Zakir Naik – Do You Want To Prove The Qur’an Wrong? Part 5

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses various ways to prove proof of proof of opinion, including taking out a single contradiction from the Quran, proving something wrong from the internet, or even proving it through a witness. They also mention a number of examples of false claims made by people, including the Koran's statement that Iran only attempted to defeat the laughing fructira, and the example of the false Coran's statement that Iran only attempted to defeat the laughing fructira.
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I know you asked me if it was awkward.

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I don't know Arabic.

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I'm not a Jew. How can I try and prove the brand wrong? There are many falsification tests. I'll give you one more.

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Anyone can take part.

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I started my talk by quoting a verse of the Quran from Surah Nisa, chapter number four was limited to the face of the Koran, while apana meaning the gorilla lover to defeat the laughing kathira Do they not consider the Quran with Kay Had it been from anyone besides Allah? anyone besides Almighty God? There have been many contradictions. So if you want to prove the Quran wrong

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only thing you have to do is take out a single contradiction the Quran

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if anyone takes out a single conditions of Iran, the Quran be proved wrong. Not that people did not try many people tried you go on the internet, you will find 1000 contradictions, but all of them either out of context

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or mistranslation, or illogical.

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So this is called as a falsification test. So Quran shows as a way, how to prove itself wrong. If you think it's not from God. You want to prove it wrong. Right? Take a single contradiction the corollary proved wrong.

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This is called as

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the falsification test.

Falsification Test – Do You Want To Prove The Qur’an Wrong?

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