Naming of Quranic Chapters #13 Chapters named after Small Creatures

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The story "Art of Jesus" by Muslim Central highlights the importance of social transactions and being recognized and valued. Moqud claims to have been warned by a dragon and that she has a long history of violence. The speaker discusses the strength of houses and buildings, and advises others to help with violence. The story also touches on the woman being a strong woman with a long history of violence and the spider house being a strong house and can be replaced with a new one.

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In the lesson today with regards to the naming of chapters, we have the section related to the insects. Allah subhanho wa Taala has chosen to name three of the chapters, namely 1627 and 29. He named them after insects. And again, there's nothing without a reason this was our last panel title wants to draw our attention to these insects, whether in a good way or a bad way. And those insects are the honeybee and chapter 16, Chapter 27 animal, the ants and number 29, which is the spider alenka boat. So Allah subhanaw taala first of all brings these animal insects to our attention. And he actually praises the honeybees he praises or he mentions them in a good light. He also mentioned

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that the ants, and is specifically one of those ants in good light, and so they're a positive creature. Whereas he mentioned the spider in a negative connotation, the spiders connotation of their family is not good. And the first thing that sparks to mind, which I'm sure most of you have is that the difference between the spider and the ants and the bees is that the spider is a solitary insect. It lives by itself, it hunts by itself, it does all these things by itself. Whereas the ants and the bees are social insects, they live together, they work together, they help each other out they are a community. And that in itself is an indication from a loss pantile of the importance of

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being in a community the importance of social transactions because no doubt when you live together, you work together you will achieve much more and that's the whole notion of the Gema the group the congregation and the loss of Panda prophesizing him said he will lie he managed the handle on meaning that in the support of Allah is with the gem as the group the congregation

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but the other reasons why I lost pantalla named this word like this first of all with regards to the be this chapter of the beam if you read it closely and inshallah I hope you do is full of alerts towards the name of Allah, the blessings of Allah, if you look at the chapter, it's full of Allah reminding us of the blessings of the near end of what he has given us, whether it is celestial bodies, the sun, the moon, the stars, whether it is the ocean, and what comes in the ocean, whether it's the animals, whether it's the the clothes, whether lots of Nam if you just read it, you'll see that and a lot pinetown ends that by saying which coup de la you know, be grateful to now Allah, but

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he wants to highlight here, one of the neon which is established and embodied in this small insect which is the bee because from this bee that Allah has created, you get a drink, which is beautiful is very sweet and in its taste, it is a medicine, it has so much benefits. I mean there's so much has been written and documented about the honey I'm sure you're all aware of this I don't need to mention so a lot of alerts as to how his name is even in this insect which has nothing to do with you. You don't do anything with you don't it's not even an animal that's, you know, it's needs to be looked after it does everything by itself it reveals itself it goes out by itself it organizes

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itself it has a system by itself. And the last parent that says that this animal is an AMA from Allah subhanho wa Taala as well so you should recognize the blessing of Allah. The second insect which is the ant and Allah Subhana Allah mentions that and in the whole story of Suleiman Ali Salaam and his army, and as they were approaching and ants, nest, and ants Hill, all the one of the ants shouted out as advice to the other ants get inside your

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your accommodation, your home your holes, because otherwise should a man and his army might destroy you or kill you, or this this explode your fracture caused you to fracture or to break for fragment is a specific word in the Quran, it's used and they are not aware and they are not aware. So not only did this and demonstrate a very positive nature is that it's advising its other community. It was a nastasia sincere to its fellows, but also it showed a very good characteristic which is

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To give excuses for people, because it was ready to give excuse for Sulaiman that maybe they don't know, you know, they're not aware of, but Allah subhanho wa Taala with his power and his, his, his miracle, miraculous realities for the human. He allows a man to hear what the ansaid and Sulaiman heard what she said. And he smiled, laughing, as to her saying, and that caused him as well to remember the name of Allah subhana wa Tada. And he made a deal out there. And if you go to the source of the answer, you will find that there have Sulaiman alayhis salam. And so it is almost like an embodiment of how to believe in a community to be sincere and to advise one another, to help one

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another to look after one for one another. And so the aunt was given that me preys. On the other hand, and contrary to all this is the spider, the spider doesn't live in a suit as a social animals, not two lives in a community that lives by itself. And actually, our last pantalla mentions that one of the most weakest

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houses is the house of the spider. That's the weakest house. And the example of those who worship other than, than Allah is like the example of the spider, because the spiders house I know, we know, the spider house is the web. And we know that the web is is one of those houses that's very quickly, you know, can with a with a stroke of a hand and just be demolished. Yet it is quite strong. And it's a strong fiber is a strong thread, as I'm sure you know, but it's very quickly demolished, but it can be rebuilt again, very quickly, as well as pantile, again, is alerting us to the fact that it's not just the house as it were, but the house, or the family structure within the spider is also

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very weak. And we know from certain, you know, observations and things that despise his house, even with inside the house, they don't live, you know, they don't live as a husband and wife, you know, the spiders even sell a spider, you can see some of these documentaries, that even when the male meets with the female,

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he's quick to try and get away because he that he doesn't, that females why that might actually make a meal out of him. This is a very interesting documentaries, if you watch them and get a chance that sometimes if he doesn't run away, and is usually the male is also smaller than the female reason. And so she can actually heat so you can see that their relationship is very nominal is a very normal relation. And it's based on benefit, mutual benefit when you compare it to the honeybee, and you compare it to the and so allows fantastic that kind of house is similar to those who are associated with the last panda because what happens, they associated with the last panel dial others and when

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the when when the going gets tough, those people will reject them, which is what will happen on the Day of Judgment. And that's actually what's mentioned in this wallet, Lanka boot on the tongue of Ibrahim lsmw, you can go back and see those verses is that he said, You know the idols and those who worship besides Allah, they will actually curse you on the Day of Judgment, they will reject you, they will deny you and that is the nature of any relationship that is built on material gain or some sorts of benefit that is material when that benefit goes, why should they be why should they have given a benefit and then you can see that when you read the Quran, you see the multiple dialogues of

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the people of the fire, whether it's the shade on and those who followed him, whether it's those who are followers, the heads of, of Kfar and the heads of, of misguidance and their followers, they will attack each other and say it was your fault, no is your fault Well, you you follow those who told you to follow us and so on and so forth. Again, the dialogue is documented in the Quran there. So the naming of these chapters which are related to insects gives us a lot of insight into the lives of insects but actually helps us a lot and guides us in our path in this life. I hope that's been useful.