

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So let's learn these prayers and supplications and pray with a sincere heart that Allah subhanaw taala blesses our children, that Allah Subhana Allah protects them that Allah subhanho wa Taala make them the fulfillment of our dreams in this life and in the Hereafter, that Allah Subhana Allah makes him assets for this great religion, that Allah subhanaw taala makes them of those who worship Him in those who call other people to worship Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah grants him salvation in the Hereafter. May Allah azza wa jal not cause any one of us here present today or anyone who's listening to us to ever to ever suffer the loss of a child may Allah

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subhanaw taala protect all of our children. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah not cause us to see the demise of our children in this life, or in the Hereafter. May our children accompany us

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to gender and for those and be with us. Robina attina Milan Kurama ye Atlanta I'm in Emory. Now Rashida Robina habla and I mean as far as you know how to react in a Kurata was your Hana in Malta Pina mo Salah hermana sagina Mohammed while he was so happy he was so lame just seem like a hero.