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Life is an OBSTACLE course

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Mufti Menk

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I recall and probably it still happens now on television, on television, they used to have obstacles for children, and they show it to you on the TV, and you win the prize to teams. And you have to do certain obstacles in order to get to the other side, whoever gets there first is the winner. And they get so many more crystals, or they get so many more stars. And at the end of the day, the people who have the most stars, they are the ones who win. Now that I'm much older, I sit and think do you know your whole life works in a similar way. Your whole life works in a similar way, you enter the obstacle, you find water, what do you have to do, you have to get across to the other

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side, what will happen as you are trying to get across a crocodile will come from underneath, it will try to snap at you, right? You have to do make a plan, do something, get a rope at the top and go to the other side or build a bridge, you build a bridge so that the crocodile does not bite you. And then what happens when you get to the other side, you have one crystal, you hold it. Now you're excited you cannot stop there, you get to the other crystal, after a while when you go to the other side there is a snake. Why did they put snakes? Why?

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To show you that the obstacle is what makes you the winner. When you go beyond the obstacle that is placed in your life, you are the winner. Every one of us without a single exception, will have obstacles and those are the matters the issues that will actually shine us.

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You are known not during your glory days, not during your days of glory, but during your difficult days. Are you still a faithful person? Are you still a humble person? Do you still have faith in Allah? Are you still a good person? In fact, with us, even when we are given we are tested by Allah? Do you still remain humble? Are you still a person who is approachable? Are you still the person who has developed himself or herself even more now that Allah has given you more.

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So all this diversity that we see around us is created different from us, in order for us to be tested. What is going to be my relationship with that which is different from me.