Zakir Naik – How can a Person Achieve the Objectives of Fasting

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of fasting and abstaining from activities to achieve health and weight loss goals. They also discuss the need for immigration clearance and visa requirements for those who have a visa. The importance of avoiding false speech and achieving weight loss goals is emphasized.
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does a person who fasts

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achieve all of these objectives when he or she is fasting, if a person truly fast

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in the right way,

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with all these requirements insha Allah, he has to achieve all these objectives. But

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when we see around us, all of the people fasting, don't achieve the objectives Why? whenever a person does an act, it has two components. One

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the method

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and second is the objective.

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For example,

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we human beings we eat,

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why do it, the first thing is act of eating. And second thing is why do we eat, what is the objective of eating, I find the act of eating is concerned, it contains four parts. One is making the morsel number two is putting in the month. Number three is masticating. It that chewing it, number four is putting it down the throat.

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But the goal, the objective is

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to make our health The objective is to live, people eat for the health reason, mainly, and to live.

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But along with the main action, there are ancillary things that are associated things attached, which, if it's not done, then the objective not be achieved.

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For example, suppose someone takes sand or sawdust, and makes a morsel out of it, puts it in the mouth, masticated and puts it on the throat, do you think you'll achieve the objective really achieve the health really live.

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So, there are associated things required with that. Similarly, with fasting, besides abstaining from food, bring and * from dawn to sunset, there are other things required along with it, which we discussed earlier things encourage things which are

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recommended, etc. abstain from thing with a discouraged to achieve the main objective.

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There may be some people who may do the right things or there are things for example, the food that you eat, it should be healthy.

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If you make a morsel of food, which is junk food,

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which is not hygienic. And then if you have, you won't achieve the objective your achieve good health. Or maybe a person has healthy food, it makes the most out of it. Personally the mode, Master gates it chews it, puts it on the throat. And after some time,

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he puts his finger in his throat and vomits out. So will he achieve the objectives of eating that health monitor. Similarly, to achieve the objective, we have to have the ancillary things besides abstaining from food, drink and *, abstain from false actions, false speech. And if you want it out, the whole purpose is defeated. Let me give an example

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to the person who comes from the village

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to my city of Bombay.

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And he says that I want to go to America.

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So someone doesn't, okay, purchase a ticket from Mumbai to America. enrich America

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the main

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act to go to America. You have to purchase a ticket and go by plane when he's

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the person who's willing to purchase a ticket and he goes at the airport. Then the asking where is the passport? What's the passport?

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People don't require a ticket, I purchased the ticket. It's a no require a passport. It goes back and then you prepare the passport. It takes a few days, few weeks, then it comes back again and asked him that do you have immigration clearance? What is his immigration clearance? Some countries require immigration. So it goes and gets back his immigration card. Then now he said okay, now I have to go to America. So he has a ticket now. He has a passport. He has immigration clearance and it goes to the counter and he gives it so they show him the boarding gun.

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When he goes to the immigration, they asked him where is a visa

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to require a visa also,

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again, he stuck. So it goes back and he applies for a visa and in order to get the visa of USA America is one of the most difficult. So he applies and he finally gets it. So, how to go to America if you have to go by plane and you look at a ticket the main actors have to fly in the plane and have to purchase a ticket but associated ancillary things that you require a passport there should be immigration clearance, you require a visa. A person cannot leave the country without having a passport. A person cannot enter any country without having a veto of their country. So all these are associated things which are understood to a person who has knowledge but the basic thing

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Watching the ticket

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from Bombay to USA.

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But even after purchases, and has all these things done for person, if you compare this to fasting person abstains from eating, drinking, and *, from dawn to sunset, but the associated things are, you should abstain from false speech to acquire the benefit, he should abstain from force action, from all the things which are Haram. He's actually thinks, and then

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he will achieve the objective. Now, that person wants to go to America. But what is the objective?

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Some people may want to go to America to study. It's a country working in education. Some people want to go for sightseeing. Many people, they want to go there for prostitution. Many people want to go there to have drugs. Some people don't like to help some people

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with homosexuality, because America is a country where homosexuality legal. So what is the purpose that you want to go there? Some people want to go to America to gamble.

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So one thing is to go to America What is your objective

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for somebody people fast,

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not having the objective some people will fast to diet. Some people may fast to lose weight. So then they will not achieve all these objectives of taqwa paradise, forgiveness of sins. They're fasting, definitely for food and drink, but the objective is using it. So if a person wants to go to America, for prostitution, for adultery, for gambling, for drinking alcohol, for drugs, his main objective won't be achieved. So what is the objective is important? Some people want to go for education.

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So, we have to realize that all those people who truly know

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the ancillary associated things along with fasting and if they know the objective, which are listed in the first time, so inshallah they have to achieve all of them if they don't, then as a blurred prophet Muslim said

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that it's mentioned in Hadith of the major Hadith number 1690. There are many people who fast but they do not get any reward except for hunger. And there are many people who stand up in prayers. Their standing is of no benefit, no reward except for sleeplessness

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from the innocence question, yes, Dr. zakia

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