Tim Humble – Buloogh al-Maram – The Book of Zakah, Lesson 07 – Hadeeth 489-492

Tim Humble
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of calculating Z booked figures for the following year, emphasizing the use of "the beginning" to determine the beginning of the year and the importance of counting the time period. They also discuss the payment process for gold and silver, including the shadow ban on the amount of silver and gold gained during the year. The speakers emphasize the importance of trust in the way people act when they act, investing in one's wealth to avoid stagnant wealth, and considering the impact of one's wealth on retirement plans. They also mention the benefits of being a collector and how it can increase one's wealth.
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Delilah. MIMO Salatu was Salam ala Abdullah he was fully novena Mohammed while early he was so happy ah mine. So we continuing our explanation from Quito sockeye this beautiful book blue and muram by the moment habitable hijaab Ls Kalani Rahim Allahu taala reached the hadith of alioto, viola and wine Eileen. All of the Allahu anhu and no call. Caller Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam either can Attila Kamiya Durham walhalla Isley in whole for fee her come set udara him

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while he Sally cache on had day a corner licorice Runa Dino Ron wahala Eileen hold for fee her niece for Dino from azada Furby Hey sabby delic

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while a sir female in zakka had to Yahoo la in hold Rola who Abu Dawood will who hasn't worked out to work hard to lift, fear of E.

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This Heidi the Hadees of Ali bin Abu Talib, probably Allah and the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, if you have 200 Durham, and we said to Durham here is the Durham Nebo Durham, that was known in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, we said it equates to approximately 595 grams of silver.

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And here is the additional information, the new part in this Hadeeth were highly highly heel hole, and the hole passes on it. And the meaning of the hole passing is that it reaches one Hijri year.

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So, in the case of silver, we have two things that we need to consider. And we mentioned them right back in the very first class that we did on GitHub. So

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the first thing that we need to consider is we need to consider and nisab the threshold, and the threshold is 200 prophetic Durham's of silver 200, prophetic Durham's of silver, as we said, it comes to around about 595 grams of silver.

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And that 595 grams of silver is the threshold until the silver reaches that amount, there is no zeca do upon it. Once it reaches that amount, then the counter begins. So, the person let's say they had 200 grams of silver, then they added to it 400 grams of silver. So now they have 600. And that's over the threshold. So now they started the counter, and the counter goes for 12 hijiri months, that is a full Hijri year. And that's the meaning of the statement of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam more highly are they he'll hold the Islamic months passed by now one of the mistakes a lot of people make is that they consider the Gregorian calendar. So they only give consideration to the

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fact that 12 months of the Gregorian calendar have gone by, so perhaps they would say from December to December, but that's not correct. What is correct is the Hijri year we know the Hijri year is approximately 10 days shorter than the Gregorian calendar. So it's very important that if you are calculating your Zakah precisely, that means you're not paying too much or or just overpaying to make it easy. You're being precise in your calculations, then you look for the threshold. Once the wealth goes over the threshold, you start the counter for that wealth. So you make an entry in your diary that today on the let's say example 15th of Siobhan the amount of silver that I had it reached

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600 grams, it went over the threshold.

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If it goes under the threshold during the year, the counter stops. You've crossed that out of your diary and you wait for it to go over once again. But let's presume that on the 15th of shadow ban, your silver reached 600 grams. And

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it was like that in Ramadan. It was like that in show well. It was like that in total character and so hedger Muharram sofar in Ruby an hour ago.

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sunnie jumada oola jumada serrania Rajab. And then again, it came to the 15th of shutdown and it never decreased anything. It might have gone more. But that amount it didn't decrease. So that amount there that 600 grams. That's what you pay your Zakat on on the 15th of Shaban. What would happen if it decreased? So someone on the 15th of Siobhan, there is a chi reach 600 their silver reach 600 grams, they wrote it note in their diary 15th of Siobhan my silver reached 600 grams, it went over there nisab

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goes through Ramadan goes through

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chawan goes through the al Qaeda and Zora hedger and Muharram and sofar. And in Ruby are our Well, it goes down to 100 grams. So now they go back in the diary and they cross it out, because not counted anymore. And then in Robbie or Thani, it goes up again, to 600 grams. Now they make a note, they start counting again until the next sort of beer signing. So that's the basic principle of allowing the passage of a complete Islamic year, there is still an issue that we have to deal with. And that is that the wealth that is gained during the year, ie the wealth that is added during the year, when do you add it to the original amount, and when do you keep it separate. And the basic

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principle usually is that wealth is kept separate, which means that there's a car is drew upon the 600 is not drew upon another 100 that came during the year. So as an example of that, you had, as we said, 600 on the 15th of Shabbat,

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600 grams of silver on the 15th of Shabbat. Now, it stayed above 600 grams of silver, but during the year, you got another 100 grams of silver came in that 100 grams is in its own pot with its own separate accounting. And it won't until it goes over 600 grams again, or 595 grams, it won't take any counting and there won't be any hold or any measurement and counting that goes along with it generally will be added to the previous 600 usually, but there are some cases where the wealth that is gained during the year is added to and we're going to come to those inshallah in the proper places. But generally speaking,

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when the wealth goes over the facade, the counter starts for that pot of wealth, any wealth which comes after that, especially if it comes from a different source, then that wealth is going to be given its own pot. It's only Saab and its own 12 month of counting, it will be kept separate. So we give a simple example of this. On the 15th of shad ban. Someone they have 600 grams of silver, it went over the threshold so they start counting.

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The next month, they got another 100 grams of silver from something else. The next month, they bought another 100 grams of silver. The next month they bought another 100 grams of silver now we're into we had Ramadan, the 100 we had show while the $100 character they got $100 hedger, they got 100. Still, that's only 400. Now,

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in Muharram, it became 500 and in Safar it became 600.

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The first amount is still there, counting the year. Now in suffer, we start a new count for the new 600. And that goes to the next level. So they will pay in shadow ban upon the amount that they took in the date that reached any sobbing shadow ban. And they will pay in suffer on the amount that reached the nisab in Suffolk in the month of suffering.

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However, there are some times where you put the money together. And there's also no harm in putting the money together. And what we mean by that is if someone wants to put the money together and says, well,

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in Siobhan, I had 600. Then in Ramadan, it was 700. In the character, it was 800 in the hijet was 900. In Muharram, it was 1000. in Safari, it was 11 or whatever it might be and it goes to becomes 1500 or 1600. And they want to pay on the whole amount. They can pay on the whole amount. That's up to them, but they're paying more than they need to because generally these pots are kept separately. Each one has its own threshold. So the money just keeps getting piled on. It reaches the threshold. We start the counter if we

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Is the threshold we start the counter. And generally we don't lump all of it together unless there are some very specific situations or circumstances, unique situations in which we put the money together. And we count it separately. And that can be there are situations like that and we're going to talk about them Sharla so that deals with the issue of silver and similar to it is the issue of gold. The prophets lie Selim, he said, there is nothing obligatory upon you until you have 20 DNR, the DNR here is a gold coin. And again, we're talking about the queen, which is model Oba it is minted, but it doesn't matter whether it's minted or not the same applies for gold bars, or gold

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nuggets or anything else. That it when it reaches 20 DNR and a DNR is exactly equivalent to what is called an

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enemy's call is times by 4.25 to get grams, so that makes 20 times by 4.254 and a quarter. So 20 times four is 80. And 20 times a quart is five, so that makes 85 grams of gold. 85 grams of gold, we said 595 grams of silver, and 85 grams of gold. But the 85 grams of gold is often worth way more than the 595 grams of silver. I don't have the gold price current as of this moment in time. But generally speaking, the gold price might be somewhere in the region of 2000 pounds or 10,000 dirhams. And the silver price might be something like 200 pounds, or 1000 dirhams. So there is a big difference even though the silver is way more the current price of silver and gold makes the gold

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much more valuable and it's 85 grams of gold approximately. That is what ish Runa Dina ish Rona Dinara 20 of the prophetic dinar again we're not talking about the Kuwaiti dinar or the dinar or anywhere else in the world. We're talking about the dinar that was known at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam which is equivalent to one myth call, which is times by 4.25 to get 85 grams, approximately.

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Again, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned with regard to the dinar wahala Allah he'll hold the Islamic year passers by. So the same thing we say, we say that to give an example, on the 20th of Shabbat on the 20th day of Shaban a person, the amount of gold they had a went over 85 grams. Let's say they just bought some new gold or they were given new gold as a gift. And it went over 85 grams less it became 100 grams of gold. So now they went over the nisab. They write it down in a diary on the 20th day of Shaban my gold went over then you saw up over the 85 grams. And then they wait.

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Siobhan Ramadan, show well philcare adairsville, hedger, Muharram, sofar, and so on all the way until they reach Shaban again, if the goal didn't drop below the 85, maybe it dropped from 100 to 90, maybe 100 to 86. But as long as it stayed up at the 85 and above, so maybe you've dropped to 85. But it stayed at 85 minimum, for the whole 12 months that they're going to pay the car and the car is the same, it is nice dinner, half of a dinner.

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That is half of a myth call. And we said the myth call is 4.25 grams 4.25 grams. So that's going to be what that's going to be 2.125 grams, that is going to be paid. But the simple way to remember it is it's the same 2.5% rather than a quarter of a 10th.

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So if the person had 100 grams of gold, and it stayed at that 100 grams, that whole 12 Islamic months went by, then that person is going to give a quarter of 10% which is 2.5 grams out of that 100 grams of gold that they kept. But if that 100 went down during the year, and it became just 85 then they're going to again instead of that on the 85

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They will give 2.125 grams on that because it's a quarter of a 10th is 2.5% and the profit size and said firmers. Furby, he said the valic that whatever it goes more, it should be accounted in the same way. So it doesn't matter if it's 1000 grams or 10,000 grams, or it doesn't matter if it is 50 kilograms, it doesn't, it's accounted for in the same way. And silver in the same way, doesn't matter whatever is more than that. It is considered considered to be a quarter of a 10th 2.5%. And the same consideration because the prophets I some said, well, a Sufi Merlin zeca had to hold a hole. And there is no Zakat on wealth until that year passes by we're going to speak about some

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categories of Zika, in which the whole is not given its account or is not properly it's not always like that. But we're talking about at the moment, gold and silver, we spoke about the cattle, then in general, all of these have the whole concept, the concept of the 12 Islamic months passing by

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no doubt, it is possible for a person to give more, as we said, there are some people who what they do is they don't count each pot of money separately, but rather they just count the first pot and then every all the rest of the gold they get they keep adding it into the same pot.

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So instead of counting sharkbanz gold for Siobhan and suffers gold for sofar, they just put Sophos gold with sharkbanz gold and put it all in and paid all of there's a car in the shop van. And that's absolutely fine. And some people what they do is they don't even go in that way they don't even count then you start the threshold, they just whatever they have, they just give the 2.5% whether it's above or below, that's not a problem. As long as you're giving zaca either too much or too early. It's not a problem. The problem is if you're giving it late, or you're giving too little. So generally you should be careful to make sure that you didn't give too little and that you didn't

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give it too late. But otherwise, if you gave it if it's the case that you gave it early, or you give more than you should have given then there's nothing wrong and that is a sadaqa the Hadith is narrated by Abu Dawood and it's a hadith which I have never had Joe said, Well, what has it, it's a hadith which is fair, and it was there was a difference about whether this Hadees was reported from the Prophet slice lm or whether it is the hadith of Ali in from his own statement. But in any case, this hadith is Swahili right? He is authentic, because there are many other ahaadeeth that tell us the same thing and they support each other as well. Half of them Roger himself said in if I'm not

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mistaken towhees he said that it is so he literally He it is authentic, because of other ahaadeeth which strengthening

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what he told me and even Omar Ravi Allahu ang Houma many stuffer, the Merlin fell as a kurta early he had to who do I need help, whoever gains some wealth. Now here is deferred. The benefit we take from this is it doesn't matter how that person gains the wealth. You know how you have tax in in in many countries where you know, your gifts are taxed with capital gains tax and your wealth is tax with income tax and all of these different kinds of taxes and rules. In Islam, it doesn't matter how you gain the money doesn't matter if it was a Hiba a gift, or if it was a relative a salary, or if it was a rib like a business profit. It doesn't matter how you gain the money. If the money is

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gained, it still has to wait for the passage of the Islamic year.

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And this Hadeeth and haven't been hijacked. He said about it. What Roger who work for who, what Roger who work for who he said that the correct opinion is that this Heidi is actually a statement of urban aroma. And it's not a statement of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam However, some of the scholars they said this hadith is so high either as an authentic Hadith of the Prophet size, or either as a rule in terms of its ruling, it is authentic.

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And have there been hotjar he mentioned the next Hadith he said, Well, I'm Ali Ravi Allahu anhu. No call lei Sevilla Bukhari our MIDI sada

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there is no Zakah or sadaqa Jew upon

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Working cows. Now first of all this how do you still have a job attributed to I live in Abbey pilot, but what it appears is that this is the height either of the Ibis or the Allahu and Homer and not the height of it, unless it habitable. Nigel is in the way that he's referred it because he said it's narrated by Abby. He said, Oh, I will doubled with delicata what are called Tony or Roger who walk for who? He said that it was narrated by Abu Dawood and and Darrell cottony and the correct opinion is that it is more Cuf IE that it is the it is not a statement of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam rather, it is a statement of here we believe, and Allah knows best a statement of

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purpose and not a statement of Allah robiola one, and Allah knows best. However, the principle here is one that there is no doubt about that the cow which is used for working and not for

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breeding, it's not you're not intending a Nana to grow and and to increase what you have. But you're using that cow for plowing the field, or for irrigating the crops, or whatever other usage that there is, then this is Albacore, our mill, these are the cows that are working cows, they're not dare to be to be bred. They're not there to have increased from them. They're just there to buy it, to use it to plow the fields and to irrigate the crops. And that's it. That's the reason why, and there is no zeca do upon that because it falls under the principle even if the Hadeeth as a Hadith of the Prophet slicer is not authentic, that as a principle, it falls under the principle that

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generally, Zakat is due upon those things that are either prepared for a number increasing in number and quantity, like breeding cattle, for example, or on a T jar, the things which are prepared for business use. As for the things which are used for personal use, and for what you can call things like business machinery, and equipment, then business machinery and equipment doesn't have any xikar drew upon it. So somebody has a factory. And in that factory, they have machinery, the machinery, they don't pay their car, somebody has a business van that they deliver their produce in, they don't pay Zakah because of this principle, and the principle of the working cow, the same as it is

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somebody who has machinery in a factory, the same as it is the person who has a van for business use or a car for home use. None of this is due Zakah upon it. And as we said, we don't find this hadith in Abu Dhabi that have been hijacked. He attributed this Heidi to Abu Dawood but we find it from the Hadeeth of ebony Ibis. And I believe if I'm not mistaken, it is in what is reported by a double cottony from ibni Ibis and Eliza Joe knows best.

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Why an unbelieving? Should I be here and JT? Anna Diller and Jedi abdiel and Jedi he Abdullah Ahmad, probably Allah and Homer and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a call man Walia. He a team in La humann foliate tegile la who well I at work who had cola who saw the Coca Cola who told me they were delicate anyways now the whole bar if Wella Lucia hidden Marcel and the chef very

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the and have them in hotjar. He said that Mr. Eben trade narrates from his father from his father's grandfather, who is Abdullah bin Ahmad ebenen. us are the Allahu anhu that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever becomes responsible for an orphan who has wealth, let him invest it, I let him do business with it. Affiliate tagit let him do business let him invest it. And don't let him leave it to be eaten up by the sadaqa and the Hadees narrated by Timothy and a double cottony and half of them in hydro said what is nerd all by its chain is weak. And it has a supporting duration which is more than is from that which those less than Sahaba narrated from the

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Prophet size And last, but not for what we're not at the age of the time of the Sahaba they are the tambourine or those after them raised from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So, the more sellers also buy is also weak. This highly it is a weak it is not an authentic hadith. However, the principle in it is is reliable and authentic. And first of all, it talks about men Walia, tema. Whoever takes on the responsibility of the orphan and that is because Eliza which has said in the Quran, Allah to suffer her and while accumulating Jarl Allahu lecom piano, don't give those people who are a sofa

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Have, they're not capable of spending their wealth wisely.

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And that could be somebody who is,

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is has learning difficulties or difficulties that stop them being able to spend their wealth wisely. It could be a small child, it could be an orphan who is too young to be able to spend their wealth wisely. And it could be any one of many different situations where they you have an individual who is not able and responsible enough to be able to spend their own wealth wisely. That person is not to be given their wealth, but their wealth is to be given in trust held in trust for them, and they spent upon from it. So when they need food, the food is bought from them, when they need clothes, the clothes are bought for them when they need other things, it's bought for them until they either

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become better, or they become older, or it comes at the stage where they are able to manage their own wealth. So this is the issue of a trust, for sure own alcocer that is the the content, the needs of the young people who are the children and so on, who are not able to look after their own wealth.

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It may be the case that children get gain responsibility as they get older. And that's why allies we just said Weber to determine that test the orphans out, keep you know, give them a little bit see if they behave responsibly, then when an Estonian who Russia you have detected that they are becoming responsible for the federal federal la him, and while at home, give them their wealth in their control. So here it talks about the one that is taking over the responsibility of the orphan. And generally that will be the one you are the one that that will your ama appoints. So it will be the Muslim ruler, or the one the Muslim ruler appoints like a judge, or a trustee, to look after that

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wealth. Now, this leads us to a principle in Zakah, which is a completely valid principle, which that is that Zakah recurs every year. And it's not the case that if you've paid Zakat upon an amount, you don't pay zakat upon the amount again, rather, if the amount that you're after is over the nisab, again, and remains over the slab, then we said 15th, of Shabbat on the 15th of shadowbanned comes again, the person pays there's a car and it's still over the new sub deck, I didn't take it under the new sub still over the new sub over the threshold. Again, the next 15 have shut down, it still didn't dip during the year it stayed above the threshold. So now the chi is due

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upon it again. So if a person doesn't take this into account, then their wealth could be eaten up by sada. And that's particularly problematic for a young orphan who might need that wealth when they're older and might not understand. And it comes to the point where they come and they say, Where is my wealth, and they say, Well, you know, your wealth that you thought was

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a kilogram of gold. Actually, now it became, you know, less, because every year, since you were born for the last, you know, 15 years, or 20 years, or whatever it was, we've been paying 2.5% 2.5% 2.5% every single year, and it's been decreasing, so it's less money than you thought that you had. And the answer to that is to invest that money not you can't not pay the Zakat on it, but to invest it to grow it so that the money doesn't stay stagnant. And that's not the only kind of money that can remain stagnant. It's not the only kind of money that can remain stagnant. One example of this, I find very, very important is the issue of things that are

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kept for the purpose of sale. So let me give you an example. Let's take for example, a house, somebody buys a house to sell it. But the market is not very good that year, and they're not made, they're not really able to sell it, they have to pay there's a cap on it. Because it's prepared for sale, it's not for use, it's for sale, then the next year comes by and you have to pay this car. Now losing two and a half percent of the value of a house is not a small amount of money, that house could be 200,000 pounds could be 500,000 pounds. So it's a huge amount of money that is going out in the car

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in comparison to you know, maybe that person that that's what they could afford to buy. So it's important that people give consideration to stagnant wealth. That is wealth that is not going to it's just sitting there, including or it's sitting there incurring Zakah accruing or incurring Zakat upon it every single year. Like the house, the person says, Oh, I bought a house. I'm going to sell it. I bought a house and I'm going to sell it year goes by side

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Sell it, another year goes by it and sell it, another year goes by didn't sell it. And he might have lost on the value of that house, a big amount of money 7.5%, which is not a small amount of money. Now, no doubt that money is going to good, it's going to suck. And it's going to solidify, it's going to the miskeen and the fuckery of the poor person, there's this great good in that. But it's important that a person bears this in mind. So they could take this into account that when I purchase a property, am I either I purchase it, and I am going to I'm going to try to sell it. And I'm going to bear in mind, you know the impact of the cycle. So I'm going to sell it within two

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years, or whatever. And if I don't, for example, then I'm going to change in my intention, I'm not going to put it on the market for sale. And instead, I'm going to keep it as a property to use for my family, or to rent or whatever. So this is something that does come in or does come into play. In some situations, particularly stagnant wealth, welfare is stuck. And it's not earning you any money one way or the other. Another option is the person is prepared a house for sale, let him rent that house while the house is being sold. And the rental income will cover there's a car that is lost upon the value of the property as it goes every year. There's no harm in that he's renting it out,

00:31:23 --> 00:31:58

or she's renting it out. And it's still prepared for sale, it's on the market. This for sale board is on the market right there. And it's for sale every it's prepared for that. But he's renting it in the meantime, she's renting it in the meantime, because that rental income will stop the wealth being stagnant and stuck. And the car coming and taking away from that wealth. And as we said, it is a car at the end of the day, it can only be good, it can only increase your wealth, it can only bring you Baraka, and nobody should be trying to avoid this occur. And what we mean by that is someone says or it might help this house is not for sale, and he's got a for sale board instead of

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just take the for sale board down and then I won't have to pay soccer. It's not like that, if you've prepared it for sale, and that's your knee that you're going to sell that that house, that's why it's there, it's there for you to sell, then you're going to have to pay this account upon that. And there's nothing wrong with that, that's only going to bring you by luck. But a person should think when they make an investment, just like you're going to think about profit, you know, when you make an investment in countries that have tax, you think about tax rate, you bear in mind the amount of tax, you're gonna pay, and you think, Okay, well, when I sell it, this property, this tax is going

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to come. So a person should think about this occur. And generally zakkai is a very small amount, and you don't notice it. But where it can be problematic is wealth that is stagnant for a long period of time. That could be like the wealth of the orphan, that the orphan has 10,000 pounds, 20,000 pounds, whatever it might be, and that wealth is just going to stay still for 20 years, nothing is going to happen to it, it's not going to go up, it's only going to go it's only going to go down, whereas the wealth that is invested in a sensible way in a halal way, then that wealth is going to go up. Likewise, the rent the accommodation, the house that is purchased, for the purpose of selling, I

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bought this house because I want to sell it but a year goes by two years go by five years go by can sell the house, consider putting the house on rent to balance off so that it's not stagnant invest, you know, look at a different way to invest it so that the wealth is not stagnant for a long period of time. So there's a car doesn't bring a difficulty upon a person in that way. And as we said the Hadeeth is life is not authentic as a statement of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam however, it is as a principle it has that which indicates it from the Quran and the Sunnah, in terms of looking after the wealth of the orphan, and in terms of a person, the permissibility of a person

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trading with the wealth of the orphan, if they are the trustee to invest the wealth of the orphan in a sensible and responsible way for that wealth to increase for them in shallow data.

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Why not delivering it out of your low and no pile cannot assume lie Salalah while he was sending them either utter who Coleman beside the karate him call along Sunday it him multifunctionality I believe in every ofan aerates that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when a people used to come with ezekiah or their sadhaka the prophets why some would say aloha Musalia LA or la sala de la him or a lot son de la him. So this hadith contains a number of benefits from it, it contains the permissibility of making do and the sooner of making for the person who give sadaqa so somebody gives you sadaqa or somebody gives sadaqa to you to give to someone else or you are the one

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responsible for such

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apart so you make for them when you receive this other part and suddenly it him, it means for a lot to mention them in and mela will Allah among the lofty angels, for a lot of mention them among the lofty angels. And whoever is mentioned in such a wonderful gathering, no doubt will be among the swagga among the people of who will be happy, and the people who will be blessed, the Hadees narrated by a hottie and Muslim and it's also indicated by an ayah in Salta, tober Eliza which has equipment and while he himself attend to the hero who matsuzaki him via, or slowly I lay him in a solid take a second loan, Allah say take from their wealth, a charity which will purify it, and will

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give it Zakat and it will be as a car and a purification increase and a purification because of it was solidly I lay him and make to add for them. Indeed, your Salah is a means of peace or tranquility for them. And the word Salah here it means to and from the benefits we can take also from this ayah is that the word Salah, as in the prayers that we do five times a day, for aloha in the language of the Arabs can be used to mean to our inner soul Attica, second level, meaning in into Africa. Second level, Yoda is a means of peace for them.

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And as we said, this is in sort of a tober and it includes the Hadeeth includes the fact that the Prophet slicin would make to our for the people who gave this car or this other cart and the fact that it is permissible for us to make to our and recommend it for us indeed, to make to add for people when they give sadaqa whether we are the collector giving it to someone else or whether recipient was taken it for ourselves. That's what allies are generally easy to mention from these ahaadeeth and allies or generals best or Salatu was Salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Ah my Jazakallah harem for watching please subscribe, share and you can visit Mohammed

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