Zakir Naik – Exact Correct Time to Begin and End the I’tikaf

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of ethics in the legal system and the importance of avoiding ethical ethical offense. They mention that the Prophet used to do ethic off during the last 10 days of the year and that most major possession holders agree that the legal system should end after the last day of the month of Bara. They also mention that the hub should stay on the night and that it is preferable to avoid bad weather and meet family members.
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Could you explain for the benefit of the viewers? What is the exact correct time to begin and end? It's a cuff particularly pertaining to the last 10 days of Ramadan. As far as beginning of ethika for the last 10 years from Nana's concern, there is a difference of opinion between the scholars. One group of scholars,

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people like outside people like authority or a marmalade, Menlo pivot them all, they say that ethics

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should begin after the father Salah on the 21st night based on the deed

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which is mentioned in say Buhari form number three, in the book read the Gulf added number 2034 lS 2041

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that Elijah mela visitor she said that the Prophet used to do ethika for the last and differ from that and I used to push the tent for him and after further Salah is to come at the place of ethic and enter the tent. So based on this hadith that the Prophet masala Salam after offering Frederick Salah used to come at the place of at the coffin into the tent. These collars they say that the calves will start after Friday Salah This is the view of shake bottle so my lab mercy on him when he was asked that venture decaf study so they should start after Friday, Salah of the 21st day of Ramadan if you want to fashion Latin base based on the same Hadith of the shaman located but the

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majority of the scholars the other scholars including all the for Emma's ma Abu hanifa Imam Malik Imam Shafi Imam emitted number and most of the scholar they say that if you don't pick up in the last 10 days of Ramadan, the ethical should start before the sunset of the 21st night because the day starts with the sunset. So, because of ethics in the last 10 days, if you do ethics before sunset,

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and they see because the main aim objective of a takeoff is to seek laser cutter and laser cutter is in the night. So if you have a take off in the last 10 nights, it includes the 21st night also.

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And since the Prophet said, as we discussed yesterday, that thick layer together on the odd nights of the last 10 nights, which included on the first night. So if you start from fudger, you're missing the 21st night. Therefore most of the scholars agree that ethica should start before sunset of the 21st night and in reply, that is a sham and low Peter sable Heidi on number three in the prophetic alpha lead number 2034 and a December 2041. That Prophet musala seldom used to do ethika off in the last 10 days of from them and I have to pitch the tent for him and he's to offer the further salah and after offering further Salah is to come into the place of Attica to what is called

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a say this adid never says that Prophet started ethic off after the Salah. It says the Prophet came to the place of ethic of him to his tent, because he wanted seclusion from the other people after further Salah. What they say even here, it actually indicates that if prophet has to get the night of 21st he started ethica before sunset. So the Prophet entered the mosque before sunset of the 21st night so that the car starts before sunset. But he prayed in the mosque and he came to the place of ethica that is this tent because they wanted seclusion from the other people after further Salah. So according to the correct view of all the major scholars

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that the calf starts before the sunset of 21st. Night, that is before breaking the fast of the 20th day when you fast for the 20th deal from that before you break the fight before sunset you study at the car. And when shared with me, my lab mercy on him when he was asked ventured ethic I've taught for the last 10 days, he had the same reply for in the major group of scholars, it should start before sunset of the 21st night that is before breaking the fast 20 a day and reading the same

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as far as emanating offers concern.

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Majority scholars agree that the ethical should end after sunset of the last night of Ramadan. If Ramadan is of 29 days, then after the sunset of the 29th day. That is after the full day of drywall start you shouldn't be thicker. If it's 30 days then after the 30th fastest all after sunset that the Gulf can end. But all the scholars agree unanimously also that it is most the hub as some of the sahabas. They did continue even

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In the night till each prayer

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So based on this some of the scholars say it is most the hub it's encouraged that it should stay even of the night

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before that the full day of Shabbat and continued the calf off of either seller, an offer the seller and then go back to a family. If you have to offer each seller in some ways in some other place and later, you can have a bad day and then go and meet your family. This is preferable but otherwise all the scholars agree that they can end after sunset after the month of Ramadan and the 29th or 30th at Jazakallah here once again, doctor for the answer

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