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How often do our affairs in this dunya become difficult, become stressed? How often does hardship and suffering and pain descend upon us in this dunya in this world,

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and people will go out and search

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for the things that can solve the problems in their life. They search for that which can remove the crises they have in this life.

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And you find that people will often strive

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with the means of the world,

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trying to solve their problems, alleviate their hardships, using

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the means of money,

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raising their voice, relying on the help of others,

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doing what they can in the context of this world, to alleviate their suffering.

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And sometimes you find people who give up, they feel like there is no solution.

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That the problems that they face, whether it is a problem in their personal life, in their job, with their family, their personal grief, or whether the problem is larger, whether the problem is the state of the OMA, the suffering of this OMA under tyranny.

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We feel like the problem is impossible.

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And so because it feels so impossibly shut off, and close to us, we give

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these two kinds of people, the one who utilizes the dunya

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and the one who gives up and both of them have forgotten that they have a lord Subhana above the seven heavens, who calls himself infertile

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so that they don't lose hope.

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And to that, even as they work in the US and utilize the means of the dunya they do so with a heart connected to Allah Subhana Allah.

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Allah azza wa jal in the Quran calls himself al Fatah.

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Which literally means the one who opens from being in our being,

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one to how you refer to him, our Lord if open between us, and between our people in truth, when to find good, fatty then you are the best of those who opens.

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Well the edge and

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Allah says, say Our Lord will bring us together and he will, he will open between us in truth. Well when Fatah and he is

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the most knowledgeable?

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What is it mean? Alphabet, the opening that the Quran is referring to? What does it mean that Allah calls himself al Fatah linguistically and Islamically? And how do we connect to this meaning of Allah subhanaw taala this name of his

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the scholars This

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is Allah to quilici in

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the alphabet is the removal of things that are closed are all things that are closed. You cannot say you open something except that it had been closed before.

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You can't say you open something that was already opened. By necessity it must have been closed.

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And so when Allah subhanaw taala says that he is alpha.

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He is telling us that He is the one who because of his will, and his power, he opens, he conquers everything that was impossibly closed. So he is the one who listens to hardship, removes the sadness takes away the tests and the tragedies that people thought were impossible to be removed.

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He is the only one who can concrete he is the only one who can open it.

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If all the doors of the dunya are shut off, all of the doors of the dunya are closed. If people tell you there is no use, there is no way who is the one who can open the doors that have been closed and attack. The one who opens the one who conquers so when things become dark and difficult, you have to go to all

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On and to pray to Him and to beseech Him as alpha.

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Male yesterday and lovely Nassima Robertson.

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Allah says beautifully in the Quran, whatsoever mercy Allah opens, he opens the Mercy Fen Imams, there is no one who can prevent it.

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Once Allah decides to solve this problem, once he decides to open this thing that has been incredibly shot before it, no one can stop it.

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Family cinnabar and whatever Allah prevents and holds back, there's no one who can send forward. Well hola as these are akin to beautiful verse, If Allah opens the doors of mercy, and solves your problem, all of this world cannot close that door.

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So those of us who go through family problems, extremely difficult problems with one's wife, extremely difficult problems with one's husband, and you feel like there's no solution to the problem. You feel like it's just incredibly closed. You can't even speak to the other person who was the one who can conquer the problem that no one else can conquer. Allah subhanaw taala and Fatah. parents with children, and you feel like the door is close to your child, that they will never listen to you. They'll never come back to you. They'll never talk to you ever again. Who is the one who can open the door that you think is impossibly closed, and for

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the person who was ill.

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And even the doctors might say to this person, there is no cure.

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Who is the one

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who can help the person when all the doors of the dunya are closed, and Fatah Subhana wa taala.

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And when we look to all the problems of the Omna.

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When we see what is happening in the Hassan

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when we see what is happening in Sudan,

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when we see the suffering of children, of women, of babies losing their limbs, when we feel like there is no solution to these problems.

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That every world power

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is standing together to see a genocide happened and close their eyes to it.

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We wish to close their eyes to it. They see a genocide happened and they funnel weapons towards him.

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They see a genocide happen, and they drop bombs to aid and support that genocide.

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And more than that, it's not just

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people who are not of us, who do not see us as human beings who are doing this, but our own countries, our own leaders who lead the Muslim world participating in this supporting this tacitly

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who are seeing our interests to stay in power and to profit is more important than to alleviate suffering on the people of Gaza. When you look to the world today, and you feel like every single door is closed,

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who's the one who can open it?

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This wire hurts have to connect to infect.

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You look at the Battle of better.

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There are only 300 Muslims facing over 1000 of their enemies. Only two of the Muslims have horses. While 100 of foreigners have voices.

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And the profit isn't leaking. Do I desperately, desperately calling upon Allah subhanaw taala desperately asking Allah for his support alone and just and just email it to me? He's saying Oh Allah, give me what you have promised me.

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And he's saying Oh Allah, if we are destroyed today there will be no one left to worship you on earth. If the Prophet and the believers are killed, who is left?

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And he's making dry so intensely that Allah comes to the prophet and he says, How would Allah tikkis your messenger of Allah, you're exhausting yourself and making dry?

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And here, Allah's comments either reveals a verse and the verse

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is actually directed to the co founder of Quraysh

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the co founder of rice are standing here on the battlefield. And they're saying oh Allah give us victory.

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Oh Allah show that we are the ones who are rights. Interesting of Allah says if you are seeking the facts, the victory, the opening, the decision to be made between you and the Muslims intercepted Faqad

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then indeed the victory has come, the opening has come. And what Allah means here is the opening has come for the believers against them.

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And here are prophets of Allah, Who are you send them starts to say, Allah, Allah. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. And she will He say, Allah, have Glad Tidings here is to breed, he has come, holding the reins of his deed, and with him are 1000 of the angels to fight with you.

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This is Allah subhanaw taala solving a problem, that it seemed impossible. The Prophet did not leave Medina intending to fight rice on that day.

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It seemed like an impossible situation, the prophet could not retreat. And here he has an army prepared to fight him. And they're only 300 Very with their weapons, not expecting to fight anyone.

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And Allah provides the solution when you think that there is no solution. Allah opens the doors that people think cannot can never be opened. It didn t me to highlight he said that when I had a mess, enter a question in Islam, and I didn't know what the answer was. It was too difficult. He said I would go out to the deserts

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alone and make a safar and pray to Allah subhanaw taala Ida, he said for LA Hina Allah,

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Allahu Allah and he said, By Allah, I would not come back except that Allah will give me fixed he will give me the opening the conquest, the answer to the question that I've been seeking.

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Another meaning of Allah subhanaw taala being in Fatah.

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I asked you a question. How often? Did you need to take a decision in life, in your business with your family? And you didn't know is this the correct decision or not? am I choosing right or choosing wrong? Am I gonna regret the decision that I'm making? And Allah subhanaw taala tells you why didn't

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my fatty layer Allah with him subhanaw taala are the keys to the opening the keys of the unseen?

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No one knows that except

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when you want to know is this decision, the right decision? Who do you go to? You go to the one who has the keys of the unknown Subhana wa taala.

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And in fact, means the opening literally, the conquest, the victory, but it can also mean the judgment,

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the opening between two who are arguing, judging in deciding between the

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main and our being an old bill,

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they say Our Lord,

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if open between us in these people in truth, meaning judge between us, decide between us when to hire old fat if you are the best of those who decide

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when you're being oppressed. When your rights are taken away, when people are accusing you

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of what you have not done. When they accuse you of being a thief, or a liar, or a terrorist, and everyone is against you.

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And there's nothing to prove that you're upon the truth. Where do you go? Who grants you victory?

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Who decides and judges when the people of falsehood are judging you?

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And Allah gives you the example of new holiday Sinha? 950 years, he is calling His people to Allah subhana was

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950 years and they're calling him a liar. And they're calling him a criminal. And they're calling him a nightmare. So he goes to Allah from beffta have been in a while been a common

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one to hide refer to him. Our Lord decide open between us and between our people in truth and you are the best of those

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You decide.

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And Allah subhanaw taala gives him that decision for Fontana. abueva Sana EB mountain. Allah says we opened the doors of the skies with an unrelenting rain with a Joan and elder Yuna. And we made the spring the earth explode into springs of water.

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So that the to the water is meant for an appointed time created the flood.

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We see the example of our mother I show the Allahu Aina

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when the people spread an evil rumor about our mother.

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And this rumor spread throughout Medina.

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And when the people came to Aisha, and they said what happened?

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They're asking her, did this evil Rue is this evil rumor true?

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And she said, If I were to say it's true, you would believe me. And if I were to say it's false, you would disbelieve me, meaning you are ready to believe the worst about me.

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And you would refuse to believe the best of me.

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And she said for saloon Janine, I will have a beautiful patience. I reject everything that they're saying. And I have a beautiful pieces. And then in there, Allah subhanaw taala how to reveal 20 verses in the Quran. To defend the innocence of our mother, I showed you a loved one.

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We see the example of use of it history

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thrown into prison, falsely accused.

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And in the end, the one who was accusing him says

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Now the truth has come out.

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Allah subhanaw taala brings about an opening to those who felt there's no way else. Use of in prison feeling there's no way else is a feeling everyone is against her. There's no way out. And Allah subhanaw taala gives them a way out. Allah opens and decides between them, and between the people of falsehood.

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Ask yourself a question. How often have you been in a situation where you think there's no answer?

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You think there's no solution? You think that there is no way else? And Allah gives you a way out without you even asking him.

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So how about if you ask him?

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What would happen if you actually asked him to make dua friend to him?

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If he saves you in moments of your life when you didn't even ask for it? What would you do if you actually asked for it?

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And this name of Allah giving us an Fattah in feta Hana laka, first hand, Medina, Allah says We have given you a manifest victory.

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And this came at the Treaty of Hubei via on the prophets of Allah, how do you center the Muslims are trying to go to Mecca, to go to the Canada to do their pull off. And they're stopped by the kofod of Quraysh. And they prevent them from entering. Even though this goes against the rules of Christ.

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It goes against what today we would call international law, but it was the Tribal Law of Christ never to prevent people from worshipping at the Canada they came in, they prevented the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and the believers.

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And the Prophet sallallahu Ernie he was and then ended up negotiating a deal with him, called the Treaty of Arabia.

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And in this treaty, they would not perform their pull off and they would go back to Medina, and they would come back the next year.

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And the believer, some of the Muslims, the Sahaba felt like the last. They felt like we conceded everything. And the kofod of Quraysh got everything out of this deal. And we got nothing.

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And it reminds us that sometimes you think a door is being closed, and it's actually being opened.

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Because what this did was it opened a period of peace, where the Muslims could actually go and give Dawa and talk to the people about Islam and correct the misinformation and disinformation that Christ was spreading. And more people accepted Islam during this period of peace than before it.

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But in the moment, the Sahaba felt like we lost and Allah tells them enough.

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We gave you a manifest victory, a clear victory. Sometimes what we think is happening is a door being closed. You don't realize this is the process of Allah subhanaw taala opening the door

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When Allah subhanaw taala gives us his fit.

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It will be above and beyond what you can imagine, in the

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manifest, opening, manifest victory, think of Hajra

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running between the mountains of a sufferer and Marwa her baby is crying,

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of thirst.

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What is she thinking? What is she feeling? What's her emotion? What is she hoping for? When she's looking at the top of the mountains, what she hoping for? Someone might be traveling, she might run to that person and say, Please give me some water. And that person was full. I'm traveling in the middle of the desert. But since you're a woman and you have a baby, okay, here's a cup of water. She's hoping for a cup of water. What did Allah give her? From the feet of her baby, an unending spring of water, continuing until this day, with the best, most nourishing water in the world.

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This is the factory that comes from Allah subhanaw taala.

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You think of the Prophet Sall, Allahu Allah, you will send him when he first receives the revelation in the cave. And you think of the narrowness of that cave, how small it is. And the Prophet in that cave, thinking no one is going to believe me.

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That Jubilee Ronnie, his fan came to me and recited upon me these verses.

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And one day, he conquers all of Mecca.

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In the

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movie, now, we gave you a manifest victory. The profit goes from 300, embedded 1000, northwards. 1000 in Alexa 200,000 When he conquers Mecca, and he performed a walk around the Capitol with 100,000 of the sahaba.

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And Allah reveals to him either Judah and masala he will fit

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when the victory of Allah the help of Allah and His fans, his opening, his conquest, his victory has come to you. What are at NASA the following if you didn't hear from Roger, and you see the people entering into a cinammon crowds,

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this is the manifest victory that comes from Allah subhanaw taala that alpha tax

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is capable of giving us full locality how there was somebody that was stuck through in the hole of water.

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Smilla from the vessels of cinema Hello rasool Allah He had the he was the heat woman who Allah, one of the greatest, or perhaps the greatest form of victory of FET.

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That Allah subhanaw taala can give a servant

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is the victory of being able to worship Allah subhanaw taala.

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The conquest of being able to worship Allah azza wa jal and obey Him. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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he said either Allah will be asked in a higher salary. If Allah wants good for his servant, I set out who the true means he's sweet Ensign.

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He sweetens him up. How does Allah sweeten up his servant the companions to the Rasul Allah

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will now set up what does it mean that Allah sweetens up his servant? He said, Yes, Allahu, Allahu, Allah, I'm sorry, hon. Goblin LTV, somewhere with me. He says, Allah opens for him yesterday, he conquers from opens for him, the ability to do good deeds before his death. And then Allah takes a soul. It's like Allah prepares him for death, by opening for him the door of good deeds, being able to do good deeds so that his soul his spirit is nourished and sweetened by the Amen followed by the good deeds that the person does, and that Allah subhanaw data takes their life in that state. And this is the greatest of the victories of Allah subhanaw taala. And this is the key to attaining the

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other victories of Allah subhanaw taala. When

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katomina Center, Allah says if the people of the towns only believed in her Taqwa of Allah, if they did righteousness, and if we would have opened for them, the blessings of all things, Allah would give them the blessings of this world, but they have to have an endgame.

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Ah in the worship of Allah subhana wa Tada

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so be the person who does this worship of Allah subhanaw taala and just like we want ALLAH to open the doors for us of good, we have to be keys of opening the doors for other people. Another Muslim has trouble as difficulty has a need. We stand up we helped that person. We opened the door for that person, so that Allah subhanaw taala can open the door for us. Well lofi I met Canada young Yeah, he Allah is in the service in the health of his servants, so long as his servant is in the Help in the service of his brother.