Importance and Wisdom of Salaat

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Al Hamdulillah he was the latter was Salam wa salam ala Nabi Avada

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I am Allah

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what I study yet about

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a mother I do fall mobila He's gonna share it on me Bismillah your Walkman Iraqi in us for that and in fact she

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said a

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mighty respect respected elders and brothers.

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We are all aware that salad

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which sometimes in our community we call is NAMAs but in the Quran, Allah Tala refers to it as salad is the foremost practical duty in Islam. The most pleasing to Almighty Allah subhanaw taala Sahabi came and asked me to be utterly himself Salam Ya Rasulullah which is the most pleasing deed to Allah Nebia cream sauce and said Salah to live up to her to reach salat on its proper time. It is the most repeated injunction in the Holy Quran. Allah refers to it more than any other deed in the Holy Quran. It is the pillar of our deen in the Salah. Imago Deen, maybe a Kareem salsa themselves salah is a pillar of Islam. It is compulsory upon each and every believer,

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men and a woman rich and poor, unlike for example, zakat and hajj which is only compulsory upon those who have the means. But Salat is compulsory upon each and every one and therefore my dear respected whether sometimes we talk about many aspects of our deen we tend to forget the most important of all the deeds of Islam, which is salaam salaam manages to spell out or namaz Islam kabuna reduce or subsea hum AMOLED Amara de Mer is for sepsis. Jada's or Dr. Gaya and lackey who's ludique a sub se battery in Zarya or Eman Okafor Mehta freaker, Nevada, Hara muscleman Mirto aura Amira ripple for us. So many cases the cat or hydrasuit Amuro perforation.

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Now let me start giving you some of the reasons why. Salad is so emphasizing our Sharia is kicked off matter. Okay, Islam names Cooper Ignas odia Why did Allah subhanho wa Taala and our beloved Nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam emphasize that so much. Let us look at the wisdom and we will find an amazing wisdom with regard to why Salah is so important. I'm going to count it Inshallah, some of the wisdoms we will count and you will count with me Inshallah, if I'm wrong, you will correct me inshallah. So, let us look at it. Firstly, we managed to have a sub Saharan Judah Eman is the most important thing. Right everyone knows that the man is the most important thing in

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his life of a Muslim. But Eman is an abstract thing. It is something to do with the heart. You can see Mr. Eman is to do with the heart now how does Imam find its its outward expression and manifestation the best outward expression and manifestation of Eman is solid.

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This is one of the wisdom for three guard we get a man under guilty Chism Namaaz have a solid blue sky is the heart of Carter. It is a manifestation of our humanity. And this is not something that we can only say like that there is Quranic evidence with regard to it. You see in the Quran in the beginning of the second juice. The first piece of the second was ALLAH Tala makes mention of toquilla Qibla. How Allah Tala changed the Qibla from beta roquetas. To beta Allah for 1617 months, people were performing Salah in the direction of where mercy the Aqsa now when Allah Allah changed it to Machida haram Kaaba and Baitullah in the hearts of people. Someone started saying what happens

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to our namaz that we performed in the direction of Majid who's KineMaster Yaga. Allah will refer to it and Allah replied to it, What did Allah reply for Malka Allahu li UV Eman?

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Allah will not allow your Eman to go to waste. Eman, caca mclevy What is the meaning of mrea Salat?

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Allah will not allow your email to go to waste because Eman Allah Tala Eman calm Qi Quran Namaste Namaste Jana was come this book okay. So the first it is the

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The method of expression of our humanity. The second reason and the second wisdom, it is a means of forgiveness. A by some after attempts or that is a means of ceremony passivity. Allahu Turan, who one day, you know, he caught hold of a tree and a branch of a tree. I remember one elderly person one day I was given by ianya in it, I spoke and I said, He caught hold of the three. So you say moron away he's gonna get hold of the three C code all of the branch of the tree.

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He called the whole of the branch of the tree and he shook it and the leaf started falling, but they call Jana sroka Nebia Karim sorcerer and when he started making that the leaf started falling and he asked Salmaan as the student you say want to ask me why I'm doing this. Why are you doing this Nebia cream sauce then one day did this and when he was shaking the leaves of the tree in every aquarium Salah while he was selling as the leaves are falling, maybe I can even saw some said in Muslimah that what the half arsenal will do to masala to masala Axolotl comes to heart attack, Fatah who come at the heart has a word Okama cannon abuse and aloneness that when a person reads make proper Uzu

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reads five times Namaaz and then he performs solid his sins for down from him the way the leaves are falling from the street to protect Janish Rukia Sanabria Keemstar Zuma Saba Kosaka to admin cetera cinemas para tone to go now sad say.

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The third reason with regard to the Hickmott and the benefits of Salat is a means of purification. Yay, mocha multipack is here. It is an entire purification. It purifies our entire body, our soul, our spiritual self. And of course, maybe a term sawston gave the famous example. Livia Kareem saw Salam said if a person after performing and doing His work, He makes any takes a hotel in fives very clean streams of water. From the time of his work, he goes home and he passes five streams of water and he dumps himself in that water. Pure clean stream.

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Up no good to anyone pasar Funnyman Holika to will they be any dirt upon him after he comes home? Saba Anika No they won't be noted. Maybe a Kareem saw some say the personal perform five times daily set up no dirt remains upon him. No spiritual dirt remains upon him. So it becomes the means of purification. Third reason why Allah subhanho wa Taala has made mention of the beauty of Salah fourth reason. The first thing to be questioned about on the day of Kiama set ballot so Altea McMahon kiski viremia hoga

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anyone got catnip dunya Macaca Maya only what what did you do with regard to dunya? Only with regard to what did you do with regard to other matters? Did you put up a home or not? Did you drive a Mercedes or not? And I would ask you well, Omar, your house will be healed up to your Malatya Matias salah, Salah Hassan Hassan Rahmani were either further further specialist Emily oh come upon. Maybe I carry himself some said the first thing Allah will question you about on the Day of Judgment will be selected. If your Salah is found to be correct, then inshallah all your other deeds are found to be correct. And if for example, if your Salat is found to be incorrect, then the very first all

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other Amala also be found to be incorrect. Solid say yoga to back in America Barbie inshallah hoga hosack Taking me say you can select image a fail

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to a person is taking a driver's license, right and he starts off the first the first quarter he comes he knocks the car the person who's taking he said what I could ask you with regard to parking go you fail. The first the first Ben you took you took you bump the car, whatever I'm gonna ask you anything further. The first thing if a letter is going to ask you about Salat and then what are you going to go further any with regard to any armor? The fourth reason why Islam is put so much of emphasis upon salah is the first thing Allah will question us on the Day of karma. Right then next one, what what number have asked you to or what is the next number the importance of it? puncher

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number 50 Maybe I can even saw some is a hustler who pulls the IRS summer Oh skillet salad. Okay, that whenever our beloved maybe a crimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam had any difficulty hit any difficulty. The first thing he did was go to select

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sub sub palette TCB Mushkin min sub sub palette is no record himself salaam salaam

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First thing you did, and assembly America the Allahu anhu, after the time of Nyssa Salam, within one day there was a great wind in Islam. In Medina, a lot of wind, a great storm. And that student of Anastasia Lautaro came running to him to see what he does. And he asked us was their situations like this in the time of nivia Kareem saw Selim and I started crying. And he said we had enough

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time whenever there was a winning whenever there was a storm, maybe a cream saw slim win first thing to the Masjid COVID musculo bearish we're gonna have to sub sub l nav acronym salsa magick modality hamacher ot two sub sub televoting take a selfie, take a picture of it, and we'll put it on Instagram. This is the reality. I just read last week Yala. A woman complained that her children were wounded. In the first thing the person who did was to take a picture of it didn't worry about helping the person.

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Can you mention we also in our time the first thing you will do what we will do put it on Instagram. Allah subscript Eliquis Tomago to go towards Salah is studying OB somebody was sent out a letter that says whenever you are in any difficulty seek Allah's help to the means of Salah, the VA cream sauce, whenever dark clouds came upon Medina went to the masjid whenever there is any type of difficulty, you have any type of situation. Firstly, you resort to salad and then of course we have the situation with regard to a sub, you know select will hijack anytime of difficulty go and read Torah carcinomas and read the DUA Allah Allah Allah Karim should Annaleigh European origin as I said

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Lokomotiva erotic learn the DUA don't come and ask me now you know up to no promotional cardio basically after opening do searches of Cuba Mahama suppose for time you know everything with regard to things. What is it tolerate we know do okay about me, we don't know. Now what was learned I was selected. Then the CES, the sixth thing salak has an impact upon your entire life.

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App is solid kibarim a porridge Johanna appcake here darky oppa hamfest.

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Through the means of salad, we've come to know that in value of a person now it doesn't mean I must be careful to make mention of it doesn't mean now you make set up you don't have to worry about other aspects of the oh that's another deception. That's another type of incomplete situation that we have. We need solid fill generally because we are now known as Namazi Salat and very pious then we use our Salah as a deception, then to deceive other people. We take money from them and then we don't give them back

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up it's collected. This is also another different deception, but through the means of Salah when you eat your salad, you know it is mentioned it is a statement. I've seen it referred to as the ultra very achieved statement. What an amazing statement. Yes, choreographer keep this in mind. Literally Allah has given me here that he said that a selling person will soon stop praying and stop reading cinemas and a praying person who wants to stop selling.

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Joe went

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to war. Namaste.

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When a person continues selling he will stop praying. And when a person continues pray he will stop selling

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in a Salatin fashion you will mooncup Maybe, as Allah says in the Quran,

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in the serata salad will prevent you from fascia. Fascia means immorality and wound carbines evil

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Nebia Karim saw Salam one day person wants to buy one of two slaves. So you're gonna be against Arsenal. Yes, we are. Which of the two sleeves was EBI? So maybe I could install some saved by this one. I saw him leading them as was Coker in a mask for that. You see how solid is an impact upon our entire characteristic and a person perform Salah there is a certain you know, expectation that he will be good or don't take advantage of it. But this is something that we are made mention of six. Now the seventh thing, which is also a very important thing, now namaz Maha walk or more hapkido Mian Barker naked, achy or WA.

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Salam is a means of communicating with Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah, can you imagine? We like to communicate with our Mabu maboob in a true sense no longer make it known and say Maulana said you must go and communicate with your girlfriend. Nobody will communicate with your wife. Wife took me back cottony before marriage when you speak to your wife, G Jan Gmail, boo, calculator, Yahoo come in what to say whatever you want. I will bring it

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You after after marriage when she told what to say, you go to other work before me this time of the day come

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but through the means, you know these days a certain degree of love you have when you communicate with your beloved.

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I mean obviously, they say that love makes time pass when you love how time goes up, you can sit with your with your newly married wife for two three hours. So love makes time pass and time makes love pass after time you do it the same love. Love makes time pass time makes love past our beloved to meet a Korean Salah while he was still upset that custom to salata Bailey will be in Abdi water. Unless Nebia himself sir, I have distributed salad between me and my condiment. Half is for me and half is my for my bondsman. What it means half is he praising me and other half he's asking from me and I'm giving it to Inshallah, because some to salata bein you have a nappy cream sauce from says,

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when a person says Alhamdulillah your bill Alameen Hamadani rub cream so say under gala says Hamadani my bondsman has praised me that is why it's it is Mr. Hubbell that when you read your Salah you stop at every ayat Al Hamdulillah.

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When you read a Rukmani Rahim, Allah Allah says, Allah Allah you have the midday bundle in.

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My opponent has praised me. And then you said Maliki Almighty Allah Allah says but Chatterley your OB

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my bondsman and my sermon has given me a very great status. To hear salah is a means of communicating with Allah subhanaw taala. Last month, let me make mention of what an amazing thing. Sharpless is

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one of our great scholars has written such an amazing thing with regard to salad, salad, one of the beauties of salad, salad cake and ochre to enable.

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Very beautiful aspect with regard to say Allah in the Quran says, Allah, Allah and Allah, Allah woman is somewhat you will be what they call Luca Alima serata who waters via each and everything in this world they remember ALLAH they glorify Allah, they have a mode of remembering

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her he is dunya man.

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When can we accelerate Catterick to Africa?

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South Africa at three times. So you for example, you say they've got a mode of Salah if you look at the tree, the tree is white it remembers Alaskan street. So the method of the salad of the tree is

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hamari salad on

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the four legged animals they are spread out the method of praying and glorifying Allah is making ruku

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hum Subhanallah Amara Namaaz Moo hoo be

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the hush rattle the peep the insects and the snakes they are on the ground. They are as if they are making sister they method of praising Allah and the mode of Salah is sister hamari Namaaz may see

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the mountains they are on the place. They are remembering Allah the mode of Salat is the Shah hood hamari Salat meta Shabbat

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so all the methods of Salat of all the creation of Allah Allah is kept it in our salary.

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A deal so my dear instructor brothers we made mention of eight eight or was it six I can't even remember now. I've never been at eight beauties of salad. So brother that will also say lastly, there isn't much the time I just want to make mention of one salad for males is what

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must never separate subject with regard to the importance of salad into Hadees for rocker to Hannah hubco were to take just one or two Hadith with regard to one he is by make row Fuzu from home and then come and read the mask it is more rewarding. Maybe a crimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam I give it say that maybe a crimson Allahu Allah was Solomon said Maharaja mean bathe him with the heron. It has certain Mokuba for it will have

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that a person who reads is make Fuzu from home and then come and register that it is like he's making 100 obrah

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and another Hadith maybe a cream sauce and I'm saying it is like he is visiting Allah subhanho wa Taala to eat your salad with tomato. It is 27 times superior nowadays my theory is propellers everyone is complaining about crime. We all complain about crime. What an amazing idea that maybe a cream sauce limited man sulla soup feature Martin for whoever feeds him Mattila.

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Whoever needs further salad with tomato

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he is in the protection of

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Joe fortune Kinema Damascus

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who enact anarchism men.

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He's in the protection of Allah. So my god stepbrothers given the importance of namaste and given the importance of Santa. Let us all make them clear.

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Each and every one of us by we will never leave namaste inshallah. Shut up your heads inshallah. Everyone Namaste

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Namaste in any condition when we got time to do everything no matter how busy you are, if you want to go to the bathroom, what are you gonna do? You're gonna say no, I can't. I'm very busy. Who's got time hair salon

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by some miracle animals nature inshallah.

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