Zakir Naik – Associated acts required to Achieve the Objectives of Fasting

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of fasting, particularly during the daylight hours of wrongly fasted activities. They highlight the recommended and discouraged acts and the associated dew points in Acts, including backbiting, centering, lying, and rumor mongering. The speaker also mentions the importance of fasting for protecting from the Hellfire and preventing from inactivity, and how it will act as inter acknowledge for forgiveness.
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What exactly are those ancillary associated acts, which you've spoken about which inshallah you're going to furnish us with all the information? Aside from doing away with food, drink and sexual relations with one's wife during the daylight hours of Ramadan, which will enable you to achieve the real objective. So fasting? In short, if you want the answer in one sentence, it is obeying the commandments of Allah and His messenger. If you obey the commandment of Allah and His rule, all his commandments, then inshallah you will be following all the necessary things in detail, there are hundreds, we listed the major ones, just a couple of days back, we will discuss the topic

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recommended and discourage acts while fasting. And if you remember, we had discussed three dew points in the topic of recommended acts while fasting, and about 29 points in Acts which are discouraged while fasting would put together 61. And in all these days, we have discussed more than 60 points, which are recommended and discouraged. In short, if you've heard the commands Allah subhanaw taala. And in messenger, you're being associated things in short, to mention, just to highlight a few more,

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a few which are discussed earlier. Our beloved prophet Mr. Samson, as mentioned, say Buhari, were number three, in the book of fasting Hadith number 1901. A prophet said, that anyone who fasts, the completement

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for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. For him, and seeking reward from him, he will have all his sins forgiven. The first thing is intention, it should be far less monotonous and we should do it to see the reward of Allah subhanaw taala furthermost mission say boy Howdy, we're number three.

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In the book of fasting, how did number 189 for a prophet said fasting is a shield and the message is repeated. In same say Buhari, volume three book of fasting Hadith number 1904. We are Prophet said, fasting is a shield, it will protect you from the Hellfire and prevent you from sins.

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And a prophet said it's mentioned ysabel hydraform number three, in the book of fasting Hadith number 1903. He said that anyone who does not leave his false actions and false speech, Allah subhanaw taala does not require him to leave his food and drink

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your in this hadith

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the major activities which are associated are mentioned in this study. It comes in two categories for speech and for Section four speech as we discussed earlier, includes backbiting, centering, lying, verbal abuse, vulgar speech,

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gossiping, rumor mongering. In fourth section, we have

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things that people do very often in number one is listen to understand songs, listen to music, watch on Islam, television programs, and Islamic movies, read on some magazines. They go to an Islamic websites wastage extravagance all these comments activity. And

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as I mentioned earlier, in the earlier answer, a beloved person was listening in

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so none of the major

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added number 1690 that

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there are many people who fast but they don't get any reward except hunger. And many people who stand in Salah their standing is useless ignore the word except for sleeplessness.

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And a beloved prophet also said in

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Sunil Hadid number four to five zero, that anyone

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who asked for forgiveness for the sins he has done, it is as though he has not committed that sin. So in this month of Ramadan, you can ask for forgiveness and inshallah Allah will forgive our sins. And it's mentioned in Muslim amod Hadith number 66 that

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two things will act as intercession for you, fasting and the Quran. The first thing will say that this person left his desire of eating, drinking and * for me, so I will intercede for him. And the Quran will say that this person, he kept pouring in the Quran, and I prevented him from sleeping.

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So I intercede on his behalf. So Quran and fasting will intercede for you on the day of judgment and when shall decadent

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