Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 18 – L173C

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of settling down and finding a comfortable spot in a ship. They stress the chaos of the ship and the buildings in which people were living, emphasizing the importance of being grateful to Allah and not overstating the weight of the people. The segment also touches on the concept of Monza, its use in various cultures, and the negative impact of being superstitious and not valuing people's opinions. The speakers stress the importance of learning from experiences and lessons learned from the past, and not listening to people.
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Farinas, the waiter, then when you have boarded the ship is the waiter from the router seen? Well, yeah. And sour, as you know means to be same to be equal. And so is the way is to establish oneself to rise onto something and establish oneself over there,

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like Easter Island.

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And it also means to become balanced somewhere that for example, if a person sits on an animal, if a person rides a horse, ride a camel, then when as soon as you get onto the camel, you cannot just make the camel start running or walking immediately. You have to settle over there,

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you have to become balanced, you have to find a comfortable spot, you have to become seated properly. So far, it has the waiter, meaning when you have embarked the ship, and you have settled, and everyone has settled down. Everyone has settled down because you can imagine animals and birds and plants and people, you actually know the chaos. Just imagine, even if a group of people are traveling together, isn't it so chaotic. It's very chaotic. Sometimes it's possible that you go to the airport, and you see a group of people who are traveling together. Somebody has not given their passport and somebody's bag is oversized, and somebody cannot find a spot. So there's always

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problems when people are traveling together in a large group. And remember, this was not only people This was also animals, so far as the waiter, meaning when you have embarked the ship, and everyone has settled down in the ship, and that you won America and whoever is with you are then full key on the ship.

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So when all of you have embarked the ship and settled in the ship furcal then you should say Alhamdulillah he All Praise to Allah. Then at that time, you should praise Allah and say Alhamdulillah Allah Dena Jana, the one who saved us meaning home is loyalty mean from the wrongdoing people. Now just imagine, know how this Anam had embarked onto the ship. And everyone is settling down, and the water is rising upwards. And then finally comes a point where the ship begins to float. And there came the wave between him and his son.

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And you can imagine how the buildings are drowning. The buildings in which the people were living in their houses are drowning.

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And the people are dying, and the animals are dying. If you ever see the sight of a flood, how the water is rising up or how the water is flowing, and everything is going along with it. Everything is being immersed, everything is drowning, everything is dying. Now at that time, if you have been saved, don't feel proud. Don't think I'm so smart. See, I had the ship. See, we want to know, be humble. And be grateful to Allah, the One who saved you.

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Because you could have been out of the ship at this point. It's only by the mercy of Allah only by His mercy that you were in the ship right now. Therefore, be grateful to Allah.

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And don't rejoice over the death of the people who have died. And at the same time, do not be overcome with compassion and pity for them. Rather, praise Allah. Thank him glorify Him that Alhamdulillah he led in a janome in a coma Islami that all praise to Allah, the One who saved us from the wrongdoing people.

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Because typically what happens when one is victorious over the other, typically they feel very proud. Yes, we won, we won we are victorious. See, we told you, we were the ones on truth, nothing like that. Remember that Allah is the one who saved, he is the one who rescued you. So do not be so proud. Do not begin to boast and at the same time Do not be overcome with compassion and pity for these people. Rather be grateful to Allah because he's the one who saved you.

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We learned in sort of MBI number 76 fernet Jane Eyre who Hello, mina COVID Arlene, and we save new Harrison him and his family from what from the great car from the great flood from the great disaster from the great misery and sadness. What was it misery that they were experiencing?

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It was because of these wrongdoing people that how they used to make fun of them, how they used to oppose them.

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And remember that new hire s&m he underwent a lot of hardship in doing Dawa was digit, he was scolded. He was rebuked by the people.

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It is said that he would go call people to Allah subhanaw taala he would go to the hour and there were people who would come and beat him up and they would think that he has died and they would go leave him in his house and the next morning again, he would wake up

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And you'll go to the same.

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So imagine this is a kind of hardship that he underwent. And when he was building the ship, we have learned earlier that as the people would pass by what would they do? They would market and they would laugh at him.

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So when Allah says no Hello, Sam and the believers from this difficulty of these disbelieving people, at that time, do not rejoice, but rather be grateful to Allah, that at hamdulillah he led in a Jana minakami Islami

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will call and say, or be Oh my Lord and zeleni Let me land moon zielen at a place of landing, that is mobile, that is blasted well under Hyrule moon zerene, and you are the best to accommodate that when the ship is moving. It's flowing in the water, and eventually was the word of God. Once you have embarked the ship, and the ship is moving, and you don't know where it's going to stop when it's going to stop what the state is going to be once you land once you get to a particular place.

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So when you have embarked the ship Once you have made the door for the journey, also pray for a good and also pray that you land at a blessing place and Zeleny Magellan and the only ones around from the reflectors, Moon xyla and what does naturally literally mean to descend and from this It is also used for reaching a place landing at a place arriving at a place and the word Monza is understood in two ways, muster as well as love. So, a B and Z munzer and mobarak and the place that I land at the place that I arrive at or the way that we arrive at a place, it should be mobile, it should be blessed, it should be full of blessings for us, it should be full of goodness for us, full of Baraka

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for us what Underhill means in any way the best of those who accommodate your the best of those who bring to land.

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What do we see over here in this ayah that wonder is that what you make when starting the journey? That Subhan Allah the Sahaba Nana Heather lahmacun Allah who mockery

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and the other operating Bishop is Bismillah himadri ha Omarosa in Nabila photo Rahim.

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So wonder is that which is made when beginning the journey,

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but if you don't know where you're going to land, and if you're going to learn what your destination is going to be, when are you going to reach your destination, and how the destination is going to be, then are going to be concerned?

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Very much. Now, imagine a person is traveling, he goes from one country to the other. And he's going to the other country as an immigrant, as a worker,

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no relatives over there. No friends over there. Nobody that you know, when you get there, you have to figure out everything yourself. Typically what happens people get to a place and their friends and relatives are waiting for them. But it also happens with some people who arrive completely alone. Alone completely. They hardly know the language, they don't know the place, they don't know much about the weather, they don't know much about what to eat, where to eat from.

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So when you are in the state that you're lost, you don't know how it's going to be, you're going to completely new place, a completely new place.

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So at that time, make that Oh, no, I know where I'm gonna end up. I don't know what I'm gonna do. I don't know where I'm gonna eat from and where I'm gonna say, You make me land at a place that is

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at a place that is blessing.

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Now this is at an extreme level. Imagine you're going to a place that is completely new. You've never been there before. Has it ever happened? Many times, I'm sure you go to a completely new school, a completely new campus, a completely new doctor, a completely new doctor's office, a completely new hospital, you've never been there before. You have no idea how things are over there.

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You're going to drive a completely new car, you're going to buy a new house and you're going to go live there.

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So whenever you're going to a place that is new, you always have worries and concerns.

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And those concerns are genuine. It's not that a person is being paranoid for no reason. No, they're genuine.

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How is it going to be? Is it going to work out or no? Similarly, a girl gets married, she's going to go to her husband's house, isn't she going to be worried and concerned? She's going to wonder how that place is going to be how those people are going to be. So at this time, instead of staying in that fear and that concern and that worry and that anxiety, ask Allah for help. That he had a lot of B and Z mancilla

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that Oh Allah make me land at a place that is

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For me, that is blessing that is in my favor. That will bring me a lot of benefits that will be full of hate and Baraka for me.

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Well, entitlements, and you are the best of those who make people descend, make people land, your best of those who accommodate meaning you are my host, you're going to make me descend somewhere. To You make my arrival, you make my destination, you make my stay good over there.

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Sometimes it happens that you are going somewhere and you're told Oh, there's a lot of parking, you won't find a parking spot. And when people are looking for a parking spot, they want a spot that is closer to the door. And people have invented their self made ways of how to get the best parking spot I know of somebody who who said that, you know, if you read through the door, how you will find the perfect parking spot. But we see that this is a drive that we should be making. I'll be in Delhi, Manzano Baraka on Wednesday. So anywhere you go, whether it's a place, or a parking lot, the doctor's office, a new place, you're not sure how it's going to work out. You don't know how it's

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going to be you're not familiar with the place. You concern you have worries, you feel that you're not equipped. You feel that you're not ready for it. pray to Allah, I asked him for help. That Allah You'll be my host, you guide me over there, you take me around over there, you make my stay good, you make my arrival good.

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And we see that sometimes people say that they ascribe evil or go to a place. Like for example, sometimes people will say that since we have come to this house, we have experienced a lot of evil.

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So this house is evil. There's something wrong with this house. Therefore, let's leave this house. Since we have moved the city, since we have moved to this street. Since we have moved to this country, things have gone haywire for us. So let's leave. Remember that this is being superstitious. And being superstitious is not permissible for us. In fact, it's a part of Schick it's a kind of a shift to become superstitious, believing in Egypt and for whom this is what superstition and this is why it's not permissible. So remember that evil and good are not with the place, but it's with our actions over there. It's what we do over there.

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So whenever we go to a place whenever we start something, whenever we meet someone, whenever we are going to do something with a person, always we should make this one of the NZ Li Magellan mubaraka entitlement.

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We see that when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he was to migrate from Mecca to Medina, he was also told to pray to Allah, there will be many mahallesi origini muslera

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sofonisba. So this is also similar. But this is in particular about the place where you're going to arrive.

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So ask Allah for him.

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Allah, Allah says in Murphy there Luckily, indeed in that are surely signs, many signs that point to the truth that has been delivered by the prophets of Allah, that what new hairless lamb conveyed was the truth. This is why he was notorious at the end. And many other signs about the power of Allah about the ability of a libretto qudra of Allah, about his decision about his decree.

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What in Kona, and indeed we were, then we'll be Tallinn shortly once we just moved arena is a plural of mobitel in and look Tallinn is one who puts the other to a to a test. One who puts to test why, in order to separate the pure from the impure in order to separate the sincere from the insincere the truth from the false.

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So in cornella, mobitel lean and surely, definitely, we test. We test.

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We test people, we test our righteous servants, we put them to hardship as well. We test every single person, we're Incandela morbidelli. Because over here in this story, what do we learn that new Edison um, he went through a great trial, a great trial of first conveying the message facing the opposition, and then the destruction of the people and then the ship. And then where are you going to land and how is the new life going to be? We're in Canada, Italy.

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So the entire story of New Zealand? What lesson does it teach us

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that those who do not believe are unsuccessful, and those who believe they're the ones who are successful.

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This is a main lesson that we learned from the story, just as we learned at the beginning of the soda, but

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they're the ones who are successful, and other than those who do not have a man, no matter what qualities they may develop in themselves. No matter what great deeds they may perform, they cannot be successful.

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Insert row comma by number 15. We learned while a katakana I attend for Halloween mode,

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and we left it as assigned. So is there any hole remember? There's a huge lesson in this in the story of new Hardison

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but it is those who reflect who can take a lesson.

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Al Hamdulillah

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This is a reality we're Incandela modeling each and every single person is tested in some way or the other. Sometimes a person has been tested by his own weaknesses, that he cannot get over himself. Despite much effort, he's not able to have push or he gets distracted by too much love. So every person is being tested for new hires and what was a test it was his own son, it was his own wife. It was his own people. So every single person is tested. And when Allah has said this, it's a fact.

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We see that new hire Sam was told what to HAPPY BUNNY fillerina. For those people who have done zone, meaning those people who have done Shin don't even request me to save them.

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What do we see that there are many people who go worship the people who are buried in the graves, people who have died, they will go off or sacrifice for them, they will go make the offer to them, in hopes that their request will be accepted by almost a printer.

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But what do we see that a person who has done shed a person who has done the greatest injustice, the prophet of Allah, Who is the best of all human beings, even he is not allowed to request for him? Even he is not allowed to request for who? a mushrik

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then how is it possible that a righteous person who is in the grave he will be allowed to request for a person who is doing chick?

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It's not possible. So what do we see that in order for shofar, to be accepted for a person in favor of a person? He must have avoided check himself.

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He must have avoided shadow himself if he himself is a mushnik. Then no one's Jafar will avail him. No one at all. What do we learn

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that no one will be allowed to do Scheffer except that Allah wills for him, except that Allah allows for him.

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So imagine no one is

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Tom is not allowed to make sure firewall for domestic. He's not allowed, even if it's his own son, even if it's his own wife is not allowed. So this is a very, very important lesson.

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We see that hamdulillahi lilina Jana, in Elko, Nevada mean that this is a huge blessing of Allah, that a person is kept away from the loving people, that a person is away from their company, he's not amongst them anymore. He's not listening to them. He's not witnessing their bad actions anymore. He's not the target of their ridicule and their mockery in their opposition anymore. This is a huge blessing of Allah.

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So if a person has been saved from such an environment, from such company, then he should be grateful to Allah. And he should pray to Allah to keep him safe in that ship, until the end of the journey.

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And just because somebody's saying something you don't like something that you don't understand something that you don't agree with? What's the general reaction of people? Are you crazy? Are you out of your mind? And is exactly what the people who are listening said about him? That in who are illogical, mujin he has been suffering from madness, and saying that somebody's suffering from a mental disorder, psychological disorder. It's one way of expelling them from whatever they're doing. It's one way of completely discrediting them. That don't give any value to them. Don't listen to them don't value what they're saying don't give any importance to them because they're suffering

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from a mental disorder. People will lose their job, people will lose their position people will be expelled from universities, simply because you have been accused of having a mental disorder.

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