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For every minor sin that you commit a lot of what we were you with?

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Why do we have to repent?

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If you repent a lot with love

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by you repenting to Allah.

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Allah is more peace than anyone that you can ever imagine.

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The next of the speakers for this morning session is Dr. Schiff siete Draghi from Canada. A background about the chef. He was born in Somalia,

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raised in Saudi Arabia, and in the late 1980s found his way towards North America.

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The share holds a diploma in Islamic Studies, as well as a master's degree in Sharia from the Institute of Islamic and Arabic sciences in Fairfax, Virginia.

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Over the years, he has held several posts, including being the founder of Masjid Hooda in Montreal, Masjid aka in merrylands,

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the founder of Muslim youth magazine, and the after Association.

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After serving as an Imam in Maryland and Calgary, Chef Saeed moved to Toronto and manages to balance his duties between the masjids with his travels around the world as a lecturer on Islamic topics.

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Chef se Draga currently serves as a Imam at the above Marina Islamic Center and also teaches for Al Margaret Institute in North America and holds the post of chairman for the journey of faith conference. So I invite to take to the podium to address us on the topic of the power of repentance. shfc Draga from Canada

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim

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in Alhamdulillah mother who want to stay in who want to stop

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whenever we will be there he mean surely and fusina woman say Dr. Medina,

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Mia De La Hoya limited woman you believe in Judah who Walia and Machida Why should you under either in the wha wha hula? sharika Why should one know Mohammed Abu hora surah Yeah, you had Medina I'm gonna tap on La haka to party. He was at a Morton Illa one two Muslim moon. Yeah, even NASA Takara Bakula? De Haan Aquamarine FC wahida wahala caminhar ga webadmin humare jet and kathira one Isa what's up Hola. Hola. De de ser una de when or hum in aloha Canada you can rock Eva.

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Yeah, yo holla Deena Armando. Taco la la hora de de de la cama Monaco la cama de Nova con woman hora sola, who Papa the further frozen album, I'm about

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my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam alamanda halal Academy Kodama La Jolla. Howdy, howdy Mohammed in Salalah Harada. He will send them a shout out

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to Hakuna Matata in bedanken livedata Morocco dadadada ting phenol, perhaps

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we all know the importance of the topic and the subject that I'll be addressing be in the hands of Hannah who went to Hana and that Allah subhanho wa Taala Anna, he himself did not give us a choice whether we should repent or walk without repentance. Rather, he said to the believers, or who you believe Yeah, you had Medina Amma to work in a law he told about an assault or who you believe repent to your Lord as sincere repentance.

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However, brothers and sisters as we know the rulings of the repentance itself, I like to look at it from a different angle and see some of the fruits or a lot of people may overlook

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I want you to imagine with me, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And by the way, unless you release your imagination, unless you pretend that you are with the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam looking at his companion, looking at the face of a book that is deep in your mind, looking at the face of America, looking at the face of the Jannah, looking at the faces of the Sahaba, unless you have that in mind, you may not grasp or benefit from the following Hadith to the fullest.

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Now, imagine the messenger over law sitting, and I will double down I'm sorry, reporting this hadith.

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And he said, the Messenger of Allah have said something along Ronnie he was Salaam, indeed, I know the last man who will enter Paradise, and the last man who would come out of hellfire.

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Now the Sahaba, obviously, now they want to know, what are who are these individuals. And then the Messenger of Allah have painted the picture of the individual who would enter Paradise. And he explained to them, and he said, Allah subhanho, wa Taala, Anna was say, to the angels, and again, imagine yourself on the day of Yama, Yama, and Allah is talking about you.

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Allah will say to the angels,

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addressed My servants,

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and present all his deeds to him.

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And he started with them minor sins, and hide his major sins from him.

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So the man will come to the podium,

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and the rest of the creation, and looking at him

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waiting, whether he is going to be from the people of the rights, or from the people when he or the winner of the left.

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So the angels will say to him,

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Have you committed this sin on that day, in that on that place, with those individuals? And the man will say yes. And they will say that and did you do this yummy Qaeda, work other work together? And he was a yes, call an abuse of the Maharani, he will send them and he is so concerned about the major sins that he did. In his mind, he's thinking some Hannah law, always about mine. And since that I committed

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the note that I gave my brother

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an action that I did.

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A Kelly mother I said,

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that you consider it to be minor.

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And this is how Allah is treating me. And the angels have lost questioning or questioning me

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on a wahoo, a Muslim and is concerned about the major sense.

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And when his minus sins are all over,

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the angels will say,

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for every minor sin that you commit, Allah when we were you with Hassan

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Subhana, Allah. Now what punishment

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now with every sin that you commit, Allah will punish you in Hellfire for a day or a year? No, for every minus sin, a lot of what we were you for one?

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If you came to the podium, and you have 100,000 minus sins, then the angels will say walk away with 100 hasanz. And the man would say, I Europe be Oh my Lord, I have committed sins that they not here. He wanted to become it will become greedy. He's saying to Allah, forget about the minor sins, if you're going to reward me Hassan for every minor sins. What about the major sins that I did? What about the liver that I consume? What about the the lies that I said?

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So Subhan Allah?

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And I can see the smile of the messenger overlord when he said, this statement

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emerging from the mercy of your Lord, you commit a sin I can mention, and he turned those sins into her sons. And then the man will say, I want to see my major sins. What does that mean?

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It means the individual who committed those sins on the day of your monkey and if he dies with Oba then all his major stuff.

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bins will be turned into hassle. As you know, how does

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an elderly man

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very old, his back has been

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on a cane, hardly walking to the messenger over law, concerned about what the Messenger of Allah was say to him.

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And the man said to Rasulullah Salallahu it he was suddenly all messenger over law. What would you say about a man

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who did not leave a sin except that he committed?

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And he there is nothing evil but that he did.

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The Messenger of Allah had looked at this old man, and he saw the concern of this man. And he said to him,

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aslant did he become a Muslim?

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Do you accept there's only one God worthy of worship and Mohammed is the Messenger of Allah, for Allah, Allah, Allah Yasuda law, for eyeshadow, Allah ilaha illallah wa Corazon.

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He said, for my case of messenger over law, I bear witness there is no deity worthy of worship, and that you are the Messenger of Allah. And then the Messenger of Allah said, then

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engage yourself with good deeds. And don't worry about your sins because Allah will overlook for hallelujah. And the man said, What about my major sins? What are the things that I did?

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And the man the Messenger of Allah said, Allah would overlook them.

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For coloradan, Allahu Akbar, Allah is the Greatest, Allah is the merciful, and the old man turn, and instead of walking away from the messenger Overlord, repeating those statements.

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This is your Lord. This is Allah. Allah is not eager to punish.

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Allah does not enjoy you seeing you in hellfire. Rather, Allah wants you to repent, and to come back to him. And that's why, as soon as you come back, he accepts you

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a poem in the UK through minister he adds, he says certain people would wish and desire, if they can move, they have committed so many sins in their lifetime.

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This is not a green light for your eye to commit sins.

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But this is to show a window from the mercy of your Creator. That no no matter what you did, no matter what you said, no matter what type of of sins you were involved. As soon as you make the turn, and you come back to your Lord, Allah will overlook everything.

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Now, does that mean we should be relaxed?

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Does that mean we don't have to worry about anything? No.

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As a matter of fact, just because Allah is generous, we should not take that for granted. We should be more eager to do good deeds.

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Now listen to the following point.

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My sin would affect

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my sin would affect every single individual in this matches. And part of who was part of this

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and your sin would affect me as well.

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And look

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to the story of a man from burning extra in

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Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam

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dragging behind him 7000 of gunnies serai from bunnies 370 1000

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and all of them

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we are hungry.

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their livestock is with them, sheep, camels cow whatever they have their children how can hardly walk there women are so tired. The elderly can hardly walk on the MS and the musala his salatu salam brought this people to the desert. And he said Let us pray to Allah for rain.

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And Moosa pray

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and he prayed. And he prayed. But there was no rain. There was no data that is answered.

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nothing's coming down from heaven. Nothing coming down from above.

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Oh my lord, I've been calling you

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to bless us with rain,

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but nothing is coming down.

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Allah said to masa,

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I moose

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in the field.

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He said amongst you, this one server,

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one server, not 50,000,

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not 1000, not 10. But there is one servant amongst you

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who's being challenging me through his sins. And because of him, you have been deprived from rain, one person's Panama.

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Most of you turn to the people.

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And he said, What have you do? What have you done?

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Your mind is saying until that man comes out. He will not rain until he walks away from the crowd, he will not rain

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for Carnival samosa said. Yeah, you see, all the man who disobeyed his Lord, the reign of the law is being withheld because of you leave. So for the rest to survive

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one hearse, not a line of people, not a group of people, one individual. Now imagine you and I,

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who some of us have handled law every single day, openly challenging a law with mass. And then we turn, we turn and we raise our hands. And we say you're a law. You're a law give this on my victory. You're a law. Yeah, Ya Allah help our brothers in avani. Stan, in Somalia, in Sudan, in Yemen, in Saudi and Emirati help us I had to have better and better taqwa.

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We raised our hands, use it the day of the 27th of Ramadan. You see chefs today is weeping and crying, 1000s and 1000s of people behind the making drama. You see them through the TV that they all see and crying. But at the same time, you don't see any respond. You don't see any results. We don't know we do not see anything. Why? Have you ever asked ourselves? Perhaps it is you perhaps it's me?

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One person, so I lost it to Moses at that individual leave for the rest of Bani Israel to survive.

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And the man who looked into himself,

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he said in harsh if

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if I walk, imagine 70,000

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if I walk out of this, then everybody would know that I am the center.

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And if I remain with them, then they will all die.

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So he looked into himself, he covered his head and he went for her IRA

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or Allah I disobeyed you for 40 years

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or a lock of of my sins and accepted my repentance

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and all of a reign.

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Moosa who was waiting to see that individual to come out, did not see anyone coming out.

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For the all along you said the individual unless he leaves it will not rain it rain. Allah said, It is he who I deprived you because that I allowed it to rain on you.

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It is that man.

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It is because of him I let a rain he repented. Now Moses said I robbed the oh my lord.

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I want to see this individual that you accept it. Because if Allah except one such the form you you are from the people of gender comma column numbers.

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One such that if one such they're not to serve,

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each other has to say that if one of them is accepted, you are from the people of gentleness of Panama.

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Now, Moosa said I want to say this man that is over, it's been accepted. I want to see with my own eyes

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a loss that oh,

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I covered his sin. I covered him for 40 years. Why while he was disobeying me

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Do you think our expose him when he repented I will never do this. So Panama.

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Yo hold was in an RV dealer and a lady on the phone.

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And he woke up tomorrow to feed them the wires to Ronnie. And

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he says, Subhana Allah, Allah is so patient with me. so merciful with me it is on his knee. And then that the only image,

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I bring my mercy to my room,

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I bring my sin to a confined place where no one else that can see me. And I make sure that curtains are closed, I make sure the doors are locked. I mentioned there's no one who has access to this place. And I would disobey a law, knowing that a law is looking at me

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knowing that your animal hated her, and

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he knows what I can see. He knows what I have in my heart, yet, or disobey. So some hands on law, don't say it is my sin, it is my marcian It is me it is myself know what I do what I do, you would affect on what you do, you would affect us. So we all have to hear a law concerning dishonor, because it is you and I who are the basis of this.

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So if What if we learned don't take it light and keep in mind whatever we do is for us or against us

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to save time.

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What are the benefits

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of repenting and coming back to Allah? What are they?

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Why do we have to repent other than the orders of a law? Why do we have to repent?

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Because if What if you

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if you repent, Allah will love you.

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If you repent,

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Allah will love you because Allah said in the Quran, in namaha you him

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in namaha you have been Allah loves those who those who repent but then you must