Excuses for not Reading the Quran with Understanding

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Let's analyze today the various excuses given by as Muslims for not reading the Quran with understanding

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the most common excuses.

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We do not know Arabic as a language.

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Today, the world population is approximately 6 billion.

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And about 20 to 25% of the world population are Muslim, about 1.3 to 1.5 billion Muslims out there in the world.

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And out of the Muslim population, approximately

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15% are Arabs.

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And there are very few non Arabs who understand Arabic as language. So amongst the Muslim population, more than 80% of the Muslims, they don't understand Arabic as a language. So, the most common excuse that you Muslims have not to read the front understanding is we do not know Arabic as a language.

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When a human being is born,

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he does not know any language, the child

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initially learns the mother tongue so that he can converse with the family members.

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later on.

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He may learn the language of the society, so that he could communicate with the people around him.

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He may learn the language in which he's educated.

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Almost all human beings, they at least know two or three different languages.

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Some are three to five languages.

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Some are linguists,

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but most of the human beings almost all they at least know two to three different languages. Isn't it a requirement

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that we should know the language in which our Creator Allah subhana wa Taala has revealed his last and final message the Glorious Quran? Isn't it a must.

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That we Muslims should learn Arabic as language to understand the Quran.

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I know that it is much easier for a person to learn a language during childhood.

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But age is never a barrier

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to prevent any human being from doing any good work.

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And that reminds me of the example of Dr. Morris book as

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many of you may be aware that Dr. Morris book l was a very famous surgeon and scientist who was given the French Academy Award in medicine

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and automotive bouquets. He was selected for doing research

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on the mummy of naptha.

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That is, the mummy of the body of Pharaoh was there at the time of Moses peace be upon him, which is mentioned in the Bible.

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And after he did research

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on this mummy of men naptha, which was found in the value of kings,

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he being a Christian,

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he was aware

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of the background mentioned of Moses peace be upon him in the Bible.

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And he was aware

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that the pharaoh at the time of Moses peace be upon him, when he followed Moses peace be upon him in part in the sea. And when you followed him

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the sea again came back to normal and the Pharaoh had drowned.

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But when he went to Saudi Arabia,

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there he learned

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that the Muslims told him

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the Quran already mentions in for us, chapter number 10 was commanded to that.

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Allah says, We shall save the body of the pharaoh as a sign for posterity.

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Dr. morrisburg L. He was shocked that how does this book

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the Glorious Quran 1400 years back says that Almighty God will save the body of Pharaoh as a sign for posterity as a sign for humankind

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and is not mentioned the Bible. So that instigated him to read the translation of the Quran.

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And after read the translation of the Quran, he was so much inspired, that he wanted to understand the Quran better. So at the age of 50. He learned Arabic as language to understand the Quran better. Imagine a non Muslim, a Christian to understand the Quran better. He learns Arabic as language

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and after he does research he says that the scientific

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Points mentioned in the Quran, are in perfect conformity with what modern science then discovered. And unfortunately, there are many things in the Bible, which do not conform with modern science.

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And after the further research, he writes the book, the Bible, the Quran, and science became very famous.

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The point to be noted here is

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imagine a person of the age of 50. Being a non Muslim, being a Christian, to understand the Quran better, he learns Arabic as a language.

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So we Muslims, the best excuse we have is that we don't know Arabic as a language.

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I do not expect every Muslim to be as enthusiastic as

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Dr. Morris vocal

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that they'd like to learn Arabic at the age of 50.

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But even if a Muslim does not know Arabic as the language, yet he has got no excuse because he can yet read the translation of the Quran and hamdulillah

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the Quran has been translated into most of the major languages of the world.

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Marana abdulmajeed, everybody says

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the Quran is the most untranslatable book in the world.

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The language of the Quran is so pure,

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it is divine. It is noble, it is unsurpassable it is intelligible

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and that is the reason it makes Quran the most difficult book to translate. Not only does it make it the most difficult book to translate, in fact, it is a book which is impossible to translate.

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Yet Alhamdulillah there are many scholars who has spent several years who has spent decades and doing research and have translated the Glorious Quran

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into most of the major languages of the world.

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Even though I agree that no translation is 100% perfect, because a translation is a human handiwork and the Arabic Quran

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is the word of Almighty God the Creator. But in spite of that, these translations, at least they let us understand the basic message of the Quran the basic message of our Creator Allah subhana wa Taala