Zakir Naik – God is One and Religion is One

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The host of a radio show discusses the differences between different religion and how they affect people's well-being. They mention a video about a woman named Hope, who claims to be the goddess of the entire world, and a video about a man named Jesus who claims to be the father of all living creatures. The host emphasizes that there should be universal acceptance of one religion and that there should be no disharmony.
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Hello Dr. laksa Yaba de Bhatia. We must probably English movie or yarber Sabina Padilla kaloga li que absorbingly Sasaki, most most pueblito GOP okay lexaria Barcelona Jia, Texas masamichi excuse me brother, excuse me, let me coordinate we have been called here zakia has been invited by the organizers here to give a talk in English and have a question answer that what questions you have to address I would request you to kindly after the program address to the organizer of a key question Mira key, so you put forward a question or do maybe the question put forward carinya inshallah. Speaker COVID explain English and answer it nahi Buddha, better Sastre the Quran surah Vina some g

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bata are based on Java camera, some jotham apne baton or subtract hombre hair apnea play softer Soto use pro buka summon the Buddha or universal brotherhood cape LSA jabi kobata Hanukkah wa para mas aapko bothnian emergency de

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una he was Allah tala Koopa Pamela whose Parramatta para para God communing some God God communicare God goddess Puccini with a God that superpower is controlling the nature and that nature is having three parts God God GFR generator over operator default the trial that nature is generating us that nature is operating us that nature is destroying us. We are being generated, we are being operated. We are being destroyed. He's my goddess or God aka meaning puccinia or God ously meaning which we need Allah tala gotcha. Gotcha.

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Gotcha. Oprah,

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can you hear my brother? The brother has summarized my lecture in a very short way. hamdulillah I thank him. He rightly said there is no god and goddess. That's what I explained. He explained in Hindi so that those who don't understand English can understand. I would like to thank you, brother. He explained very well. There's no God. There's no goddess, Allah, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala superior, and I agree with him. Thank you, brother. And you rightly said that they should not be different religions. I agree with you. They should not be different religions. Because Quran says in Surah longbranch chapter three, verse number 19. in Medina, in the light Islam, the only way of life

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acceptable is the person who submits his will to Allah subhana wa Taala. And I agree with you, brother, that if you fight amongst yourself, in religion, there's bound to be differences and there should be no differences. And the brother also made certain comments that she has etc, and different religion and several different cars, I can give the answer it requires time if you want to know the answer, you can pause it, I give you the reply for that also, why talking about different physical etc. My brother rightly says that there should be only one religion one way of life and that is submitting your will to Allah subhana wa Taala.

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If you believe in that there has to be universal without if you don't believe in that there is bound to be disharmony. Thank you very much.

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