Islamic Core Value Refusal of Oppression 2

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it'll be 30 will be Allahu Anhu been

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calling it the use of Allah Allah you earn your Salah and female Yahweh on your OB heatable raka what Allah Hadith denying the collection a Muslim right to say without the Prophet Allah you saw to Islam is narrating. We have his Lord. Maybe this is not Quran isn't the Prophet alayhi salam told us that Allah Subhan Allah said,

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there's no Quran.

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And this within the theme of anti oppression, talk about I'm going to establish for you the number of a hadith or the number of times the probability of slaughter. So I'm talked about this concept, and then how he taught us to deal with it when it's being inflicted on us. Because there's a lot in there as well. Not only did he teach us to carry anti anti oppression as a value as a principal, but he also taught us how to how to deal with it when it's inflicted on him. Which I think in both and as we

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continue to

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watch and witness these atrocities

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terrified matter we probably something worth worth learning and we're thinking about I'm not really sure what what's left to say. Yeah, anyway, let's let's hospitals are being bummed. I'm not sure there's anything that can be sent Marsha.

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I don't know what what what she can or should be shared with people or no people come to massage it looking for some degree of comfort and maybe what the mind can say. But I honestly don't know what to say. When it comes to that point. It's just you're kind of lost for words for a moment in 2012. I shared this story earlier, I worked in a hospital that was right in the midst of the firing line between within the civil Syrian revolution civil war. And one night in the lung, I would be on call for four or five nights in a row just when you were born. And they dropped the they were dropped, they were dropping, they weren't dropping bombs are dropping barrels of TNT. That's that's what they

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were doing. They dropped one that was maybe maybe less than half a kilometer away. And every single window in the hospital shattered every single window all 900 windows shattered all of maybe four to five people actually ended up dying. It's a canister hospital. It was just it was a seven story. Cancer Hospital, the only cancer hospital in the in the oncology hospital. And in this in the

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country, I spent we spent all night for 16 hours, we just would go around, because there's only four janitors for a hospital that as seven floors would go down cleaning the glass and stitching up the stage to patients who were and every time you walk into the room, you're hoping that you don't walk into a room and someone's dead because of the because of how bad it is. And when I watched the doctors today speak the doctors in this hospital speak. The the shock that was in their faces and the glare in their eyes just reminded me of something that I had seen that night it's in the face of the faces of people who are working in healthcare, it's very hard to, to deal with. It's very hard

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to accept when, when when hospitals are being targeted, it's almost impossible to comprehend. Which is why I think this hadith is even more and more important to narrate. But this is what Allah subhanaw taala says gentlemen Allah as far as the prophet Allah you saw to us and I was nearing to a spot. Yeah, anybody in the haram to Wilma either NFC What the hell to who by in hell ramen, failure to avoid them or failure to avoid Allah moon. Oh my servants, I indeed have prohibited myself from ever practicing oppression. No one prohibits God from doing anything. You can do whatever he wants. And honestly, the word oppression can't even be applied to God. It can't apply to God. If you think

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about it really philosophically, it can't apply to God. Oppression is taking away something from someone that they rightfully own. What do you rightfully own in comparison and to God Subhana wa Tada? What exactly is it that I rightfully own? That Allah subhanaw taala will take away from me and it's mine. He's gonna give it to me. Nothing I am. I am owned by God himself. I am myself everything about me. I am just his property. So really the concept of him pressing me doesn't even work. But Allah subhanaw taala will go as far as saying nope, fine. I'm going to establish some form of relationship where oppression can figuratively exist. And I'm going to prohibit myself from doing it

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so that you can sleep well. But then the problem is not that he will oppress you because he won't the problem is palatable animal Don't oppress each other. And don't allow oppression to happen. The hadith is long, I'm not gonna read the whole thing to you. It's very long as all these little things you see beautiful Hadith go back and read it today. But the last piece when he says there's anybody in nama here I'ma LUCAM or see her Lacan, some goofy Komiya Jamelia from Anwar Jada hyaluron italiana de la Ophelia Hamadani. Juan Manuel Jada. Hi, Radha Lika, Fela alumina Eldon AFSA. said at the end is it summarize at the end it says, look, the end game of this whole story of life is that

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you do deeds. I count them for you. I record them for you. And then I give them to your milk piano. That's all it is. You're living your life and counting all that you do. package it all deliver it to you

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Well piano, if you find good on that date, then praise me. And if you find something else, then you have no one to blame but yourself. And in these situations, when we in the hadith is talking about volume at the end, this piece here, I think, is there for a reason that when you, when you witness volume that is of this degree of brutality and this degree of

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a magnitude of enormity, you have to figure out what it is that you're, what your role is. Because you have to have a role. You can't say it's not affected, it's not happened to me, so. So I walk no, you have to have a role. And that role can be as simple as just trying to be the voice of the people who can't seem to get their voice out to me, no one, no one's listening to them, because you have one here, but for sure, we all have some role to play. And I'm not here to dictate what it is. Because I don't even know exactly what it is.

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But I know that we cannot sit around and watch, we have to do something. And I think there's a lot of suggestions that are going around online, in terms of petitions and, and different emails and people to phone and people to talk to. And the same time there'll be other social rallies are social problems, silent protests, or whatnot. I think whatever it is, that is that is put out there in terms of things we can do, we should all participate, and we should teach our children to do the same. What else

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we carry, we carry a, we carry a piece of burden, we carry a piece of it.

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It's not just the oppressor, who carries the burden. It's also the witnesses, the people who watched the carry a piece of it as well, if you don't believe me, these little borouge,

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you carry a piece of that, and no, I don't want to be a witness, I think we should be very clear on who we support and why we support them and how we support them. And if that whatever that requires, we go ahead. And we do that and we voice our concerns, we make sure that we are present and that we are heard, and that we are vocal, and that we cannot be ignored. And I think that's the least we can do for you know, for our brothers and sisters and the Philistine, May, Allah subhanaw taala alleviate their suffering, we also have to make it easy for them. It's normal during these times for you to feel frustrated and scared and upset, even emotional. And that's just a part of being a human

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being who has a conscience. If you have a conscience, then you'll feel that you'll feel upset and even if you some people will just blunt it out. Because it's too painful. I advise you, you know, be smart, don't overwhelm yourself. But also allow yourself to, to allow yourself to feel what it is that you need to feel. And allow yourself to think what you need to think and then and know that you have a community that will support you and people who will stand by you and people who share what it is that you feel like see the material could fill up during these times. You know why? Because Because

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these type of things bring Muslims together brings them together, we continue to be divided on so many petty, and ridiculously simple stuff. And then when something like this happens, you just find mistakes and fill up with people come because we know that we sit behind each other's back. And we know that we support one another despite the difference in despite the fact that we don't agree on everything. I think that's a valuable, valuable lesson for all of us right now. The field is this general feel of unity amongst the Muslim ummah, in the heart of every Muslim living anywhere, anywhere in the world. I think it's something very, very precious. I think it should be valued and

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should be celebrating something that we should hold on to for the long haul. And for the long run, we should definitely hold on to this piece because it's meaningful, because that's where our salvation lies. Our salvation lies in that in the fact that we are an OMA we're a nation, we're a group, we're a family, we stand by one another, we support each other and we and we feel each other's pain. And we agree with each other and that's important. And I feel like it's not to capitalize on on an on an atrocity or or a calamity but

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this is what we what we're stuck with we're facing this this is the time to come together and this is the time to unite our efforts and unite our word in our in our voice and I think I think we have an opportunity that we may not get again and I hope honestly that we don't get again in this fashion ever again. young female Muslim visa Hey, he didn't leave early it'll the Allahu Anhu but I didn't abuse on Allah Allah you know he was sending a female we hear a lot about like our to Allah you know anybody any haram to Volmer infc wa jal to who by in hell Rahman fella towball mo Salah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallahu wa sallam about Candida Muhammad Ali is always man he's like I'm lucky if I go if you can please prayer sunnah and then allow for most of us Ida or email Developer course to continue as he has