Tazkiyah 02 – Freedom from Greed, Lust and Stuff

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AI: Summary © The importance of fulfilling one's hunger to achieve safety and security in life is emphasized in various examples, including a photo of someone eating a piece of dry bread, a photo of someone eating a piece of dry bread, and a photo of someone eating a piece of dry bread. The importance of showing pictures of the person feeling their hunger to achieve a sense of safety and security is emphasized. The speakers also emphasize the need for people to thank and appreciate their body to achieve a sense of safety and security, and the benefits of gratitude and thankfulness in removing suffering and making people happy.
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Alhamdulillah a bit I mean salatu salam O Allah, Colombia mousseline, while Allah He was happy as we know, but

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today in our test get enough series,

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The topic is to eliminate greed, lust, and the love for material possessions from the heart.

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Allah subhanaw taala mention this in the Quran where he said Allah, Taka had to Mojave

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Allah subhanaw taala said that this race that you are in trying to excel each other in worldly things will only end when you see your grave.

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I wish I was alone in a famous Hadees he said that the greed of the human being

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the hunger that he has more material things will be satisfied only when this rub of the hover goes into his mouth, when the sand of the grave goes into his mouths.

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Only that will satisfy the hunger.

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And in another Hadith he said that if he said the man is such that if he has if Allah gives him one Valley full of gold, not talking about one gold biscuits, very full of gold. And another Valley full of silver, he will ask for a third will

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remind myself when you

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any hunger

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whatever the hunger is, for it to be satisfied, you need food that will satisfy that hunger.

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For any hunger to be satisfied, you need food that will satisfy that hunger.

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Food that satisfies some other kind of hunger will not acknowledge the pain and the need of this particular hunger. Let me give you an example.

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Supposing you are hungry for food you are just have you haven't had, you haven't had anything to eat for a long time. And you are very hungry, very, very hungry. Maybe you didn't eat anything for 24 hours. So you're very hungry.

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And at that time, if somebody shows you on a beautiful 62 inch flat screen television, he shows you 3d images of the most beautiful food dishes in the world. He shows you this fantastic triple chocolate sundaes or whatever absolutely beautiful food dishes dishes, he shows you on this 3d 3d three dimensions, right?

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And maybe also has an aroma machine so you can also smell this beautiful biryani or whatever.

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What will it do to your hunger? Will it satisfy your hunger will it make it worse?

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It makes it worse. You will go crazy with the hunger because I mean all without seeing all of that you are hungry. Now you are even feeling the swelling, the aroma of that thing and you are seeing the picture of that thing. And you want to eat the TV. I mean you you know this.

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Now think about this, the actual hunger of the human being. The actual hunger of the human being is the hunger for the remembrance of Allah.

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The Hunger of the soul. I'm talking about the hunger of the body, the hunger of the bodies for food, right? And what other things body bodily things. So if you want to fulfill the hunger or take away the hunger of the body, you have to give it that material food if to fulfill the hunger of the body to show it pictures. It does not help. Right does not help. I can give you some other examples which because obviously where I'm sitting I won't give you those examples. But you can even imagine other bodily hungers, looking at pictures only makes it worse. It doesn't take it away, right.

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The actual hunger of the human being is the hunger of the soul.

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And the hunger of the soul is to be close to Allah. What satisfies the soul is the seeker of Allah and this is not my photo Allah. Allah basically lay that to my

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Allah said the winner of the curl is by the seeker of Allah.

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But unfortunately what we are doing is that to try to satisfy that it when are on call, to get peace of mind to get satisfaction to get a safe sense of safety and security. What are we doing? We are searching for it, where it does not exist.

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Instead of eating food when you are so hungry. A piece of dry bread is worth more than the than the best 3d image

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Have a

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have some food, right?

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Similarly for the hunger of the soul, the vigor of Allah is the food, the food of the soul is at the core of Allah.

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The food of the soul is the vigor of Allah. Nothing else was satisfied. Now instead of the zeker of Allah, we are hunting for it. We are searching for it desperately, in the malls, retail therapy, the heroine, a hotel, a villa, that is retail sickness, is not retail therapy's retail sickness, somebody is sick, you're sending him back into the place of sickness. Instead of taking him out into a into the hospital The hospital is about to bring him out from there and make him sit here and help him to understand the the beauty of the seeker of Allah subhanho that which will take away the sickness, but we send him back into the sickness.

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The mod is a place of sickness,

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material possessions more and more and more hunger hungry person. Yours is showing him more and more pictures of food. He will only go crazy with anger is never going to solve his hunger. Not in a million years.

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hustle and bustle Rasul Allah

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was praying he was praying.

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And when he was praying, he heard some commotion here Here it's as if somebody entered his house and he heard someone moving around in the house. He was alone.

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Anyway, he continued his Salah when he finished his Salah is all there was a man standing as the man is.

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The man said, You are a strange man. He said I am a thief. I'm telling you this I'm a thief. I came to steal something. He said there is nothing in your house.

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How do you live like this? The TV's actually fighting with you without enough like nothing there's nothing to take in your house.

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You have nothing

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at all but I don't know I've got something I'll give you

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is what have you got is a no go make Boo.

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Boo income. Why would you want something I'll give you go make

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the hustle bustle slowly become now stand next to me. And we bring

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the man he was also Muslim

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Labradoodle. We are in all the wrong places.

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So you stood next to Eva Hassan Basilan to lolly now bring her on and this thief is standing next to him.

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When the Salah finished, the man was weeping.

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And he said I told him I said I will never do this worker.

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He said I lived by my job of steady ceramic. Toma

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you really gave me something as an advisor he said I can only give what I have.

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And he said you can protect something I can only give what I have.

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hasn't received What did he have he had the way of connecting.

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You got it to the man.

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I do it myself I knew that

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These are mine. Satisfaction does not come by the accumulation of material things. It does not come by collecting more stuff.

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It comes by eliminating the need for stuff.

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It comes from eliminating what people feel that eliminating want means to give stuff no eliminating one means to remove the desire from the heart.

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And believe me it is doable. Nothing is needed not not only is not impossible, it is not even difficult.

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It is not even difficult,

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easiest thing in the world.

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And how do you do that? By being thankful dollars. Well.

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Very simple.

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Very simple.

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To eliminate want eliminate desire from the heart is not even difficult. It's very easy.

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And the way to do that is to be thankful to Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala said this while in sugar.

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you're thankful to me for what I have given you I will increase it for you.

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Just be thankful whatever it is be thankful Allah will increase. Alone increase

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and that is the beauty of this deal. It is so simple.

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Dean is easy, not difficult, very easy.

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No complexity, no complicated problems I think very simple which are called Allah Subhana. Allah subhanaw taala will remove desire from your heart, then you are you live in a world of bliss,

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absolutely no desire,

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complete satisfaction, become the judge Alhamdulillah Allah kulia and then you will find our last Rotella will give you more and more and more.

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So, I find myself in you, and greed is something and lust

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and desire for material possessions. These are illnesses these are sicknesses of the heart,

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sickness of the heart

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and how to get rid of them by being thankful to Allah. And by greeting the seeker of Allah subhanaw taala

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making Salas turning into agile, what is the value of that you sound entitled and played on as well as data.

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See what Allah gives.

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So I ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for us in sha Allah, and to create and to make our hearts thankful and to make our tongues constantly engaged in the seeker of Allah

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and to be pleased with us, and to keep us in a state of contentment and satisfaction all our lives and to take us in the state of contentment and thankfulness to him. When the time comes to water. For Salalah Alana will carry him while he was having his mind