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rely on a sheet on the rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala from recently in CD now Mohammed in America and he also have he married my beloved brothers and sisters of Sudan Malik Miranda to live with

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harmony loadable anime and always we will begin by praising Allah Allah should of Allah Allah Allah Allah we testify that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we send our love and our greetings and salutations to beloved Nebby Mohamed Salah Laura Lee was sending them peace, pious in his pure family to his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala bless us to be amongst them. May Allah assist that amount of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, May Allah help the brothers, our brothers and sisters in Huzur, in Palestine and throughout the world, Amin, amin Al Hamdulillah, Al Hamdulillah, we continue our

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series on the first man, the coming of under the ADA moneyshow to Salaam. And I said, it's a story which we all knew we grew up with this how grannies or grandparents told us the story. But perhaps now that we are adults, we can reflect more deeply on the story, we can ask questions like Why did Allah create us? What does Allah want from us? What is the difference between what we believe and what other religions believe with regards to the story of NaVi Adam, and one of the issues that comes up, and when we talk about the creation, the creation of the world, because we are creationists, we believe in the fact that he is a creator. And in fact, scientifically,

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scientifically, we know the scientists know of certainty that the universe had a point in time when it did not exist. And when he came into existence, the universe has been created, the universe has been created. In fact, the scholars, the philosophers, the Muslim Allah, or the people of belief, used to debate with the philosophers of old around whether the universe had a beginning or not. And it was all a philosophical discussion, never a scientific conclusion, until the last 100 years that the astronomers discovered the Big Bang and all of this that there was a time when the Universe was did not exist. So we know that definitely the universe has been created. That is confirmed

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Now we talk about life where did life come from? And we believe of course gonna be item was created and placed on the earth. And this kind of conflicts all comes into question with the theory of evolution. Let me just take this tangent for a minute. What is Islams belief and view with regards to evolution? We cannot deny that there is overwhelming evidence in biology in science, that there is something called natural selection. Why does the giraffe have a long Nik say awkward looking animal? Why? Because it is in a competition with the trees, the trees tries to tries to grow so the giraffe can reach it. And the giraffe, the taller giraffes do better. And so the taller giraffes

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have better offspring. And so the giraffes are continuously getting taller, and the trees are getting taller. And so they have this competition with one another. And so this is them evolving. We saw this with Coronavirus. Whatever your view is on COVID What it is, but there was always a new strand, you know, a new what do they call it? I forget the terms panela Yeah, a new a new strain of the virus emerged we what happened, it changed it mutated. So we see mutations and changes. And of course, science or the scientific fraternity came up with a conclusion that all life began sort of on its own. And it evolved from little tiny single celled creatures to complex creatures to fish,

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those fish then exited the oceans, and it became land creatures and dinosaurs and then eventually people can and that man actually is a product of evolution, like all other creatures. And we even have deeper than that. We have scientific evidence of human like creatures here in South Africa. Two years ago, three years ago, they discovered a cave with homeowner lady. People like they're not us. They're not humans, not homo sapiens, but they are creatures that look like people. And in fact, they add language they even had the rituals of burial. Is this you humans? This came before what we would say before and every item, what is our belief with regards to this Islamically we don't deny

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the theory of evolution. We don't deny and in fact, if you look at the Quran, look at what Allah says. Allah says what Allah Allah halacha Kula devotee means that every living creature the word dharma means everything that has a life. Every living creature whether people with animals, all of it has in common origin of water. Allah says all of loving life

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Allah created with water from in whom from these creatures many empty Allah Buckley he it crawls on its belly woman whom William she Allah Julian and some who crawl and walk on two legs. Women who share Allah Allah and some that crawl on walk on four legs or more. Yes local. Yeah for local Allahu Mallya sha Allah says I create as I please I am diversity Michaelis in Allah Allah coalition codeine and Allah has power over all things Allah has not denied. And it's interesting if you look at the transition in this ayah, from water to crawling something from swimming, crawling, it always a lot of influence with evolution into it. But what we do say

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is that Nebby Adam was a product of evolution. And that is why Allah says to IBLEES Why have you not bow down to the one which I honored by creating directly so if you will learn with the other, we have this machine that puts out products and it's on autopilot. And every now and then the products change and it puts out more and new advanced products. The owner of the factory, you know, he's the greatest say furniture, it's a furniture factory. So this

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amazing carpenter he created the machine and the machine just pushes out furniture chairs and then he changes the color of the cheese then it has different textile and whatever. Then the carpenter says you know what, I'm going to make a special chair with my own hands handmade I will do it not the machine. Allah Masha Allah we don't give Allah analogy. But this is exactly what happened with we believe that maybe Adam is not a product of evolution, we believe in evolution. We believe that everything on earth you that we see here came from an evolutionary process. But maybe Adam was sent down from the jungle. And we are a product of that. That's where we come from. And that is why our

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purpose in life. Today's lecture is actually the title is surviving the Earth. Our job is to survive and get out of this place. That's what we need to do. We need to get out of this place and return home which is Jana where we belong.

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Allah subhana wa Tada says about mankind Allah says that he has created Manti Asante Taquile I created you in the most perfect fashion to model that now as far as surfing but then we returned to a very low state we returned to a very low state. And so we found ourselves having a very lofty origin. But then as we mentioned in the last two lectures, maybe Adam or a salaam he made a mistake. And he was sent to the to the earth this beautiful interesting Hadith and I think a side note your interesting Hadith about Kiana and for those of us who don't have be Musa Nabi Musa is a very forthright kind of person he doesn't have much tact in the way he speaks. And on and there's a

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hadith and resources on the Deaf Tiama you will see we will see Nabi Musa searching and he will say ways Adam ways either and then he would find the item and he will say i Are you Adam, and we also Yes Are you the father of mankind so yes, are you the one Allah created with his own hand? Yes. And you will commanded not to eat from the tree and then you ate from the tree and now we all here in this race. There's a hadith like this. And we either masa Yes, whatever it is through. But then maybe Adam will respond and he says don't blame me for something which Allah had decreed for me before I was created. Now we don't say that the said we never ever say Allah decreed. I was gonna

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come with Xena before I was created. No. Now we Adam is saying to TW Musa. The plan was always for us to come to the dunya and Qiyamah was always part of the plan whether it or not, that was never the the issue. It was a lesson for us to learn what do we do when we commit sin? Allah said from the beginning in Niger and out of the Khalifa I intend to place on the earth, mankind we will we will never going to escape this place. We will never going to escape Kiama so don't blame me for something which was out of my control. And as the weatherman said he didn't say oh, you're not Musa the one Allah spoke to the one who killed somebody, you know it.

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And then we Adam didn't respond in that manner. None that we will respond to that madness promises the future, heard about the future. So we will always mean to be here, and soon to be item finds himself in the dunya in a very vulnerable situation. He was alone for a while, but then he made dua, and beautifully Allah says Fatah locka Merapi kalimat, Adam received a response from Milan, that far in the eye of Metallica, Metallica, that means immediately he received a response from Allah, Fatah Allah and immediately Allah returned to him and forgave him. In who who AutoWeb Ramos is very high very Allah is the Most Merciful of returning and Allah Vincent to Nabi Adam says that You will stay

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here on this dunya for in May at the end the company who then momentarily Huda philosophy, when you and your progeny you and your family will stay here on the earth, but

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then you then when that guidance will come from me, I will not leave you and your family alone. I will send you revelation, I will give you guidance, I will send you instructions. So whenever whoever follows My instructions, you don't

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have to feel scared in this dunya. You don't have to worry. You don't have to be stressed out, don't worry. And you will not feel scared in the dunya. And you will not feel sad in the akhira, you will succeed, I will give you a blueprint of how to survive this hostile environment, the jungle, I'll tell you how to do it and how to get back to the garden. Then Allah also says, well, Lina Cafaro, because that will be it now. But as for him will just be leaps and belies and rejects my guidance will like us how not, then ultimately, the destination is the fire whom fear Harden, and they may end up there eternally. So

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we know where we began. We began in January, we find ourselves on the earth. And Allah subhanaw taala promises us the destination, we will all stand before a scale, every single one of us without exception, our end of the road is a scale

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where our life will be measured whether we were good or bad person if someone asks you, Are you a good person? I don't know how to answer that question. And in fact, I don't think any of us can answer that question. It is only Allah who can answer that question. On the day of PM. Am I a good person? Was my time on Earth more of good or more harm? Did I create good things spiritually, physically, or was my time a waste, ultimately, only Allah knows, and only Allah can decide. And that is why there's a day of judgment. No one else has the right to judge who is able to judge. And when we speak about karma, there is only

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six outcomes. There are six sort of repercussions now I'm jumping to the future, you on earth, you live your life, I die. When I stand before Alana FPM, there are potentially six outcomes. They are those of the best of us who will even escape the scale. There are those who when they come to be questioned, Allah will say you don't need to be questioned, you have already succeeded. Your life was so good. We don't even need to test you. You can go directly to Jana, may Allah grant us to be of that. Very few people will get there. But their life was such a testimony. They don't even need to take the exam. They don't even need to review, they go straight to Jannah. Then as for the

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believer, who fulfill these obligations to the best of his ability, and he avoided major sin, so he did what was compulsory on him. And he avoided the major things he wasn't perfect, but he did the big stuff. This person goes directly to Jana, he scaled will be heavy on the right side and he will go directly to Jana. When you have a believer

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who was deficient in his major obligations, certain parts of what requires to be a Muslim, was missing. And he might have committed a major sin, a criminal offense. This person now, even he's a believer, but he sinful side he's negative side has heaviness in it. And now he's liable for punishment, Allah will now decide what must happen with you. Either Allah forgives, or he ascribes a limited penalty in Jannah. And I say let me doesn't mean short, but I mean, not an eternal penalty. This is why believer who did not follow his major obligations, or he committed major sins. They may they're those believers, who is good and bad canceled out and they go on to the art off and they

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will be standing between Jana and Jana. And then you have the disbelievers those who rejected oh come with a chick, anyone who has chic, then Allah cancels all the good deeds, and they are liable. This is liable. It's in the hands of Allah, that they will interject them eternally. And Jana will be made haram for them.

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And of course they are those there is a unique group of people who never heard of Islam. They never knew what to do. They never received the guy to zoom but Allah said when I send the guidance and you find it within yourself, but for those who never received the guidance, they never heard, they will be tested on camera, they will be given a like a sub exam on the Deaf piano and then they will be judged now. How do I pass the scale? And that's what we're going to discuss inshallah start today and continue over the next week or so. What year Allah What do I need to do to pass to survive this earth? What are the key things I need to do? Do I need to live a perfect life? Never have bad

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thoughts never look at the Haram never listen to haram if that's the case thing. Perfection it's impossible none of us are going to survive.

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If I've lived my life here Allah Poff my life was no tea I didn't make salah I didn't do anything good to is my as I have I failed the exam What It Is there any hope for me? Yeah Allah if I'm making my five daily Salah is enough. How do I know when I need to do to pass the exam? So Allah has given clear instructions and guidance, what to focus on what to prioritize

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the first thing

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and the first two things we will speak about today will continue in the next week or so. The primary objective of life, how many of us it's exciting. How many of you have ever asked yourself or your friend where a conversation

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What is the purpose of my life?

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What is the most important reason why I'm here? If you don't know, if you don't know what you are doing here, then it's like the person who comes to a crossroads. And he asks, which direction does this road go to? And the person says, Where do you want to go? He says, I want to go anyway. I don't know where I'm going, then you can take any road, you please, you will never arrive at your destination.

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How do you know what Allah wants from you? What Allah wants from me. Allah very clearly tells us in the Quran, Allah Maha cucina will insert Ilya boon, I have not made you, oh man and Gene, except that you must worship me and have a relationship with me. If you've lived in this life, and you've acquired money, you've achieved awards, you've ascended and you've won every competition, but you don't have a relationship with Allah, then you failed at your life, your life was a failure.

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Your life would have been failed completely. If you have a relationship with Allah, but it is neglected, it is deficient, then you struggling in fulfilling that purpose. The only reason why we are here is to acquire a relationship with Allah and so that we return to him when we meet him face to face. These relationships is something they

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and so every single person, our objective is to worship Allah and worship doesn't just mean Salah Yes, Salah is the primary form of worship, but how you engage how you live your life. And was that the one thing that ALLAH does not forgive? The one thing Allah has promised he will not pardon on the day of Kiama even the serial killer will have a chance at Allah's mercy. Even the person who committed all the Zina in the world, or the Haram in the world, they will have an opportunity to Allah's Mercy Allah we know in the Hadith, that there will be a man who was a serial killer and Allah will forgive you. There's a hadith about that. A man who killed 99 people, but Allah has

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promised for one type of sinner do not stand before me to accept any kind of mercy and that is the sin of Sheikh Sheikh is the denial of Allah's lordship. It is the rejection of Allah completely. You either commit to there are ways of committing Sheikh Allah says Welaka Ohio Allah Guha ileka Well Illallah Dena Whelan Medina mean communica Allah says to the Nabil Salam, I'm revealing to you I'm telling you, oh, Mohamed Salah Salem and your people, as I told the people before from Nabhi Adam, I say this to every nation to every generation law in America, but if you come and share it with me, like with an AMA look that I will nullify cancel all your deeds. Well, what are the Coonan I mean,

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Aloha, serene, and you would have lost on the Deaf piano. Anybody who comes to Allah, actively having died upon sheath, you come at the chicken you stop the knot you make that's okay. Allah will forgive you in sha Allah. But if you die committing sheer, sheer could be worshipping NaVi isa worshipping a grave weighing an amulet for protection, turning to someone else to save you other than Allah calling out to saints and Olia besides Allah, anyone who comes to Allah with us, Allah will not look at that person, Allah will reject that person. So how do we can achieve, there are those who deny the existence of Allah or all completely he doesn't exist, or they ascribe the powers

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and the attributes to Allah. And the most common form of shield is to worship other than Allah.

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The purpose of life, and we end up on this point, everything else is secondary. There is one cardinal thing that everyone must do. As I mentioned this every time on the in Joomla. What Atomo tuna Illa one times demon Allah says, Allah warns us don't die, except that you are in a state of Islam. Make sure that is in order, when you die, make sure you Islam is intact. And the one thing that nullifies Islam issue, the one thing that completely ruins you is sheer. And that is what must be focused on insha Allah if that is right, if Allah promises, no matter how deficient you are in your deeds,

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there is this this beautiful Hadith which I end up with an abuse of Salam is saying goodbye to his Sahabi more at the village level he's sending ma to Yemen, and they are on the camel together and profit from system wide and wide. And why it says yes, Yasuda ly, Mia says My God, I love you very, very much. I want you to know that. And he's advising him when you go to Yemen, Yemen, you will meet the people that are gonna get up and overseas advising him and he's Oh my god. When you come back to Medina, you won't find me you'll find my cover and why this crime? And he says don't want him wired. When he says can I tell you a secret and the prophets received tomorrow? Can I tell you a secret?

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says yes to Allah. He says, Oh, why? Allah? Do you know what the Huck that Allah has upon us as people what is the duty of us to Allah? And then the Prophet says, The Huck Allah has upon us he said, we should worship Him alone, to hate one of us and we worship Allah alone. Then he says en masse, I cannot tell you what hug we have on Allah. What Allah owes us if we do that

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This is what yours well, that we will get it we are guaranteed Jana you're guaranteed Jana so why we got so happens is you also should not tell the people shall not tell the Sahaba but anybody who has Iman in his heart and he worships Allah alone any avoid ship he's guaranteed Jana. The prophecies no no don't tell them it might make them lazy. Keep letting the push why only said this hadith on the on his deathbed when he's about to die. You said I must tell you something I don't want to leave a hadith untold and on his deathbed. He told us Hadith and told me that anybody who dies, not having converted Chittick believing in Allah. He is guaranteed Allah will place him into Jana. May Allah

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grant us as direct distribution Amin Zack Allah Hey, just a few one announcement I believe just one announcement in sha Allah Sunday evening 25th of February the Sunday coming off the Maghreb will be our 15th of Shaban Aruba program in sha Allah would have a lecture and in preparation of Ramadan insha Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah say no Muhammad wa ala DISAPPEA salaam listening Alhamdulillah Allah Kumar