He Broke His Fast At Sunset On The Ground But Saw The Sun After Flight Took Off

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Seven. If a person breaks his fast after sunset on the ground, and immediately takes off in a plane and then sees the sun does he have to stop eating?

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Is his fast valid, or should he repeat it.

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And the solution can have been to traveler that he's in a place and the time for a star, that's an asset, and he has a star. And immediately the plane takes off maybe two minutes after the sunsets at six o'clock, and 6022 minutes after six o'clock the plane takes off, and the woman the plane takes off it goes at the high altitude, and at that time, you can see the sun. So what happened does he have to stop at the person who has completed his fast where he was staying, the fast is valid, he doesn't stop eating the fast of that day finished, he has completed the fast he can have the star even when he goes to high altitude and he sees the sun, he did not stop eating is fastest completed.

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But on the other hand, if a person takes off two minutes before at 558 or two minutes to 62 minutes balance to break fast. And if it takes off and then feeds the sun and he sees the sun for another 510 minutes, he should not break your fast he can say okay, while at the ground to meet for left. So now at six o'clock, the time is up, I will break my fast because then he can see the sun. So at that time, he should continue fasting only after the sun sets maybe after five minutes or 10 minutes or 15 minutes. That is the time that he should break up fast. And similarly, while traveling a plane. If suppose the pilot is there, and the sun can be seen. The pilot should not take the plane down so

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that you can break the fast early. But if there's a technical problem and you have to change the altitude and come down and the sun sets for the person in the plane, then they can pick the first