Zakir Naik – Dr ’s Views & Comments on Dr Israr Ahmed, May Allaah have Mercy on him

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the "monster" who inspired them to join Islam Research, as well as their desire to become a doctor without a family member. They also discuss their experiences with Dr. Solomon's advice to make their needs met the bare minimum, their involvement in a media campaign, and their historical significance of Islam. They emphasize the importance of following Islam completely and recording programs for better reach and reach. The video ends with a brief advertisement for a Facebook post.
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Now inshallah we throw the floor open for the question not sufficient. And we'll take the first question. The first question is from a Brian Asif from Lahore, Pakistan Assalamualaikum dispatches occupy walakum wa sallam Mohammed barakato. We as Muslims are thankful to you for your wonderful service to Islam, especially for broadcasting Dr. izhar Emma's lecture for the Urdu and Hindi audience. His lectures on Quran and global affairs are now largely being viewed these days. What I have views about Dr. izhar, Edwards Quranic thought, and his vision on global affair.

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We know that you hosted him in India, what did you find in his personality when you met him? And finally, do you agree with his ideology of political, social economic system that every Muslim must do struggle to establish the Islamic system of government? Does?

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a similar question is asked by another brother by the name of assef. from Pakistan, what I have views about Dr. Hassan Ahmed, how did you find him when you met him? This question has been asked to be several times since the time I have launched this program as doctors I can make regarding my views and how did I spend time Russia gamma did that and Dr. Extra mad, but I knew that nanfu going to be long so I was trying to delayed because when I give wrong answers, the number of questions in the program session become deaf. So basically, the question asked

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by our brothers from Pakistan is what are my views regarding a trace route? And what do I think about StG not Glorious Quran, and on the political, social economic system, as far as many of you may be aware,

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that the person who inspired me the first and who made me change from a doctor of a body to a doctor, a soul is none other than chick, Emma did that. And may Allah grant him Jana. The other personality that affected my life to a great extent. Besides check Emma D that it is Dr. Islamic chick emoji that was the first person when I met him in 1987. I was inspired by him. And because of him, I left my profession and became a full time day. The other personality which was instrumental in making me leave my profession, and become a full time day was doctor is

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really the question that I met him. And what are my views regarding him? The first time I met Dr. Ahmed, was in the year 1991. When I traveled from India to Pakistan, I've only been to Pakistan once that is before I started giving public lectures, that was in 1991. And my main reason to travel to Pakistan was to meet Dr. Israel and to see his organization.

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After I was inspired by shake MD that I started watching many other speakers in English and also in Urdu. And my second most favorite speaker, that I started watching video cassettes after shake me that was Dr. Assignment. And after I've watched many of the video cassettes I had the desire to meet him. So in 1991, I traveled from Bombay to Lahore. And when I met him in 1991, I was impressed by his simplicity Mashallah such a great personality. And I was touched by simplicity, his organization, that is Quran Academy. When I went to Lahore, it is massive, it is huge. It has got

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many buildings. And when I went to his office, his office was so simple.

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And according to me, he's a stalwart Mashallah the two speakers that I feel, then move the audience unlike other clumsy speakers, it is jackhammer and Dr. SRM. Even today, when I watch the programs of Dr. israa, Emma and chick mot that the moment I started hearing them, it is difficult

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to stop the videos and even when we hear a short clip, we are moved. By the way the speech. Both of them are hamdulillah they are excellent orators. And I feel in English language. One of the best orator that we have in the Islamic field is checked Emma deedat and in the ODU language, one of the best orators that I know of it is Dr. s. Rama ahamed

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They are par excellence.

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When I met him personally, he asked me that, why have you come to Pakistan? So I told him number one is to meet you Dr. SAP

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and to see organization, and hamdulillah.

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Then he asked me that, what am I doing? So I told him, I've just passed my BBs. I'm doing my internship, and I intend doing my post graduation, most probably in surgery. And I told him that I've been inspired by me.

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And I would like to be a day. I know, Doctor both. And my intention was to be a part time day. So he said,

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do you want to do as a day? But I said, No, I would like to do both maybe equal. Maybe later on after I finish my master's, I would like to do both equally, equally good in both I would like to be so not a sama replied. That beta. That is beta me son in Urdu is that son, I tried to excel in both. Even I'm a medical doctor. And as you may be aware, that doctor I saw the doctor in front of his name is of a medical doctor, not a PhD doctor, like me. He told for seven years, I did medical practice, and I tried to do both, then I realize that if you want to excel, you have to choose one, you cannot fill in both. So my son will have to decide whether you want to be an excellent doctor,

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or excellent type. And that statement of doctors for him but really changed my future. Initially, as you know, that I was going through my post graduation, so I requested my parents that restart this organization Islam Research Foundation. Now because it is internship, I'm more free. So I'm giving more time, more than 50% of my time. And once I start doing my post graduation, when you're doing your masters in the medical field, you have to be arrested in doctor and you have to stay at the hospital. Maybe you can come home for a few hours a week. So I thought when I get that half a day free or some hour free every week, I will spend two hours for Dawa in the organization every week.

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So my initial plan was when we launched the Islam Research Foundation, because it was internship as being more than 50% of my time. I had the time, I requested my parents that once I start doing my Masters, I will give two hours every week after reading after a smell

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and hearing from his past experience, it is very important that when we hear the style of words, the scholars and those who have given Yama, we have to learn from them. And when I returned back home, then I decided that I have to choose between the two I chose to become a doctor because I want to serve manatee and after meeting shake Emma Dida then Dr. SRM, but I realized that there is a better profession to serve humanity and that is the profession of a die, as Allah says in the Quran in surah forcella chapter number 41 was number 33. Allah says woman has a no call a man by the law he well I'm in a family home will call in the numerous women who is better in speech than one who

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invites to the will of the Lord who works righteousness and faith that I'm a Muslim. So then I decided later on, before I finished my internship, that I would not do my masters. Because when I do my masters in medicine, I would be more involved in the medical profession. And that would give me less time for an hour. So I started practicing in my father's clinic, and we had a diagnostic center. So I told my parents, I want to do 5050, both not two hours a week, and 50% for the hour and 50% medical practice and both my parents, they agreed with whatever I said, during internship as the more than 50% of my time. When I started at the diagnostic center. And the medical clinic, though I

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said I give 50% for my medical practice, even that time, I'll give you more than 50% for my power. And then I told my parents, I want to give 75% for the hour and 25% for medical practice. They said no problem. And after a couple of years, I told them that out to give full time for Java and hamdulillah both my parents for very welcoming, they were very supportive, including my brother in loading my sisters Alhamdulillah so that's how my journey from a doctor of body to a doctor or soul in a span of just a couple of years, not that it was very long and then hamdulillah I was

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giving full time for now, when I met Dr. Farmer in 1991, he told me one thing better son, if you want to be a successful day see to it that you make your needs and requirements to the bare minimum. So, I asked him that, why

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what my requirements got to do with becoming a DI, he told me that if you make your requirements and your need to the bare minimum, you will not be dependent on this. So, that when inshallah later on you become effective, no one will be able to twist your arm, because the needs are less. So, you will not be tempted to give fatwas or gift statements, which are not correct, since your needs are less, you will not be bothered about the worldly things will be more more than one. And this point of Doctor SRM that make your needs the bare minimum really stuck into my mind. And I made the policy Alhamdulillah by the grace of Allah subhanaw taala my father, my parents very well off Alhamdulillah

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So, in the initial stages of Dawa, they were fully supporting me, and my brother told me that I can continue and there is no problem at all, I need not worry about my livelihood. When I married in 1993 that is two years after meeting, Dr. Samad and passing my MBBS I told my wife that I can promise you minimum 4000 rupees a month

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4000 rupees at that time, I think the rate was about somewhere close to 40 rupees. So it was $100 I told my wife that if you want to marry me, don't marry me because I'm a doctor or because I belong to a rich family, I can promise you 4000 rupees a month. And that time my wife, she had passed a Master's, you're doing emefiele and she was teaching in a college and her salary was much more than 4000 I promised a 4000 minimum, but hamdulillah I give a little bit more.

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So this was my view. And this was the impact of Dr. Solomon. And then later on Mashallah, when I started doing my own business, spending a few hours every week or maybe one or two days, in a month during holidays, Allah blessed me and Mashallah learning capacity was much more than my parents much more than my brother, and I stored millions of dollars. So my thought that I couldn't even afford a Rolls Royce. But the guidance of Dr. Solomon that make your life simple, was back in my mind, that the reason I thought to it that the car I owned was not a very glamorous car, I remember we had a second and Sumo and in the year 2010, it was somewhere close to that. When I decided to buy a car,

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we had assura in the family, maximum I thought I would buy was a Toyota Innova. That was in 2010, if I'm not mistaken, because more than that would not suit my personality. I personally thought it would be extravagant. Though, the amount I used to earn Alhamdulillah I could even afford a rose horse and that time the guidance of Dr. SRM But was there in my mind. And today, more than 10 years have passed. Hi it own a Toyota Innova. When I came to Malaysia, I said I want to maintain the standard. And when I lived in Bombay, I lived in a three bedroom apartment.

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And when my guess used to come some of my friends were billionaires, when they come to my house they have to get shocked and what is the problem? Such a small apartment as to commercial is very big. We my wife and three children in Bombay, it was about

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800 square feet, the carpet area. It was so small for me it was big. Even in Malaysia I'm playing a three bedroom apartment the carpet would be somewhere 1000 square feet, the built up area is 1200 square feet and I feel this big Not that I cannot afford and Malaysia the apartments are very cheap maybe 1/10 the cost of Bombay. So if I have to purchase cost wise, I could have taken a 10 times bigger apartment. The cost of Bombay apartments are much higher, but I stuck to that advice of Dr. SRM but that makes a requirement the bare minimum even today I feel Mashallah the apartment I'm living is

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Very comfortable for me and my wife and my three children. It's very big other than we call it small suit my lifestyle hamdulillah was mainly based on that one advice of Dr. Sri month and that has done wonders to me, especially when I to hijra from India to Malaysia and all the things changed, we did not find any difficulty because we never let any luxury creep into our life. So the life falls very good on the line fight the life in Malaysia have much happier much more comfortable than what it was in India, even after all these difficulties, so this advice of doctor is to make your life simple. I've even given to my children that seated that your requirement for your daily living requirement

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is bare minimal and in Bombay to the monthly expenditure of my personal family are very low. And even here, as I mentioned, in Mumbai, it was close to $500. Even here, me and my wife living per month is only 2000 ringgit, which is about $500. Yes, there are the expenses of our wine traveling that's different that a large amount, we pay our own tickets, which they note allow self that comes into dev expenses.

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And when I met Dr. SRM, and I told him that I want to purchase 100% all your video tapes that you have this advice, what are you gonna do with it? I said, we are making a library which is going to be the largest video library in the world and I want to watch as many video cassettes of yours so we picked up somewhere close to 150 200 cassettes from his Lahore center. After a few days, I went to the Karachi center and we picked up another 150 200 cassettes from karate center, there are 9091 then two years later, I went to Chicago and picked up all the video cassettes. Then I went to his Center in New York, I picked up all the video cassettes. So finally, when I told him I have several

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hundreds of videotapes, he told me, you have the largest collection of mine under one roof. So we had the largest collection of Dr. Extra ram with video cassettes under one roof more than his own center. No, his cassettes were divided in different centers, I collected all English cassettes, all video cassettes, and we made it open to the public library. And then we had the largest collection of video cassettes in the world, which were more than 5000, of which I think four or 500 were only doctors. And later on, we invited Dr. Sri Rama to Bombay for a lecture to and he being a Pakistani, to have a public lecture of Pakistan in India, you know, it difficult. So Alhamdulillah we used our

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political context, you got the visa, especially without your lectures. And he came to India in 2004, if I'm not mistaken, that is about two years before the launch of the PhD, English and Alhamdulillah. He stayed for a couple of weeks, and Alhamdulillah I was always with him, most of the time that he was awake, I was there. And at the service, he stayed in our apartment and we shifted to the parents apartment, so that we could give the full apartment to him. And his simplicity was Mashallah striking. And I observed him closely. How did he live his life Mashallah, with simplicity. And certain things I found, though, I was very young.

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And I observed certain things and asked him some positive question also, I won't go through the details. I just asked him and I told him that this particular act that you're doing, it is not according to the Hanafi school of thought he said yes, better, my parents are Hanafi. So generally I follow the Hanafi ruling, but when I do research and when I come to know that there is a difference of opinion and if the opinion of any other image is correct, I follow that. I based my following on Quran Sunnah, but when I don't do research, because my parents Hanafi I follow the Hanafi fix, but if I do research on any particular topic, I follow that which is as per Quran and Sunnah after

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manifests and that point, also was very important for me, and hamdulillah his simplicity was striking. And when we call him Mashallah, we had a program in Bombay, in a large opening ground, where he was reluctant to think how can I give a lecture an open count? I said, we're expecting a large audience. So no auditorium has this capacity. The largest Auditorium in Bombay is only 3000 couples.

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And we're expecting more than 10,000 people. So finally agreed, but I told him, don't worry, inshallah, the microphone system would be excellent and you will not have a problem you are wondering that maybe you won't be able to speak in the open crown and Alhamdulillah the program was very successful, we had all 10 days in one venue in the YMCA open ground, where we had more than 10,000 audience, Mashallah for all the attendees Alhamdulillah It was a very successful program. And at that time, we used whatever ability we had, because at that time also we are very small as compared to later on, when we started the pitch TV to the best of ability that time we use the best

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of technology, the best of cameras at that time, which is nothing compared to later on when we started pitch TV. And till today, I hamdulillah the best recording of Dr. srms that he has done in his life is when he came to Bombay, and when we recorded the public programs, I never no point to his son. And yet Mashallah close to a son with Asif Ahmed, who handles the media and those programs are yet Mashallah, in terms of technical aspects, and those programs were one of our main attractions on the PhD. I can speak for us together on whether it be check Emma data, Dr. SRM. And I can speak us together. But this is a question and sufficient. I'll just mentioned one of the points

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that the question I posed that what are my views regarding the lecture of optics? And about his teaching of various Quran, and particularly the political, social economic system? And should we Muslims be involved in establishing the Islamic government? As I told you that our auditor he was par excellence, he is Mashallah one of the best. Who the auditor that I know, that I've heard in my life Alhamdulillah his rotary power is modulation Alhamdulillah, his ooredoo is a little bit high. Otherwise Alhamdulillah. In terms what attracted the doctor extra man, his speech is mainly I would say, broadly, it can be classified into three types of words we are given on various topics. Imagine

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we have more than 500 video cassettes of each have average about three hours. So imagine 1500 hours, his speeches mainly are about how to improve oneself individually. Secondly, that is the society. And third is the political, socio economic system, or establishing the Islamic government broadly into three types. At that time, when I met Dr. Solomon, that is more than 15 years back. At that time, I was mainly hearing his lecture, which were talking about one's own self, about tauheed, about Sammy sherek, about the fact all these topics were fantastic, and about how can we implement How can we prove the society and so on and so forth. regarding his lectures on politics, I did not

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really pay much attention to that, because I'm a person who was away from politics, and even now I'm away for politics. So basically, I did not really watch many of his lectures on politics. I heard very few. And because that wasn't my field, and the lectures were many I heard the other lecture, and I was impressed. Now lately, when I hear his speeches,

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talking about what's happening in the world global scenario. It is phenomenal. I would say that the foresight that Dr. SRM had had regarding the political scenario, particularly regarding Islam, is Alhamdulillah. It is notable, and very few people had that foresight. Imagine in the 1990s.

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America 91. And if you hear the speeches of 9293 94. At that time, he was talking about how the hindutva would take over India, if your speeches in the late 90s or the mid 90s. He spoke that time when there was no scope. People didn't think that BJP would rule India at that time. He said, wait till these people come. They're very organized. He spoke about RSS. He spoke about the hindutva agenda, they will take over India, then they're going to go other countries and the foresight that he has is phenomenal. And now when we hear we are shocked, he's talking about the Jewish Lobby, talking about Israel, how are the Muslim countries behaving how they should be now when we hear now

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because after I've left India, I'm more exposed to the global situation of Islam than when I was in India. I was aware of the global issues.

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But now, I'm more involved. And I'm more aware of the global situation. And today, when we hear the speeches of Dr eastar ama, which are given in mid 90s and late 90s, it's phenomenal. The foresight that he had his knowledge on the deen on the Quran and his examples Mashallah the Tafseer of his on the Quran is par excellence. And after he left India, I told him personally that can you do me a favor? He said, What favor Why don't do record your program with a better camera. So he said better, I'm not so much into this field. This is not my cup of tea. It is to give lecture. So then Michelle, at that time, I think it was in 2000.

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We gifted him high definition cameras and told him that you should record on these cameras will be very thankful. And because of that, he gave a new series of the feet of serial Quran saying that because Dr. Zakir Naik suggested I'm recording again on a better format. And because of that, Mashallah, now today, we have programs on a better format. And Alhamdulillah, his son after for me was in charge of the media, he thought to it that he kept on upgrading. And that Verizon when we started showing the programs of Dr. saremo, before he came to Bombay, was to show on the cable network. And we told him, we were showing on the cable TV, the hundreds of 1000s of people watching.

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So if we have a better recording, you'll have better impact, and better reach and musawah. And when he came to India, that time, we had no plans of pitch TV or do at all, a pitch TV network launched two years later, and order was launched in 2009. That is more than five years after I left, once PhD will do was launched. I requested Dr. experiment that it's difficult for him to come back to India again because of the political situation between India and Pakistan. So I told him that I will arrange your programs to be recorded Egypt to Is it better sun, Egypt? I will not feel at home. Hardly they'll be any Pakistanis. How will I give lecture. I like odd in front of me. So then first

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time we didn't agree. Then I fought to it. I did my survey. I contacted some Pakistani that I told insha Allah, when you give your speech in a studio, it will be a big studio. There'll be at least 5200 Pakistanis in the studio, who you will be addressing to so I do not feel fish out of water. So finally agreed, and we planned that inshallah we will have the recording, I think it was the year 2010 if I'm not mistaken. Yes. 2010. It was in the month of May that we had planned that we will call him in Egypt and each day for one month, but Allah has his own plant. It was planned six months to eight months in advance that you're going to come but two months before he could come to I think

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one month or two months before he would come to Egypt. Allah subhanaw taala called him to himself. And he expired and we did not have Dr. furama. The longer so it was a loss for the oma and a loss for me especially, and the loss even for the PhD overdue. But we paid our last man Oh, that May He grant him janma gentle for those in the company of the Beloved Prophet muscle Salah. His foresight was exceptional.

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Regarding do I agree with his view that there should be an establishment of the Islamic system in the world? Anyone who has the basic knowledge of the deen but natural if you have to follow Islam on the whole, and we have to follow Islam completely. You can't just follow one part of Islam. So what he spoke about the economic system like it should be an interest the economy may agree with it, the social system agree with it, the political system khilafah agree with it. And that's what is mentioned in the Glorious Quran. If you read the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran in no less than three different places in Surah Tauba chapter number nine was in the territory in South

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Africa, chapter number 48 verse 28, and for a softer number 16 was number nine. Allah says, whoa, well let the ad seller solo Buddha would lose either the inequality that Allah sent His messenger with guidance and the origin of truth so that it will prevail of all the religions or all the isms within Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, socialism, whether it be communism, atheism, Islam is this time to supersede all Cooley, master them on and endorse by saying hello Karl machico. However, the machine don't like it into pleasure. And one place Allah says waka favela shader and enough with a live Overton's. Now this was a

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The Quran faith that Islam will prevail over the full world. And when we read the Hadith when we read the elements of

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the signs of the R, and on my fifth book I've just completed

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the major signs, the minor signs were there minor signs that already occurred, more than 40 minor signs not yet occurred more than 40 both put together approximate 87 I've given and major signs that time. I just recently finished all that in major signs. And now I'm giving a summary of all the signs. And in these signs, it says that insha Allah, if Allah Salaam will come, Imam made it will come, and we Muslims will rule the full world for seven years. And when we rule this world will be following the Islamic Ninja, whether you like it or not, whether the mushrik Like it or not, the full world would be ruled, there'll be demand made, it will be fairly firm. And that would be the

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best rule in the full world for seven years with peace and justice. So this is the prophecy of a beloved prophet. It is mentioned in the Hadith, Allah have given in the Quran. And then the Hadith says that after seven years of fruit, they will be sweet to wind that will come and we'll put to death. All the believers, every moment, even if it goes in the mountain, that wind will come and they will peacefully die. After that.

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The outcome the sun would rise from the place or setting right from the west. There'll be a fire which will gather all the people towards the place of gathering and that would be the end of the world for more details. You can watch my Facebook posts, so but natural inshallah whatever Dr. Sharma said to surely going to happen. It's given in the Quran given in the Hadith, that finally the Muslim will rule the world and that will be the best tool with peace and with prosperity. This was in brief regarding my views about Oxfam well, otherwise I could speak for us together and my last monitor grant intended for those may grant him a place Jana, close to the MBs toast to masala Salaam

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and close to the full fire Ashlyn and the Sabbath.

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