Reflections #22 So knowthat there is no deity except AllAh

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back. Today's verse which we are reflecting upon is a very important verse because it concerns every single Muslim. It is verse number 19 of surah Muhammad peace be upon him chapter number 47 And this verse reads as you've heard the beautiful citation fallen and hula

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Isla in law who was Delphine them big? Was Delphine them be carefully meaning in our means.

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While long we are alarming moto collabera Qu ms. Work.

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Fallon Oh Mohammed know that there is no duty except Allah. And seek forgiveness for your own self for your own sins and for the believing men and women.

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And then the Almighty Allah says was thoughtfully done because many in our movement and indeed Allah knows your movement and your resting place. Allah Johanna Momota kalaba co moneth welcome. Plenty of lessons we learned from this as we ponder over the first segment which is farlam the knowledge about the fact that there is no duty buddy Almighty Allah, wait a minute, didn't Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam already knew that and acknowledge that? Yes. So why in Surah, Mohammed which is chapter number 47. Again, Allah Almighty will tell him, Fallon, how you should know that there is no ILA but ALLAH he only knows that it is delivering the following messages.

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You should understand that and no, I remember that it is Allah and by His fever he made you know, and he chose you to make sure that you know, La ilaha illa Allah and then it is your duty to inform others and to share this message and deliver it with others. And also to celebrate the praises of Allah through thanking him and praising Him by saying La ilaha illallah

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and it also inspires

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As the entire OMA that it is compulsory. It's an individual duty compulsory on every single Muslim man or a woman, young or old. To learn about monotheism and the Oneness of Allah, especially his beautiful names and attributes and the fact that let me Akula who one and the fact that les second is the CHE on Oahu, a semi all bossy, nothing that exists like him. And he's all here or the overseer, no one is ever comparable to him or equivalent to him. So this is very important for every Muslim to learn. And also, it is compulsory on every Muslim to learn what may lead to shirk, and associating partners Allah in worship, in order to avoid it, in order to maintain pure to heed pure

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monotheism to worship Allah and not to associate with Him in in worship, meaning statements people are used to it could lead to associating partners to Allah and worship and actions. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said mana halacha Fahad Ashura, you will find many Muslims even going for Hajj or Umrah wearing a talisman or tie with and they say I didn't know is this an execuse? So the knowledge about the Oneness of Allah and the pure monotheism is compulsory on every single Muslim man and woman, young and old.

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and also, when it comes to knowledge of the deen, it's unlimited of how quickly the admin Haleem and the only thing that the Almighty Allah have asked us to seek XR, there off is m will call Rob busy linear Elna in surah Taha, which we discussed before, say My Lord, Increase me in knowledge, and the second segment is still fairly them we can seek forgiveness for your sin. Wait a minute, I thought Prophet Muhammad was infallible. Yes, indeed. He was infallible. Even before Islam. He did not commit sins. He never drank. He never touched an idol. He never ate haram. So what is it?

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This is a message to the owner of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, see forgiveness for your sins. And even if he did not commit sins, seeking forgiveness is one of the greatest acts of worship. Because making so far and repentance unto Allah is not necessarily prescribed because you've committed a sin. For call to stop funeral or a backup in a hurricane or fall. You will see Santa Ana commit Aurora or you will need a combi am whirling weapon in a word innovator I look on Jan nurettin word I love him and Hara. So seeking forgiveness, according to know Holly's Salam said in Surah Noor is one of the greatest means of increase in the provision, masha Allah increase in the offspring and

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grant in a godly life in addition to forgiving sins, and it is a reminder not to fall incense and also reminds us with the fact that Prophet Mohammed Salah Salah and did really care much about his Alma. So he was constantly seeking forgiveness not only for himself, but for the entire Ummah, men and women, the believing men and women, and it is highly recommended when you make dua to say Rob Delfield when he was a leader, yeah, well, meaning young male Coleman herself, and that was a dua of Ibrahim Ali Salah. So to say My Lord, forgive me, my sins and my parents and all that believing all the believers, men and women, May Allah guide us to what is best and next time AsSalamu Alaikum

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Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh