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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the meaning of a "careless" life and the potential consequences of it, emphasizing the importance of remaining true to oneself and not making too many assumptions. They also discuss the importance of returning to Allah through da-impacted, the use of "naught" in the context of Islam, and the responsibility of teachers to convey and leave messages in a positive way. The speakers stress the importance of being flexible and working on one's own life to avoid negative consequences.
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James Miller unreliable Armenian salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Marine, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam. So I want

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to just like hello. Hi, thank you so much for joining us tonight number nine of Ramadan, 1441, Ramadan, 2020 and 100. Last night we concluded the first section, the first 12 verses of surah. Yaseen. And just to remind ourselves, one of the takeaway messages of that first section and one of the scary things is that Allah mentions that the coloration of the teen years has reached a limit in terms of how many times I was going to remind him and Allah says that they are living a life that is often in popular means careless or unmindful. And so, when you get to such a level, we you no longer heed the signs of a law, you don't no longer take note of all those if, and then you can become

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spiritually dead. Do you like that man, it's in a cage, Allah says that he is covered from all sides, and he's got this color upon his neck week formula up soon, they cannot see any more, they cannot even see what it could mean, they can see that the guidance, they can't see the truth, they can't identify truth from falsehood, they can't even see themselves anymore. Sometimes people are in so much sin, and it does not give them any reflection or contemplation. For example, we may find that there are people that you know, everyone around them can identify all the shortcomings, maybe perhaps they're arrogant or vain. They have whatever negative aspect, but they themselves cannot see

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their own shortcomings and their own faults, and they didn't in reality, it's not that we should be looking at other people, but our own selves, the key thing is, we might have this issue, we might be the one that has the disease, and we are in that prison, and we do not see it. And this is one of the one of the spiritual illnesses of our heart that is made closed, is you cannot even see the symptoms anymore for yourself. The person who sends the personal what you have to be life is falling designer is falling into whatever kind of sense, part of the benefit of a son like that is he knows what he's doing is wrong, he understands what I'm doing is wrong. But a person whose heart has been

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closed off from Allah protect us, he cannot even identify that he's spiritually sick. And so before we begin the next section, to some points on a life, that is often a life that is killed us, many of us, we go about our life, a to b, you know, one day to the next, without a concern without a K without a greater thought as to the meaning of life, the my position in the after the coming of death. And when you go on the hamster wheel that is life, going from multiple and focusing only on this dunya slowly but surely the heartbeat needs to become hard and he begins to die actually. And so let us look a little bit about this. If we say the hardness of the heart is a disease, what are

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the symptoms? How could I test my heart? What is the litmus test to know if I have a problem spiritually, or one of the biggest indicators of it is that you no longer get moved by sin, that sin becomes easy. The things that we know is to be wrong, we don't worry about them anymore, it becomes easy, it even becomes second nature, maybe even more dangerous and difficult is especially when I'm alone now. Maybe those bad habits we lift hopefully we lift them for Ramadan, and we feel like we missed them sort of like an addiction. Now, we actually counting the day so I can go back to those sinful habits and even worse behind Allah He phenomenon has come and we still doing those haram

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things, then even animal bond is no longer able to to have any effect on us. So that is one of the indications. Or when we are the is when you mind, you know even for myself, you feel sad for the state of your own heart, you might give an ayah or Hadith. And someone that listens to the congregation may burst out into tears. But you've heard this many times and it hasn't brought you to tears. It hasn't brought you to to change your life. The fact that you're no longer concerned about reforming yourself, you never have a thought in your mind when you go to bed at night. Am I on the right track? Is everything okay? with me and a lot. So the fact that you don't, you don't hear that

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in mind that we're not even keen to listen anymore to the remainder of our last panel, Donna, this is a dangerous thing. And another strong litmus test is how averse you are to performing a beta. You know, panel, we can spend hours binge watching something and hours can go by doing a certain activity and it won't bother us. You know, when we used to have soccer matches or rugby games, you know, 90 minutes go by and you can feel like a breeze watch a movie and it feels like nothing but five minutes of solid and then goes off and to pull ourselves away from whatever we are doing. It feels like we are moving mountains and it becomes a real you know chore on us. When you bite it

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becomes a chore then we should be worried. And for many of us finally buyers are showing him that his goodness in that we still do it even though it's difficult, but we don't find the ease and the comfort in that. And so when you buy that the more difficult the binder is to us. It shows us the binder is our link to Allah subhanaw taala. And if we are not closer to Allah, we don't want to be our hearts don't want to be near Allah, it will be we will be averse to act. And so the reasons the things that causes the heart to be hard. As we said the Muslims you do like that, like the man who has seen the most than you do and of course the sin of pride and arrogance of the worst things, how

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we treat people. those sins are like bricks around our neck and they close us off. And one other big aspect is living a life that Allah is not part of it. If you don't speak about Allah you don't contemplate about Allah you don't listen to anything with the minds of all your friends and talk about Allah, your EBI, there is either

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non existence meaning we have to rely on performing your signers or you do perform. So that is the last thing on your list. It's like washing the dishes, what are things that need to get get through the allies are part of your life, naturally Your heart will be empty of Allah subhanaw taala. And so indulging only in this life is one of the biggest causes also a hot becoming stale, hot, dying, when all you focus and if you and if you were to sit down and list all your worries and your concerns, if all those concerns are money dounia success, dunia things. It's only about this worldly affairs and you have no concern about the accuracy, then surely the hardest spiritual heart has no place anymore

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for the spirit for your Eman And so it becomes hard. Also indulging constantly in your desires these attention we know this that the more we give into our knifes, even if it's good desires, you know eating too much, or having too much enjoyment The more we enjoy ourselves and indulge in these things, the list it is time for the spirit to to flourish. And so one of the benefits of Ramadan is Allah takes away he deprived the body and the flesh and the knifes of its nourishment in terms of fasting. And if we make it better becomes easier. But we unfortunately we live in a time where whenever you want is a click of a button you can easily give into whatever I want. I want to buy

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that thing. Now I can click a button and it's here and it's delivered. When we go through the cycle of just giving in all the time, our nav slowly takes over. And so our life is really geared to slowly eat away at our at our heart. So what are the cues that how do I solve this problem? Of course, the most important thing is to return back to Allah and return back to all I could mean is make more evader makes Allah make it thicker. But beyond that, beyond the ritualization of Nevada ibadah was meant to connect to Allah. So speak to Allah through da Maybe it means the sama bond do something differently. recite the Quran with meaning understanding, try to rediscover What does it

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mean to be a Muslim? What does it mean? What is your relationship with Allah? So like any relationship, how do you mend that relationship? It's about spending time with the one that you love, and slowly developing a love for Allah subhanaw taala importantly, to look at your company, your friends, what are the things that occupy all your time? Is there any room for spiritual guidance in that one of the ways in which you bring your heart to become soft? Think about death, death is a reality that everyone needs to face. So think about this very clearly. When you begin to think about death, you realize what are important if I were to die tomorrow? What are the things

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that are important? Am I happy with my lifestyle? What did I leave behind? So this virus that we have we don't know if I could be infected you could be affected by law protect us. This is a big wake up call as to the reality of things it might take away the delusion of life. And then one of the things that we can do in animal bond a man comes home and he says Yasuda law, my heart I feel like it's hard you know I hear the word Are you reciting a yo yo guidance but it doesn't move me I just you know, it's like a stone nothing goes inside. What should I do? And the reason someone said go and feed the poor and rub the heat of the often when you spend time with those less fortunate

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when you look at the struggles of other people, we begin to number one thing connected to the blessings we have. It also wakes us up from our from our own delusions, our own myself and me and my selfie, everything about the knifes becomes broken now that there are others out there. And this is one of the ways in which God softens slowly, smallest panatela grant us hearts that are fearful of Allah that are conscious of Allah that love Allah, may Allah fill it with a man and Allah allow us to have that deep loving relationship with Him so that when we meet him on camera, he loves us. I mean, we're continuing to follow section two of surah Yaseen. So they are seen as we see the number

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of sections The next section, we're calling it the story of the town. Allah calls it as Harmon Korea, the people of the town, and we'll talk about who they are what they do. And it's about 20 verses from 13 to 32. And so again, keep in mind, this section follows the first section. The first section was about the Navy. So Solomon, you know, we said that the suitor came down at the time when he was feeling very down and low. He was beating himself up, he was blaming himself for the fact that the dollar wasn't moving forward. The Muslims were being oppressed, they were fearful. And of course, the Quraysh are being arrogant and they are abusing the Muslims. And in fact, they have

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already harmed physically many Muslims, they even have crossed the line killing some of the believers, they're getting to the point where they're about to kill or wanting to kill the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And so Allah subhanaw taala says, I'll give an example of a people of a town people that went down the same route. So let us look at the consequence of this action. So Allah subhanho wa Taala begins the next ayah Allah subhana wa tada says, what the diploma foreigners have and Korea is

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saloon, Allah says and give them the example in the parable of a people of the town only uses a different v town and Allah one says to learn from is to find a big part of the Quran is a one speaking of the nations that came before because in history, there is a a lesson for us to take Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned in the Quran that he does not change his approach. The way in which Allah interacts with us is the same with all you know through all the ages, and if you follow those who are successful, you will find you will reap success and if you follow those who are not successful, then the results

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will be the same sort of loss of hand dialysis. So we give them an example. What do they mean we give them an example. As Harbin, Korea, the people of the town is a who is john saloon, that when the the missionaries came to them, now there are many this facility they have gone into the zoo is this town, some scholars and in fact, a large group of them see that this town is the town of Antioch, the very famous town in the Middle East in Palestine, close to Jerusalem, Antioch. And they mentioned the view of the stuffs here are those of you who are seen is that these are not ambia. So Allah says, we seen the messengers, they said, these are not to messengers have alluded to prophets.

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They were other messengers or emissaries of Navy, Navy salesianum. So we know that the ISA lived in Jerusalem. And so the idea is that Navy Isa seemed to have his disciples to Antioch. And he sent him a third to call them the stuff cedar, there's some question marks about, you know, what we say there's one opinion, or all of the strong opinion, and the one that kind of makes it makes sense, if you look at the verses of the last season that we sent, we sent them when the messengers came to them, Allah Subhana, Allah says, Allah had seen them. And so these are, this is a town we don't know who they are, Allah had sent to all nations, from South America, to Australia to across the entire

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world, Allah has sent MBI to every people. And so this is a town from the many, many towns that are that were there over the ages, with two of them, they received two messengers. So the prophets were also sent to this town received amea messages from Alice pantalla. So interesting, they say

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that the messengers came to eat to the town, not to the people, because the NBN are not just the for the people use for the entire town. And the town is not just people or animals, they are the environment. It is for the benefit of the messengers bring benefits when they come. And whenever they come to the enemy. They are a mercy to all of creation, and not just do not just to the people. And that's why the ISS that when they came to it to the town, not to the people of the town, it's also not dealing with the need for camdeboo, massages, nebith anything for color in a commercial. When we send them to overseas, we send them to ambia. And so they forget that Obama and the people

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deny them, the people didn't accept them. The people that rejected them for us does not mean we sink in them. As he's mentioned, the word Aziz means mighty Pfizer's nominee we gave them strength without anything was a third meaning we sent them a third Nabhi for Carlos are the people sit in so they said that mbse in a coma salon. They said to the people that we are to you messengers, we have come from Allah three of us coming for your sake to guide you and to warn you. And of course Allah subhanaw taala is showing you Allah is showing that the mercy has given to this town one of the things we take out of Allah sent them one Nabhi and they rejected him it would have been enough so

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they rejected one Allah sent them a second one they rejected the second so also I'm sending a third maybe three ambia working in hand in hand for your sake and for your benefit. And in the elite kulambu they are saying that we are here for you We are here to to assist you to guide you this is it is a gift from Allah subhanho wa Taala all the people of the town sigma and to elaborado mizuna, you let the people tell you, you, you three are not accepted people like us you are passionate like us You are humans like us. Maya Angelou Romano means that the Most Merciful has not seen anything in until electrically when you are none but liars, you are only telling telling lies. So the people of

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the town rejected all three of them. And one of the arguments that they use, they say like you are just human beings. Why should we follow you while you're the boss of me? You are just humans, you've already seen you. You should be like superheroes, you should be Superman. Now we understand a loss of $100 sooner, his method does not change policies in many times in the Quran. This is a common argument that the people would use it in the MBA, they would say in another. What kind of Nabhi is this? That he walks in the streets and he eats and he has a family? Surely Allah seen someone Allah would send an angel, Allah would seem a super super human being that doesn't have any needs. Allah

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says this is not the way he does things Allah seems to people like them a human a man that they can emulate. Why does Allah say the human being because if you were to send an angel, and an angel, of course does not sleep his archetype is not tinted, doesn't have any desires. Then we would say to Allah, it was unfair that you sent us gibreel because we can never emulate your video. He can never understand us. So almost sins from us one amongst ourselves, who is human like us who is driven by human emotions, to show that this is the way to follow. It's an example which we can emulate. And Allah makes this clear in Surah careful Allah says an obese also loves his cool intimate and

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emotional Miss Luca Muha la Anima in alchemilla. Why are we so salami saying to all of us, look, I am a man like you, I'm a human being like you, except that Allah has given me a revelation. So that I may call you that there is only one God worthy of worship, who is a human being like us and you know many groups. We want to elevate them.

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Some into some supernatural being. He doesn't have a shadow he's made of like SubhanAllah. If that was the case, they needed a lot as Allah said, I do not send angels to people I see the human like them. That'll be so solemn. He got hungry like wicked hungry, he had love. A God said he felt depression. He had wives, like all of us, he had children and to show you that, even with our human side, we can be a perfect worshipper of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so it is an example for us to emulate. And this is the way Allah is he This is he soon now with every nation, he seems a person like them for them to follow. This is one of the reasons why they disbelieve, they expect that we

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want to see a superhuman and of course a lot has not seen angels down to preach to people or the sins MBA like them, call they said MBs or abouna animal in

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the unbusy Our Lord rabona Our Lord knows that we are we are believers, and they are speaking to the townspeople telling them that it is sufficient for Allah as a validation for us. Allah subhanho wa Taala is enough for me to know that enough for us to know that we are that we are indeed ambia then they say we're Marlena illan Bella, and they respond to the people that we are only here to give you the message. Basically, we our job is only to convey to you the message. So the MBR are telling the people, Allah subhanho wa Taala knows that we are MPI, we don't have to get validation from you. And our job is only to convey the message. It's an important message for all of us. Firstly, to get a

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measles alarm, it is to tell them your job was never to guide them. Your job was never to give them guidance. But that means the word burnout actually means to reach an objective. Your job was to reach to get send the message to them deliver it to them in the best way possible. And then guidance is between them and Allah only Allah subhanho wa Taala can guide whom he wants. And that is a personal discussion between each and every person and his or her Benny's load. The NBN people giving Dawa and the Imam You know, sometimes we struggle so much time to to perfect and trying to force guidance upon people and trying to make people believe we'll do something quick. This was never the

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job of the MBR or the DAO or the teacher or the pain and our job as parents was teachers is only to convey the message as best we can to to those who are listening in the best possible way. And ultimately, the issue of guidance, almost guidance is in the hands of a lot and allies the one that ultimately teaches and so Allah is telling them to be so don't be so hard on yourself also, I have seen three MBA to a group of people for the profits, and they the job was only to convey and the people still rejected them. You are also just to convey and leave the rest in the hands of Allah the results were down to Allah. So now after the MBA had come and preach to them, look at the response

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of the townspeople call in Natalya Lambton, Amanda como la massana, camino de la, the townspeople say to these MBR

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Indeed, we consider you a bad omen, you three profits, so you three people, we consider you bringing about bad luck, magical harm, you are just coming here to cause evil upon us. And if you do not stop with your preaching, we will surely stone you. And if that's not enough, it will surely touch you with a painful punishment. So look at the response of this townsfolk. Number one, they blame the profits of a superstitious evil, you are bad news, you are bringing bad luck, it's because of you that by last fall upon us, then they said and if you don't stop, we will stone you. stoning could also mean throwing anything at you, not just stones, it could also mean we will verbally abuse you.

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And this is the the usually the next step that what happens we'll call your names will insult you, we will harm you verbally. And if you don't, then we'll physically cause violence upon you. Now in any whenever you're in a debate, not just a religious debate, even at work, when someone responds with this kind of look at the response, they're no longer logical, they're not able to debate and discuss this rationally. They are now even getting to the point where they need to with a with a gift to get the point across the violence. You have no legitimacy anymore that you have lost the debate, when your only way of responding is through supernatural means your only way of responding

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is through verbal abuse or violence. They know that you are no longer able to debate logically, academically, you've already lost the debate. And so it's also a reminder to us in many times we look at our problems, we are unable to analyze our problems directly. Rather we went to blaming the supernatural means why my marriage isn't working, my business isn't succeeding. If I can't get agreement with someone, I abused them verbally or physically. Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhanaw taala is showing that when people get to this level, and the only way of argumentation is not through logic and reason is through violence, then they have no leg to stand on. And so sometimes

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also, it's also mentioned here that they said we consider you bad omens, it could mean that Allah sent down some difficulty upon them, there was some kind of calamity that went a small calamity. Why Allah mentions in the Quran, and we seem to know city, a prophet whenever we see a profit to a city, except that we see its people with barsa what borromini with some hardship, so that they may humble themselves. So when Allah sends a profit to a nation and they reject them all on us

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Send the major calamity or the major destruction on them even since since then, but of hardship, maybe the rain gets held, maybe there's some kind of famine comes so that they may humble themselves. So they may see that if they continue on this, these are warnings to something much bigger. And so it could be that as these minor calamities befell these people, they became they became more stubborn. And they actually instead of blaming themselves for this, they blame the MBR. So that would be acid Carlota iroko. Malcolm, by again means bad omens. So the MBR saying, your bad omens are with yourselves, the hardship that you are experiencing? The lack of rain, this virus that

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is upon us, it is the doing of your own selves. And we as people struggle to look at ourselves and blame ourselves for the consequences of our actions. The MDR saying, this is your own doing called Utah coma coma in the kilton balentien como se phone. And I was saying, Are you harming us? Do you want to kill us? Just because we are coming and reminding you we are putting the murder up so that you can see your own your own doings? Is this why you want to harm us, but untypical mostly for all the people that are Muslim if you are crossing a line. So they're telling the people you're coming dangerously close to crossing the line where there is no return. And the section we see from this

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beginning section, these people are a people that are misguided guidance has been brought to them. But instead of taking a long look and analyzing why What is wrong in their life, they respond with violence, and they refuse to have an open dialogue and discussion. And instead, instead of blaming them or their own selves for the consequences of they are they doing they blame others how many how many problems that are going to be try to relate this in our own world. How many, you know, societal problems are the instead of looking at our own shortcomings, we blame someone else another community, you know, it's the immigrants who are taking our job is not the fact that I didn't study

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or learn what it is the rich are causing versus the poor that is causing that every problem in society, it's easy to pass the buck on to another community or another person. And many times it is our own shortcomings and our own mistakes that is causing our downfall and that is what our last panel data is telling you telling each and every one of us do not be in that cage where you cannot even see your own self anymore and you can't even see your own shortcomings. Part of being a believer is to be really flexible on your own life and your own consequences. And Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us again and again. Whatever befalls us of misfortune, part of it is statistics and

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it's something which Allah wants to wants to bring across to humble us, but also it is what we are our own cells have done this virus For example, we need to look at each and every one What have we done to cause this and therefore in that when we fix those things, our last panel will fix the situation. We continue inshallah, tomorrow, the sounds people will cross a red line and we will look at the consequences with it. Allah forgive us and protect us. I mean circle of hate

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