Fasting is Only for the Sake of Allah

Zakir Naik


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the implications of the statement from Allah "frantically" about publicity praise. They also mention a brochure from the Prophet that highlights the importance of fasting for individuals, including individuals who want to receive reward for their actions. The speaker emphasizes that the reward is not disclosed, but it is expected to be more than 700 times.
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Allah subhanho wa Taala said through one of the heads,

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fasting is for me, and I shall reward you for it. What are the implications of this statement from Allah subhanho wa Taala there are various a deed in which our beloved prophet masala Salim says that publicity praise Allah makes its mission say Buhari won number three, in the book of fasting, how did number 1894 flf number 1904. Well, law says that all the deeds of the son of Adam are for himself except for fasting, it is for me.

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And it means that all the other acts of worship,

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whether it be Salah, whether it be Zakat, with it behind all these can be done only for sure the person can do for you just for sharing of that is pray, he can use it for the TV with a car keyboard. But as far as fasting is concerned, a person can easily go inside the kitchen, inside his room and without anyone seeing he can easily eat. So if we truly fast, it is only for Allah subhanaw taala it cannot be for sure. It cannot be for ya. So that is the reason Allah says that all the other acts of son of Adam are for himself. But fasting is for me. And that is the reason when the Hadith which was mentioned in

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an essay, in the book of fasting, how did number two to two three, where the Companion of the Prophet

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abou mama Metalab is with him, he comes to the Prophet, and he asked him, that tell me which deed that I can do, which will be accepted by law, which is very dear to Allah subhanaw taala. So Prophet said, that, you fast, you stick to fasting

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amongst all the deities to stick to fasting. And that is the reason in another hadith of say Muslim, or number two, in the book of fasting, and ID number 2567. The beloved partner xlsm said

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Allah says, All the deeds of the son of Adam

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of himself and every deed that he does, he gets a reward 10 times or up to 700 times. But fasting

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is for me

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and I will give him the award because he leaves his food, drink and desires for me. So that he says he'll do that what that means in fasting, it will be much more inshallah even more than 700 times so therefore because there's only four last minute Allah Allah says that I will give the award and you haven't disclosed but it means that inshallah much more than 700 times

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beautiful. Let's hope that we get as much as 700 times this Ramadan and all the inshallah inshallah inshallah