Zakir Naik – Elements that will Help in Repentance

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the four elements required to achieve a sincere understanding of Allah's the power and greatness of his name. They also discuss the importance of forgiveness and the need for forgiveness in the present the world. The speaker provides a framework for how to achieve a sincere understanding of Allah's the power and greatness of his name.
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What are the special elements which go together to make a sincere repentance? There are four things required. Number one, a person to realize the power of Allah subhanaw taala

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His power and His greatness, that if he wants to punish you again punish immediately. So this will make person repent. And we should not look at the minute Enos of our sin, we should look at the greatness forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala. Avila says no Quran in surah chapter number 71 Verse number 13 and 14, Allah says that what has happened to you don't we have hope in the kindness and forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala that He created you in different stages. So if you know the rightness of Allah subhanaw taala and you're going to forgive you inshallah you repent, number two, everyone should realize that one day is going to die.

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And you're gonna go to the grave. Allah says in the Quran in surah Al Imran chapter three, verse 285, lanoxin zakat remote, every soul shall have a taste of that.

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And on the Day of Judgment shall be the full recompense.

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That means everyone has to die. And the final if Arpita the final recompense will be on the day of judgment.

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And Allah says in the Quran in surah Lachman chapter number 31 was with a default, Allah says that no one knows what will earn tomorrow. And no one knows in which land will die. So if realized that everyone has to die, and we don't know when will the time come. So that will help us implementing as soon as possible. We don't know when is our last are.

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The third point is that all the rewards for this world nakshatra is based on your deeds for Yahara what you're going to do for your akhira the deed Fiachra will actually reward you in this role and Accra. That's very important. And Allah says no Quran in Surah Fatiha beside if I was number five, that the Promise of Allah is true. And let not this present world deceive you. And let not the chief deceiver deceive you against Allah subhanaw taala that means we have to be careful that all of acts and deeds should basically target about their head about the Hereafter. And as I did mentioned intermediate Hadith number two to zero, by the Beloved Prophet masala Salam said that this word for

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last subhanaw taala is equivalent to the ring of light. And Allah subhanaw taala would not allow a Deaf believer even to have handful of water from it, this world in comparison to the hereafter, like a wink of life, and you will not allow a disbelief even to have a handful of water. A similar message is given

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in say Muslim, burned before in the book of paradise, Hadith number 643. With the Beloved Prophet said that, in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala. This world, as compared to the hereafter, is like a person putting his finger, the forefinger into the ocean. And when he gets it out, what are stuck to the forefinger is like the present world, the present world, just hardly some little water that gets stuck to the forefinger. That's equivalent, as compared to the mighty ocean, that is the hereafter. So, so little, is the significance of this world as compared to the hereafter. So therefore we should realize that this life the test for the hereafter, and Allah says in the Quran in surah mulk,

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check number six in verse number two, unless ecological motto, Hatha, it is Allah who has created a life to test which often couldn't, it's, the fourth point is that human me should realize that the punishment can be expedient in this world. And whatever punishment they get it because of the sin, whatever calamity takes place, in this, it is basically for the sin. And Allah says in surah surah, chapter number four, three, verse number six, that no wife shall we be unjust to them, but it is dead, what have been unjust to themselves. So these four points are very important to remember. Subhanallah Thank you, Dr. Zakir once again for the answer. Dr. Zakir if we could just now clarify

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what is the best time in one's life to seek repentance? Is there a best time Indeed, Allah says in the Quran in surah Nisa, chapter number four was the mid 17 that Allah accepts the repentance of the person who then sent in ignorance and he asked for forgiveness quickly. Allah subhana wa Taala is most Merciful and is the most knowledgeable and wise. Now here based on the commentary of this verse of the Quran, according to Mujahid, alive Muslim, he said that the sin in ignorance means that any sin done knowingly

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li unknowingly, unless the person does not come away from the sin, it is an inherently.

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That means all the sins ALLAH forgive as long as a person depends quickly, as far as quickly is concerned according to Hasan Basri. May Allah have mercy on him. He said quickly he means before that and a batsman life with him. He said quickly here means that before a person has a sickness, which is mentioned in the hadith of a beloved prophet, who must Salam hadith of Tirmidhi book of applications Hadith number 3537, that Allah subhana wa Taala will accept the repentance of a servant till his death rattle begins that myth till the time he goes on his deathbed, unless he is in the last stage of life, when your deathbed that the only time Allah will not accept the dependence

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anytime before that he will accept. So that means all the scholars and MSC degree that quickly here in this Quranic verse Surah, Nisa, chapter four verse 17, means that we should ask forgiveness before that. Allah says in surah assumer, chapter 39, verse 54, to 58 It says that, turn to Lord independence before the penalty comes before it's too late. Unless your soul says

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that I have done a wrong deed.

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And I mocked or the soul may say that please give me one more chance. But it will be too late. Allah says in surah mopinion Chapter 23 Verse 1900, that when the time is over, the time on the deathbed has come and then you say that all last man out Allah, give me one more chance. And unless that it's too late, there's not been a chance given. So the time for repentance should be that if anything is done in ignorance, you should repent as soon as possible. And Allah subhanaw taala from his mercy with bounty He will forgive you just

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Zakia for answering the question.

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