Do You Have A Terminal Illness?

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The speaker discusses the importance of finding a cure for terminal illness, rather than just a temporary fix. They emphasize the need to be forgiven and part of the people, pray for one's deceased mother, and learn from past experiences. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of forgiveness and not giving up on one's own deeds and deductions. They stress the need to prepare for death and pray for one's deceased mother.

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Salam Alaikum, if you have been diagnosed with a serious terminal illness, then we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to grant you a miraculous, speedy, complete recovery, and your return to better than what you were initially. I mean, together with that, we also have to consider the fact that you may not make it. Because while we all want to see you cured, while you need to be determined that you will be cured by the help of Allah cure entails one of two things. Either you return to what you were and better than what you were in terms of your health, you your life on this earth, or you return to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that, too, is a type of cure. It is a type of recovery,

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because although not in the context of this worldly life, but when it comes to the body, our relationship with this body would be over to a great degree and therefore we would be returning to Allah. Now how should a Muslim look at these two things? Let's talk about the first one. The recovery in terms of cure, and this worldly life for us to return to our normal lives? Yes, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to grant that to you. We are determined and we will continue to pray. We will supplicate we seek the forgiveness of Allah. We ask Allah to grant us and all those who are sick and Ill cure and Subhana Allah, we would love to see progress in your health. And we would love

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to see better days. Many times people are told that you have two weeks to live three weeks to live a few days to live a few months to live. And voila, he they live way beyond what they were told Subhan Allah and then you have others who did not expect to have died so suddenly, and they die. healthy. No one knew that they were going to go but Allah knew and they were taken away without any warning without any notice. does Allah really give warnings to people? Well, if we were to look at all the warnings and all the reminders that came to us to Revelation, we would say we have all been given the general warning. You know when Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us cologne FC

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more than one place in the Quran, Allah says oh all souls, every soul shall taste to death Subhana Allah now, say Allah has not written for me, the type of cure that I want, say Allah has not written for you the type of cure that you want, say Allah subhanho wa Taala has actually given you a chance to prepare for the meeting with him in a better way by giving you a sickness before you died. In that way, it is a blessing. Because it wasn't a sudden death where you were unable to say your goodbyes or you were unable to prepare better for the meeting with Allah. When Allah tells us why Allah demo Illa

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Muslims moon, you should not die, except in the condition of submission, then what he means is you should lead your lives entirely in a way that if you were to go at any time, you would find yourself submitting to Allah or in submission to Allah and not in transgression. So my beloved brothers and sisters when you start your day in a beautiful way, with the pre dawn, prayer, Salat and fudger, and you continue with the recitation of revelation that are on and you continue with the remembrance of the Almighty, Allah subhanho wa Taala. And you were truthful through the day, perhaps you gave a small charity through the day, if you were to die on that type of a day, it is a blessing of death.

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And that's why a Muslim is taught every day to start in that way, and to continue in the most beautiful way. Any day that you and I are to go should be a day that we have commenced with the obedience of Allah, may Allah grant us a beautiful death. So if you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness or sickness, it is actually such a great blessing. Because while you are going to try and you have to with all the medication on that front, you will have to start to prepare with your meeting for your meeting with Allah. That is something people may say this to you. They may not say to you I am taking the liberty today to tell you my brother, my sister, prepare for the day

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you're going to meet with a lot because it's going to be the most beautiful, the most amazing, the most awesome day ever is the day when Allah subhanho wa Taala

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shows His mercy to you and grants you that successful, you know, should I say light or grants you that successful book filled with all goodness and all the bad is wiped out and you see the reward of the patients you born during the lifetime while you are on Earth. That is going to be an amazing, amazing, beautiful day when Allah will grant you paradise that has no ending, he will give you what ever you wish Subhana Allah I for one, I'm definitely looking forward for that for that day or two that particular day.

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Now my brothers and sisters, so what do I do? I want to be cured. I have a wife, I have children. I have family members, I have parents, I have businesses I have whatever, that's what you might say. I still have little kids, you know what? It's all about you. They were not here some time back or you were not here if they were older than you at a certain stage in their lives. Allah subhanho wa Taala wants you back perhaps prepare for that day in a beautiful way. Don't worry, the world will continue after you've left but before you know it, you're going to be reunited with your loved ones. Allah guarantees that will levena Manuel de Botton Duryea to be Manning upon Abby, Henrietta home wama,

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Allah, minimally him, Shay, Allah says, those who believe and their families followed with belief after them Subhana Allah. Allah says for as long as they were all on the same page, they will all be gathered and united. Once again Subhana Allah and happiness be him burrito. We will connect with the we will reunite we will rejoin we will unite their families with them. Once again, don't worry too much about all of that. What you need to do right now. Make amends you need to know when you seek the forgiveness of Allah, you are forgiven. If you were sincere, you are totally forgiven as clean as the day you're born and even cleaner. Because from the perspective of sin, yes, it's all wiped

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out. But the good deeds not wiped out. Make peace with Allah. Learn to Read to understand and believe in the mercy and goodness and kindness of Allah. Imagine you've been hearing about the most kind, the Most Merciful, the most compassionate, the most beautiful and so on. Surely I want to meet him. I want to meet he who made me and everything Subhana Allah, I want to meet him and I will go back to him. So we will prepare for the day when we will meet with Allah in a better way. by seeking forgiveness by repeating beautiful words of praise and the declaration of faith on a daily basis. So behind Allah and hamdulillah Allah Allah, Allah Allahu Akbar, Allah, Allah, Allah quwata illa Allah,

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Allah, Allah, you love him, you praise Allah, you talk to him, You tell him how great he is. And you ask him to make it easy for you when you meet with him. So we have hope in the mercy of Allah, we praise Allah, we seek His forgiveness. And at the same time, we ask him what we want, we supplicate or Allah grant me, goodness, my family, take care of them and so on. And Mashallah, we have hope. inshallah, if we are cured in worldly terms, we will be happy and excited, but we've got to go at some point. Perhaps if Allah takes us away, he knows when is the best time for us to go. And so you need to prepare your will make sure you've done that you need to make peace with those whom you

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might have had misunderstandings with, try your best to do that. You need to leave behind clear instructions as to what you may want. Some will see here they call it little advice for your children, your siblings, your spouse, your whoever else it may be, you can leave a few pieces of advice for them to say, I would like you to do X, Y and Zed after my death. Or I'd like you to remember Allah take a look at what jacobellis salam did with his children, where Allah asks the question were you present when death came to the Prophet Jacob May peace be upon him, he gathered his children, they were all there and he told them I want you to worship none but Allah, the Lord of

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your father and your forefathers Subhana Allah, Ibrahim his heart and so on. May Allah grant us the ability to follow in these wise footsteps Mashallah filled with wisdom and knowledge. So, we will try our best to do that. And you know, as much as we have hope in the mercy of Allah, we need to prepare for the West. That is the mercy of Allah when someone dies what is said in the law here in LA Hara, Joan, we all belong to Allah and we shall all return to Allah subhanho wa Taala similarly,

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When it comes to death, people are taught to say such and such a person is in the mercy of Allah. You know, in Allah, Allah, Allah, they have now transferred to the mercy of Allah, not like they were not in the mercy prior, but they are now in the mercy of Allah. We don't have enough knowledge to give you the details. But we can give you a little picture as to certain things. And from among these things, we will tell you, they're totally in the mercy of Allah, those whom you leave behind. They would probably do deeds on your behalf. But I want to tell you, you're alive. You may have a terminal sickness, you can do a sadaqa Now, did you ever know that when you do your sadaqa jariya in

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your own life, it is a billion times better than someone else doing it after your death? Did a billion is just a figure but I mean it is so much better. In fact, the other one, there is no guarantee that it's going to be completely accepted but you're one insha Allah, it stands the greatest chance of helping you when the Hadith says Eva Mata Adama Nakata, Amato Illa mythos, when when a human being passes away, their deeds are cut, except three. So what are those three knowledge that that person taught themselves when they were alive, we'll help them after they died. Secondly, a sadaqa jariya, which that person did himself or herself, which will then help them after they

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died, he never spoke about a sadaqa jariya being done by someone else. And then it is accepted as a deed that is for this particular dead person, although it is permissible or there is a scope of permissibility in that front. But we need to know when I've done it myself, it is totally a good deed done by me, it will help me and then handler if it is Jerry, which means the benefit of it is prolonged, then the reward of it will also be prolonged. So do it while you're alive.

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We drill wells for those are boreholes for those who have passed away. I tell you what the correct way of doing it is to have done it while you are alive for yourself. You know, people say can I read Quran for the dead person? The reality is read Quran for yourself, you're alive. I mean, why should we wait for people to die, and then we're reading for dead when we didn't we didn't read it while we were alive. You know, it is something that there is a huge debate regarding for this reason. So someone didn't do something they didn't want to do it or they may have wanted or whatever the reason was, and you think, Okay, I'm going to do it. And this is why when it comes to seeking forgiveness

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for another, the profits or send them says, your child, if your you've left behind someone who's going to pray for you, that will also benefit you. That's the third thing. So to recap, a sadaqa jariya you did in your life will help you after you've died. A knowledge that you've taught in your life, or you've tried to spread knowledge in your life will help you after you've died for and another thing is after you've died, those whom you've left behind, if they pray for you, meaning supplicate make dua for you, that will help you as well. People ask me, what should I do for my deceased mother? I tell them pray for her. seek forgiveness for her. They say but that's too easy. I

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said the most powerful thing is the easiest thing. You know, the other things Yes, you could you could actually drill a borehole and ask Allah to give them the reward. There, there is a lot you could perhaps fulfill a Hajj or an ombre, there is a scope for it. But there are debates among the scholars in this regard as to what the limits are. So I'd like to say get out of the debate, do it for yourself in your lifetime. If you're terminally ill the one of the things you want to do spend your money because when you spend your money while you're alive, even if you're slightly ill, terminally ill, okay, there is a scope, there is discussion as to what exactly you can do. But if

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you want to drill a well, you still can Subhan Allah.

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You know, if you want to do a few things, you still can, especially with the approval of your family, you still would be able to May Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for us. So these are some issues we need to address when we speak about people who are terminally ill and sick. You must listen to this because it's very important have hope in the mercy of Allah and prepare for the day you are going to meet with Allah and inshallah, if you're going to go, they may put you into a coma, they may induce a coma, you know, you may not be able to have that consciousness you had. So prior to getting to that condition, learn to make peace with Allah. Repeat the Shahada a lot because of

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the Hadith, where those who uttered the Shahada as the last words before they leave, would probably be getting genital for those as per the Hadith. So repeat that a lot. La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah a shadow Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Muhammad and Rasulullah and so on sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, increase your remembrance of Allah and I've given you some examples.

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You've made peace with Allah and Subhanallah the pain, take it in your stride, they may give you painkillers, they may give you pesa Dean, you may not be able to feel much, you may not be able to feel much. And you know what? May Allah make your death? Easy if he's written it for you, and may He cure you urgently if he's written that for you, I don't know what Allah has written for me. But I asked Allah for a good death, to be honest. If you die with a smile.

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And you die in a condition that Allah is pleased with you. What more do you want, I could go now what would happen to my family members, they will live inshallah they might even live a better life than they had when I was around could be possible. So remember, my brothers and sisters prepare for the day you're going to meet with Allah, while you're asking Allah to cure you in worldly terms. Subhana Allah, like I said, right at the beginning, when you say Oh Allah, I asked you for miraculous cure. In actual fact, yes, we want a miracle. There are people who were terminally ill. And then suddenly Subhanallah they got better. I know stage four cancer patients who came back and

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they're as fit as fiddles Subhana Allah. But my brothers and sisters, prepare. While you want the cure this way, Allah might cure you the other way. What that means is, you're cured. You're no longer in that pain, you're no longer suffering. But that's if you took it in your stride. You did your best to keep yourself alive because that's what Allah has asked us to do, to save the lives to actually protect life. But if Allah has taken you at the end, Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen May Allah grant us all genital for those, very soon we will be united with our loved ones. And this is why we need to leave good naseeha advice, and you know, good words to our family members, our loved

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ones and remind them to do good when we've gone.

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And never think never think that you won't go. So when we're sick people will not generally come to us and say prepare for death. I'm here telling it to you because you are listening to this perhaps at a time when I was not aware that you were sick, or perhaps later on after I've recorded it by months or years. My brother, my sister, just prepare for the good day when you're going to meet with Allah. Don't lose hope. Think of the good you've done.

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What good Have you done during your life?

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Think of it and smile and ask for the bad. seek forgiveness. seek forgiveness and have hope that Allah has forgiven you past tense Subhana Allah wiped out. Allah has always forgiven those who seek forgiveness and this is why one of the great scholars said, If you cannot compete with the pious, if you cannot compete with the pious in their good deeds, then at least compete with the sinners in their repentance. Subhana Allah, amazing.

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If I cannot do good deeds like others, then at least let me learn from the repentance of the sinners and beat them in repentance. May Allah grant us forgiveness. Remember, it's going to be a beautiful day of very beautiful day going back to Allah, that's going to be amazing. That's going to be something beyond imagination. I am so positive about it because I know I've worshipped Allah alone, as best as I can. I tried my best to follow the Sunnah. Wherever I faltered, I seek forgiveness every single day. I have hope. I tried to lead a life where I can serve my family and help them and guide them and the oma and everyone I'm supposed to be kind to I try my best. I try not to hurt

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people. I try not to say bad things about people. I'm very careful with what I say what I do to the best of my abilities. I am a human. I have faltered, I do seek forgiveness. But I know that's what Allah wants from me is to seek forgiveness wherever I faulted.

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And so I'm looking forward to meeting with Allah. I'm going to tell him Oh Allah, I worship you alone. And I tried my best to follow the messenger. Have mercy on me. And quite sure, Allah is not going to throw us and discard us and quite sure he's going to be having some beautiful, beautiful interactions with us. So May Allah bless you all akula Kali Havas Allahu wa Sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh cat